espacitoI cant help00:00
kusfedoracan we install ubuntu everything fresh without touching home? would that break anything?00:00
espacitodo you have a backup00:01
Sveta`segersjerry: qjoypad is available as a package in zesty.00:01
kusfedoraI have backup of the files I care about (: so I don't mind if it fails and deletes everything00:01
kusfedorajust trying to learn because I am a computer science student as well00:02
kusfedoraI guess there is no harm in just going ahead and doing it00:03
kusfedoraI will report success/failure00:03
Ben64kusfedora: if you have a separate home partition you can do that easily00:03
kusfedorayeah the installer had an option to reuse at the top which I selected00:03
kusfedorait will be so cool if it works00:04
kusfedoranever giving npm sudo again >_>00:04
oerhekssegersjerry, maybe this page is any help https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/artful/mandelbulber2 build deps00:05
kusfedoralooks like it is working... it can't be this easy, could it? o.O00:05
segersjerryoerheks, thanks, the problem is that the dependancy on qtjoypad is only in the newest version, not the one in the repository, (actually it's the only reason I want the newest version:)00:08
segersjerryoerheks, but I have now made sure I have all of those packages.00:09
kusfedoraomg looks like it worked!00:12
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kusfedoraI am genuinely surprised artful left my home folder untouched AND nuked node js and NPM from orbit00:14
kusfedoraalso I love this option https://askubuntu.com/questions/900215/how-can-i-install-gnome-without-installing-the-default-applications and I think a lot of people would appreciate a system with no software installed by default00:16
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asynechow would one go about troubleshooting a bluetooth adaptor that is not maintaining connectivity and is extremely difficult to get to pair in the first place00:22
diego___hey, I have a weird issue with the microphone, it doesn't work but it did work a few times (random boots)00:22
Bashing-om!minimal | kusfedora00:23
ubottukusfedora: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD00:23
diego___I have been trying to fix it but it seems completely random (mostly not working)00:23
diego___anyone can help ?00:23
slimetrapso polari is nice but there are some things it really needs like... why is there no server window?!?!?!?!00:24
jamesrollinsasking for help : keyboard/mouse inputs unresponsive AFTER logging in, both USB devices and laptop keyboard and mouse.00:24
TJ-Bashing-om: do you think diego___ 's problem is ACPI related? :)00:24
TJ-asynec: i'd start by using "bluetoothctl" to observe more of what is going on00:25
slimetrapis there something like apple notes for ubuntu? i know there's `notes` but it's not in teh ubuntu repos and i'd like to use something that actually visually integrates with gnome... gnotes is almost good but it's too far from apple notes00:25
Bashing-omTJ-: diego___ " it did work a few times" so ACPI interrupts is possible .00:26
asynecwhat do I do after running the command TJ-?00:26
TJ-diego___: read this article of mine, maybe try the fix, see if it helps: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html00:26
TJ-asynec: pair the device and watch the messages coming from the bluetooth daemon00:27
TJ-asynec: sorry, connect, not pair!00:27
TJ-asynec: you can also use bluetoothctl to do those things manually if you have to really get down and dirty with it00:27
asynechow can i find out what bluetooth chip is on my botherboard?00:28
asynecthere's an inxi command for that, right?00:28
jamesrollinsattempted to install input drivers from recovery as root but  no internet connection resulted in not being aple to install any packages00:28
jamesrollinsattempted fix for internet, no dice as i keep getting the error “cannot open display”, which ppl on various forums claims can be fixed with [[sudo xhost +local:root]] but not in my case00:29
jamesrollinsI have no idea what I am doing, I’ve just spend the last 6 hours or so googling things and trying what looked relevant but I haven’t really made any progress00:30
jamesrollinsso, if one of you kind and knowledgable souls could help me I would appreciate it00:30
TJ-asynec: "ls /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0/device/" will show you all the nodes for the device00:30
Bashing-omjamesrollins: Wired or WIFI internet ?00:31
TJ-asynec: and "cat /sys/class/bluetooth/hci0/device/modalias" will show you the device ID00:31
jamesrollinsWIFI, no ehternet port00:31
TJ-jamesrollins: you're in the console recovery root shell?00:32
Bashing-omjamesrollins: Sorry, WIFI is out of my experience range .00:32
asynechmmm, I guess I was expecting to see something like Intel 8265 or something like that00:32
jamesrollinsyes, in recovery right now00:32
TJ-asynec: from the USB ID you can use "lsusb" to match the (V)endor and (P)roduct ID you see there00:33
TJ-jamesrollins: which release of Ubuntu is it?00:33
jamesrollinsrecently installed 17.1000:34
TJ-jamesrollins: do you know how to intercept the GRUB boot process to get the GRUB boot menu (pressing [Esc]ape as the system is starting) ?00:34
jamesrollinsTJ- : are you talking about the menu that allows advanced ubuntu boot which gets me to recovery?00:35
jamesrollinsor something else?00:35
TJ-jamesrollins: I'd recommend rebooting, stopping at GRUB menu, editing the default entry (press 'E'), navigate down to the line starting "linux ..." and towards the end add "systemd.unit=multi-user.target" into the options, then press Ctrl+X to boot with that. It'll prevent the GUI from starting but give you a fully working system otherwise where you can log-in at a text console00:36
jamesrollinsTJ- : I will try that00:36
TJ-jamesrollins: Yes, that's the menu. You can edit entries by highlighting them and pressing 'E'. Do that with the topmost default entry (usually "Ubuntu")00:36
TJ-jamesrollins: if you get logged in and don't have network, you can still use tools like "nmcli" to bring up the network then00:37
jamesrollinsTJ-: I am able to log in, my keyboard and mouse work until I have logged in to the desktop00:37
TJ-jamesrollins: I'm talking about not starting the GUI at all; you log-in to a text-console. Your issue sounds like a problem with the GUI only00:38
TJ-jamesrollins: on Linux a GUI is an optional extra, not essential :)00:39
jamesrollinsTJ -: I will give your previous instructions a try. haha … I am fairly new to this so the GUI is appreciated00:39
TJ-jamesrollins: but it's terrible when needing to repair a system. terminal+shell gives ultimate control and use of every tool00:40
jamesrollinsTJ-: OK, booted with that option added to the end of the linux… line, text then blinking cursor now00:44
TJ-jamesrollins: try pressing Alt+F1 through Alt+F7 - you should see text on one of the TTYs and get a login prompt if you touch a key00:45
TJ-jamesrollins: that key combo lets you switch between the 7 consoles set-up on a multi-user system by default.00:46
jamesrollinsTJ - : appears that I am logged in00:46
TJ-jamesrollins: that's good! now try to "ping archive.ubuntu.com" to ensure you have external network00:47
TJ-if that is working press Ctrl+C to interrupt and kill that command, then you can install what it is you need00:47
jamesrollinsTJ-: its pinging!00:47
TJ-jamesrollins: OK, you have control :)00:47
TJ-jamesrollins: once you've added what you need to, you don't need to reboot. You can simply do "sudo systemctl start graphical.target"00:48
GeoTJ-, can you think of any tools that come with the minimal ubuntu install that would let me try connecting to an IP? I'm on this docker image, and I can't install ping to check that I can reach the apt servers. Kind've a catch2200:49
TJ-jamesrollins: if you find you still don't have key input in the GUI, there's a possibility some key-combos (to get out of the GUI and back to consoles) might be working. When in the GUI you need to add Ctrl to the combination, so you'd do Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get to tty1, Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get tty2, etc.00:50
Geos/connecting/validate conneectivity00:50
TJ-Geo: hmmm, that's an interesting one!00:50
TJ-Geo: do you have bash?00:50
TJ-Geo: try "echo -e "GET /test-to-TJ HTTP/1.1\n\n" > /dev/tcp/iam.tj/80  "00:52
TJ-Geo: I'm watching with tcpdump00:52
Geotracepath is installed00:52
Geowrong host. idiot.00:53
Geohang on00:53
* tcpdump feels like someone is watching him.00:53
kusfedorathanks that is what I did when I installed artful over an existing Xenial machine and it worked perfectly00:54
kusfedoraI have additional questions though Bashing-om. How do I get rid of the square boxes in my terminal? I want to use the "agnoster" theme for zshell and I get the infamous "EOBO" square boxes00:55
TJ-Geo: bah! googlebot was crawling my site so I couldn't see it, hang on, let's try again!00:55
jamesrollinsTJ-: reinstalled drivers and problem solved thanks.00:55
TJ-jamesrollins: glad to hear it00:55
Geohere goes00:55
Geothats a neat hack, btw00:55
codepython7771I've my / as the only mount, and would like to create a snapshot on ubuntu for it (btrfs). do i need to do a /dev/nvm.. mount to /mnt before i create a snapshot?00:55
kusfedorahahahaha your name is tcp dump :D and you feel like someone is watching you reading you00:55
TJ-Geo: not seeing it00:56
Geook, that makes all this make a lot more sense then00:56
Geothanks TJ-, that was a really cool solution00:56
Bashing-omkusfedora: Maybe in that your local language not supporting what the terminal retrieves ?00:57
TJ-Geo: let's try it with the IP instead use
TJ-Geo: replace iam.tj with that IP00:58
Geo"echo -e "GET /test-to-TJ HTTP/1.1\n\n" > /dev/tcp/  "  ?00:58
TJ-Geo: try again... i mistyped my sudo passwd and tcpdump hadn't started!00:59
Geoit should be a 208.68.* IP coming at you, if that helps at all01:00
kusfedoraBashing-om: what do I need to install?01:02
TJ-Geo: no, nothing there01:02
alive876I'm trying to install vbox on 16.04, when i try to run it it says:  "The vboxdrv kernel module is not loaded.". it tells me to try sudo /sbin/vboxconfig , which fails, and to try apt-get install -headers-4.4.76-1-pve, however that doesn't work  Command line option 'e' [from -headers-4.4.76-1-pve] is not understood in01:07
ellewikihello. I am new to Ubuntu :)01:07
Ben64alive876: what's the output of 'uname -a' and what system is your ubuntu running on01:08
lotuspsychjeellewiki: welcome to the community, can we help with something?01:09
Bashing-omkusfedora: Off hand I do not know , If this is a font issue and if so what font does the the theme require ?01:11
alive876<Ben64>  Linux vps136 4.4.76-1-pve #1 SMP PVE 4.4.76-94 (Thu, 17 Aug 2017 14:21:30 +0200) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:11
alive876it itself is a vps so i dont know if that makes a difference01:12
Ben64alive876: yeah you can't do it01:12
kusfedoraBashing-om: not sure... I might just switch back to robbyrussel :)01:12
alive876oh, ok01:12
codepython7771anyone familiar with btrfs hanging in here?01:12
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Bashing-omkusfedora: this font package works for a lot of "square" issues "fonts-noto-mono" is it installed on your system ' dpkg -l fonts-noto-mono ' ?01:15
lotuspsychje!btrfs | codepython777101:15
ubottucodepython7771: Btrfs is a filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is not recommended by default, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs01:15
Bashing-om!info fonts-noto-mono xenial | kusfedora01:16
