tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> Is this it? https://github.com/ubports/terminal-app.git00:01
tgBot<popescu_sorin> omg flashing 16.04 on fp200:06
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i will cry so hard00:06
tgBot<popescu_sorin> X-)00:06
tgBot<popescu_sorin> if something goes wrong00:06
tgBot<popescu_sorin> Flashing version 1 from ubports-touch/16.04/devel channel and server http://system-image.ubports.com to device FP200:08
tgBot<popescu_sorin> how long does it take?00:12
tgBot<popescu_sorin> 2017/10/23 03:06:15 Flashing version 1 from ubports-touch/16.04/devel channel and server http://system-image.ubports.com to device FP2 โ€ฆ 69.25 MB / 69.25 MB [=========================================================================] 100.00 % 5.72 MB/s  โ€ฆ 329.32 MB / 329.32 MB [=======================================================================] 100.00 % 5.23 MB/s00:12
tgBot<popescu_sorin> it's stuck at this step for 6 min now00:12
tgBot<popescu_sorin> 10 min, whelp?00:16
tgBot<popescu_sorin> still on fastboot and nothing is happening in terminal00:16
tgBot<popescu_sorin> ๐Ÿ˜ข00:20
tgBot<popescu_sorin> oh wow. i'm an idiot LOL00:25
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i pluged the charger instead of the usb cable00:25
tgBot<popescu_sorin> because dark00:25
ubports_botProject daily-hammerhead build #359: SUCCESS in 11 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-hammerhead/359/00:25
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1207: SUCCESS in 53 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1207/00:26
tgBot<popescu_sorin> Flashing version 1 from ubports-touch/16.04/devel channel and server http://system-image.ubports.com to device FP2 โ€ฆ Can't boot recovery image00:29
tgBot<popescu_sorin> :/00:29
tgBot<popescu_sorin> now what? restart?00:29
tgBot<Dominik> @Tiago, Use the desktop apps scope. If its not installed, you can get it from the canonicle store or via apt-get. The icons should be there.00:30
tgBot<Dominik> Pull down to update scope contents00:30
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @Marty McFly, i would personally like thw phone to have full LUKS support including when you connect external encrypted usb drive00:44
tgBot<mateosalta> @AlexiPistonrod, yeah, it is really good, add the fish shell on top and it is amazing: https://fishshell.com/00:46
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tgBotKevinBessey was added by: KevinBessey04:12
tgBot<KevinBessey> Hey everyone.  Trying to install Ubuntu touch to Nexus 5. Using the snap ubportsinstall and got to the"please reboot to bootloader" and did it.04:19
tgBot<KevinBessey> Now it's stuck there even though I've put it into fastboot.04:20
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/fnKIuYeC/file_1417.jpg04:20
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/GVzAy4Hb/file_1419.jpg04:21
tgBot<KevinBessey> What now?04:21
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Shouldn't that happen automatically?04:30
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Anyway to move to recovery use your vol buttons.04:31
tgBot<KevinBessey> It says no command04:31
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/PgC2B1Dq/file_1421.jpg04:32
tgBot<TheImpulson> Try pressing buttons04:32
tgBot<nfsprodriver> I saw locked state locked. You need to unlock your device.04:33
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Something like โ€ฆ ```fastboot oem unlock```04:33
tgBot<TheImpulson> @nfsprodriver, +104:34
tgBot<KevinBessey> Ohhhhh. Ok. Didn't know that extra step. Ok. Now it says unlocked.04:35
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Then you can retry withh the installer04:36
tgBot<KevinBessey> So still says reboot bootloader. Do I do recovery mode again?04:39
tgBot<nfsprodriver> If it says should to d, do it ;)04:40
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Never worked with that tool.04:40
tgBot<KevinBessey> And in terminal it says debug:fastboot: wait for device04:41
tgBot<nfsprodriver> Hm, don't know, I must go now, bye!04:42
tgBot<KevinBessey> Ok. Thanks for the help.04:42
tgBot<samitormanen> @KevinBessey, Did you get it work?05:00
tgBot<samitormanen> I have always used "ubuntu-device-flash" from linux terminal.05:01
tgBot<samitormanen> sudo apt-get install ubuntu-device-flash phablet-tools05:02
tgBot<samitormanen> sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server=http://system-image.ubports.com touch --device=hammerhead \ --channel=ubports-touch/15.04/stable --bootstrap05:04
tgBot<TheImpulson> @KevinBessey, Reboot device to OS once after unlocking bootloader.05:06
tgBot<KevinBessey> @TheImpulson, Tried that several times. I've moved to the Marius snap and worked well, however not sure what to do next05:25
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/aW7bxTT5/file_1423.jpg05:25
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/gwv2QdOs/file_1425.jpg05:25
tgBot<KevinBessey> Do I just wait?05:25
tgBot<TheImpulson> Device doesn't shows anything?05:26
