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hallynaxw: hey, if i have (for licensing reasons) multiple vcenters which each have a few esxi6 hosts, can juju treat them all as one cloud?07:46
axwhallyn: heya. you could treat them as regions. normally a region would be a datacenter in the same vcenter, but you could set the endpoint for each region. you'll need to use the same user/pass for each vcenter though07:55
axwhallyn: though that'll only work if the DC in each vcenter has a different name07:56
axwand if you're wanting Juju to deploy across all of them, in the same model - that's not going to work07:57
mark-dickieHello all, looking at the Github repo for juju and the vsphere provider in particular and I see that there doesn't appear to be support for deploying Windows machines.08:11
mark-dickieThis is something I'm interested in doing and would be prepared to commit some code, can anyone with familiarity point me in the right direction?08:13
mark-dickieI'm wondering if it would be simpler to use MaaS as a layer between juju and vSphere.09:19
mark-dickieSeeing as how MaaS can already deploy Windows machines.09:19
MmikeHi, lads - is there a (simple-ish) way to recreate juju environment once I 'juju ssh' into a unit? I can't use 'juju run' as relations are in error state and I need to verify some relation variables across the environment. So before I resort to peeking into the database I wonder can I run 'relation-ids, relation-list, ...' from the unit itself somehow?09:50
zeestratMmike: Not sure if it helps, but have you checked out the "juju debug-hooks ..." command? https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/developer-debugging11:25
Mmikezeestrat, yup, but I can't really use that :(11:27
MmikeI have several dozen of units that I need to go trough11:27
Mmikejuju run would be awesome, but can't run that as most of my units are in error state11:28
zeestratMmike: Ah, right. This prod or dev? How about, "juju resolved" or "juju resolved --no-retry" to tell Juju to recover from the error state?11:36
Mmikezeestrat, yup, no dice. It's production, and I need to rerun hooks to fix the env, but before that I need to gather info from the env11:36
MmikeI'm going trough the database, so I'll have it for later too :) (unless database changes)11:37
Mmikeif I just 'juju resolved --no-retry', then I can't re-fire those hooks at later time11:37
zeestratGotcha. Yeah, I can see if it's prod then the --no-retry might get you a bit stuck if you can't easily restart the jujud services11:45
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ryebotwhat recourse do I have if I'm trying to add a space with a (known existing) subnet that juju says is not found?17:25
ryebot^ https://gist.github.com/wwwtyro/2954c1efd9b755d7d1d7c543a72a3dca17:26
bdxryebot: new model17:29
bdxI think I saw some work going into that somewhere recently17:29
bdxautodetecting/autoupdating the subnets17:29
ryebotbdx: ah, got it. gotta make the model with the vpc-id config. +117:54
bdxhow do I access network bindings from charmhelpers?20:46
bdxI’m thinking I use network_get() then filter for the address in the network from the space specified in the bindings directive?20:51
rick_hWith networkbget you pass the endpoint in and tlget the binding info out right?20:53
bdxOhhh I haven’t used it with bindings specifies yet21:03
bdxIt lists the bindings in the output I’m guessing21:04
bdxIf you have bindings specified21:04
bdxthx thx21:04

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