ubottukusfedora: fonts-noto-mono (source: fonts-noto): "No Tofu" monospaced font family with large Unicode coverage. In component universe, is optional. Version 20160116-1 (xenial), package size 71 kB, installed size 143 kB01:16
neo_98056hello room01:17
Sveta`Hi neo_98056.01:18
Sveta`codepython7771: do not cross post. Ask in ONE channel at a time.01:18
neo_98056hi sveta01:18
Sveta`codepython7771: incidentally, #btrfs exists.01:18
neo_98056trying to remember how to use this been a while01:21
lotuspsychjecodepython7771: got any special reason to use btrfs?01:21
lotuspsychjeanyone knows a package that can snap screenshots on movement for webcam? like an intruder system01:28
Sveta`lotuspsychje: motion (no sound) , wxcam, or the foss 'ZoneMinder' surveillance system01:30
Sveta`hi alive876 :)01:31
lotuspsychje!info wxcam01:31
ubottuPackage wxcam does not exist in artful01:31
lotuspsychjeSveta`: zoneminder i tested, find it a bit overkill for my needs :p01:31
Sveta`!info motion01:32
ubottumotion (source: motion): V4L capture program supporting motion detection. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.0-1 (artful), package size 233 kB, installed size 717 kB01:32
Sveta`^^ :)01:32
lotuspsychjeSveta`: ty mate01:33
Sveta`no worries :) glad to see ubuntu being used in this manner. way better than buying surveillance hardware/software from a third party :)01:34
lotuspsychjeSveta`: yeah love special packages01:35
lotuspsychjeSveta`: got query on?01:38
stiltzkinHey, anyone around who can give me a hand setting up an NFS server? I've read the official howtos and some unofficial ones and I'm still not getting it. I run 16.04.3 LTS01:38
stiltzkinIt has to be NFSv3, not NFSv401:39
stiltzkinThe service is running, I think I have all the relevant services set to use static ports, I have those ports allowed in ufw01:40
stiltzkinBut I can't see the mounts from any other server. When I run showmount on any other box it just hangs01:41
lotuspsychjestiltzkin: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-an-nfs-mount-on-ubuntu-16-04 can this help?01:47
stiltzkintried following that one as well01:49
stiltzkinto complicate matters apparently there is an unpatched bug in rpcbind in 16.04.x? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rpcbind/+bug/155819601:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1558196 in rpcbind (Ubuntu Xenial) "ypbind not able to socket activate rpcbind under systemd, fails at boot unless something else starts rpcbind" [Undecided,Triaged]01:50
stiltzkinI'm just trying to make a few simple shares for Kodi on a LAN01:53
stiltzkinI think the digitalocean guide also pertains to nfsv4 since it uses /etc/exports01:55
stiltzkinKodi does not support nfsv401:55
alive876trying to install dockers to ubuntu 16.04   sudo apt-get install docker-ce  gave me these errors  https://pastebin.com/ZKQVNFhX  any help appreciated02:00
stiltzkinalive876, try "journalctl -xe" and see what else is logged for the error02:02
Vaderwestnew to linux.  Hard drive question:02:12
Vaderwestwhen I look at hard drive space and see 30gb /60 available.  What does that mean?  I have 60gb unused? or 30gb used?02:12
Bashing-omVaderwest: What tool ? Maybe best to look from terminal command ' df -h ' ?02:15
Vaderwestwhen I go to files, and click on other locations.  I see Computer 30GB /60GB available.02:16
Vaderwestso, does that mean I have a total of 60 and have 30GB left to use?02:16
oerhekslogically yes02:17
Bashing-omVaderwest: Can not advise there as I do not run unity .02:18
VaderwestI'm new to linux so wanted to make sure.02:18
chuHi. New 17.10 install here on my laptop. When I close to lid and it goes to sleep, the mouse/touchpad disables. I've tried using the hardware enable/disable button, but even when the touchpad is working the button has no effect. Not really sure what I should be looking for at this point.02:19
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Sveta`chu: what button has no effect?02:47
nataliaHello friends02:48
nataliaanyone here from indonesia?02:48
oerheksmaybe ..02:49
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India02:49
Sveta`It is !id, but #ubuntu-id is dead.02:49
lotuspsychjeah tnx02:49
Sveta`Unfortunately they do not have a channel. Sorry.02:49
Sveta`http://www.ubuntu-id.org/# has a FORUM instead.02:50
nataliait's okay02:50
Sveta`(If you can do outreach to help the #ubuntu-id channel grow, I would be glad to help with technical questions of how a channel works.)02:50
Sveta`And hello, natalia. :-)02:51
chuSveta`: The hardware button to enable/disable the touchpad.02:51
lotuspsychjenatalia: you can get ubuntu support in english if you like here02:53
Sveta`chu: check dmesg and stuff like that for suspicious error messages? What hardware is this?02:54
chuIt's a Lenovo Yoga 90002:55
Sveta`chu: pastebin output of `lspci -vmmnn`? It should have the relevant firmware info. I'd like to provide it to the text area at the bottom of https://h-node.org/search/form/en to find out what touch pad you have got.03:00
lotuspsychjethose yoga machines have many acpi issues, alot of users reported in the past03:01
chuIt did work perfectly with 16.10, for what it's worth.03:01
eb0tchu try  sudo udevadm trigger03:02
eb0tthen see if it works03:02
chuThat returned nothing. Not sure what it was supposed to do, though03:03
GeoHrm. Anyone able to help me troubleshoot fail2ban? I have it running, maxretrys = 5, findtime = 600, and sshd enabled, but I see the same IP connecting to port 22 over and over, and it doesn't appear to be blocked. Any thoughts on how to look into this more?03:03
eb0tit reinitializes your devices03:03
eb0tbut maybe the driver for the button thingy is not in your kernel03:04
chuSveta`: Doesn't appear to list the touchpad03:05
Sveta`chu: ok, I'll ask ##hardware what touchpad it is, I am at a loss here. Still wondering whether dmesg contains anything relevant.03:06
lotuspsychjechu: might be interesting to try a previous kernel as a test03:06
chuIt doesn't have anything obvious, Sveta`. And there's just too much for me to know what is relevant.03:07
Sveta`Could pastebin the whole lot and/or feed it to h-node, they split the info into separate chips when you click submit03:07
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Sveta`chu: if you have previous kernel in grub menu when you boot, that could be handy like lotuspsychje said03:32
chuNah, this was a fresh reinstall. But I suppose I'll just deal with it.03:33
Sveta`trying an old live cd from a few months ago is perhaps another option if you're not keen on installing an older kernel by hand03:35
zendudedid a little research and still can't decide between vmware and vbox for hosting ubuntu03:44
Sveta`vbox is foss, i'd go with that and bail out only if it doesn't achieve the task03:44
zendudesounds good03:44
zendudeonly thing i'm a little concerned about is the date 2015? is vbox currently updated?03:45
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Sveta`https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VirtualBox says "Stable release: 5.2 / 18 October 2017; 5 days ago"03:46
zendudegreat thanks Sveta` :D03:46
InFlamesis anyone have trouble running caffeine on 17.10? It doesn't seem to stop my computer from sleeping03:47
doug16kzendude, why not qemu?03:55
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doug16khas anyone here upgraded from 17.04 to 17.10 (not fresh install) and had it work properly?03:58
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sohail-ahmedI just did ubuntu distgrade  to ubuntu 16.04  and now I cant not run .jnlp file it kept on logging in04:30
miaEriC^^ thank you for the help the other day04:32
miaı was thanking you but I'm not sure if you've seen it or not04:32
lidongis that ok if i type "sudo apt-get remove"in my terminal and press enter?05:30
alkisglidong: usually yes, unless you manually uninstalled some essential package first. Try it and tell us the output before you press enter.05:31
alkisg`sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove` is a better version05:32
lidongalkisg: it removed a lot of things, about 8000M05:36
alkisglidong: what I said was "tell us the output before you press enter"05:36
lidongoh, it was my fault05:37
alkisgPut the output to pastebin05:37
alkisgSo that we see if it removed essential packages or not05:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:37
lidongi closed the terminal, so i tried the order again the output is Reading package lists... Done05:40
lidongBuilding dependency tree05:40
lidongReading state information... Done05:40
lidong0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 143 not upgraded.05:40
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root__hi there!05:59
root__hi there!06:02
EriC^^mia: hey, no problem :)06:06
mia: ]06:06
bijan_Can one see Ubuntu 17.10 as an intermediary step? Why does it have to look different from the Ubuntu we all know and love (window max,min,close on the right) the Menu Items in the Top-Bar instead of application windows. This whole release feels like a step backwards..06:22
miaI can't paste files into my root folder, as a logged in user06:24
miaHow can I do so06:24
miaI can do it via terminal, but I want to use the gui06:24
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)06:25
alkisgmia: why would you paste things in /root, when working from a user account?06:26
alkisgWhy not put them under /home/user?06:26
miaI've installed an application (houdini) and to set it up properly I need to paste some files into root06:26
mianot sure why06:26
miathat's how it works06:26
mia(and I'm fairly new to linux )06:26
alkisgmia: it sounds very strange that an app would need access to /root06:27
alkisgTo /usr/local, as root, sure, but not to /root06:27
miawait, it's not root maybe06:28
miato usr/lib06:28
miabut it's not under home, so, it needs root access06:28
alkisgThat makes more sense, although usually you run sudo ./app-installer, and the app installer puts things in lib etc06:28
miayes that's what I did, but not I need to place my license into there06:29
miaand I have my file, but I can't paste it06:29
miaSo take this is a general question --- how can I use the gui to paste things into any folder without logging off06:29
aneksHi all, trying to install Ubuntu 17.10 - I get to the grub screen and when I select install ubuntu the splash screen image is all distorted and then my monitor goes into standby mode. I have an rx 480 graphics card, so I'd assume it's something to do with that. How can I bypass the issue, to get on with the installation?06:30
alkisgmia: hateball already told you about gksudo, although it's only needed for such badly designed applications...06:32
miasudo apt gksudo does say <unable to locate package<06:33
miasudo apt install gksudo <<<< I mean this06:33
alkisgThe package is called gksu06:34
miathanks alkisg, will check now06:35
alkisganeks: try nomodeset, it might help..06:37
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:37
aneksalkisg, thanks I'll give it a go.. thought the nomodeset works with nvidia cards only06:41
alkisgnomodeset basically disables the kms driver, forcing the system to fall back to something more generic06:41
ghost-287hello, how to resolve this:   /usr/bin/cmake: /usr/local/lib/libcurl.so.4: no version information available (required by /usr/bin/cmake)06:42
ghost-287ubuntu 16.04 64bits06:42
aneksalkisg, thanks.. I'll test it out06:42
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zerglingHello there.07:12
zerglingHow do I update pages on the Ubuntu wiki? This page lists horrendously outdated information and my OCD makes me feel responsible for the correction of it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Applications07:13
ducassezergling: join the wiki-editors team, there's a page about starting wiki editing on the wiki07:14