tgBot<KevinBessey> Not sure what it was about the ubports-install that wouldn't move forward or detect the devices fastboot.05:26
tgBot<KevinBessey> Just showing this:05:27
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/r95tH86V/file_1427.jpg05:27
tgBot<bhushanshah> you need to wait05:27
tgBot<bhushanshah> there is no progress bar but it is dong install05:27
tgBot<KevinBessey> Ok. Impatient.... Sorry.05:28
tgBot<KevinBessey> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/0jBLp0xE/file_1429.jpg05:28
tgBot<KevinBessey> Hooray! Thanks so much guys.05:29
tgBot<KevinBessey> So, to conclude: ubports-install didn't detect fastboot. Marius snap worked well.05:29
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tgBotOshadhi was added by: Oshadhi06:22
tgBot<Oshadhi> I wish you guys well in developing Unity8 and all the other projects you guys undertake.06:23
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tgBot<Stereofont> @Oshadhi, Welcome Oshadhi06:27
tgBot<theMitu> From Wiki: โ€ฆ "WARNING: 16.04-based Ubuntu Touch is in an early state of development and usable as a daily driver for the moment." โ€ฆ I think someone has forgotten NOT before "usable" :P06:36
tgBot<bhushanshah> Depends on use case.. ๐Ÿ˜06:39
ubports_botProject click-import build #33: SUCCESS in 5.2 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/click-import/33/07:01
ubports_botProject vivid-rootfs-armhf build #168: SUCCESS in 10 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/vivid-rootfs-armhf/168/07:01
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1208: SUCCESS in 0.5 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1208/07:01
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I have (another) question, is Meizu Pro 6 supported by UBports? I mean Android version07:03
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> Ops, sorry, I mean Meizu Pro 5 Android version07:07
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tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, In discussions it appears that there are several different versions with the same name. Some are 'China' builds and may need changing to 'International' for example07:14
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tgBot<Vijaypraj> Any one know how to install ubports in moto g4 plus07:22
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Any one done this07:22
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tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Stereofont, The differences between China and international aren't only the sw installed? Just like Xiaomi07:24
tgBot<neothethird> Stop it07:28
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Sorry07:29
tgBot<Vijaypraj> When i touch on this07:29
tgBot<Vijaypraj> It will happen07:29
tgBot<Stereofont> @Vijaypraj, It is not an officially supported device07:29
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Ok07:29
tgBot<Vijaypraj> But it is possible ?07:30
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Unofficially07:30
tgBot<Stereofont> @Akira_rulezZ, I am not an expert but I believe it is similar. One name, several variants07:31
tgBot<Stereofont> @Vijaypraj, I didn't hear of anyone trying that. Motorola are not so extreme in proprietary control as some other manufacturers so it might be a project if you want to start it and spend some months on it07:33
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Ok any one can help in this project07:37
tgBot<LarreaMikel> probably you should try with halium first... I think that @UniversalSuperBox is working on the G4 (don't know if it's the plus or not)07:40
tgBot<Stereofont> @LarreaMikel, I thought that was G5 but perhaps my memory is wrong07:41
tgBot<Vijaypraj> ๐Ÿ‘07:42
tgBot<LarreaMikel> @Stereofont, Oh, yes... sorry. He's working on the G5.07:42
tgBot<Vijaypraj> It is possible to install on memory card and boot into Mobile07:43
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Something like live usb07:43
tgBot<LarreaMikel> no idea.07:44
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Why not try07:44
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Any one help me in this project07:44
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Let's try to do this07:44
tgBot<Vijaypraj> For work in all devices07:46
nfsprodriver[m]@samzn where can we see your WhatsApp progress?07:46
tgBot<Stereofont> No. It is ARM architecture built on an Android base. It is not at all like a PC07:54
tgBot<Stereofont> Lineage is stock Android with some parts removed. A lot of the compatibility remains. UT is completely new and alien, like grafting a horse head onto a tree07:56
tgBot<jja2000> @Stereofont, Errrrrrr UT uses Libhybris, the device's Android kernel and stuff like ADB07:56
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Duel boot possible?08:03
tgBotVdragon was added by: Vdragon08:04
tgBot<Vdragon> Fwd from Vdragon: I would like to ask if I could get rid of the touch stack and use Xorg instead for my productivity sake08:05
tgBot<Vdragon> Fwd from Vdragon: I don't really care about messing with the root image as I can flash it back08:05
