IrcsomeBot<Silenoz> dein akku leer?00:22
MortyTSuh valorie, those graphics drivers messed up my desktop01:44
MortyTSi can only see open apps/windows, the rest is messed up01:45
MortyTSppa purge fixed it01:46
chcknrub17.10 is so outdated01:54
chcknrubkde neon lts is using kde plasma 5.11.1 (vs 5.10 for 17.10).... then using kde frameworks 5.39 (vs 5.38 for 17.10)....01:55
valoriechcknrub: I'm running plasma 5.11.102:07
valoriewe'll probably have 5.11.2 in backports this week, if the showstopper bug is fixed02:07
MortyTSso i'm back to using 'radeon' driver. this isn't great for gaming is it?02:11
daxit's the best you're gonna get on linux02:15
daxfglrx is dead, and amdgpu-pro as i have said already does not offer notable performance improvements02:15
daxand if your system's autoselecting radeon over amdgpu then amdgpu-pro wouldn't work *anyway*02:15
MortyTSiirc i was using amdgpu-pro on ubuntu 16 before i switched over to kubuntu02:16
daxwhich graphics card do you have?02:18
daxnvm, just found a message from earlier02:18
daxhd7870 is GCN 1st gen, amdgpu and amdgpu-pro don't officially support that GCN level and i forget about unofficial support but unofficial support in amdgpu sucks02:19
daxso if your stuff actually worked, i doubt you were using something other than radeon02:20
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IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> Good day everyone03:04
RoeyI am on the most up-to-date kubuntu & kde03:12
Roeywhy does Device Notifier keep randomly popping up??03:13
Roeyoof this is annoying!03:13
valoriehmm, never happens here, Roey03:24
Roeyoh hey valorie :) :)03:27
Roeyso I disabled the pop-up notification from it altogether.  Better now.03:27
Roeygood night! :)03:27
valoriesweet dreams03:35
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> thinking on reinstalling today, but not sure if go to 17.10 or stay in 16.04(.3)03:36
valorieI'm having great luck with Artful, but 16.04.3 was good as well03:37
valorieI like the latest plasma though03:37
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> Well, let's "go big or go home" with 17.1003:44
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> too bad I don't have good developer skills to help out in amarok03:45
strangerrHello. Are there any plans on including Plasma 5.11 to 17.10 repos? If it is planned, how long would it take?05:52
valorieyes, it is in backports-landing right now06:02
valorieand I'm running it06:02
valoriehowever, when .2 is released this week we're going to test and see if a serious bug is fixed06:02
valorieand if so, immediately put it in backports06:03
valorieso strangerr: add backports PPA now and your next update/upgrade you will get it06:03
lordievaderGood morning06:03
valoriemorning lordievader06:04
lordievaderHow are you doing, valorie ?06:04
valoriegood, and you?06:04
lordievaderDoing good here :)06:05
strangerrvalorie, wow, thanks! I have `deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu artful-backports main restricted universe multiverse` enabled, is this what you mean?06:08
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mparillostrangerr: Those are the Ubuntu backports. You will also want to enable the Kubuntu backports.08:42
mparillosudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports08:43
strangerrmparillo, thanks! so this is the backports ppa valorie was talking about? I will definitely add it, but just curious: will 5.11 get into official artful repos? if yes, when could it be?08:53
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> I'm trying to make a kubuntu 17.10 bootable usb installation with persistence space, but with usb-creator-kde before select the iso or the usb, pops up this "installation" window and closes if i hit the cancel button08:59
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> (Photo, 625x604) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/q82JP9y5/file_3451.jpg08:59
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> the "installing" window doesn not advance, been over a hour and no progress made09:00
strangerrDGUERRERO, not sure about 17.10, but in 17.04 usb-creator-kde was broken for me, so I ended up using usb-creator-gtk09:01
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> @strangerr, thank you, indeed gtk version seems working, too bad it doesn't allow to store data in the remaining USB free space09:10
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strangerrDGUERRERO, yeah, but there are other tools to do so :) See https://askubuntu.com/a/915114/66674 and https://askubuntu.com/a/853839/6667409:20
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> @strangerr, thank you, I'll look at it09:39
mparillostrangerr: No, 5.11 will almost certainly never get into the Artful repos, as it is a version upgrade. For AA, I would bet will only be in Kubuntu Backports. The developers will almost certainly not put 5.11.0 there. And with 5.11.2 coming so soon, they may skip 5.11.1 also.09:51
mparilloBut if you are adventurous, you can test backports-landing (https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports-landing?field.series_filter=artful) right now,09:53
