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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:11
diddledandaftykins: risque of the day: https://twitter.com/LukeRomyn/status/92242874045765222411:46
ali1234!info sagcad12:16
lubotu3sagcad (source: sagcad): CAD/CAM of 2D program. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.14-0ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 1221 kB, installed size 5907 kB12:16
ali1234!info sagcad edgy12:17
lubotu3'edgy' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed, yakkety, yakkety-backports, y12:17
ali1234i honestly have no idea why this software is even in the repos12:22
ali1234clicking just about any button in the GUI will instantly segfault it12:22
ali1234help doesn't work, and it constantly pops up error messages, sometimes in english, sometimes in japanese12:22
foobarrythere's a way to request deselection from repos isn't there?13:07
foobarrymaybe there should be a purgatory repo for unmaintained or dubious apps13:08
diddledanfoobarry: that's what snaps are gonna solve :-p13:08
diploExcept there are already dead snaps in the store diddledan :)13:19
diddledanwow that is sucky: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/10/the-recent-catastrophic-wi-fi-vulnerability-was-in-plain-sight-for-13-years-behind-a-corporate-paywall/14:08
NET||abusehmm, i've been running an old HP N40L microserver for years now, i'd love to get a more powerful machine, but wondering what the state of the HP microserver gen 8/9/10  machines is? any good?14:58
NET||abusewell, looks like thye skipped gen 9 with the microservers14:58
diploOnly issue I've heard is that bios updates aren't supported after warranty unless you pay14:59
diplootherwise still good machines14:59
NET||abusehmm, that's a ittle cheeky, maybe the age of the HP microserver is passed then, i dont like that support level15:01
NET||abuseany thing else around with decent cpu/ram with 4 or so drive slots?15:01
NET||abusealso really focused on linux support.15:01
NET||abuselow power to performance ratio is pretty key too15:02
diddledankittyfish: https://twitter.com/samleecole/status/92248208274345164915:18
diploI've got to look myself NET||abuse - sorry got stuck on the phone15:48
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NET||abuse:) diplono worries,16:33
NET||abusehah, diplo sorry, called you diplono.. missed the spacebar16:34
diddledananyone stuck on windows? https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10s-controlled-folder-access-anti-ransomware-feature-is-now-live/16:41
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daftykinsthats a hotspot!18:18
daftykinsyou scared them off again Dan18:26
daftykinsoh they tried to PM me, mmk18:28
SafiyyahHi all, my desktop won't boot up. This is Ubuntu mate, when it does it gives an error, I have put a picture of my screen here: https://i.imgur.com/yIKePvx.jpg19:58
Safiyyah this is on ubuntu mate19:58
daftykinsah our regular customer19:58
daftykinswhat happened prior to this?19:59
SafiyyahI have booted it up in recovery mode using the USB flash drive for Ubuntu Mate, I ran fsck and it loads up.19:59
Safiyyahif you try to do it without the stick it doesn't work19:59
Safiyyahdaftykins, thank you....19:59
SafiyyahI read up on it and it says you need another machine that is running on linux. Well the good news is I now also have a laptop running the same version of ubuntu Mate.... which is what I am using to communicate20:00
daftykinstried booting an older kernel?20:00
SafiyyahI don't know how to do that20:01
daftykinshold the left shift key down just before GRUB starts up, should give you the boot menu20:01
Safiyyaheveryone on google is saying use another linux machine to fsck.... which I also don't know how to do20:01
Safiyyahokay and how do I repair whatever damage there is?20:02
daftykinswell you would have had to have run fsck from the live session against each partition on the disk20:02
daftykinswell you just want to see if that works to boot from an older kernel first i'd say20:02
Safiyyahokay let me do that20:02
daftykinsdepends what happened before this occurred today, did a recent update or upgrade kill it?20:02
Safiyyahno upgrade recently20:03
SafiyyahIt has been freezing up and we had to press the power button to get it going20:03
SafiyyahI think that is what has done it20:03
Safiyyahand I have caught my husband also using the power button to shut down... without shutting down the machine properly.20:04
SafiyyahI would have liked to win that arguement, but I have to admit it does freeze20:04
SafiyyahI don't allow system updates regularly because of these weird errors. And if you remember last time he ran a system upgrade.... ruined the whole set up.20:05
