Tribaaltarzeau: I'm not sure I understand what we failed you about: what did you want Ubuntu improved for?07:23
tarzeaumany things. i'd have to dig out the things. 5 years old. unity bugs, lightdm bugs (still not fixed btw), and both got irrelevant now07:56
tarzeauthe rest we work around/fix ourselves. software packaging as well (via debian)07:56
Tribaalah, yeah, desktop bugs I'm afraid I couldn't help much with anywa :)08:21
Tribaal(except pinging relevant people)08:21
TribaalRight now I hope Mark decides on the name soon so we can move forward with B :)08:26
tarzeauTribaal: why did mark chose gnome? and not gnustep?10:36
TribaalThat was the desktop team's decision as far as I know10:46
TribaalYou could ask in #ubuntu-desktop , people there will know the answer10:47
TribaalMark reviews the strategies for various teams, but usually doesn't get more involved10:48
TribaalBut he decides for the names, still10:48
tarzeauah k11:18
tarzeauare you using snaps?11:18
tarzeaui've tried because of bugs.debian.org/73063811:19
tarzeauhowever i wasn't able to launch the snap as user :(11:19
tarzeaunow i'm packaging it myself11:19
tarzeauis the name after a, 1810 already out?11:21
tarzeauubuntu 18.04 ships stone age versions of my packages11:21
tarzeaucan't wait for the new archive sync11:21
Tribaaltarzeau: yeah I use snaps for some desktop apps of mine, and for juju11:44
Tribaaltarzeau: that's a good use case indeed - snaps also always keep up to date11:44
Tribaal(ah, and my passowrd manager is in a snap too)11:44
Tribaaltarzeau: no, 18.04 will be released in April 2018, and the name has not been announced yet11:45
Tribaalso it's not yet open (the archives are not open)11:45
Tribaalwe (all of Ubuntu) are waiting for Mark to decide on the name :p11:46
Tribaaltarzeau: what libraries do you need in particular, out of curiosity?11:50
tarzeauthat are not packaged yet? for the moment only this cloudcompare software11:53
Tribaaltarzeau: oh, that's a good candidate for a snap then, yes11:56
* Tribaal didn't know about cloudcompare before11:57
tarzeauit is already snap packaged12:21
tarzeauhowever it ends with12:21

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