zerglingThanks ducasse07:15
zerglingI applied to join the wiki-editors team.07:25
ReedK0quick someone tell me how to close processes on linux07:29
ReedK0on ubuntu07:29
ducassezergling: it took a few days to get approval when i did it, so be patient :)07:29
ReedK0i can access the terminal.  i need to close firefox07:29
zerglingI'll do my best, thanks ducasse. :)07:29
ReedK0how do i view and close a process :<07:29
zerglingReedK0: Control + Alt + T07:30
zerglingReedK0: killall firefox07:30
ReedK0it has worked.07:30
ReedK0i can't 'open containing folder' in firefox because firefox crashes07:30
zerglingI'm glad I could help, ReedK0 :)07:32
BlessedHi guys. I just write LIVE UBUNTU USB. How can i make it persistent, so installed apps save on usb please?07:32
ReedK0clicking the 'files' button in ubuntu also has no result07:32
ReedK0Blessed, we can't help you bypass airport security.07:33
zerglingBlessed: Hello. You'll need to create a file on the USB named casper-rw then boot the USB with the 'persistent' boot flag via the ISO's GRUB menu07:33
Blessedzergling: can i make partition better on that usb?07:34
zerglingYou'll need to plug the USB into a machine that isn't booted from it to do this07:34
Blessedzergling: ah write07:35
Blessedzergling: thank you07:35
zerglingThere's an article on it here Blessed: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence07:35
zerglingNo problem Blessed :)07:36
Blessedzergling: where should i create that casper file?07:37
zerglingThe root of the bootable USB stick if you can07:38
zerglingUNetBootin has a GUI for this Blessed, What tool did you use to make it Blessed?07:39
Blessedzergling: i used dd07:40
Blessedzergling: heh it shows /dev/sdb1 is 1.3GB only :)07:40
Blessedso i guess i cant make casper file 4GB07:40
zerglingYou'll need to remake it because dd makes the partition table invalid as it copies part of the ISO into where the MBR should be Blessed07:40
Blessedzergling: ah07:41
akikReedK0: airport security?07:42
Blessedzergling: really i have no other way but to rewrite usb?07:43
zerglingBlessed: Sadly, yeah :(07:44
zerglingEven if you did try to create another partition on the USB it would fail because there's no partition table07:44
Blessedzergling: didnt it make dos partition table?07:45
zerglingNo, it's an ISO 9960 partition table Blessed07:46
zerglingIt's like trying to change a burned CD/DVD-R07:46
Blessedzergling: hmm if that's so than its not good practice to use DD?07:47
ReedK0is it possible to install a terminal that allows me to do things like ctrl-left to highlight a word...07:47
ReedK0or ctrl-left to skip to the beginning of the word, i mean07:47
ReedK0ctrl-shift-left to highlight it07:48
akikBlessed: one option would be installing ubuntu on the usb device07:48
ReedK0tab to auto-complete file names... like a 'linux terminal utils' app?07:48
Blessedzergling: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25799936/07:48
Blessedakik: yeah but there would be driver problems on other pc's07:48
akikBlessed: linux is pretty good with it07:48
bsnsfor the ubuntu have drop the unity desktop,it's there a desktop still have the global menu07:50
ReedK0i installed a program, but I can't find it anywhere. c an someone help me find that?07:51
=== Jochen_wvdT is now known as Schlawiner
zerglingReedK0: You'll be able to launch it through terminal. What's the program called?07:52
ReedK0it doesn't show up via the finder or t--07:53
ezra-sbsns: the gnome-shell can install extensions, one of them provides the menu, probably installed by default but not enabled07:53
ReedK0man these join-parts are driving me insane07:53
alkisg(10:48:32 πμ) Blessed: akik: yeah but there would be driver problems on other pc's => the linux kernel (which contains the drivers) is the same whether you use the live stick or the installed stick07:53
NullfaceReedK0 try locate07:53
bsnswhat's the extension's name?07:54
ReedK0zergling, but how can I launch it if I can't find it?07:55
Nullfacewhat is the name07:55
Nullfacels /usr/bin/ | grep nameofprogram07:58
toolzI am on ubuntu 17.10, and trying to remove the module nvidia to update the driver but no matter what I try I keep getting: modprobe: FATAL: Module drm is in use. and modprobe -r nvidie gives nothing but it doesnt unload it. less/lsof show no processes running and using that module.   rmmod: rmmod: ERROR: Module nvidia is in use ,  with -f:   rmmod: ERROR: ../libkmod/libkmod-module.c:793 kmod_module_remove_module() could not remove 'nvidia': R08:02
toolzesource temporarily unavailable     rmmod: ERROR: could not remove module nvidia: Resource temporarily unavailable08:02
toolzanyone who can help me unload this module08:03
=== derek is now known as Guest44264
bsns@ezra-s :what's the extension's name08:05
hateballtoolz: are you doing a manual install instead of using the one from the restricted driver installer?08:05
toolzhateball: I downloaded the nvidia installer from their website and when running it tells me to unload the old module/stop the X server.08:05
hateballtoolz: If you want a newer driver than provided by 17.10 then use this instead https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa08:05
hateballtoolz: otherwise you need to drop to a tty and stop X etc08:06
toolzhateball: I am on a terminal, stopped X08:06
hateballtoolz: and 17.10 has the latest stable driver already08:06
toolznothing runs on that machine just my ssh server08:06
toolzok let me check08:06
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xan_IThi to all, how can i run gsettings for GDM  ?08:08
xan_ITi need to setup scaling-factor for gdm08:09
cerionhi. I launched the upgrade process to 17.10 when asked for it. Then during the installation, my screen was flashing while the screen was locked. then an hour later, I couldn't login anymore. then I rebooted. I don't know if the upgrade as taken place but I doesn't boot. It fails at "Failed to start Login service"08:10
toolzhateball: I have added the repo installed the nvidia but now, there is no module loaded, as I have rebooted08:15
xaskisomeone knows why can enter web browsers :C i just installed ubuntu 16.0408:19
=== Dragon092_ is now known as Dragon092
cerionif /var is not mounted how the boot fails ? does it fail with "Failed to start Login service" ?08:26
=== sayani0_0_ is now known as 17SAAW3CL
jnorstupid question but i gotta ask, so manpages are "flat" right? eg. man perl has an section called "Tutorials", do these name refer to subpages I need to access or are they subpages on the same flat perl manpage?08:32
xan_ITanother question: a avery startup (17.10 but also some previous version as ubuntu gnome) i receive 1 message of crash report but all works fine. before 17.10 i think about ubuntu gnome is not very optimized but now, there is a way to know what crash ? gnome shell? PS(i use gnome xorg for java apps)08:32
miais there any gui software to help customize keyboard remapping08:33
miaI'm using an apple keyboard and ı believe I need to remap some keys08:34
xan_ITany help?08:35
hateballxan_IT: there should be a little button to show details about the crash08:37
xan_IThateball yes load much time, i need to wait?08:38
xan_ITi will try08:38
xan_ITwait me08:38
=== xan is now known as xan_IT
xan_IThateball it's gnome shell08:41
_diego_Hi, I have a really weird issue. Dual-boot system with linux / windows working perfectly when booted from a shutdown computer state. If I boot linux restarting from windows (without shutting down, just restart), linux believes there is no microphone in the laptop08:51
_diego_I know you might tell me to just shutdown and boot again, but it gets me so curious !08:52
ReedK0__diego__, is assaultcube installed on your system?09:02
__diego__No, but that seems to be a game09:03
__diego__Why would that have anything to do with my microphone09:04
__diego__Hi, I have a weird issue... dual-boot system, both linux / windows work perfectly when booted from a shutdown state. If I boot to linux from windows (without shutting down, just restarting), then linux doesn't see the microphone as plugged in (laptop, so it is)09:05
Hejkkihowdy. I the Gnome as a default in ubuntu 17.10? Because i didn't find ubuntu-gnome installation media in their site09:13
alkisgYes gnome is the default09:13
Hejkkiok great, finally :)09:13
ReedK0is it possible to install gnome and remove unity, then?09:14
__diego__apt-get install gnome09:14
alkisgGnome is installed and unity isn't09:14
__diego__then remove unity with apt-get remove --purge09:14
Hejkkii never liked unity, since the first release of ubuntu-gnome i have used that instead of the standard ubuntu with unity09:15
__diego__I recommend xfce, its so much nicer09:16
Hejkkiand the best up-to-date tool for making a usb installation media is?09:17
Hejkkifor linux09:17
__diego__Hejkki ? If you downloaded an .iso you can just cp to the device09:18
__diego__for instance, if your usb drive is /dev/sdX09:18
__diego__cp image.iso /dev/sdX09:19
Hejkkireally? :o09:19
__diego__yep, dont forget to "sync" after09:19
__diego__so it it clears the buffers09:19
Hejkkiyea i know sync, but i didn't know i can do cp and it works09:19
__diego__btw, you have to cp it to the actual unmounted device09:19
__diego__but yeah, it can do that09:20
cerionif the upgrade process was halted, can i rerun it again ? it seems because I couldn't login, I may have aborted somehow the upgrade process09:20
Hejkkibut the difference between a tool and cp is tha ta tool can make a ready-to-use distro to the usb memory with saved data09:20
Hejkkibut i do not need that, i only need an installation media :) Thanks09:21
Hejkkiso cp is fine09:21
__diego__yeah, of course that you could use dd as well otherwise, but cp is easier09:21
Hejkkiinstead of cp i can also use pv, i suppose09:30
Hejkkipv < ubuntu-17.10-desktop-amd64.iso > /dev/sdb09:30
Hejkki&& sync09:31
Hejkkibut there is no reason to use pv, seems... Ot goes stright to 100% and then waits :D09:32
MacroManIf I use all of the available memory and use some swap space, say 2GB. How long should it take to stop using swap once memory usage is down?09:33
MacroManIt's been 20 mins and 2g of swap is still used and my computer is still very slow, despite 5gb of ram being available.09:34
sufyhi i'v upgraded to 17.10 ubuntu and my kxstudio doesn't seem to work anymore, i reinstalled the repos and the package doesn't seem to be in the list09:35
MacroManThis happens all the time. If I restart my computer, all is well, so it's quicker for me to reboot!09:35
frostschutzMacroMan, once something is swapped out, it probably won't be swapped back in until some program actually wants to access it. if you want to force it, you could swapoff (and swapon afterwards)09:35
MacroManfrostschutz: Weird. My harddisk is practically flying and I'm sitting here with Chome open and that's it09:36
frostschutzMacroMan, you can also set a different swappiness level but not sure if that would help in your case09:36
MacroManBTW, it was mysql which topped my memory out and I've since stopped the service. It only gave me 200mb (ish)09:37
MacroManBack from available swap that it09:37
sufyhas anyone got kxstudio working on 17.1009:38
Sveta`if you have issues with kxstudio, please, describe them now09:39
Sveta`oh, sorry, you already did09:40
Sveta`sufy: are you using a ppa for it ? which source ?09:40
sufySveta`: i downloaded the repo.deb file and installed with dpkgh09:41
sufymy programs weren't working after upgrading to 17.10 so i tried to remove everything and reinstall09:41
Sveta`sufy, try to do it again, they have a new .deb for 17.1009:41
sufySveta`: where is the deb09:42
Sveta`one sec09:42
Sveta`http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/Repositories has install instructions, maybe they upload some newer versions than what you have got09:43