Safiyyahi had to re-install everything, which is something I hate doing.20:06
daftykinsi'm beginning to get the image of a machine held together with tape and string!20:06
Safiyyahno not at all20:06
Safiyyahi have a naughty spouse20:06
daftykinsbut at least the monitor is nice now ;)20:06
Safiyyahyeah 32 inch curve one20:07
Safiyyahbought on your advice20:07
daftykinswell i wouldn't have gone curved but yeah :D20:07
SafiyyahI made sure it wasn't a telly20:07
daftykinsany luck getting that boot menu to appear?20:07
Safiyyahright grub is not automatic20:10
Safiyyahi just get the boot up menu20:10
daftykinsyeah you then have to go to advanced options and there should be a list of kernels to pick an older one20:10
SafiyyahI am in20:11
Safiyyahbut am in grub20:11
Safiyyahyou said before grub20:11
daftykinsbefore was just when you were to hold shift so that the menu would come up20:11
daftykinsso... whats on screen rightnow?20:11
Safiyyahthen went to advanced20:11
Safiyyahlooking at the list of kernels20:12
SafiyyahI had run the older one without realising it before20:12
Safiyyahthe older one and in recovery mode, do you want me to take an older one without the recovery mode?20:12
daftykinsmost should be gathered around the same major version e.g. 4.4.0 but then have a different -xxx20:12
SafiyyahIt still brings me back to the same message20:13
Safiyyahand just before that it said something about fsck20:13
Safiyyahand control c20:14
daftykinshow about hitting enter to get the root prompt, then run the message it recommends to view logs?20:14
Safiyyahi need some hand holding in this black screen of death20:14
daftykinslovely command line20:14
Safiyyahcommand not found20:15
Safiyyahjournalct1 -xb20:15
daftykinsah it's not a 1, but an L lowercase20:15
daftykinsjournalctl for journal control20:16
daftykinsSafiyyah: any luck?20:19
daftykinsoh it's scrollable20:21
daftykinscursor keys should let you move down to the end, i see it says 737 lines20:21
SafiyyahIt is at the end20:22
Safiyyahand now the enter key is not ding anything20:22
Safiyyahdo i type exit?20:22
daftykinshmm well if there is no obvious error in there or the messages about fsck then perhaps it's best to go straight to the live session from USB20:22
daftykinsplug in a flash drive to boot, hit ctrl+alt+del then get it booted + online?20:23
Safiyyahthat is the msg before the black screen of death20:25
daftykinsah ok, bit different to what i was expecting20:26
SafiyyahIs this meaning something else?20:27
daftykinsit's just giving a chance to skip fsck when it runs, so it could be there's an issue - best you boot a live session20:28
daftykinslet's get a look at the disk config first then - if you open up a terminal and run "sudo parted -l | pastebinit"20:32
Safiyyahit is still loading20:32
Safiyyahmaybe its frozen20:32
budokhow to land a job as a linux administrator? pls I want to change career.20:35
diddledanbudok: first: get skilz20:35
diddledanbudok: second: apply for job20:35
diddledanbudok: third: ...20:35
diddledanbudok: fourth: profit?20:36
Safiyyahwent to get another stick20:36
budokthats sounds good20:36
Safiyyahi had two copies one for the latop and one for the esktop20:36
Safiyyahokay I am in now20:36
budokno need for qualifications or certificates?20:37
daftykinsbudok: where are you at now? experience wise20:37
budoki been using ubuntu for 8 years20:38
budoki got little background on apache20:38
daftykinsso could you set up a Linux based file and web server if given a spare machine and no google?20:39
SafiyyahI am running your command20:39
Safiyyahif that question is directed at me the answer is no20:39
daftykinsnah it wasn't20:39
budoki can on my locahost machine sharing videos and documents etc20:40
diddledanthat raises a question: do you know the difference between "localhost" and "the pc I'm currently sat at"? :-)20:41
Safiyyahyour command doesn't fully work20:41
budoklocalhost-stanalone pc is personal computer20:42
diddledanlocalhost is a very specific term used in networking20:43
daftykinsSafiyyah: in what way?20:43
daftykinsis the live session online?20:43
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diddledanoh gawd, clones!20:43
* diddledan hides from the invading hordes20:44
budokcan u broadcast your localhost without static ip?20:44
Safiyyahthere is an error message20:44
budoki mean go public-online20:44
Safiyyahand pastebin made it freeze (even though I installed it first20:45
diddledanpastebinit, not pastebin20:45
Safiyyahdiddledan, no clones just needed to use the liveUSB for pastebin20:45
Safiyyahdiddledan, yes pastebinit20:45