mparilloThere is one bug about using system settings to change the default GTK themes. I consider it a paper-cut, since I never change the defaults, but others consider this a major defect.09:54
ubottuKDE bug 382291 in general "System settings GTK apps configurations resets." [Normal,Reopened]09:55
dp_nick daire10:13
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strangerrmparillo, thanks a ton! not adventurous enough for backports-landing, though, but would definitely use ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports :)10:13
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kathrinHi, since the upgrade to 17.10  the following effect is annozing>11:19
kathrinOne User-accout starts with taskline, szstraz, background and kontext-menu theothers dont11:22
kathrinthe keyboard is switched to afghan and english  / was german before11:22
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BluesKajHey all12:11
* jubo2 does the new release dance12:32
BluesKajjubo2, so your release upgrade was successful, some weren't12:34
jubo2BluesKaj: I didn't release upgrade12:34
jubo2I like clean install and then just pop in the directories and files12:34
jubo2gets also rid of many roottings12:34
jubo2real and/or imaginare12:35
jubo2I'm happy with 17.0412:35
jubo218.04 is LTS so gonna get that12:35
jubo2honestly I have a Lenovo so the drives on slides come out and in in a couple of seconds so I could take one old used one and install on that12:36
jubo2Or install to USB-to-SATA casing drive but seriously 17.04 so few bugs and so nice that I'm not in a hurry to upgrade12:37
BluesKajI'm waiting for 18.04  testing to begin, probly put it on the spare hdd . ppl suggest VMs but I've never had much luck with them12:44
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ForceReconhey guys.. I am getting the error for steam about the libgl.so.113:39
ForceReconanyone have a fix in their arsenal of thoughts13:39
ForceReconI got it :)13:46
kathrinHi, still working on this sddm-error: "QObject: Cannot create children for a parent that is in a different thread." One user's account comes without task-, systray, background and context-menu.13:49
D0U91Emorning folks14:24
vrmuppallahi DOU91E14:25
BluesKaj'Morning D0U91E14:29
D0U91EWhat's up in here today?14:53
D0U91EBluesKaj, did you see I solved the cifs issue I was having?14:57
BluesKajgood stuff :-)14:57
D0U91EI am not sure what I changed to break it but I did the install of 17.10 and flashed to router too...14:57
D0U91Eyes I was really lucky to find the little snippet athough the docs probably outline the solution too14:58
D0U91Eaaaa, hello...14:58
D0U91Eaaaa, I bet you need help picking a nick?14:58
aaaayes i need a little help14:59
BluesKajI quit using the router connection with my media server since a power failure killed the attached hdd14:59
aaaaops no this nick is fine i mean i have a problem with my computer15:00
BluesKajaaaa, well tell us your issue15:01
aaaais someone here who have a little time to try to help me?15:01
D0U91EBluesKaj, I took a preemptive step and put a backup power supply not sure if it will save drives but I though I would try - do you have an opinion on backup ps?15:02
D0U91Ewe all do we were waiting for you aaaa15:02
D0U91Eseriously I will help if I can...15:03
aaaamy probles is that time of time not fixed time my connetction dropping not like disconnect just stop to send and recieve bites15:03
D0U91EI have about an hour or so15:03
D0U91Ehow is your ping test?15:03
aaaai don't know15:04
D0U91Eping www.google.com15:04
BluesKajreal backup PSUs have an expensive baterry/powerdrop/surge protection system. We jhad on for our insruments in the lab where I workedbefore retirement...but the systems might be very different now15:05
aaaabut my phone which is connected to same router continues to working with internet only my computer don't recieve and send bites15:05
* BluesKaj checks his spell check15:07
D0U91Eaaaa, great we dont have to fix your phone and it let us know you router is not the issue - You need to ping google.15:07
aaaaresults from ping tets "31 packets transmitted, 31 received, 0% packet loss, time 30036ms"15:07
aaaa"rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 34.832/36.569/45.079/2.035 ms"15:08
D0U91Ehow frequent is you issue with your connection?15:08
aaaaops not "tets" correctly is "test"15:09
aaaadifferent some time 5-10 minutes sometimes 1-2 hours before to drop connection15:10
D0U91Edid you let it go as long enough to pick up on the problem - I am just guessing here hoping someone more helpful will chime in,,,15:10
D0U91Eaaaa, wow that is a tough one to pin down then15:11
D0U91Eaaaa, you might be stuck combing through logs but I don't even know where to start there15:11
D0U91Eaaaa, but it is a networking issue correct? dumb question but I want to make sure.15:12
aaaayes it is the network problem15:12
D0U91EI think all the network issues get ironed out in Ubuntu and Kubuntu builds on that.15:13
D0U91EI know I was having issues (dns) and someone here directed me to #ubuntu15:13
aaaabecause i have and windows on the this computer as second OS and there i have no problems with the connection15:13
D0U91Eaaaa, I am sure it is a configuration issue... what version are you running?15:14
D0U91Eerr kubuntu version?15:14