sufyi just followed those it installed the deb09:43
sufybut when i try install package kxstudio-meta-audio it doesn't exist09:43
sufyi just did a few minutes ago09:43
sufyi get this on update Err:10 http://ppa.launchpad.net/kxstudio-team/kxstudio/ubuntu artful Release09:44
sufy  404  Not Found09:44
joelioHey, how do I disable the mouse locking on Gnome 17.10 (seems to be related to multitouch.. locks up the movement into a certain axis)09:51
* joelio disables natural scrolling to see09:54
pirayehi, anyone can help me with this error https://paste.pound-python.org/show/h0wjAx11sxviOW2q53C1/10:05
lyzeHello! We had a power outage yesterday and therefore the pc shut downed. Now once I'm booting it I get greeted with a tty: You are in emergency mode. After logging in, type journalctl -xb to view system logs. [...] ^D to try again to boot into default mode.10:12
lyzeAny help on what I should do to get it back up and running again?10:14
hateballlyze: well did you get any interesting info from the logs?10:15
lyzehateball: ah great, didn't see that the first time. Filesystem is corrupt: JBD2: Invalid checksum recovering block 42, 48, 49 in log. EXT-4-fs (sdb1): error loading journal.10:19
hateballlyze: liveboot and run fsck10:21
lyzehateball: Bad magic number in super block while opening /dev/sdb. The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/3/4 filesystem. If the device is valid and it really contains an ext2/3/4 filesystem (and not swap), tgen the superblock is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternative superblock: e2fsck -b 8139   or   e2fsck -b 3276810:24
frostschutzlyze, are you sure you got the correct device names...? /dev/sdb is not supposed to have a superblock, and /dev/sdb1 might not depending on your partitioning10:27
hateballlyze: do you use encryption and/or LVM?10:28
lyzeah thought fsck would check the whole drive, fsck directly on /dev/sdb1 works10:29
hateballfsck checks filesystems :)10:29
lyzeand it seems that it recovered it, mounting works again, samba doesn't but I'll figure that out. Thanks c:10:30
Anknetoutreachy round 1510:37
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lateniteHi folks, I can not start 'virt-manager' and I wonder why. This is the error I am getting: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bc00982a6240b15599694de5642c03a1 and this is the info I can provide: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/c0ba4a0a0f4c0dbcd2ae844e34672c2e11:09
lateniteWhat am I missing here?11:09
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TormIm having some trouble with my Ubuntu installation11:18
TormI think i broke it (again)11:19
MulfTorm, well explain abit more about what the problem is, and maybe I can help you out11:21
TormDuring an update to 17.10 i locked my computer, and on the login screen where you usually put inn your password it said «failed to authenticate» i could no longer logg back in to my computer, and i am now not able to boot up ubuntu11:24
ReedK0That happened to me, too.  But in 16.0411:25
ReedK0I didn't solve it, though.  I reformatted after they suggested a lengthy troubleshooting process. :>11:25
cerionso I run 17.10 and I have no weston package installed but running wayland nonetheless. Isn't there supposed to have a weston installed and running with wayland ?11:28
MulfTorm,If your not able to boot I would suggest to reinstall it. but there might be another way to fix it, that I dont know of.11:29
MulfSorry if I wasn´t to any help :(11:29
TormWell thanks anyways11:30
ReedK0when I click files, i just see a loading mouse cursor spinning for a long time, then it goes away....11:30
ReedK0'files' never opens.11:30
lefreuthey guys11:49
lefreutany way to install one one package from zesty on xenial? like with debian backporting11:49
lefreutor trough apt repository "weight"11:50
Sven_vBon my VPS I keep getting fixrtc errors when I try to upgrade the kernel. seems like my fix from last time wasn't good, as the problem re-appeared. what's a better way to fix it? "E: /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks/fixrtc failed with return 1.¶ update-initramfs: failed for /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-133-generic with 1."11:51
demophobiaI have a "TSSTcorp CDRW/DVD TSL462D" drive -- does that mean it doesn't read/write DVD-R?11:52
Sven_vBI think the RTC is managed by the host system so it should be viable to just skip the RTC adjustment in the inner linux.11:52
demophobiaI've tried two TDK 4.7 GB DVD-R discs and they won't quit spinning, as if they can't be read ... but I put in a CD-R and it worked no problem (a few days ago)11:53
demophobiasorry, i guess i should try ##hardware11:53
iATRWhat are your fav distos? I have ubuntu now , but would like to try something new...11:58
ezra-siATR: something new in which regard? sounds like quite offtopic here and quite unspecific11:59
iATRIm not sure , there are so many. I was just curious what distros everyone likes12:00
BluesKajHey all12:12
=== Guest3226 is now known as TenBells
Ex6TenZhas ubuntu updated some sort of wifi package so some routers aren't supported anymore? I can't find any reason why ubuntu laptop won't want to connect to my router while 3 other devices do that happily.12:29
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leocadioHello. I need to make some changes in the mac80211 and ath9k modules. Does anyone know how can I compile a new kernel snap with my changes, to replace the legacy kernel snap available in the Ubuntu Core distro?12:37
leocadioIn fact, is this possible?12:38
danboidI presume you still can't use clipboard managers like parcellite under Wayland GNOME?12:47
ioria!info Clipit12:50
ubottuclipit (source: clipit): lightweight GTK+ clipboard manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.2-1.2 (artful), package size 48 kB, installed size 244 kB12:50
mostafaAسلام. کسی ایرانی هست؟12:52
_ppphello guys how can i copy paste arabic font/ persian into my terminal and into my webserver? it reads them as ???? and not the characsters12:57
mostafaA_ppp use mlterm12:58
_pppmostafaA, and then? where do you config it i cant right click13:00
BluesKajppp install mlterm, it's not installed by default, but it's in the repos13:04
elfrannegetting permission denied as root, trying to look for what could be the cause? SElinux/apparmor is not installed, fs is not in readonly ... any idea ?13:06
=== jackNemrod_ is now known as jackNemrod
c0mrad3elfranne: check lsattr and chattr13:13
=== Administrator_ is now known as Grady_C
elfrannec0mrad3, i ll try that13:17
stevenmorning guys, I upgraded from 14.04 to 16.04 and it sorta worked but now I get "dpkg: error processing package friendly-recovery (--configure):" when I use apt13:18
=== twager is now known as G3TPI
stevenand the error (I think) is grub-probe: error: disk `hostdisk//dev/simfs' not found. while generating the grub file13:18
stevendoes this mean anything to anyone?13:19
BluesKajsteven, did you upgrade your existing 14.04 packages first13:20
BluesKajdo-release-upgrade or a different method?13:22
steventhe actual upgrade? I used do-release-upgrade13:22
=== dario_ is now known as krashekspress
BluesKajsteven, there have been some fairly major changes, but I don't think grub is one of them13:26
stevenhm, that might be the case. but I simply don't know how to fix it :D13:27
foca__Is the servers with any problem today ? My system is taking a long time to download packages13:28
stevenjust use different sources foca__13:30
foca__steven: i'll try here...thanks13:31
BluesKajsteven, so what is happening exactly when you try to boot into the OS? do you see grub at all ?13:31
stevenoh it boots, I rebooted the OS and it all worked fine (its a server)13:32
stevenbut for some reason this error exists13:32
george_i'm trying to ssh into a server user@user.org:/var/www <--- trying to go straight to var www, what's wrong with my syntax?13:33
BluesKajsteven, so the error doesn't prevent you from doing your work etc13:33
stevenwell it prevents me from updating my system (and the error occured during the upgrade, so it didnt "finalize" it)13:34
steventhats not a state I'd want a production server to be in13:34
Guest67041Hello, what group should I add my user to gain access to qemu/kvm?13:34
ssarahwhat is the proper way to run graphical things as sudo in 17.10 ? gksudo is not installed13:35
Guest67041ssarah (IRC): I've always just used sudo.13:36
Guest67041I'm not sure if this is the correct way.13:36
steveninstall gksudo :D or start the app via the cli with sudo13:36
ssarahwhen i try to sudo keepassx the return is keepassx: cannot connect to x server :013:36
stevenwhy would you run keepass as super user in the first place o013:37
ssarahsteven, because there's an option in the menu, mentioned around in the documentation, that is missing.13:38
ssarahi thought that perhaps it would show up if ran it as su13:38
george_never mind, i figuredit out13:39
stevenI wouldnt know that, but running an application like keepass as root is really weird13:39
ssarahsteven, not as such, sometimes some apps will only allow root to change some of the core config.13:40
ssarahthis time, i was just trying to debug13:40
stevenI said applications like keepass, not UI apps. keepass is a password store. there is no need to run it as root (but who knows)13:40
stevenI never used keepassx tho, I use keepass2 and that doesnt require root13:41
stevenso u might wanna check it out (maybe it'll work for you, too)13:41
soniex2how do I use a select upstream package (updated lua5.3, hexchat-lua with lua5.3) on 16.04 LTS?13:46
ducassessarah: in 17.10 the default session is wayland, which doesn't allow running graphical applications as root - it's a core security measure13:53
soniex2how do I use a select upstream package (updated lua5.3, hexchat-lua with lua5.3) on 16.04 LTS?13:54
soniex2how do I cherry-pick debian packages for use in ubuntu 16.04 LTS?13:54
soniex2how do I use things from latest ubuntu without using latest ubuntu?13:54
ssarahducasse, a while ago i had an app that didnt let me edit the config at all because i was not root. it was zeal.13:55
ducassesoniex2: you don't. don't mix in packages from another distro or release.13:55
soniex2(work stuff, I need 16.04 LTS)13:55
leftyfbsoniex2: that's not a supported feature13:55
soniex2(but I still want a sane hexchat and lua)13:55
ssarahif i couldnt lauch it as root, i would have to go dig for config files13:55
leftyfbsoniex2: it's possible, but it can get messy and isn't a supported method13:55
ssarahand hope they were not stored a bin file13:55
ssarah*as a13:55
soniex2so how do I run arch in ubuntu?13:55
stevenoh really, they defaulted to wayland already?13:55
stevenI thought that was for 18.0413:56
brainwashsteven: it has to be tested before the next lts13:56
ducassesteven: in artful gnome runs under wayland as default13:56
leftyfbsoniex2: another not supported method13:56
stevenyeah I guess that makes sense (I use i3wm)13:56
stevenso I guess I simply didnt pay attention to this13:56
soniex2leftyfb: yeah but then it's no longer an ubuntu issue13:56
stevenok sinec more guys are aroud, anyone able to help me with this apt/grub issue I have?13:57
leftyfbsoniex2: and not supported13:57
soniex2because running arch in a chroot or container and just piping the X across the 2 is all done in the arch chroot/container13:57
leftyfbsoniex2: oh you mean the entire OS, not pacakges13:57
leftyfbsoniex2: look into lxc or kvm or virtualbox13:57
ssarahducasse :)13:57
ducassessarah: applications like that need to be rewritten to use policykit for the functions that require root permissions14:00
