Sveta`irclogs.ubuntu.com does not have a search box, is there source code for it available somewhere? how to add it?22:46
wxlSveta`: http://mg.pov.lt/irclog2html/22:47
wxlnote that's for the html display, not the for the file structure22:48
Sveta`it has a search box already, "# the following needs some extra Apache setup to enable the CGI/WSGI script" "--searchbox", that could be handy except it has a warning ``The script can be easily abused to cause a denial of service attack; it parses all log files every time you perform a search.`` in the readme. hm22:51
elwhat are you trying to search for?22:57
Sveta`I wanted to find something I said yesterday. I then remembered it, but thought that a search box would be generally handy.22:57
Unit193Basically, site:irclogs.ubuntu.com search terms here  should do it fine.22:57
wxlof course if you're trying to find a common string that might suck :)22:58
Sveta`Unit193: I just did that with "sveta dnssec" search terms but that didn't bring up the yesterday conversation, presumably the crawler is not this quick or something22:58
Sveta`(and it does not sort results by date which is slightly inconvenient)22:59
eli generally ctrl+f and use the in-browser search23:00
Sveta`it splits logs at a different midnight than mine, which may make it a bit more challenging to find the information from 'my yesterday' which is 'your today or yesterday' or something similar :)23:01
elit's more funcitonal than enabling a search that would shut down the facility entirely though :)23:02
daxso use your client's irc logs?23:02
wxlgrepping a huge directory is pretty darn simple and quick23:02
Sveta`ya, I'll do that until I find something ddos-proof for everyone to use23:02
Unit193Seems pretty simple to change the date, hit ctrl+f and enter though.  YMMV, I guess.23:13
daxi always liked that some of the urls have # in them (escaped to %23) and this confuses the heck out of some browsers23:14
daxseems like it wouldn't be hard to strip that from filenames but what do i know23:14

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