cmaloneyGood AM13:23
mrgoodcatmeijer prepackaged produce recall13:23
_stink_never eat vegetables is the moral13:28
mrgoodcatconspiracy by Big Business to poison vegetarians (known liberal leaning voters)13:31
cmaloneymrgoodcat: Yeah, that's no fun13:53
cmaloneyWE buy all of our produce from Meijer, but tend not to get the foam-tray produce.13:53
rick_hyea, lesson here is get the fresh stuff and not the stuff packaged to stay longer13:55
jrwrenwell, mostly same, but not this time of year. This time of year it comes from CSA13:56
cmaloneyBuy frozen13:56
cmaloneyit's better for you in the long run and stays fresher onger13:56
jrwrendepends on the veg.13:57
jrwrenforzen arugula sounds gross.13:57
rick_hugh frozen13:57
rick_hI don't need my veges soggy13:58
_stink_glad we all agree :P13:58
cmaloneyThey're not soggy if you steam them properly. :)14:01
jrwreni love me some frozen peas or frozen peas and carrots or frozen lima beans.  mmm... nom nom nom. maybe I'll stop and get some while I'm at this afternoon.14:02
jrwrenI meant while I'm out. I'm apparently not awake.14:07

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