lotuspsychjegood morning to all00:38
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Oh , back :) .. You can have it back in the same shape you left it in :)00:42
lotuspsychjeoh tnx :p00:43
lotuspsychjeTJ- is eating all issues, time for a biggg coffee lol00:51
lotuspsychjewelcome Sveta`02:20
Sveta`thank you lotuspsychje :-)02:20
lotuspsychjeadd to favs ; )02:20
Sveta`yes, quassel adds any newly joined channels to autojoin automatically :) it is an interesting client.02:20
lotuspsychjecool, im on hex here02:21
lotuspsychjeSveta`: wich distro you on mate?02:32
Sveta`I started with ubuntu (with gnome 2) in 2010 or so. Then I tried xubuntu and then moved to debian (with gnustep and wmaker). Seems that the wmaker window manager is more suitable to what I am after at home at least. It has this remarkable feature, you can create menus based on directory structure, and I use that for books.02:40
lotuspsychjeSveta`: nice one02:48
lotuspsychjeSveta`: xenial & artful box here02:49
lotuspsychjeSveta`: and ubports phone & tablet02:49
Sveta`I have a dumb phone called 'nokia e65'. It makes calls, has really loud speakers which is nice, it also has sms but no cyrillic input and I am not motivated to figure out how to change that, as phone calls are nicer anyway.02:55
lotuspsychjea phone for calling is the best02:55
Sveta`I would really like a phone that has no screen. I would like to provide it with voice commands. However I have not yet found such a thing.02:56
lotuspsychjei know one, the one from nightrider lol02:57
lotuspsychjekit, come here!02:57
lotuspsychjei think oerheks got a watch like that02:57
lotuspsychjewho wants an apple phone anyway02:58
Sveta`I dislike 'wearing' electronics. I think it is dangerous, particularly when cellular receivers are involved.02:58
lotuspsychjeSveta`: i share the same thoughts02:58
lotuspsychjesounds like transhuman evolution02:59
lotuspsychjechips in skin..phones on skin,,chips in brain, whats next02:59
Bashing-omNext is Lotus ComPuters :P03:01
oerheksBorg ..03:02
oerheksfinally you can say: ENOUGH | SHUT UP03:03
lotuspsychjeBashing-om: lotus computers will bring back users to basics03:03
oerhekscaveman ?03:03
lotuspsychjediodnt unix start ina cave?03:05
oerheksyes, timetravelers03:08
Bashing-om'Nuff Good Nite \o04:30
lordievaderGood morning06:03
ducassemorning all06:42
jink'sup kids? :)06:52
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BluesKajHey all12:12
nicomachuso/ morning14:20
ducasse\o nicomachus - all well?14:25
nicomachushaving trouble finding some files I need but other than that, quite good14:31
nicomachusfor a monday14:31
nicomachuslol: https://github.com/MrMEEE/bumblebee-Old-and-abbandoned/issues/12315:06
nicomachuswhatever the successor to Wayland ends up being will probably be here before I get used to Wayland replacing Xorg15:19
ducassenicomachus: that _is_ pretty funny :) yet another developer that deserves being put in stocks and pelted with rotten eggs :)15:19
ducasse+1, i've been playing with wayland for a year and a half and still utterly hate it15:20
nicomachusI still default to troubleshooting display/resolution issues through xrandr. :/15:21
ducasseme too, there simply are no tools for wayland because there is nothing to configure :-/15:23
nicomachusmy moto x4's finally shipped.15:25
nicomachuspre-ordered them on Sept 20, they were supposed to ship Oct 12, but there were "production delays"15:25
ducassei need a new phone, but it's getting difficult to find one with things like microsd slot and a recent android by a non-chinese brand for not too much money15:27
nicomachusMoto x4 has SD and Android 8.0 with guaranteed 9.015:28
ducassehow much?15:29
nicomachus$399.99 from Project Fi, so I think that's the same price elsewhere.15:29
ducassei don't think they're sold here, but i can check again15:30
nicomachuswhere are you?15:30
nicomachusdo they offer Project Fi in Norway? Project Fi has an exclusive on the Android One version, which is bloat free.15:31
ducassenope, i didn't think that existed outside the us at all?15:33
nicomachusAmazon has the x4 for $329.9915:33
leftyfbnicomachus: in what world is someone asking for help in an OS channel about a programming language they're learning in a formal course where the teachers are being paid to instruct, after being told to consult #programminglanguage and the solution shows up in the first result on google, is it wrong to suggest that the teacher should teach it's students how to find answers on their own(google)? I wanted to suggest the student pay better15:33
leftyfbattention in class, but that would be acting like a jerk.15:33
nicomachusleftyfb: it's generally a jerk move to say "learn to google" in any circumstance.15:34
nicomachusjust throw an !ot at them and move on.15:34