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> FM. Someone need perm banning.08:06
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> (Photo, 1280x720) https://irc.ubports.com/FH3PI0pF/file_1431.jpg08:06
ubports_botProject daily-fp2 build #377: SUCCESS in 13 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-fp2/377/08:23
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1209: SUCCESS in 1 min 27 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1209/08:25
tgBot<bastos777> Welcome  @Vdragon . Unfortunately I personally can not answer your question. Only sending a warm welcome.08:31
tgBot<neothethird> @Vdragon, No, that's not possible without basically creating everything from scratch08:35
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @Vdragon, very interesting question and I would also like to know what would be the challenge. however you mentionned productivity and i wonder how so. i think that productivity would decrease drastically if u ran xorg on mobile form factor and with mobile input like osk.08:49
tgBot<neothethird> You'll be rebuilding almost every component for x, this does not make sense to do09:05
tgBot<Stereofont> @jja2000, Okay so I exaggerated ๐Ÿ˜Ž09:06
tgBot<Stereofont> @Vijaypraj, No. Not at the moment. On most phones there is limited capacity even if technically possible09:08
tgBot<Vijaypraj> Hmm09:09
tgBot<Vdragon> @KrisJacewicz, I have a 10 inch tablet with bluetooth keyboard and mouse so it isn't an issue. โ€ฆ The problem is that the input method support isn't quite well on touch(even worse on the X apps scope), which on X.org stack is rather usable. โ€ฆ Basically I'd want the desktop stack like the initial prototype build on Nexus 7(2012/tilapia)09:17
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @Vdragon, i see, i dont know enough to tell how significant would be the advantage of the input. โ€ฆ But i really think that every other aspect would decrease productivity. Off course I just guess. I somehow am more excited about further improving of xorg emulation via xmir and things like full native support of more widgetsets under mir especially gtk+.  โ€ฆ But the concept of xorg environment on the phone instead of mir is interesting to me as 09:22
tgBothack. I think though, there were so many weak aspects of nota bene outdated xorg that it was why Wayland was started. So maybe Wayland support via something analogic to xmir would be more interwsting from the productivity point of view. still all this super interesting.09:22
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> and i also want to add that i pwrsonally favor xmir scenarios over libertine or other containers. but I like that there are all these alternatives for you to pick whatever tickles your fancy.09:23
tgBot<alan_griffiths> Building an X11 based stack for the phone would lead you into difficulties. Apps (or at least their toolkits) would need to understand the constraints of working on a phone and adapt. For convergence they also need to understand the current "mode" and adapt. โ€ฆ Unity8 took the approach of providing the adaption in the window manager, this provides a consistent behaviour across applications. But doing this requires a much richer "language" in t09:49
tgBotconversation between the application and window manager than is provided by X11. โ€ฆ Xmir (and similarly Xwayland) can convert between X11 based toolkits and Mir (or Wayland) servers, but while improvements can be made over the current implementations they are inherently limited by the "vocabulary" of X11.09:49
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, very nice way to put it!09:51
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i would mostly like xmir to report correct dpi values09:51
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> because some xorg/gtk apps actually can adapt to highDPI scenarios09:52
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> but xmir reports a fake dpi (and appears to be just a constant)09:52
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> another on my mimd although not a big thong for me, is window decorations for multi windows09:52
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> and eventually a full z-order stacking with mir native windows09:53
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> currwntly multi window apps all arw within a singlw background window sort of like MDI children on Windows09:53
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> OR if thw root (lowest) window could be fully transparwnt that would seem like it wasnt there at all09:54
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i know about multi qindowing not being the mobile form factor standard but pwrsonally i like the idea09:55
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> although transparwnt root xmir windpw would not fo much in a staged mode because backgroundnis always the acopes app09:56
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> but if you switch to a windowed mode your UT device becomes just like desktop Ubu tu09:56