ssarahducasse, ok ok. I'm then trying to learn how to use snap to get newer versions of apps. The zeal people apparently corrected that particular issue in a later version.14:01
ducassessarah: snaps auto-update14:02
ducassessarah: at least they are meant to14:03
ssarahducasse, snaps will updated stuff i installed using apt ?14:03
kostkonssarah, no, only installed snaps14:03
ducassessarah: no, of course not. they're different systems.14:03
ssarahyeh, then i need to learn how to install first :) doing it now. ducasse, don't be so sure of that argument. Chocolatey for windows, for example, updates everything you have.14:05
ssarahi was just checking if that was happening in this case.14:05
stevenso apt upgrade returns14:05
stevendpkg: error processing package friendly-recovery (--configure):14:05
steven subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 114:05
stevenafter the do-release-upgrade vom 14.04 to 16.0414:05
Coolerwhat do i do here? http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/download.html14:06
stevendunno how to recover / fix it so if anyone has an idea /14:06
Coolerthere is no download for 16.04 lts14:06
Cooleronly 1714:06
ducassessarah: apt packages in ubuntu don't receive new versions after release, just security fixes and bug fixes14:06
stevenducasse: was that for me?14:07
ducassesteven: no14:07
stevenoh, ok. was confused but all that tabing sometimes14:07
ducassesteven: but please use a pastebin for multiline errors, and post the full thing14:08
BluesKajsteven,  did you run sudo dpkg --configure -a, then sudo apt -f install14:08
=== jstevewhite is now known as stwhite
stevenducasse: sure, I am just used to it being ok if its only 2 lines, but good. next time I'll paste14:09
stevenBluesKaj: dpkg fails with the same error (cos it can't configure it)14:09
stevensame error on -f too14:09
Coolerwhat do i do here? http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/download.html14:11
kostkonCooler, use the one from the repos.14:11
Coolerkostkon: those are so old14:11
kostkon!info texmaker xenial14:11
ubottutexmaker (source: texmaker): cross-platform LaTeX editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.4.1-1.1 (xenial), package size 2783 kB, installed size 6647 kB14:11
BluesKajsteven, have you checked your sources.list ?14:11
kostkonCooler, not that old14:11
Coolerreally really old14:11
tony1if I log out and then log back in sometimes it is so very painfully slow. everything looks ok, not sure waht to look at? any ideas?14:11
stevencheck whether it has a non xenial source u mean BluesKaj ?14:12
kostkonCooler, you'd have to compile it yourself or find a ppa perhaps14:13
BluesKajto make sure it's the correct sources14:13
Coolermake; sudo make install right?14:13
kostkonCooler, hopefully14:13
ducasseCooler: not necessarily14:13
tony1I see QDBusConnection segfault  error 4 in libQt5Core.so.5.6.2 in dmesg thats about it14:14
=== stwhite is now known as jstevewhite
ssarahcan i have the same stuff installed with snap and deb or that will generate problems? ( in this case i already have keepassx installed with deb and am trying to install the newer keepassxc with snap)14:14
ducasseCooler: look for a ppa first, it's cleaner and would save you hassle. still unsupported,  though.14:15
kostkonssarah, they can coexist.14:15
kostkonssarah, in most cases14:15
ssarahhow come snap is able to create dirs as root if im not running snap as sudo?14:19
leftyfbit doesn't14:19
leftyfbit puts the apps into ~/snap/14:20
tony1sometimes if is fast other times it takes about 1 minute14:20
soniex2how do I create an arch lxc?14:22
tony1maybe its video driver related? I don't have the wayland option to login?14:22
SubCoolHey, i recall there being a linux netwjork protection program, not a proxy or vpn. But some kinda a network intrution dectection.14:22
leftyfbsoniex2: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/lxc.html14:22
brainwashtony1: which gpu and which driver?14:22
stevenok so I guess I could fix this apt issue (which really doesnt look like an apt issue at all) by fixing grub :D14:23
stevenupdate-grub says grub-probe: error: disk `hostdisk//dev/simfs' not found. <- so this is the real issue here14:23
stevenand that happened right after (more during) the upgrade14:23
ducassesteven: the lxc tools are only maintained until 2019, you might want to use lxd instead14:24
tony1brainwash:        product: RS780L [Radeon 3000]14:24
leftyfbducasse: that meant for soniex2 ?14:24
ducassesoniex2: the lxc tools are only maintained until 2019, you might want to use lxd instead14:24
stevenducasse: thats good to know (for real) but doesnt help my issue right now.. or it does and I dont get it :)14:25
SubCoolNvm, i got it. Snort.14:25
ducassesteven: sorry, not for you14:25
stevenok :D14:25
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kunjiHey everyone, is there any reason I should see a discrepancy in resident set size reported by /usr/bin/time and top?14:25
tony1brainwash: looks like the driver is radeon.ko14:25
brainwashtony1: that looks correct14:25
leftyfbducasse: the confusing bit is, lxd still uses lxc as it's client14:25
=== dserkowski is now known as dserkowski_
soniex2does that support x11 passthrough?14:26
kunjiThat is, the maximum resident set size (from /usr/bin/time) is less than the resident set size being reported during running by top....14:26
stevenif I grep for simfs in boot it doesnt find anyway14:26
tony1brainwash: its strange I boot fine, log in fine, if the screen sleeps I can log in fine. its only when I log out and log back in. sometimes its fast other times it can take one minute14:27
MacroManI've installed influxdb on Ubuntu 16.04 using apt, but the service won't start: https://paste.ngx.cc/714df6bbfe66132c14:27
MacroManHow can I get more info on why it won't start?14:27
leftyfbsoniex2: you probably want virtualbox for that.14:27
leftyfbsoniex2: you do know lua5.3 is available in 16.04 right?14:28
ducassesoniex2: you mean gpu passthrough or x11 forwarding?14:28
leftyfbsoniex2: they mean x forwarding so they can run hexchat using the lua plugin14:29
soniex2ducasse: gpu passthrough doesn't let me see stuff14:29
kunjiducasse: About LXC, when you say maintained, you mean by Ubuntu or everyone?  Because on my other system (Arch) it didn't really seem like LXD was really there yet.... per se.  It won't be a problem to transition containers later, no?14:29
brainwashtony1: I would check the log filer in /var/log/gdm or /var/log/lightdm14:29
soniex2leftyfb: old lua5.3, and there's no hexchat-lua with lua5.314:29
leftyfbsoniex2: ols lua5.3 as opposed to new lua5.3?14:29
leftyfbsoniex2: old lua5.3 as opposed to new lua5.3?14:29
soniex2yeah I want the latest lua5.314:30
brainwashtony1: files I mean14:30
leftyfbsoniex2: is there a specific feature of lua5.3.4 that you need that isn't in lua5.3.1?14:30
brainwashtony1: other than that, could you test if this issue is reproducible with another or new user account?14:31
soniex2leftyfb: bugfixes14:31
soniex2and the patterns change14:31
ducassekunji: by everyone, lxd is 'the new thing'. transitioning is fairly easy.14:31
soniex2altho mostly the bugfixes14:31
soniex2ducasse: lxd builds upon lxc14:32
leftyfbsoniex2: which version of lua5.3 has the bug fixes you need? Got a bug report?14:32
soniex2https://www.lua.org/bugs.html I need all those bugfixes14:34
leftyfbi'm sure14:35
leftyfbsoniex2: run it in a virtualbox14:35
kunjiducasse: Yes... on Ubuntu it should be.  I'm not sure some of the other distros are on board with some of the security choices in the kernel needed for non-root containers and may never be.... at least that was the generally gist the last time I was reading about it some months ago, so when you talk about it being maintained instead of LXC  I'm not sure if that is downstream or upstream and if non-Ubuntu downstream is onboard.... meh.14:35
soniex2the pattern matching change happened in lua 5.3.3 also14:36
lidongi write a simple c program on ubuntu to solve a math program, then i gcc it. but the terminal told me "undefined reference to `sin'"14:37
lidongso, what's the problem?14:37
leftyfblidong: is this for a class?14:38
yetitwohey all. I just upgraded to 17.10, and coincidentally (dunno if the two events are related), secure boot re-enabled on my bios and now refuses to be disabled. i've got a lenovo y-50. has anyone else encountered a similar problem?14:38
ducassekunji: aiui most of the maintainers are ubuntu employees. but this is heading offtopic now...14:38
lidongleftyfb:i don't understand what you said14:39
ducasseyetitwo: software can't enable or disable secure boot14:39
kunjiducasse: I'm aware, Stephane Graber in particular.14:39
tony1brainwash: this is interesting, Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="error", sender=":1.1" (uid=0 pid=703 comm="/lib/systemd/systemd-logind ") interface="(unset)" member="(unset)14:40
leftyfblidong: are you trying to accomplish this goal for some formal education class? Highschool, College?14:40
tony1i dont have a gdm or gdm3 log14:40
soniex2how do I link x11 over lxc?14:40
leftyfbsoniex2: run archlinux in a virtualbox14:41
yetitwoducasse: i'm aware of that. I do remember a process by which ubuntu interacted with the bios, or something to that effect, though14:41
soniex2leftyfb: buy me a 32GB RAM laptop14:41
yetitwoperhaps kernel modification? it was something where you had to set up a password during the install process, and then then a text-only interface would ask you for particular characters of that password14:41
yetitwomaybe that was the bios, maybe that was the kernl14:42
leftyfbsoniex2: all of this for a lua plugin for an IRC client "for work"?14:42
lidongso, who knows how can i use the math function "sin" on ubuntu in writing c language?14:42
yetitwois that related?14:42
leftyfbsoniex2: you also don't need 32GB to run hexchat in archlinux on virtualbox14:42
soniex2leftyfb: no the ubuntu is for work14:42
yetitwolidong: it's not ubuntu-specific - that's going to be in a math header file14:42
yetitwoor are you asking where to find that file?14:42
soniex2the lua plugin and IRC client are for personal stuff14:42
brainwashtony1: and you don't that logind message on first login?14:43
ducasseyetitwo: that's all software, an efi executable that selects whether or not to load a signed kernel on boot14:43
lidongi tried gcc -lm ,but i doesn't work14:43
lordcirth_worklidong, did you include 'math.h'?14:43
lidongof course i did14:43
knightwisemorning peeps14:43
brainwashtony1: also, is that default ubuntu 17.10?14:43
ducasselidong: try ##c14:43
lidongok thanks14:44
tony1brainwash: fresh install with vanilla-gnome14:44
yetitwoducasse: hmm... okay. so, given that it doesn't seem to be a kernel-related bug, is there a better channel for bios-related issues?14:44
newt_newtonHi guys. Do you think that Ubuntu 14.04 will get the extended support like 12.04 is getting now?14:45
brainwashtony1: that means that there should be gdm log files somewhere. my suggested location may be not correct anymore14:45
ducasseyetitwo: ##hardware, maybe? what does 'mokutil --sb-state' say, btw?14:45
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, I wouldn't bet on it.  Why?14:45
newt_newton<lordcirth_work> I am still running 14.04 and upgrading it is a pain in the ass.14:46
ssarahleftyfb, i do "which keepassxc" and it outs "/snap/bin/keepassxc" i just installed it using snap14:46
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, what is running on it?14:46
daxnewt_newton: It's a paid Canonical offering and the Ubuntu community has no idea what they're going to do, so best ask them.14:47
yetitwoducasse: enabled14:47
newt_newton<lordcirth_work> nothing. it's my daily driver.14:47
yetitwoi can toggle the flag in the bios14:47