aaaarecently i udate to it but problem with the network continue :(15:15
aaaaby the way how i fixing the problem just as press the button dissconect and then connect and the network fixing but this is annoying15:22
D0U91Eaaaa, you gonna go to #ubuntu?15:22
D0U91Ebut just ask the question why does my network connection keep disconnecting intermitantly/periodically - reconnecting re extablishing connection without any further efforts.15:24
D0U91Ere establishes15:25
D0U91EJust a thought15:25
vrmuppallaaaaa- is your n/w connection slow when it does connect ?15:52
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IrcsomeBotalecotro27 was added by: alecotro2716:56
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> hello, everybody, i'm Alessandro and i'm a rookie in the Linux world, yesterday i installed Kubuntu on my Imac and liked it, but i had to face a serious problem: wi-fi connection doesn't work, so i cannot use neither the app store nor the browser. I don't understand how i can configure wireless connection, please, help me!17:01
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> @alecotro27, Welcome!17:26
IrcsomeBot<DGUERRERO> it seems your wireless card drivers are missing, there's any chance you can connect your imac with a ethernet cable so you can download and install the wireless driver?17:28
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:29
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> unfortunately i haven't an ethernet cable, i'll read the guide hoping to find a solution, thank you so much, guys!17:34
vrmuppallaalectro27- what wireless card is in your mac ? It should be listed on the bottom or under the battery.17:35
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> i checked by terminal,  it says: "Broadcom Limited BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter (rev 03)"17:41
vrmuppallasee if broadcom-sta-dkms package gt installed.17:47
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> @vrmuppalla, sorry, i don't know what command i have to use, could you tell me it please?17:51
vrmuppallajust type "apt search broadcom" on command line (konsole).17:53
aaaaor you can use this one also "apt-cache policy broadcom-sta-dkms"17:54
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> @vrmuppalla, it says: "libcrystalhd3/now 1:0.0-git20110715.fdd2f19-12 amd64 [installed, local] … Crystal HD Video Decoder (shared library)17:57
vrmuppallaso broadcom drivers are not installed.17:58
vrmuppallaWhile connected to internet by wire, you can run drivermanager and see what happens.17:59
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> ok, but is there a way to install drivers without wire? because i don't know if i have one18:00
vrmuppallaor just run "apt install broadcom-sta-dkms" in terminal.18:01
vrmuppallaprefix the line with "sudo"18:02
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> it says:"impossible to find broadcom-sta-dkms package"18:05
vrmuppallawhich version of Kubuntu are you running ?18:06
acheronukprobably a bit out of date now, but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#STA_-_No_Internet_access18:07
aaaawith this commend you can download the driver "apt download broadcom-sta-dkms"18:09
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> i'm running the latest version: Kubuntu 16.1018:10
aaaathen you can move it on usb and install from usb18:10
vrmuppallaI am running stock 17.10 and it is in my repository. You may not have enabled all apt sources.18:10
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> ok, thank you!18:10
vrmuppalla"muon" is a software management tool with GUI. Install it with "sudo apt install muon". Then start it with "muon".18:12
acheronukalso apt download will on work if you have a connection ;)18:12
vrmuppallayes. You will need a wired connection.18:13
acheronukas you don't have working wifi, or a cable, you will have to try on another machine, or get wifi working on a live session18:13
vrmuppallaMainly because dkms package will have other dependencies so you cannot just download one package.18:13
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> i have muon's latest version already installed18:13
vrmuppallaIn sources, is proprietary also checked ? And software restricted by license ?18:15
acheronukindeed. I had to faff around this chicken/egg problem on a dell with broadcom years ago. without a wired connection on the machine, it's a real pain18:16
IrcsomeBot<alecotro27> well, that's a problem, i'll try to get an ethernet cable and configure drivers, thank you so much for your patience!18:19
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ddoobbCan you hide the tabs bar in Okular?19:23
IrcsomeBotalecotro27 was removed by: alecotro2719:24
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MortyTSi have a problem with the volume settings. i set my mic and headphones as the default input and output devices but still apps dont use them without me selecting the correct device under applications or recording tabs for each individually22:11
ronnocMortyTS: Have you tried installing pavucontrol? I've found it to be invaluable in configuring auio in / outputs on Debian-based systems, esp. within Plasma.22:38
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