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juliankslangasek: I forgot a few *stat*64 ones, _newselect(), and socketcall(), basically. But it's looking good now :D00:42
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xnoxdoko, rbasak - ruby2.5~preview1-1 is in debian new, hopefully we will take it as soon as it clears debian new. Or shall we open with ruby2.5 synced from like debian git or what not?09:50
rbasakFWIW, I don't think server seeds ruby any more now, except via vim.09:54
rbasakSo wearing a server team hat, I don't have any particular opinion.09:54
dokoxnox: ohh, unstable. I assume that will migrate anyway. maybe let it migrate in Debian first?09:58
xnoxrbasak, sure, but you are available to help with the transition right?09:58
rbasakMe with which hat? I'd like to help but I'm not sure where it would fit in with my rather large list of things I need to get done :-/10:00
xnoxrbasak, under the version currency mantra.10:01
xnoxfoundations used to get tributes via +1 maint, but not any more =(10:02
dokorbasak: ruby is sever owned ... but you didn't fix the ruby2.3 ftbfs either :-/10:04
rbasakThat's something for our managers to sort out I think.10:04
rbasakServer is no longer pulling ruby into main.10:04
rbasakWe may have the bug subscription; it'd be irresponsible to drop that until the oldest release in which we _are_ pulling it into main EOLs.10:05
rbasakBut I don't expect the server team to be doing anything with ruby in B hile wearing a server hat.10:06
rbasakdpb1: ^10:07
xnoxdpb1, we need server team support for ruby2.3 -> 2.5, for ubuntu to stay version current. this cycle.10:08
xnoxdannf, it's booting! kind of =) i get to grub, which then tellsme that there is devicetree missing =(10:30
sil2100Laney: hey, I remember we had some discussion on the sprint about autopkgtests being re-run with 'vanilla-release' to see if the upload is actually related to the failure - do you know if I can somehow easily run such an ADT test in the infra?12:30
sil2100Laney: i.e. a test with the machine only using the archive as is?12:31
xnoxsil2100, i use rerun button on the results, and then remove all triggers that then add &trigger=foo/1.23-4    such that foo is triggered by foo, with version from release pocket.12:31
xnoxto notice if something is regressed in the release all by-it-self already without anything new pulled in from -proposed.12:32
sil2100xnox: where does the test result go then?12:32
xnoxon the package results page.12:32
sil2100I mean, it'll just be accessible on the autopkgtest page for the package, right?12:32
sil2100Let me try that then12:32
xnoxliek http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/FOO/series/arch12:33
Laneybut I recommend running the thing yourself locally really13:14
ricotzsforshee, hi, are you going to upload a 4.14rc6-based kernel to the ppa?14:22
sforsheericotz: yes, likely sometime today14:44
ubottubdmurray, BenC, cyphermox, jbicha, micahg, rbasak, sil2100: DMB ping.15:02
ricotzsforshee, great, thanks!15:18
dannfxnox: is this armhf? surprised qemu doesn't provide dt for it15:44
xnoxdannf, so i managed to run a magic qemu-system-arm -M dumpdts or some such, and then pass it back to qemu (which seemed redundant)15:47
xnoxdannf, but the kernel itself, I'm guessing is not loading the dts from EFI, and/or grub, or both.15:48
xnoxdannf, currently rebuilding linux on armhf with CONFIG_EFI and then will check grub code, to see if our grub has dts loading from UEFI tables on ARM, in addition to ARM64, it was refactored to be generic UEFI some time ago.15:48
* ogra_ has never heard of working armhf EFI support ... only about arm64 15:49
ogra_(i'd be surprised if that worked)15:49
dannfi'm pretty sure all the pieces are there15:51
dannfi was asked to build the edk2 image for it (and did, it's in artful)15:51
ogra_well, my experience stops at booting real HW ... :)15:52
Unit193I've had to do some qemu tests for UEFI, both secure boot enabled and disabled.  That's as far as I got.15:53
xnoxand i have armhf uefi cloud image built15:55
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