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> Ubuntu09:56
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> and the tramsparency trick would make it even more so09:56
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i personally love the feel of the windowed mode esp on horizontal orientation, on the phone you feel like on desktop and the dash bar finally makes sense to me09:57
tgBot<alan_griffiths> @KrisJacewicz I'm not sure exactly where things were left when Canonical abandoned Unity8. And the ubports stack currently lags behind that work. (E.g. it uses Mir 0.24, not Mir 0.26). โ€ฆ There was work being done to provide better display info through Mir and Xmir. For multi-windowed apps, the "-rootless" option is needed by Xmir. โ€ฆ HTH09:59
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, wowni didnt know about rootlesss mode, thank ypu!10:00
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> currently when I use xdpyinfo it always reports 96, either in container or directly on the phone via ssh or terminal app10:02
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i imagine that in a container you coult manually edit xorg conf files but on the phone i wish it would just report the real one10:03
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> just like mirout command10:03
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tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i imagine that ot should be possible to make it so the dpi info api within emulated xorg maps back to the mirout information10:05
tgBot<alan_griffiths> if mirout is reporting the correct value, then Xmir is fixable. (I'd first try updating to the latest Canonical version - it may well "just work" with Mir 0.24)10:05
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, yes mirout is reporting correct value, but gtk apps arw not aware of it.10:06
tgBot<Vdragon> @alan_griffiths, I believe such constraints can be tolerated by user if the device's screen is big enough (id. est. using a Tablet as a regular tablet PC) โ€ฆ It would be great if someone work on porting the existing X stack and even the underlying ubuntu system to the existing tablet form factor(?) ubuntu touch product while others working on improving the touch stack10:09
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i managed to make app launcher wirh xmir flags that first start light window manager (openbox) then a gtk apps, and it works, but it is not an optimal way because the window manager is running per up not sharable with other apps on the same device10:10
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> if there was a way to have one simple window manager loaded in memory once10:11
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> to be provided within xmir to every window of every running app10:11
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i wonder how difficult that would be10:11
tgBot<alan_griffiths> The only downside I see to that approach is that all the X activity would appear to U8 as one app. (In theory Xmir *could* create a separate Mir connection for each client, but it doesn't.)10:16
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, i was wondering if this could be worked around by providing window manager as a service/deamon, so when each app thinks it starts its own window manager instance it acrually only starts a lightweight client which links back to a centrally running windoe manager provider with some sort of shared memory10:19
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> i imagine that every xmir main app window just starts with a client to such a service10:20
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> it gets initialized before the app kicks in10:20
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> so by thebtime it starts it already starts withbwindow decorations loaded10:21
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> indont even think it would need to be a real window manager10:21
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> jusy some internal xmir thing10:21
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> the app could think there are no window decorations and xmir "canvas" could just paint the window decorations over the app10:23
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> with area mapping10:23
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> so when event happens over window decoration the xmir captures it and doesnt forward it into the app10:23
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> rather sends window signals directly10:23
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> lile resizing moving etc10:23
tgBot<Eranuzan> Anyone managed to compile the  keyboard component?10:24
tgBot<alan_griffiths> Your usage is different, but what I do running X apps on a Mir desktop is run one Xmir session for each application: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/view/head:/examples/miral-shell/miral-xrun.sh10:28