leftyfbssarah: so you installed it with 'snap install keepassxc' as your user, you didn't use sudo and it didn't ask for a password?14:48
yetitwobut it doesn't persist when i save and exit14:48
nicomachusnewt_newton: there's no reason not to upgrade to 16.04 then14:48
ssarah1800  snap install keepassxc14:48
ducasseyetitwo: you can still use 'mokutil --disable-validation' to effectively turn it off for ubuntu14:48
ssarahthat's from my history, leftyfb. but i did try running sudo keepassxc after14:49
leftyfbssarah: it had to ask you for a password14:49
yetitwoducasse: will that allow for unsigned kernel modules?14:49
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, well, you've got lots of time before 18.04 comes out to do backups and so on.  If you want to minimize upgrades you can wait until 18.04 and then reinstall.14:49
ssarahi'll retry14:49
newt_newton<nicomachus> because upgrading it breaks a lot of things and I don't have anything to backup.14:49
ducasseyetitwo: yes14:49
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, you mean you don't have anywhere to backup *to*?14:49
nicomachusnewt_newton: "upgrading breaks a lot of things"... that's manageable. That's what we're hear for.14:49
ducasseyetitwo: on the next boot you will get that text mmenu, select disable validation, and you should be good to go.14:50
newt_newton<lordcirth_work> Yes. I have a lot of important documents. And when I upgrade I risk losing my files.14:50
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, how much data?14:50
newt_newtonabout 200 GiB of data.14:50
nicomachusnewt_newton: if they are that important I would hope you're regularly backing them up already14:50
lordcirth_workRegardless of upgrades, if they are important, you need backups14:51
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, you can't get a 1TB external?14:51
yetitwoducasse: odd. that doesn't work for me. `Failed to request new MokSB state`14:51
yetitwoi wonder if this mobo is on its way out...14:51
newt_newtonI don't have a 1 TB disk14:51
yetitwowhere is UEFI configuration stored?14:51
newt_newtonI just think if 14.04 gets extended support, I'll buy myself some more time14:52
ssarahleftyfb, i got it, i used sudo snap login first . so after that i can install stuff without root because snapd already got root access14:52
ducasseyetitwo: it shouldn't interact with the firmware itself, this is strictly a kernel/bootloader/software thing14:52
ssarahit's still a bit odd14:52
yetitwothat makes sense14:53
ducassenewt_newton: if you have 200gb of non-backed up files that are important, upgrading is the least of your problems14:53
yetitwoi'm just wondering why i can't modify UEFI settings14:53
ducasseyetitwo: is this a laptop or desktop? type?14:54
yetitwolaptop. lenovo y5014:54
yetitwoi can get to the bios easily enough14:55
newt_newtonDoes the community know what percent of the users still use 14.04? Because if there is a significant number, then 14.04 might get extended support.14:55
yetitwoit's just that changes that i make aren't persisted14:55
ducasseyetitwo: have you tried setting an admin password?14:55
yetitwoyeah, didn't help14:55
BluesKajsteven, perthaps installing grub in chrrot might help https://www.pastebin.ca/389437514:56
yetitwonewt_newton: agreed with ducasse. there's lots of other processes by which you could lose your files, and if you're worried about losing your files in an upgrade, you should also be worried about losing your files through those other events14:56
stevenBluesKaj: so since this is a VPS and I asked in other places, some dude mentioned this issue is due to openVZ14:56
BluesKajok steven nevermind :-)14:57
lordcirth_worknewt_newton, it's cheaper and better to buy a 1TB external hard drive for backups, which you need anyway.14:57
leftyfbnewt_newton: if you do not have your files backed up, then you only have 1 goal you should be thinking of and working toward and worrying about14:57
ducasseyetitwo: then i'm out of suggestions, and this isn't really an ubuntu issue. the last thing i can think of is that fwupd is capable of performing firmware upgrades on some systems, but i don't know if that applies to yours or how it works. i'd try ##hardware14:57
TJ-yetitwo: that's a known issue with the Y5014:57
stevenbut I dont really know openVZ (or how it relates to this issue) .. its just weird. now I upgraded the OS (cos ubuntu pointed it out and it made sense at the time to go to the latest LTS) and now its broken14:57
TJ-yetitwo: see https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/forums/v3_1/forumtopicpage/board-id/ll04_en/thread-id/154203/page/214:58
yetitwoTJ- good to know i'm not taking crazy pills14:58
newt_newton<yetitwo> Yes. I now think I need to invest in a backup solution. But I am very happy with my 14.04.14:58
yetitwobut frustrating to know that it doesn't have a known resolution.14:59
yetitwonewt_newton: fair enough14:59
TJ-steven: what's the issue there? I missed it. OpenVZ is a containerised solution like LXD14:59
leftyfbnewt_newton: then you have about 1.5 years to get your backups going and then work on upgrading to 16.04. Out of curiosity, what do you know is going to break when you upgrade to 16.04?15:00
newt_newtonI wish 14.04 gets an extended support. Is there any problems in using a four year old OS?15:00
steventhe issue is that I ran do-release-upgrade and now apt is not working anymore (but its not about apt) and the triggering issue is TJ-15:00
stevengrub-probe: error: disk `hostdisk//dev/simfs' not found.15:00
TJ-yetitwo: check which firmware version your system has and if there's a newer, check the release-notes for any newer versions to see if it mentions that is fixed.15:00
lordcirth_workMay as well wait and reinstall 18.04 instead, to minimize distruption15:00
newt_newton<leftyfb> I think my kernel is broken. I get more than normal kernel panics.15:01
scoopexi am searching for a clipboard manager like clipit or klipper for wayland/gnome/ubuntu17.10...do you have recommendations? my current clipboardmanager "clipit" seems to have problems with hotkeys.....15:01
stevenso I so if you happened to know anything about it or can help me, that'd be awesome15:01
leftyfbnewt_newton: kernels don't get "broken". They either work from the beginning or they don't. Or you get filesystem corruption.15:01
leftyfbnewt_newton: also, what does that have to do with upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04?15:01
TJ-steven: with openvz the host itself is responsible for booting the VPS - unlike real hardware, or a Xen / KVM/ VMware /VirtualBox virtul machine, with OpenVZ (and LXD) there is no kernel or GRUB installed nor required within the VPS - that is all done outside. So I'd expect grub-probe to fail.15:02
newt_newton<leftyfb> Then I don't know what is wrong but I get kernel panic  when I am working for a long time and try to log out.15:02
stevenok.. so what would the solution be? just remove grub?15:02
ducassescoopex: for wayland? there aren't any, afaik15:03
leftyfbnewt_newton: time to backup ... as in, now.... then come here and ask for help with kernel panics. Or better yet, help with upgrading to 16.0415:03
stevencos I didnt install it, the release-upgerade did and I would expect it to just upgrade whats there (tho I dont know enough about it)15:03
stevenTJ-: ^15:04
TJ-steven: I'm reluctant to say without knowing a lot more about the issue, or rather, what has been done and at what point the problem has occurred. Has it failed after trying todo a reboot, or has it failed after the do-release-upgrade but before rebooting? what command is generating the grub-probe error?15:04
newt_newton<leftyfb> I really don't know why I have kernel panic when I log out and that is why I am scared to upgrade. If I upgrade to 16.04 and my system doesn't boot, I am kill.15:04
leftyfbnewt_newton: time to backup ... as in, now.... then come here and ask for help with kernel panics. Or better yet, help with upgrading to 16.0415:05
stevenah sure, so I was on 14.04 (all updates installed) and simply ran do-release-upgrade. the error occured at the very end of this upgrade (so before it got finalized one could say) but I did reboot the machine since and it booted15:05
TJ-newt_newton: does the kernel panic get captured in /var/log/kern.log - so we can help diagnose it?15:05
MacroManDoes UFW have a cache? After delete an allow rule, I can still use the port!15:05
stevenand now I can reproduce it cos some packages didnt get configured and when I try apt* stuff or dpkg --configure it simply abortgs with that error abopve15:06
TJ-steven: OK, so it's booted into a 16.04 install... but you've got problems with networking maybe?15:06
MacroManSpecifically, I can access a Grafana mini-http server on port any port I allow and then delete.15:06
TJ-steven: ahhh... that makes sense. Let me explain then we can find a solution...15:06
stevenawesome :)15:06
newt_newton<TJ-> I 'less /var/log/kern.log' and I got a bunch of lines that says 'rtlwifi:rtl_op_ampdu_action():<0-0> IEEE80211_AMPDU_ERR!!!!:'15:07
jetsaredimis there a way to force a monitor to use a certain display setting?15:07
TJ-steven: ... if at the endof the do-release-upgrade apt/dpkg were unable to fully configure the grub-package (which is triggered by linux-image-<version> packages being installed (which you don't need on openvz) then whenever you run apt in the future it'll want to try to fix those same issues and keep on failing.15:07
dbuggerHello everyone15:07
jetsaredimI just upgraded from 17.04 to 17.10 and suddenly my main display doesn't want to go up to the highest resolution it should support15:08
dbuggerI have a weird issue. Iam at work with a DELL Universal Dock, and the monitors connected to it does not seem to appear in my Ubuntu 17.1015:08
dbuggerWhat could i be mnissing?15:08
nicomachusjetsaredim: what's the max resolution that xrandr shows available?15:08
TJ-newt_newton: press "G" (uppercase g) to get to the end of the log see if you can then work backwards and find the last time the system rebooted - timestamps at boot are 00000000 so it's easy to find. Then look at the messages before that point which will be from the last shutdown.15:08
stevenok so it simply tries to configure grub by default? ignoring whether it actually needs it?15:09
jetsaredimnicomachus: that's part of the issue xrandr is not showing the resolution that was just working about an hour ago on 17.0415:09
steventhat is, TJ- ?15:09
TJ-steven: does the machine have network capability? can you pastebin stuff from it?15:09
stevenoh yeah, its a vps. I ssh into it15:09
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TJ-steven: it sounds as if d-r-u installed kernel-images which it shouldn't have15:09
jetsaredimnicomachus: I tried to force xrandr to add the mode but for whatever reason the settings manager doesn't want to honor that15:09
stevenu just tell me what u need, and imma show u15:09
TJ-steven: OK, lets check it has the tool. Do "which pastebinit" - it should show a path to the executable15:10
stevenyeah pastebinit is installed and I am aware ofit :)15:10
nicomachusjetsaredim: can you show `pastebinit <(xrandr)`15:10
TJ-steven: show us "pastebinit <( uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -i 'linux*' )"15:11
jetsaredimnicomachus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25801898/15:11
stevenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/25801896/ TJ- and then dpkg: error processing archive linux* (--install):15:12
lidongcan anyone help me? write a simple c program on ubuntu, just test the sin function and use "gcc -lm"instead of"g++",and tell me the result15:12
nicomachusjetsaredim: so what res are you trying to get to?15:12