SafiyyahI installed and it brought out the warning20:46
Safiyyahwhen I ran the command without pastebin I was able to ignore the warning20:46
daftykinsbudok: umm you don't appear to know many conventional terms, so i think you might want to start with some qualifications20:46
daftykinsSafiyyah: ok "sudo fsck /dev/sda2"20:47
budoki know can u help me pls20:47
daftykinsbudok: no, you can't be turned into employable material from IRC20:47
diddledanI dun giggled: https://t.co/N5PxvNwMo920:49
daftykinskids these days, wow.20:51
daftykinsSafiyyah: same command again but for sda5 and sda620:51
daftykinssafiyyah2: ok nice, repair made... now shutdown, unplug the flash drive and try a normal boot20:54
Safiyyahit works!!!!!20:57
Safiyyahokay can you tell me what happened please?20:57
daftykinshard powering off caused a disk error, breaking boot20:57
diddledanthe root filesystem had corruption ^^ that20:57
Safiyyahokay so that is what I told my husband20:57
daftykinshubby broke it *whistle*20:57
diddledanblame the hubby :-p20:58
Safiyyahand he wouldn't dare use his windows laptop like that now would he20:58
diddledannever "our" fault!20:58
daftykinsi'm shocked he's allowed near your PC! :)20:58
Safiyyahdiddledan he powers the machine off from the power button and tells me to stop mourning20:58
Safiyyahwell its the family PC20:58
Safiyyahkids do their work on there too20:59
SafiyyahI have a mini laptop20:59
diddledanmoaning* - mourning is what you do when he's done it too many times and broke it beyond repair :-p20:59
Safiyyahwell now he wont be able to talk me down anymore20:59
Safiyyahbecause he did actually break it20:59
Safiyyahhe said I was being too fussy and precise20:59
diddledanat least it's back up now20:59
diddledan"no use crying over spilt milk" ;-)21:00
Safiyyahwell thank God I have the laptop now21:00
diddledanpersonal spaces ftw!21:00
Safiyyahdaftykins, in as much as am not great at linux.... I can't cope with windows21:00
SafiyyahI wiped my laptop of the crap 3 months in.....21:00
daftykinsworks for me (:21:01
Safiyyahit was fast and okay for 3 weeks then the apps got slower and slower21:01
diddledandaftykins: your smilie is backasswards :-p21:01
Safiyyahin the end installed MATE on it and haven't looked back since21:01
diddledanflexiondotorg will be pleased with another user :-)21:01
Safiyyahdaftykins, consider that you saved my husband a three day arguement with me not talking to him21:02
diddledanhe's the Martin behind Ubuntu Martin^H^HMATE21:02
Safiyyaha very charitable deed indeed21:02
Safiyyahlast time he ran the upgrade....I was sooooooo mad, I didn't talk to him for 3 days21:03
daftykinsSafiyyah: i still say no dessert for him for a week ;D21:03
Safiyyahlol, I had customer accounts to finish off, printing for clients21:03
SafiyyahI was ready to cry21:03
daftykinsbut you had the data all backed up onto an external drive right?21:04
Safiyyahand the scanner is never a straight forward job, and I need it for work21:04
daftykinsif you don't, you really ought to if this thing is freezing up a lot21:04
SafiyyahI didnt loose any data21:04
daftykinsnot *this* time21:04
SafiyyahI have paid for those thingi majigs that back up everything on a server21:04
diddledanI'm guessing the reason it wasn't booting fully, and leaving you on black screen was because it was waiting for you to input "yes" to the prompts to fix the errors on the filesystem - problem being black screen meant you didn't see the prompt21:05
Safiyyahand I had just back up on an external drive that week21:05
Safiyyahso it wasn't death so to speak21:05
diddledanbackups are important :-)21:05
Safiyyahbut it was extra work that would set me back 2 days when I was already behind21:05
daftykinsback shortly21:06
Safiyyahthat's how it ended up being a 3 day arguement21:06
Safiyyahthis time work is on both the laptop and the desktop21:06
Safiyyahso I was able to just carry on21:06
Safiyyahhe broke it yesterday btw, but I was working all day and couldn't get to it21:06
Safiyyahdaftykins, for some reason its the streaming videos that cause the freeze21:07
Safiyyahit's happy with everything else21:08
Safiyyahmy laptop also freezes on google hangouts during my online lessons21:08
Safiyyahor sometimes when I am teaching and sharing my desktop21:08
Safiyyahthere is something about MATE and the streaming video21:08
SafiyyahRightio.... I am a very happy individual, thank you so much again. I might have commited murder tonight if I had to reinstall21:13
Safiyyahgood night daftykins and diddledan21:14
daftykinsi haven't aided a broken Loonix box in ages21:36

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