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, i actually dont call zmir sireclty rather use .desktop lainchers optimized for xmir ao actually i realize now that i dont know how this happens in thw backgrouns, one shared session or a session per app10:31
tgBot<KrisJacewicz> @alan_griffiths, just chexked the script, very nice one!10:32
tgBot<popescu_sorin> anyone managed to flash 16.04/devel on fp2?11:30
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i keep getting " Can't boot recovery image" error11:30
tgBot<popescu_sorin> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/31311:30
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> @popescu_sorin, I'm sorry, it's devel11:49
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @PhoenixLandPirate, that's what i was trying to figure out, if it's just a normal devel thing or i am doing something wrong11:55
tgBotsurendarlp was added by: surendarlp12:32
tgBot<Marty McFly> Are my datas secured in "KeePit" ??? Any suggestions?12:35
tgBot<Marty McFly> Or any cool alternatives?12:35
tgBot<Marty McFly> I need a secured store for values12:36
tgBot<LarreaMikel> You can try keeweb12:37
tgBotStasbs009 was added by: Astellias12:43
tgBot<Stasbs009> Hi)12:45
tgBot<sambuccid> Hi12:47
ubports_botProject daily-mako build #152: SUCCESS in 12 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-mako/152/12:55
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1210: SUCCESS in 0.86 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1210/12:55
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> I have some problems with some web radio players found in App store, when I listen music, suddenly (after one or two songs) the app turn off and the touch become irresponsive, after that the phone reboot, could it be beacuse of low level HW of my BQ or is it a knew issue?13:09
tgBot<bastos777> Welcome @surendarlp13:24
tgBot<surendarlp> @bastos777, ๐Ÿ™13:29
tgBot<Milan Korecky> @Akira_rulezZ, There is only one app that works for me: flas app, but at the moment I have similar problems with cloud music app, doesn't crash but after first song stops playing, only deleting all with Tweek tool helps.13:39
tgBot<Tiago> @Dominik, Dominik  Thanks again for your help. It worked. I have LibreOffice on my Ubuntu Touch phone ๐Ÿ˜ƒ13:47
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Milan Korecky, Deleting what?13:47
tgBot<Milan Korecky> @Akira_rulezZ, Cashe, data13:48
tgBot<Akira_rulezZ> @Milan Korecky, I want to try, I like to hear music with my phone, I hope it solves definitely13:52
tgBot<Dominik> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/QN06OAW0/file_143213:53
tgBot<Eranuzan> anyone  knows how/where can i get qml-private package?14:05
TaLuhi :)14:26
tgBot<TheImpulson> Hi!14:27
tgBot<wayneoutthere> News! โ€ฆ https://soundcloud.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch-news-desk-17102314:30
tgBot<Eranuzan> @wayneoutthere, YAY !! ๐ŸŽŠ14:34
tgBotRadu was added by: Radu14:42
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Welcome Radu .14:45
tgBot<Radu> Nice to meet ya guys14:48
tgBot<neothethird> \o welcome14:50
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/cfGXq5Pd/file_143314:52
tgBotJohannes Roos was added by: Johannes Roos16:03
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Welcome Johannes !16:03
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/7aTmjFD5/file_1434.mp416:04
tgBot<wayneoutthere> can anyone feel 900?16:04
tgBot<kristijantkalec> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/lHsKJznw/file_1435.mp416:18
tgBot<garrogarri> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/0Do66yOX/file_1436.mp416:22
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> I hope when I wake up tomorrow we will be 900๐Ÿ˜16:37
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> That's the first thing I am gonna do is to check the group count16:37
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Mom? Hello mom?  Just click that little subscribe link on that telegram link there...16:40
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> No @wayneoutthere ... Reserve her for something special. Like 1000 ๐Ÿ˜16:42
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Good idea16:42
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> Somebody dropped out. We are left with a palindrome16:50
tgBotDENIS IX was added by: DENIS IX17:00
tgBot<Stereofont> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh, No, we are left with a emordnilap17:03
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @Stereofont, Indeed ๐Ÿ˜ (today I learned)17:05
tgBot<zac6ix> @mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh, Telegram itself will be joining to hit 90017:05
tgBot<DENIS IX> I'm 899th but I'm not a developer ๐Ÿ˜”17:06
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> @DENIS IX, Most of us not ๐Ÿ˜17:07
tgBot<DENIS IX> ๐Ÿ˜‚17:08
tgBot<Eranuzan> Anyone managed to complie the keyboard-componant?17:10
tgBot<zac6ix> @DENIS IX, learning from all wings17:13
lotuspsychjenice work on website guys17:19
lotuspsychjelookin neat17:19
