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axwthumper: sorry, didn't realise our 1:1 and moved forward. now conflicts with standup.. can we move it?01:03
blahdeblahaxw: Do you know where I can find more about the fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-ci-tools/+bug/1634556 ?  I'm seeing the same error trying to bootstrap in GCE on
mupBug #1634556: autoload credentials fails on google <gap> <juju-ci-tools:Fix Released by mskalka> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1634556>01:57
blahdeblah^ Or anyone else who happens to be around ...01:59
axwblahdeblah: afraid not, sorry02:00
axwblahdeblah: based on the people involved on the bug, I'm guessing there weren't any code changes...02:00
blahdeblahaxw: Any suggestions on how to debug this then?  https://pastebin.canonical.com/201303/02:04
blahdeblahConnectivity to www.googleapis.com does not appear to be the problem02:05
axwblahdeblah: the source location suggests that the project ID is invalid. are you using a downloaded JSON file for creds?02:06
blahdeblahMaybe they're expired or something02:06
axwblahdeblah: I would've thought you'd get an auth error, but perhaps. can you share the JSON file (with the key redacted)?02:08
blahdeblahsure - 1 sec02:09
blahdeblahaxw: https://pastebin.canonical.com/201304/02:11
axwblahdeblah: mine has a "project_id" field, yours doesn't. the code expects one02:12
axwah this is from gcloud. I don't use the gcloud one02:13
blahdeblahI've pulled some more credentials and they have a project id, so I'll use that02:15
axwblahdeblah: I created my creds file via the GCP console. I guess we need to handle those project_id-less creds differently somehow02:16
blahdeblahThe other JSON file I just downloaded looks very different: {"installed":{"client_id":"413983063871-35g0qo8jt7ea1ofovpj5bhajc9sijhhq.apps.googleusercontent.com","project_id":"ubuntu-os-mirrors-dev","auth_uri":"https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/auth","token_uri":"https://accounts.google.com/o/oauth2/token","auth_provider_x509_cert_url":"https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v1/certs"}}02:16
blahdeblahthat doesn't seem like a secret02:16
blahdeblahor is it?02:17
blahdeblahIf so, I'd better get it deleted...02:18
blahdeblahYeah - looks like that's the wrong JSON file, with no secrets02:24
blahdeblahaxw: Created a new service account, it has the project_id, along with the other expected fields, like private key.02:24
blahdeblahAnd trying the bootstrap manually now works02:25
axwblahdeblah: yeah not sure what that other one is for, doesn't look very secret at all02:25
blahdeblahaxw: This is very strange - now I'm getting the following: $ juju bootstrap google my-new-gce-controller03:39
blahdeblahERROR invalid character '/' looking for beginning of value03:39
blahdeblahAny ideas?03:39
blahdeblahGoogle searches seem to indicate it's coming from somewhere in the golang runtime03:40
blahdeblahpossibly the JSON parser: https://stackoverflow.com/a/3749275003:41
blahdeblahWeird thing is, if I run the same thing from the command line, it works.  So something's rotten in the state of environment variables.03:49
blahdeblahI might be doing something wrong here, but I don't think so, so I'm going to log a bug.04:06
mupBug #1726226: bootstrap fails: ERROR invalid character '/' looking for beginning of value <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1726226>04:07
axwblahdeblah: sorry missed your message. no ideas sorry, can you please include the credential file (with key redacted)04:14
blahdeblahaxw: thanks - will add it to the bug04:14
axwblahdeblah: is project_id really "project-id", or did you substitute?04:32
blahdeblahI substituted04:33
blahdeblahsorry - should have made that more obvious04:33
axwany / in the real value?04:33
axwblahdeblah: ^04:33
blahdeblahjust alphas & dashes04:34
axwok, ta04:34
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axwwallyworld: might need to talk about these estimates, I don't actually know what all of the line items mean06:51
wallyworldaxw: i added some commnts to yours, see if they make sense07:41
axwwallyworld: so, your estimate for space selection for agent/controller traffic... is that *including* the controller-as-app work?07:46
wallyworldaxw: yeah, so i think it's too low perhaps07:47
axwwallyworld: I've put in some numbers where I think we need more time. the ones I've left out are either OK, or too vague/broad to give an estimate on07:53
wallyworldok, ty, i'll take a look07:53
wallyworldit's all a bit habdwavy07:53
MmikeHi, lads - is there a (simple-ish) way to recreate juju environment once I 'juju ssh' into a unit? I can't use 'juju run' as relations are in error state and I need to verify some relation variables across the environment. So before I resort to peeking into the database I wonder can I run 'relation-ids, relation-list, ...' from the unit itself somehow?08:06
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babbageclunkwallyworld: ping?22:04
thumperexternalreality: https://github.com/juju/charm/blame/v6-unstable/config.go#L62 still shows the panic...22:05
thumperexternalreality: is that now what you fixed?22:05

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