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lubunutinstalled lubuntu 17.10 with alternative image06:03
lubunuti saw terminal is lxterminal but the $TERM env is xterm, is this correct?06:04
lubunutalso is xterm installed by default?06:06
hateballlubunut: It is, yes06:25
lubunutthx, video playback is not good, any tips? using xf86-video-ati / radeon free driver on r300 chip - mpv has some sort of tering on top and top right (not vsync like), vlc plays video ok but fan is abnormally revving, also playback in firefox is almost impossible06:50
lubunutmaybe a pkg missing for the pc or a grub cmd line setting?06:51
lubunutoh the tearing in mpv is only in fullscreen btw, in window and maximized is ok but still inferior to what i know of it06:52
hateballI am not familiar with AMD things I'm afraid06:53
lubunuti think is an ubuntu / debian thing in general, debian was the same iirc :/06:56
LithosHello !06:56
lubunutcan i put youtube-dl in ~/bin/ instead of the dir mentioned on ytdl dot org? i dont want to have to sudo to update it13:41
hateball!info youtube-dl13:53
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites. In component universe, is extra. Version 2017.09.24-0.1 (artful), package size 881 kB, installed size 4954 kB13:53
loobuntuI just upgraded (via update-manager cli) a 32 bit netbook from Zesty to Artful and and my graphics are all messed up.  the left 90% of the screen is all janky (in and out of X server) and the right side you can see a few icons and the wall paper, BUT the cursor is fine across the whole screen. looking for some help, hoping I dont have to do a full14:48
loobuntumedia re-install.14:48
lubunutmaybe a too low power profile for the gpu, maybe14:56
loobuntuI had no graphics issues the whole time running Zesty14:58
lubunutidk, new defaults maybe, you could check /etc/default/tlp14:59
lubunuti think i know what you talk about (prolly not tho) which is what i saw after i rebooted into the 17.10 ubuntu net install i tried recently15:00
loobuntuhow were you able to get it fixed? I cant see anything on cli for command inputs or outputs and the x serv part I dont seem to be able to get any windows to open to do anything there either15:03
lubunutinstalled lubuntu :|15:07
lubunutwhats your gpu / driver15:07
lubunutoh btw can you ctrl+alt+f115:08
lubunuton my net install it booted into black screen and had to switch to tty1 myself15:08
lubunut...which was in gold color..15:09
lubunutmaybe see release notes for changes for your gpu or driver15:10
loobuntusadly I alreadytried all ttys to no avail, then tty7 just brings back up my little sliver of my x session.  I rebooted, pulled the batter etc.15:17
lubunutdunno, maybe you'll have more luck in #ubuntu , its pretty dead here15:37
Mastuswhat gpu15:43
stripesI have an older Compaq laptop that came with winders 95, downloaded lububtu burned it to disk and tried loading to the laptop, got the msg could not find an OS. The bios is set to boot from the DVD. I have older version of SUSE (7.2)  that tried installing and  it got to about 40% and hung. Do I need to do something with the file before I burn it to disk16:14
Mastusstripes, your machine is probably just too old. Is it something like 20+ years?16:49
Mastussuse 7.2 was released like 15 years ago, right?16:50
krytarik(Left already.)16:50
Mastusah, so it seems16:50
Mooremayhemgood afternoon!  i am trying to install op system on an older motion computing LE1600.  i have extracted the files to the desktop, but i don't know what to do know as i can't open any of the files16:53
krytarikMooremayhem: Try and follow https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#017:02
ChadRJHi.  For an older Netbook with an Intel Atom N550 processor that apparently supports 64-bit, do I download the x86 CD or the 64-bit CD?  (Not super techy, just trying to get some additional life out of an old netbook).  Thanks in advance of any help!20:39
daxeither would work, i usually default to 64-bit21:26

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