jetsaredimnicomachus: that second line in the XWAYLAND0 display is one I added via xrandr15:12
TJ-jetsaredim: the resolution issue is to do with the way Wayland works. there's no control via xrandr. I've seen 2 other users with the same issue and both had to add an option on the kernel command-line to load a specific edid file.15:12
jetsaredimthe 1920x108015:12
jetsaredimTJ-: ? any reference for that?15:12
TJ-steven: doh, my typo! do "pastebinit <( dpkg -l 'linux*' )"15:13
TJ-jetsaredim: let me grep back through my channel log15:13
nicomachusjetsaredim: TJ- is a pretty good reference on his own. :D15:13
jetsaredimTJ-: k15:13
stevenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/25801911/ TJ-15:13
jetsaredimI'll take whatever help I can get for this15:13
jetsaredimthe other issue I have is that x2vnc doesn't appear to be working properly either15:13
TJ-jetsaredim: You'll need to ensure you choose the edid file for the resolution of your device (no automatic detection is being done!) but this is an example: "drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1920x1080.bin"15:14
jetsaredimTJ-: how would I know which to use? and why is the auto-detect not working?15:15
TJ-jetsaredim: I'm not sure where those files are in the file-system but "dpkg -S edid/1920x1080.bin" should show you the path for that one then you can "ls" that directory to see others15:15
lidongcan anyone help me?^_^ i just want to know if it's my system's problem of it's the command "gcc -lm"'s problem15:15
lidongor not of15:15
TJ-jetsaredim: not working because it isn't using Xorg any more which is where all that is done (the X in Xrandr is a clue) Wayland will choose a resolution and fake that into the output of xrandr15:16
jetsaredimTJ-: I guess the thing that confuses me more is that I have dual monitors - two exact same and one that runs over HDMI was detected fine and the one that runs over VGA wasn't15:16
nicomachusTJ-: going to take me a while to get used to that15:17
TJ-steven: right, that uname shows the host your container is running on is using kernel 2.6.32-042stab123.9 which looks like it's a custom-build by your VPS provider. Good news is no linux kernel packages installed, so now let's check for grub: "pastebinit <( dpkg -l 'grub*' )"15:17
jetsaredimTJ-: also I tried that dpkg -S and no results15:17
stevenhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/25801936/ TJ-15:17
TJ-nicomachus: it's a terrible breakage really. Another item on my list of things developers should be jailed for doing!15:18
TJ-jetsaredim: hmmm, let me try here15:18
TJ-steven: let's try uninstalling GRUB: "dpkg -r grub-pc-bin grub-pc grub2-common grub-common grub-gfxpayload-lists" - if that works then try "sudo apt upgrade"15:19
stevenshould i include grub2 in that list TJ- ?15:20
leftyfblidong: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5005363/undefined-reference-to-sin15:20
stevencos it complains about it15:20
leftyfblidong: you've already been told you try ##c15:21
stevenTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25801954/15:22
TJ-jetsaredim: do you get anything  doing "cat /sys/module/drm_kms_helper/parameters/edid_firmware "15:22
hiaksubuntu has been freezing lately for me15:22
TJ-steven: "sudo apt remove os-prober grub-common"15:22
jetsaredimTJ-: nope15:23
stevenTJ-: no errors thrown on upgrade15:23
steven:D now, I assume that all there was to do?15:23
hiaksand so has debian and manjaro15:24
TJ-jetsaredim: check for "ls /usr/lib/firmware/edid/"15:24
TJ-steven: that's good news!15:24
hiakszorin os works fine though15:24
TJ-steven: just to be sure: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"15:24
jetsaredim*sigh* this is what I get for trying to upgrade to the latest...15:24
jetsaredimTJ-: nope15:24
aaaaguys i have a little problem is here someone who has a little time to help me?15:25
nicomachus!ask | aaaa15:25
ducasse!ask | aaaa15:25
ubottuaaaa: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:25
TJ-jetsaredim: you could switch to using Xorg instead of Wayland, via the Cog icon on the greeter log-in screen15:25
nicomachusbeat you15:25
jetsaredimTJ-: hm - that might be better I suppose15:25
stevenworked TJ-, no issue at all15:25
lidongleftyfb thank you so much, i have tried, but every time when i send a message to the channel, the ##C told me i cannot send to channel, i don't why15:25
jetsaredimTJ-: I'm guessing that's not going to work forever though...15:25
stevenso I guess rebooting it now should be safe TJ- ? and then if everything booted I can call it a day :D15:26
stevenunless you have a reason not to reboot?15:26
jetsaredimTJ-: brb15:26
leftyfblidong: did you try the link I gave you?15:26
lidongand i am sorry to ask questions about c language on #ubuntu15:26
lidongyes, i tried15:27
leftyfblidong: and?15:27
lidongit helps me a lot, thank you15:27
TJ-steven: I think so yes15:27
leftyfblidong: you should ask your class instructor to teach you how to use google15:27
nicomachusleftyfb: don't be a jerk15:27
=== lorenzo is now known as Guest88805
lidongactually, i must tell you, in my country, it's hard to use google15:28
TJ-lidong: any generic search engine :)15:28
\Dave\anyone know anything about pcre? I'm getting a dep failture for Xymon. looks like it's a RHCE thing?15:28
lidongi see, thanks for your advice^_^15:29
stevenTJ-: rebooted, no issues. thanks, bud! was almost killing me :D15:29
zqootubuntu box with one NIC is behind a managed switch.. can I setup ubuntu box as a router with vlan tagging ?15:30
TJ-steven: glad to hear it. I wonder what caused grub to be pulled in though.15:30
steventhat I wouldnt know either :/15:30
jetsaredimTJ-: That's so much better15:30
TJ-jetsaredim: :)15:30
TJ-jetsaredim: the oldies are the best :)15:31
jetsaredimusing ubtuntu on xorg I just used those xrandr overrides and was able to get the display working the correct way15:31
TJ-jetsaredim: I'd hate to even try Wayland with my monitor setup. 6 monitors, 3 portrait, 3 landscape!15:31
GeoTJ-: thanks for the help yesterday, i was able to see traffic going in/out of my gateway thanks to your little trick15:31
TJ-Geo: great! I figured out later that command I gave you doesn't work entirely as I expected it to!15:32
zergutHello, is there some php+mysql bundle?15:32
GeoIt did, not sure why it didnt get to you15:32
TJ-Geo: if you need it again here's how to do it properly...15:32
jetsaredimTJ-: nice - I use a laptop for work and control it via x2vnc so the new DM not being X is kinda not gonna work for me15:32
GeoI am getting legit 404 errors back from canonical15:32
Geohang on, let me reproduce15:32
TJ-Geo: "exec 5<>/dev/tcp/$HOSTNAME_OR_IP/$PORT; echo -e "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:$HOSTAME\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n" >&5; cat <&5; exec 5>&-;"15:34
zqoothi.. any help please ? >>> ubuntu box with one NIC is behind a managed switch.. can I setup ubuntu box as a router with vlan tagging ?15:34
ducasse!patience | zqoot15:35
ubottuzqoot: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:35
GeoTJ-, I dont know how good your networking knowledge is, but some of that traffic appears to be headed to/from the gateway, instead of canonical? maybe it is some wierd proxy?15:36
TJ-Geo: that's expected, apt asks for Packages in several compressed formats. there aren't any bz2. See http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-backports/multiverse/binary-amd64/15:36
jetsaredimTJ-: here's another question for you - why is it that only one screen moves when you attempt to move workspaces?15:36
Geowell, thats whats happening... I can't figure out why it would fail15:37
TJ-Geo: http-alt is port 8080 so it looks like there's a proxy configured ("grep http /etc/services" to see port names>numbers)15:38
TJ-jetsaredim: not sure; I don't use workspaces15:38
Geoyeah, I did that... 8080 is jenkins :/15:38
GeoBut I don't know why it is pushing it to 808015:39
jetsaredimTJ-: seems to only move the "primary" screen15:39
Geowhere would a proxy setup be configured?15:39
jetsaredimwhich is sub-optimal15:39
GeoI installed the ubuntu host fresh, I (don't think I) installed any proxy15:39
=== Chinesium is now known as X230t
TJ-Geo: check with "grep -ri Proxy /etc/apt/*"15:40
TJ-Geo: you may have an Apt::Proxy::Http configured15:40
nacc\Dave\: did you figure out your issue?15:41
Geoany other places to check?15:41
nacc\Dave\: xymon is packaged in Ubuntu, so can you pastebin the commannd you ran and output?15:41
TJ-Geo: how about iptables rules doing redirects?15:43
TJ-Geo: could be something in the nat table15:43
Geono, thats clean15:43
Geolet me kill jenkins just for fun and see what happens15:44
Geostill going to 8080, but at least I know now its something to do with a phantom proxy15:45
Geonow it's just sending me reset flags15:45
TJ-Geo: if the connections are coming from APT then it must be in its config somewhere15:46
TJ-Geo: usually it's Acquire::http::Proxy but see "man apt.conf"15:46
ayyo[m]Hello, I just did a do-release-upgrade on ubuntu server and everything seemed to go well, but now I cannot start my Matrix Synapse server. There is some python or pip issue15:47
TJ-Geo: which says under http::Proxy: "... If no one of the above settings is specified, http_proxy environment variable will be used."15:47
ayyo[m]the command to start it is just "synctl start" and I get this error message:15:48
TJ-Geo: so "env | grep -i proxy" maybe?15:48
=== mices is now known as fugee
klathzazt3I've just started using Ubuntu 17.10 and noticed that it resolves a screen tear issue when running a rendering test. I thought this was due to use of Wayland, so I went back to 16.04 LTS and installed weston and tried the same render test, but I get the same old screen tear. I'm not sure if this is because it is Wayland with xwayland.so or somethin15:48
klathzazt3g else. Only thing I haven't tried was to use X on 17.10 to see if this causes the same old screen tear. The screen tearing is resolved on other systems as well with different graphics drivers: eg, intel vs nvidia same results.15:48
* ayyo[m] uploaded an image: synapseerror.png (268KB) <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/fEuLVpCAlBBjCvQKAyPOSlzK>15:48
ayyo[m]if anybody can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it. i use matrix to talk to my friends and family so having the server down is a pretty big issue for me15:49
naccayyo[m]: what did you upgrade from and to?15:51
naccayyo[m]: also what is synapse? not an ubuntu package, I assume?15:51
nonameПривет Всем15:51
nacc!ru | noname15:51
ubottunoname: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:51
GeoTJ-, heh, the error changed after killing jenkins15:52
GeoFailed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-security/InRelease  Could not connect to security.ubuntu.com:80 ( - connect (111: Connection refused) [IP: 80]15:52
Geoand tcpdump is showing reset flags coming back from canonical at the gateway15:52
nonameТут обсуждается только ОС Ubuntu15:52
Geooh well, out of time for now15:52
leftyfb!ru | noname15:52
ubottunoname: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:52
Geobut making progress15:52
Geostill weird that the host machine can get updates fine15:53
=== gustavo is now known as Guest20488
kunjinacc: I don't think it is in the Ubuntu repos, they have their own it seems: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-matrix-synapse-on-ubuntu-16-0415:53
nacckunji: yes, I know, I wanted to see if ayyo[m] knows.15:55
lidong pavlos: thank you, it's so nice of you, i see the result15:55
daxayyo[m]: if you haven't already, #matrix:matrix.org or one of the other Matrix-specific channels is probably a better place to ask this.15:55