leftyfbhow is that more helpful? I actually gave the answer, and then suggested better familiarity with google.15:35
nicomachus¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry then15:36
ducasseleftyfb: i agree, but don't think it would be that uncool to suggest he ask that in his class instead of bringing it to #ubuntu15:37
leftyfbI don't see why suggesting google is so frowned upon. People would do and say less stupid things in this world if people bothered to research on their own. I NEVER give "JFGI" as an answer. I find the answer and usually give the google result I found it in. This both gives the answer they're looking for AND the search terms I used to find the answer. This has the added benefit of teaching people how to find answers on their own along with15:37
leftyfbthe answer they're looking for.15:37
leftyfbGiving someone just an answer without the means to find it on their own I feel is less helpful.15:38
leftyfbIn a "Teach a man to fish" sort of way15:38
ducassesome of them just don't want to learn, but in that case i'm not all that interested in helping them either :-/15:41
leftyfbA lot of the time the answer either isn't on google or takes a lot of work to find. I help with those in the manner people seem to prefer. But when you type <question just asked> into google and it's the first result, or sometimes, the answer is literally on the google page, come on. .... like "how do I install software on ubuntu". That's just silly.15:41
TJ-leftyfb: "use a search engine" here's some terms to help you X Y Z is better than saying "Google". There are many other search engines after all15:42
naccleftyfb: i think the faq is about JFGI-itis15:42
leftyfbTJ-: I never just say "google"15:42
naccleftyfb: not about suggesting good search terms in general15:42
nicomachusuhhh... since when does the channel allow people to directly upload an image?15:49
nicomachusor is that just a /me?15:49
naccnicomachus: i think that's something from their synapse thing15:51
leftyfbwhere are you seeing this?15:52
daxnicomachus: it's just a /me15:52
daxthe matrix <-> irc gateway handles people throwing images into matrix by giving them a public URL and putting that in the IRC channel15:53
nicomachusleftyfb: 10:48  * ayyo[m] uploaded an image: synapseerror.png (268KB)15:54
dax(and synapse is the name of the server for matrix)15:55
nicomachusrpi has a ton of python-related updates today15:55
leftyfbah, I missed the first part of that15:55
lotuspsychjegood evening to all16:52
oerhekswb lotus16:52
ducasse\o lotuspsychje16:52
lotuspsychjetnx oerheks :p16:52
lotuspsychjehey ducasse16:52
ducasselotuspsychje: so, will you be upgrading to one of them when they're out?17:13
lotuspsychjeducasse: cant wait that long mate17:14
lotuspsychjeducasse: first quarter of 2019 :p17:14
lotuspsychjeill be on ubports for now17:15
ducassei'll certainly consider one, they look good17:16
ducassei need a new phone *now*, though, so it will have to be the next one17:16
lotuspsychjeducasse: any idea wich one you will buy?17:17
ducassenope, just that it'll be cheap and not by a chinese brand :) other than that, i don't care that much.17:19
lotuspsychjewebsite looks so neat now17:19
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj17:20
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje17:21
ducasse\o BluesKaj17:22
ducasseall going well?17:22
BluesKajhey ducasse17:22
BluesKajyup, fine here , and you, ducasse?17:22
ducassegood here, winding down for the evening17:23
BluesKajit's a stay inside day here..pouring rain17:24
nicomachuscold here17:24
nicomachushad storms all weekend but it's clear now.17:25
BluesKaj58F/15C is cold ?17:27
ducasse2°C here, rain forecast17:30
lotuspsychjerainy here aswell17:30
BluesKajthat's cold rain17:31
nicomachusBluesKaj: colder than it's been at least17:31
lotuspsychjehey pauljw17:32
pauljwhi lotuspsychje, how are you doing?17:32
lotuspsychjegreat here17:32
lotuspsychjebout yourself?17:32
pauljw:) same thanks.17:33
BluesKajnicomachus, yeah, we had summer like temps/75F here 'til yesterday, now it's dropped 57F17:33
ducasse\o pauljw17:33
pauljwhey ducasse17:33
nicomachusBluesKaj: I just realized this weekend that I need to go out and buy a couple pairs of jeans for winter.17:34
BluesKajey pauljw17:34
pauljwEriC^^, and anyone else I might have missed... :)17:34
EriC^^hey pauljw :)17:34
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^17:35
lotuspsychjeits full house here17:36
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje17:36
BluesKajHey EriC^^17:36
EriC^^hey BluesKaj17:36
BluesKajI see the r4elease guessing has started for 18.04 . BB something silly as uasual i bet17:38
TJ-Bonkers BlueKaj :p17:38
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lotuspsychjea bat would be nice18:07
TJ-can't we switch to 3 letters? Bloody-well Better Work!18:09
lotuspsychjeBreedy Bat18:11