tgBot<DENIS IX> @zac6ix, Do you have tutorial how to port Ubuntu? Step by step17:23
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @DENIS IX, maybe this wiki? https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/UBports-Development-Information17:33
tgBot<DENIS IX> @popescu_sorin, Thank you so much. I will try17:43
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tgBot<hwpplayer1> @bastos777, 218:15
tgBotา‰ ๐Ÿ‡ฮฑkฮฑ x was added by: hwpplayer118:16
tgBotalorak was added by: hwpplayer118:16
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Done ! Welcome Aka X @alorak18:16
tgBot<Jujuyeh> ๐Ÿ˜†18:16
tgBot<Jujuyeh> 900 ๐ŸŽ‰18:17
tgBot<hwpplayer1> They are my friend18:17
tgBot<wayneoutthere> 1-900-AWE-SOME!18:19
tgBot<bastos777> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/pmPecq9X/file_143718:19
tgBot<bastos777> 900 ๐Ÿ˜18:20
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Boy I remember back in the 200's.  Those were hard days.  No N4.... fear and suffering.  We sure have come a long way, kids.18:21
tgBot<hwpplayer1> Just carry on18:21
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> Paaarteeeeyyy18:25
tgBot<mehmehmehmehmehmehmeh> ๐Ÿ˜€18:25
tgBot<Stereofont> @DENIS IX, You do mean port, rather than install?18:26
tgBot<bastos777> @wayneoutthere do you have a timeline how long every needs and what achievements have been realised per 100?18:27
tgBot<bastos777> *every 100 needs18:27
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I think I understand what you mean.  How many items have been accomplished per 100 people joining?18:28
tgBot<DENIS IX> @Stereofont, I do mean port, because I didn't see any images for my HTC One M7 wlv or vzw.18:28
tgBot<VEktor> Hi Guys. Sorry for my bad English. I need a help, my screen-rotation doesn't work. What can I do? I use an OPO.18:29
tgBot<DENIS IX> @Stereofont, Can you help?18:35
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @VEktor, did you try that thing in the top notification which locks it?  Maybe it's locked?18:37
tgBot<wayneoutthere> we all have bad english by the way18:37
tgBot<bastos777> @wayneoutthere, That would be more than expected. I thought about sth like "when we reached 200 on xx march ota 1 has been launched a ..."18:37
tgBot<VEktor> No, it's not locked.18:37
tgBot<bastos777> more achievements than items.18:38
tgBot<wayneoutthere> oh got it.  i was just trying to understand your basic idea18:38
tgBot<wayneoutthere> yes, for the Millenium Member Mark (MMM) we should do something like this.  The QA guys should do a recap of starting point to now18:38
tgBot<bastos777> @wayneoutthere, +118:39
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (Photo, 768x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/8M2MsMYp/file_1438.jpg18:39
tgBot<bastos777> Right thing for the MNM18:39
tgBot<Stereofont> @DENIS IX, I can't help but I think I did read that someone had made some attempts.  There is a project called Halium which aims to put a layer on top of Android. Compatibility with Android is a slow process that is why there are so few ports. Making builds compatible with Halium will be 'easy'18:40
tgBot<wayneoutthere> that was for VEktor18:40
tgBot<VEktor> @wayneoutthere, Yes, i know what you mean, but  it's not locked.18:41
tgBot<wayneoutthere> ok, sorry. that's where my skills end :(18:41
tgBot<Stereofont> @VEktor, Locked in all apps?18:41
tgBot<VEktor> @Stereofont, Yes, it's locked in all apps and on the homescreen.18:43
tgBot<Stereofont> @DENIS IX, Sorry. I meant they had done some work with your phone model. Experimental stuff18:43
tgBot<Stereofont> @VEktor, I have experienced a lock vertically but only in browser that I remember. What channel are you using?18:44
tgBot<Stereofont> @Stereofont, Stable, RC or development?18:47
tgBot<VEktor> RC, since today stable.18:48
tgBot<Stereofont> I don't have OPO so can't compare.  May be best to put a shout out later as there are so many messages that yours could get overlooked18:50
tgBotHenri GUIHEUX was added by: Henri GUIHEUX18:51
tgBot<TheImpulson> 90118:52
tgBot<VEktor> @Stereofont, I will try later. Thank you.18:53
tgBot<bastos777> Welcome Henri 901 ๐Ÿ˜18:53
tgBot<Stereofont> @VEktor, Oh. It is a bug with OPO. Rotation stops with every update. Fixed in development channel18:56
tgBot<Stereofont> You should restart18:57
tgBot<VEktor> @Stereofont, Oh, ok. It's good to know it. Thanks. Yes i did it many times.18:58
tgBot<Stereofont> @TomasOqvist had that problem19:00
tgBot<malditobastardo> @popescu_sorin any luck with 16.04?19:13
tgBot<Milan Korecky> @malditobastardo, I think he did not succeed with FP2 as the image is still Revel, try roll back with filter tool19:16
tgBot<Milan Korecky> devel19:16
tgBot<Milan Korecky> You shoul find threw his post19:17
tgBot<TomasOqvist> @Stereofont, The problem appears to be related to automatic screen brightness. When I run into the rotation problem, I turn it off.19:17
tgBot<popescu_sorin> @malditobastardo, nope, i'm just bouncing from bugs to bugs :D but i take my time to report them first19:18
