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jsalisburyslangasek, thanks for continuing the bisect.  It looks like your building the kernels without issue.  Just let  me know if you need anything.12:47
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slangasekjsalisbury: yeah, I decided with that many iterations it was worth my while to get kernel package building sorted out here for testing ;)  I just wish it didn't take me 2.5h for each build iteration16:40
slangasekjsalisbury: also, if I'm reading the git log right, it seems like the bisect is converging on a merge commit for drm-for-v4.14... I'm not sure what happens at that point, I'm guessing we probably /don't/ take the entire 4.14 drm stack into artful16:42
apwslangasek, it ought to bisect down the incoming branch too in theory16:56
slangasekapw: ok.  so 'git bisect' output telling me "only 2 more steps to go!" is a lie?16:59
slangasek(that's fine, I'd rather it be lying in that direction)16:59
apwhmm, it is not clear how it would be totally sure given it has shown a propensity to bisect the other side of a merge16:59
apwslangasek, you can also ask bisect to give someone else a log, so they can catch up with your bisect, and build kernels for you17:00
apwas 2.5h per kernel is depressing17:00
slangasekapw: I'm not sure if the round trip through jsalisbury beats the 2.5h though, owing to the handoff?17:01
apwis possible not17:01
slangasekapw: anyway, the git bisect log is reconstructible from the bug log ;)17:01
apwbut if you git bisect log it gives the wntire thing as an executable17:01
jsalisburyslangasek, I'm at the same point you are in the bisect, so just let me know if you want me to build you a kernel at some point.17:09
slangasekjsalisbury: how long does it take you to build one?17:09
jsalisburyslangasek, about 20 minutes :-)17:09
slangasekjsalisbury: then if you started one now, your build would finish 1h30 before mine - please go ahead :)17:10
jsalisburyslangasek, I'll kick it off right now.  Are you still at 2ce8008711e4837c11e99a94df55406085d0d098 is bad?17:10
slangasekjsalisbury: yes17:11
jsalisburyslangasek, ok, I'll start a build for 31cb9a8575ca04f47ea113434d4782b695638b6217:12
jsalisburyslangasek, the test kernel is ready.  I put it here:17:42
jsalisburyslangasek, the fix should be one of these commits:17:44
slangasekjsalisbury: sure... almost certainly the giant merge commit listed there for staging ;)17:46
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slangasekjsalisbury: 31cb9a8575ca04f47ea113434d4782b695638b62: bad17:56
jsalisburyslangasek, ack.  I'll build the next one.17:56
jsalisburyslangasek, The next kernel is ready for commit 3840ed9548f778717aaab5eab744da798c3ea055.  Available from same location.18:09
slangasekjsalisbury: 3840ed9548f778717aaab5eab744da798c3ea055 is bad18:50
jsalisburyslangasek, ack. I'll build the next one.19:19
jsalisburyslangasek, Next kernel is ready up to commit 9ea859b11b251df57df5bb9fc146ac014b31071c19:29
slangasekjsalisbury: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~jsalisbury/lp1724911/ appears to be empty20:05
jsalisburyslangasek, shoot, I just realized the scp failed.  The test kernel should be there now.21:53
slangasekjsalisbury: still shows blank to me21:54
jsalisburyslangasek, hmm, how about now?21:54
slangasekjsalisbury: there we go :)21:55
slangasekjsalisbury: 9ea859b11b251df57df5bb9fc146ac014b31071c bad22:13
jsalisburyslangasek, ack.  I'll build the next one22:17
jsalisburyslangasek, the next kernel up to commit 28eb51f7468a43769bd9dca19a54d97ec7a447ed is ready22:27
slangasekjsalisbury: 28eb51f7468a43769bd9dca19a54d97ec7a447ed bad22:40
jsalisburyslangasek, Next kernel is available up to commit: e63a94f12b5fc67b2b92a89d4058e7a9021e900e23:59

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