lotuspsychjeBashing-om is in da house!18:21
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Any hate and destruction in progress ? Should I run now ?18:22
lotuspsychjeno, all love here :p18:22
TJ-maybe Bashing-om Barnacles would be a good name for 18.04?18:22
lotuspsychjeyeah lets vote for that18:22
Bashing-omTJ-: After you bash 17.10 into shape .. 18.04 will be a piece of cake :P18:23
lotuspsychjelol, its betty boop18:25
daftykinsnot a bad name!18:25
lotuspsychjehey hey daftykins18:25
TJ-Isn't Betty  Boop trademarked?18:26
TJ-haha "The nature of LTS releases mean we can expect minor and conservative changes to what’s on offer in Ubuntu 17.10"18:31
TJ-so we can expect lots of bugs stull!18:32
Bashing-omXorg->wayland .. is a huge difference in interfaces .. we will have growing pains !18:34
lotuspsychjedax: just a minor found, a user found the ubuntu flavors url's are in http and redirect to https18:38
TJ-not least many users with no way to select the resolution of the monitor(s) and wrong res being used18:38
TJ-how the heck I'd cope with 3 portrait oriented I don't know18:38
TJ-this is just like what happened with systemd, though. Replace something before the new system has reached feature parity18:39
daftykinsi thought that was the open source way!18:39
daftykinsguys i just wrote "hello world", ready to replace ALSA!18:40
Bashing-omwell, bounce it off 17.10 ... see what sticks .. apply to 18.04 .18:40
TJ-the problem is monolithic development teams with centralised commercial management18:41
daxlotuspsychje: yeah, we were talking about that the other day, one of us should probably go through and check links to make sure they still work and also see if they can https18:41
daxlotuspsychje: is every url on flavors https-able?18:42
lotuspsychjeyeah tested kubuntu ,xubuntu18:42
Bashing-omTJ-: There is that .. when it is all said and done in the end it is "commercial management" that makes all this possible .18:42
lotuspsychjethey redirect to https18:42
ubot5Xubuntu is Ubuntu with !Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://xubuntu.org/ - To install the Xubuntu environment from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop^ » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !xubuntu-channels18:42
daxoh, the individual factoids for the flavors, right18:43
daxi fixed kubuntu during aforementioned discussion, just fixed xubuntu now18:44
lotuspsychjetnx dax18:44
lotuspsychjebudgie is good18:44
daftykinsnext task, make the wiki best arch's ;)18:44
lotuspsychjemate also good18:44
TJ-Bashing-om: the commercial management counters good development practice though.  They don't make it possible. Almost all core projects started as side-projects that won users and snowballed. We know from the GDM3 saga, pulseaudio, systemd and now wayland compositors, that the technology was pushed onto users before it was ready18:45
TJ-sorry, gnome3, not gdm318:45
TJ-did you notice budgie is being rewritten for, I think, the 4th time. completely rewritten?18:46
Bashing-omTJ-: Fall out for dropping convergence .. convergence just was not going to happen .18:48
daxso not https://www.jwz.org/doc/cadt.html ?18:49
Bashing-omWell, my take ^ . I do not work on bug tracking .. so I have no room to talk .18:53
daftykinsi leave the bug tracking to Mischief18:54
lotuspsychjeMr_0: !ping18:58
TJ-Bashing-om: convergence was a Canonical thing though. The projects I mentioned are largely driven by RedHat18:59
Bashing-omTJ-: My thought . there is "brand loyality" but it all trickels down and about when it is good .19:01
lotuspsychjethe librem purism phone will have convergence too19:01
TJ-anyhow... someone take over with maszlo - Lenovo T450, never completes service startup when on battery power. works fine on AC. We've scoured the logs, applied the acpi_osi fix, and done a lot of other disable-service tests and no clue. My feeling is a firmware related issue provoked by the 17.10 kernel. Maybe get him to reinstall manually the 17.04 kernel using wget + dpkg  and try booting with that19:02
lotuspsychjeTJ-: alot of acpi issues on yoga's19:02
lotuspsychjeusers always come here with hibernate issues on those19:02
TJ-this was fine on 17.04 though so if you can help him get the 17.04 kernel installed - or first check if it might have been left behind, and get him to boot using that, see if the problem goes away that would be a MAJOR step forward19:03
TJ-this is from cold-boot, no suspend/resume/hibernate involved19:04
TJ-anyhow, dinner calls :)19:04
lotuspsychjebon apetit19:04
lotuspsychjenite nite guys :p19:20
lordievaderSleep well lotuspsychje19:20
lotuspsychjetnx lordievader19:20
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: \o laters .19:21
ducassenite lotuspsychje19:22
lotuspsychjehave a nice1 guys19:22

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