tgBot<malditobastardo> ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ thanks I am just thirsty about some graphic material19:18
tgBot<malditobastardo> Great!19:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> so first issue was with the documentation19:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> https://github.com/ubports/ubuntu-touch/issues/31319:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> that is fixed now19:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> second with the installer19:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/issues/4019:19
tgBot<popescu_sorin> but now i get a weird bug on devel when trying to update probably due to 1 bug, maybe that messed something on the phone19:20
tgBot<popescu_sorin> the phone is on devel and boots and works fine19:21
tgBot<DENIS IX> @Stereofont, Thank you so much for an information.19:21
tgBot<malditobastardo> Good job! You are back to rc in the meantime ?19:21
tgBot<malditobastardo> Oh ok I see19:21
tgBot<malditobastardo> Devel then19:21
tgBot<malditobastardo> I may just stick with rc for the moment19:22
tgBot<malditobastardo> @popescu_sorin19:22
tgBot<popescu_sorin> stay with rc or rather stable :D19:22
tgBot<malditobastardo> ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น I will.. I will19:30
tgBot<VEktor> @Stereofont, I had install an image from development channel, locked the screen-rotation, made a reboot und now the screen-rotation works without problems.19:32
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/s0yiF3Oc/file_1439.mp419:32
tgBot<wayneoutthere> glad to help you! send my cheque in the mail....19:33
tgBot<wayneoutthere> wait!  someone left us!  899!  I'll find my mom... mom!??19:33
tgBot<nkk76> 899 members. That's INSAAANE20:06
tgBotRykyB was added by: RykyB20:46
tgBot<vanyasem> @RykyB, WELCOME OUR 900th MEMBER20:49
tgBot<Michele> again hahaha20:50
tgBot<RykyB> Helllo to all๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜20:51
tgBot<Lorxu> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/UKg4bz0F/file_144020:51
tgBot<Flohack> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/6H05ljPf/file_144120:55
ubports_botProject daily-bacon build #309: SUCCESS in 11 min: http://ci.ubports.com/job/daily-bacon/309/21:02
ubports_botProject ota-push build #1211: SUCCESS in 1 min 5 sec: http://ci.ubports.com/job/ota-push/1211/21:03
tgBotOmar Ambriz was added by: Omar Ambriz21:13
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> Did we ever get to a consensus about renaming UBports to something a bit more umm memorable?21:17
tgBot<samzn> branding is what we should be least concerned right now21:18
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> I know.. but still can't harm to kick around some ideas..21:18
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> I kinda like TangOS,  Tango is touch in Latin.21:19
tgBotpedrocoelho9 was added by: pedrocoelho921:19
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus choice is there really.21:21
tgBot<eatTHAAT> @AlexiPistonrod, You forgot tactatvs21:24
tgBot<Alexander> So you LOQUI on TANGOS now, @AlexiPistonrod ?21:31
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> @eatTHAAT, "Well...we all make mistakes..." said the Dalek climbing off the Dustbin.21:32
tgBot<nfsprodriver> @samzn where do you have your WhatsApp code hosted? Maybe we can help ;)21:32
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> bbl21:33
tgBot<eatTHAAT> @AlexiPistonrod, He's right since you made a mistake21:34
tgBot<popescu_sorin> oh boy i can't turn off my fp2 LOL21:53
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i think i killed it :( r.i.p21:53
tgBot<popescu_sorin> this time with m-d-t snap https://github.com/MariusQuabeck/magic-device-tool/issues/11121:53
tgBot<popescu_sorin> enough fun for me for today21:55
tgBot<popescu_sorin> i think i'll just flash stable and stick with it21:55
tgBot<popescu_sorin> at least for a while :D21:55
tgBot<popescu_sorin> and back ok stable yay. Zzzzzzzz21:57
tgBot<Flohack> @AlexiPistonrod, Why it is not memorable? ^^22:20
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> @Flohack, Becasue it is pretty meaningly unless you know what it is.22:37
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @vanyasem, our *second* 900th! :)22:43
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @AlexiPistonrod, UBports = legal entity/foundation โ€ฆ UBUNTU TOUCH = is the memorable and dope coolness project that you have grown to love22:43
tgBot<wayneoutthere> think about it this way: โ€ฆ UBports = the group โ€ฆ Ubuntu Touch = the thing made by the group22:44
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (I think we all agree UBports sucks but that's part of the fun!)22:45
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> Does not mean the actual project cannot be something cooler sounding. does it. That is a very Ubuntu way of thinking about naming things..22:45
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> Yeah , try explaining that to people who didn;t even know Ubuntu touch was a thing..22:46
