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IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> @acheronuk, No04:36
valorienice to see ya, @ovidiuflorin04:42
valoriehow are you?04:42
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> Comuting06:00
IrcsomeBot<ovidiuflorin> In traffic06:00
kfunkvalorie: acheronuk: what's up (re. KDevelop team  on Launchpad)? anything you need my input on?08:25
acheronukkfunk: it was being queried if it was needed any more. not a big deal, and can stay if people think there is still potential for it being useful08:27
kfunkacheronuk: at least for me: I don't even know what it's for and whether it's needed :)08:29
acheronukkfunk: well, you've been an admin on the team since 2015 on a quick look :P08:31
acheronukfrom last night <yofel> that team was made by me and bulldog back in 2011 when we were trying to set up daily builds using what infrastructure we had back then. Wasn't Kevin using it recently for something?08:31
acheronukclearly you are not!08:31
kfunkoh. nice :P08:31
kfunkno, I'm not using it for anything. 08:32
acheronukkfunk: cool. can decide on our own priorities what to do with it then. thanks :)08:32
kfunkyep, feel free to rm it if needed. thanks, too!08:33
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BluesKajHey all12:11
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clivejowhere my menus gone :/15:13
clivejowhere you hide them?15:14
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> huh?15:14
clivejomy menus are gone in certain apps15:14
clivejoClementine, Kmail, Quassel15:14
clivejowhere did you hide them?15:14
yofelthey hid themselves so they can haunt you on halloween15:35
clivejowish they would show themselves15:47
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-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Philip Muškovac: Lower the dput retry count to 3 again16:12
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acheronukages since I played kolf20:22
clivejoits now KF5 :)20:23
valoriekolf, lol20:29
valoriewhat a name20:29
valorieclivejo: did you get your menus back?20:29
valorieand was is control M20:29
clivejonope :(20:29
valoriehmmm, control m didn't work?20:30
valoriebecause I once did that by mistake, and that's how I discovered control m!20:31
clivejonope, doesn't work20:33
ronnocis kolf still a thing?!?20:36
clivejojust been playing it :)20:40
blazeI'd prefer kowling20:48
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clivejohow are 5.11 packages coming?20:53
acheronukhoping that the last few niggles get fixed. if not, will have do some patching or re-versioning20:55
clivejowhat are the major issues?20:56
acheronukthe one I really dislike is the broken gtk config kcm20:56
clivejois that why chromium looks messed up?20:57
acheronukif they don't fix that, then will either try reverting a commit, of making a 5.11.2+really5.10.5 ppa uplod at least, as the 5.10.5 is fine20:57
ronnoc?me waits for the multiplayer "kolf with your friends" :D20:58
* ronnoc waits for the multiplayer "kolf with your friends" :D20:58
acheronukclivejo: chrome/ium is ok here, but yes, it would be easy to **** up it's fonts with that KCM I guess20:59
clivejoit keeps reverting back to ugly theming21:00
clivejohve to keep configuring it every login21:00
acheronukI was thinking of the 3D ones. neverball?21:00
acheronukclivejo: : don't log out!21:00
clivejoI need to21:00
clivejodon't want the fairies using my computer whilst I sleep21:01
valorieacheronuk: have you read the thead in -users about the fonts?21:32
acheronukvalorie: yep. the bug reprted got tagged as artful update, or similar, so I hope that means a freetype update is coming21:33
valoriesometimes I wonder if I need my glasses to read my laptop21:34
valoriewhich would be very sad21:34
acheronukmy fonts are ok, then again I don't diasble antialiasing!21:34
valorieI don't mess with them at all, but it is def. less sharp than it has been in the past21:34
acheronukwhich strikes me as a slightly self inflicted wound21:34
valoriesure, that thread was ....21:35
valoriebut still, lots of info I didn't know about or had forgotten21:35
valoriebeen so long since messing about was even a thought21:35
acheronukmy fonts seem as good as ever. I guess display and resolutions may account for that21:36
acheronukindeed. 21:36
acheronuk Brian Murray (brian-murray) on 2017-10-1321:39
acheronukChanged in freetype (Ubuntu Artful):21:39
acheronukmilestone: none → artful-updates 21:39
acheronuk^^^ valorie 21:39
clivejowhere is that setting?21:39
acheronukwhich one?21:39
clivejoauntie lazing21:40
acheronuksystemsettings, fonts21:40
acheronuksubbed kubuntu-bugs to it so we all keep track21:41
acheronukall subscribers, anyway21:41
acheronukBusy Buzzard!21:44
clivejonoooo Busty Booby21:45
* acheronuk shakes head21:45
clivejovalorie said so21:46
acheronukBonkers Bongo21:46
clivejoshe loves that name21:46
valorieplease no sexual metaphors21:50
valoriefor an LTS21:50
clivejoits not sexual21:50
valorieright, if I can be made sexual, it will21:51
clivejoand they have blue feet :)21:51
valorieI know they are birds21:51
clivejoyou just got a dirty mind valorie21:51
valorielovely birds21:51
clivejolike that tower in Berlin21:51
valorieI raised teenage boys21:52
* clivejo tuts21:52
acheronukSimon is suspiciously quiet21:53
wxlit's likely he knows better by now21:54
wxlalso he might be at school21:55
acheronukthat would be a turn up for the books21:55
acheronukmost likely asleep I reckon. school must be over21:55
wxltrue true21:56
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> @acheronuk, I'm doing important things22:06
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Like chatting up this girl, and signing very important documents. You know, normal Monday night stuff :P22:07
wxlsigning the restraining order ahead of time?22:08
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> XD22:08
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Nah signing my Social Security card22:08
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Gotta get that right22:08
wxloh yay becoming a number22:08
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> I'm already a number22:09
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> But I need to sign it to get my temps22:09
clivejoa tax paying number?22:09
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> But my hand coordination skills suck atm :/22:09
wxlit's used for taxes but it's also a general identification number22:09
wxlyou can get a separate tax id but in general, the social security number just defaults as your tax id22:10
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> It's a card that you need the rest of your life22:11
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> That's why I'm nervous about signing it22:11
wxlyou've already been assigned the number at birth, so it's not like you can just not do it to avoid being identified22:11
acheronukjust don't sign it donald duck22:12
clivejoor Dizzy Simon22:12
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Lol22:27
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