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> However in contrast I sail Sailfish to people and the say "Oh that phone OS"22:46
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Good point! Go make it a thing22:49
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I bet kleenex wasn't a thing until I valued blowing my nose in it22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> now I only think of Kleenex22:50
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> I'll chat with am artist friend of mine later on this week and see if I can get a distinctive logo put together.22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> be the change22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> do it22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> don't hold back22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> don't listen to the naysayers22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> yell at them22:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> tell  them to shut up22:51
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Ubuntu Touch is a thing22:51
tgBot<wayneoutthere> and you're part of that thing22:51
tgBot<wayneoutthere> I didn't hear my amen??22:51
tgBot<wayneoutthere> come on people22:51
thrrgilagAmen brother!  U touch a thing!  oh wait does that sound right?22:52
tgBot<wayneoutthere> You Touch it!!22:52
tgBot<wayneoutthere> wait!22:52
tgBot<wayneoutthere> Ubuntu Touch it!22:53
tgBot<wayneoutthere> but seriously  I love all 900 of you but 850 of you need to kick some butt this week22:53
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> Pfff .. I am frolicsome, I am easy, Good tempered and free, And I don't give a single pin my boys What the world thinks of me.22:54
tgBot<wayneoutthere> quit relying on Dalton, Marius, Flo and Dalton to wipe your butts22:54
tgBot<wayneoutthere> go do stuf... because I can't!22:54
tgBot<wayneoutthere> :(22:54
tgBot<wayneoutthere> ok, that's about enough coffee.  sorry22:54
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> S'ok.. Caffine withdrawl is a bithch..22:55
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @AlexiPistonrod, good22:55
thrrgilag900 + those lurking about in IRC and matrix22:55
tgBot<wayneoutthere> i'm having the opposite of withdrawal22:55
thrrgilaghmm... caffine sounds like a good idea.  I'm not nearly hyper enough at the moment.22:57
tgBot<wayneoutthere> (Audio, 15s)https://irc.ubports.com/m1uB9UEy/file_1442.flac22:59
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> (Photo, 252x445) https://irc.ubports.com/Xel9gSNL/file_1444.jpg23:01
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> @wayneoutthere, Now I want coffee >:(23:01
thrrgilagTea. Earl Grey. Hot.23:02
tgBot<PhoenixLandPirate> If get myself coffee but honestly I need to sleep tonight23:03
tgBot<AlexiPistonrod> @PhoenixLandPirate, Yeah yeah I know about that.. What you want .. and Slap around the face? :)  โ€ฆ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhOeG-uTJxw23:03
tgBotGiampy_DAntonio was added by: Giampy_DAntonio23:18
tgBot<popescu_sorin> hi @Giampy_DAntonio23:20
tgBot<Giampy_DAntonio> @popescu_sorin, hi23:20
tgBot<Giampy_DAntonio> I have a question, is the nexus 5 D820 or D821?23:21
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @AlexiPistonrod, lol!23:43
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @wayneoutthere, I might try to be two people, but in reality I can only do the work of one23:45
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @UniversalSuperBox, your math is off.  we think you can do the work of 850 when in fact you can only do the work of 2023:46
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @Giampy_DAntonio, I'm not sure of a distinction. Do some ROMs only work on one?23:47
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @wayneoutthere, Lately I have trouble doing the work of 123:47
tgBot<enriconia> @AlexiPistonrod, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lczHvB3Y9s23:50
tgBot<wayneoutthere> @UniversalSuperBox, consider more coffee.23:51
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> @wayneoutthere, I strongly dislike coffee23:51
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Right now I'm drinking some tea, which I strongly hope is not caffeinated23:51
tgBot<enriconia> tea?23:51
tgBot<Xorpad> Mmm tea23:51
tgBot<Xorpad> I want has tea23:51
tgBot<enriconia> tea contains caffeine :)23:52
tgBot<wayneoutthere> only herbal tea doesn't have it23:52
tgBot<Xorpad> Not mine23:52
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Actually, it's an Arnold Palmer. I don't know what they put in it.23:52
=== Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass
tgBot<Xorpad> I like herbal teas23:53
tgBot<enriconia> coffee leaves :)23:53
tgBot<UniversalSuperBox> Anyway, let's say something smartphoney... Boot loops, anyone?23:53
tgBot<Xorpad> I'm all about those medicinal herbs. Valerian root tea is great before bed23:53
tgBot<Xorpad> Boot loops!?23:54
tgBot<Xorpad> Kill the bugs with fire23:54

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