daxayyo[m]: here is fine too, but i'm not sure anyone here knows enough about the synapse codebase to know what might need changing15:56
maszloI am looping back again this week from issue that I picked up from upgrading from 17.04 to 17.10 that does not allow me to fully boot unless the computer is attached to AC power.  I have tested with ensuring that all updates are applied, the most recent kernel is being booted, and have tested with the acpi_osi modes of Linux, Windows 2015, Windows 2012 with out any change. the only thing that did appear to allow the notebook to boot with15:57
maszloout AC is adding the parameter acpi=off but is not a fix.  Any clues where to look? This is a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s15:57
leftyfbmaszlo: how is acpi=off not a fix if it fixes the issue?15:58
kostkonleftyfb, probably it kills off any power management15:59
maszloleftyfb: I cannot shutdown the computer and will have no battery life15:59
TJ-Geo: "security.ubuntu.com" isn't an archive server. It should be using archive.ubuntu.com same as for the other components15:59
kostkonmaszlo, and you have updated your bios to the latest version i presume16:00
TJ-maszlo: that's a weird one. As I recall the computer boots fine, but some Linux service hangs during service start-up16:01
maszlokostkon: yes that is where i started last week.16:01
kostkonmaszlo, ok, just checking16:01
TJ-maszlo: do you have a /var/log/syslog we can look at?16:01
maszloyeah let me get it booted again to pull that up.  was trying to poke at it from the not fully booted system on tty216:02
TJ-maszlo: make sure the syslog you provide has captured the times when the issue occurred16:03
maszlookay will need to boot it with issue to get time, I was on a call and lost track of time16:04
=== Vach0n^ is now known as Vach0n
boxrickI run Ubuntu server and have a continual nightmare with the networking. If I change from an amount of one config to another I expect it to be able to take the network down and bring it back with the right config. CentOS has managed this for years without issue.16:09
boxrickhttps://gist.github.com/boxrick/aa8fc0829c87186e29f949a55e3ec0b4 <---16:09
boxrickAny reason that I shouldn't be able to re-configure that and do a networking restart?16:10
boxrickThe config all works fine after rebooting16:10
boxrickOr even manually flushing the old interface16:10
boxrickand fiddling it16:10
TJ-boxrick: Are you doing an ifdown enp1s0f0 && ipup enp1s0f0 ?16:11
naccboxrick: what version of ubuntu and what command did you run?16:11
TJ-oops s/ipup/ifup/16:11
naccboxrick: the command that does not bring back networkinng, that is16:11
boxrickUbuntu 16.04. this is a simple use case. Much of the time, I have maybe 6 interfaces with a mass of bridging and bonds and vlans16:12
boxricksome massively complex setups16:12
boxrickI need to re-configure it and reliably bring it back but I have been having trouble for months16:12
boxrickEven going as far as trying to create my own force-networking restart service16:12
naccboxrick: again, what command did you run?16:13
boxrick"service networking restart" in the above example16:13
naccboxrick: and where is that output, result?16:13
nacc'service' is also rather old, i think it works, but i think you should also switch over to systemctl16:13
boxrickWell it still calls systemctl16:14
boxrickIt should have the same impact in this case16:14
boxrickLet me grab some logs, but this is fairly consistent oddness.16:14
maszloI seem to be having an issue with number of lines in pastebin, maybe need to create an account16:14
TJ-boxrick: is the system using upstart for init ?16:14
TJ-maszlo: can you crop top and bottom to remove repetitive or useless parts before pastebin-ing it?16:15
tomeaton17How do I remove a packagecloud repo from my apt16:15
TJ-boxrick: with Upstart networking doesn't do anything for "force-reload|restart". Try "reload" instead16:17
boxrickTJ- its using systemd ( Ubuntu 16.04 )16:17
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-boxrick: OK, so it's using /lib/systemd/system/networking.service unit file16:21
satishWhich is the best place to practice algorithms and data structures?16:21
maszloTJ-: https://pastebin.com/aU8AkXVU16:21
jetsaredimTJ-: thanks again for your help16:22
maszloTJ-: really having issue a spot were anything is really complaining about something16:22
TJ-maszlo: I'd suspect "systemd[1]: Started Laptop Mode Tools - Battery Polling Service."16:23
cerionis there a way so that the top bar use the same color as my gtk theme in 17.10 gnome shell ?16:24
TJ-maszlo: try "sudo systemctl disable laptop-mode.service" and check that is the correct name for the service by looking at it's logs first with "systemctl status laptop-mode.service"16:25
boxrickSorry for the log delay, just in this case requiring some reboots to get some networking sanity again.16:25
satishGuys does anyone know resources to practice algorithms and data structures for beginners ?16:25
leftyfb!ot | satish16:25
ubottusatish: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:25
rflemingcerion: the only way I know is either through a custom theme.16:25
rflemingor an extension16:26
TJ-maszlo: you may also need to disable the timer: "sudo systemctl disable laptop-mode.timer"16:26
cerionrfleming: ok16:26
ceriondo you know why Ihave an exclamation mark near Shell in gnome tweak tool in appearence tab ?16:27
=== teste2 is now known as um
rflemingcerion: I think you may be able to do that with 'dynamic top bar'16:27
=== ubuntu__3 is now known as dois
maszloTJ-: i feel like i missed the change from working with sudo service 'name' stop16:27
rflemingcerion: you need to enable the 'User themes' extension16:27
TJ-maszlo: if you're starting the system with the Upstart init then that'd be correct but the default is now Systemd16:28
TJ-maszlo: in the GRUB Advanced menu you'll have options to start with either of them16:28
boxrickhttps://gist.github.com/boxrick/aa8fc0829c87186e29f949a55e3ec0b4 <--- Is the syslog message I get when doing a systctl / service networking restart16:29
boxrick( Updated gist at bottom )16:29
antimoNoi siamo tutto16:29
maszloTJ-: i think things have just worked for so long that things were changing and i never had to dig into it to learn how it connected16:29
antimosorry but i schreac this film... I have mirc on windows so easy  can you help me?16:31
cerionrfleming: in fact the top bar is aalready transparent by default. it's only hen a window touch it that it become opaque. it's in that case that I would like it to be the same color of my theme16:31
kostkon!it | antimo16:32
ubottuantimo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:32
maszloTJ-:   https://pastebin.com/MmjhzKrr  cannot really tell that laptop.mode.service stopped correctly16:32
rflemingcerion: You'll have to make a custom theme then I guess.16:33
rflemingcerion: Do you have the 'User themes' extension installed?16:34
rflemingcerion: and do you have your own GTK theme in place, or are you still using default?16:34
lfowlrautomatically check for updates everyday, and remind of other updates:say weekly then what's the difference between them? as they are the same updates16:34
rflemingcerion: enabling the shell theme (through User themes) will let you change the gtk theme for the top bar16:34
lfowlrThese are not security updates but ordinary updates, hence16:34
nicomachuscerion: I think you can actually set that in dconf-editor, but otherwise you may have to open up some .json files and change some color hexes in your GTK theme16:34
lfowlrthe information is conflicting?16:34
kostkonlfowlr, no it's not. it means apt will check for updates each day but notify you about them only once a week16:35
cerionrfleming: I found 'Hide top bar'. It's more radical !16:36
lfowlrit's like running apt update?? but what if I install apt install pkg, then the repo list has been updated?? and hence conflict in the apt packaging system16:36
TJ-boxrick: Have you enabled VERBOSE=yes in /etc/default/networking. It might shed some more light on it16:36
rfleminglfowlr: it runs apt update before it lists updates weekly16:37
oerheks"conflict in the apt packaging system" ??16:37
rfleminglfowlr: there will be no conflict.  It will read the 'database' and know what's installed and what needs updating by running apt first.16:38
TJ-maszlo: that looks correct. try rebooting on battery see if it has improved16:41
TJ-boxrick: that error "ifup[1294]: expect on/off for argument" actually comes from "brctl" - I think it is because you've got "bridge_stp False" instead of "bridge_stp off"16:42
maszloTJ-: would that disable be a per boot thing or perm change?16:43
TJ-maszlo: it's a permanent change right now16:43
maszloTJ-: i get the same results when rebooting16:44
TJ-maszlo: that would be the obvious service to cause problems16:44
TJ-maszlo: do you see any mention of laptop-mode this time around?16:44
maszlowhat is weird is how on reboot it appears to cause mishaps with other services16:44
foca__[pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running. (Xubuntu 17.10)16:45
maszloI am still at failed boot, you mean to look in the syslog for laptop-mode?16:45
TJ-maszlo: it could be something else, but that's the obvious one since it involves battery monitoring. There could be other services also affected.16:45
TJ-maszlo: Yes, check syslog. There should be no mention of it this time around16:46
ayounggunhi all - just upgraded to 17.10. my super key doesn't work anymore. I wondered if someone had any ideas? I tried setting a shortcut key for "Search" in settings but the super key did not register when pressed.16:46
ayounggunIt does work when used for combination shortcuts like super + s, just not by itself.16:46
maszloTJ-: these are pretty consistent of where failed start and stop on battery boot. https://s1.postimg.org/4lejsacu5r/IMAG2860.jpg16:46
TJ-maszlo: do you have the package "battery-stats" installed?  "dpkg -l battery-stats"16:47
TJ-maszlo: which version of Ubuntu is this?16:48
maszloTJ-: i do not have that installed16:48
maszloTJ-: this is 17.1016:48
maszloTJ-: was working 17.04 that upgraded last week, ran updates this morning of 17.10, up to date as far as can tell16:49
TJ-maszlo: OK. Is that photo from a previous boot attempt - as in, not the latest when laptop-mode was disabled?16:49
maszlonot the latest, no16:49
maszloTJ-: I can do this again.  will take a minute16:49
TJ-maszlo: OK, good! I saw it said "Started Laptop Mode Tools" :)16:49
maszloTJ-: do not install battery-stats?  correct?16:50
TJ-maszlo: no problem, let me read some more. Most of those other issues are to do with networking not starting.16:50
TJ-maszlo: I'm not saying this is YOUR explanation, but I've seen systems in the past whereby on Battery the ACPI DSDT is putting the built-in network devices in a low-power state which prevents them from being started by the OS. I'm beginning to wonder if that's what you're seeing, despite the acpi_osi=.... setting. In other words - there's a firmware bug16:51
TJ-maszlo: correct... I was wondering if that were instaleld because it's package description says it needs ACPI or APM to work and is a system daemon16:52
TJ-maszlo: As an experiment, please try this. Power down completely. Connect AC charger. Power on ... as soon as you see GRUB and/or Linux starting whip out the AC connector immediately - I want to find out if the network devices are correctly configured by firmware if it has AC at that point but is on battery when Linux starts. Does that make sense?16:53
maszloTJ-: this is photo of current failed https://s1.postimg.org/59izd0ubv3/IMAG2881.jpg16:54
=== ansivirus is now known as Guest64638
maszloTJ-: pull the AC cable out before the timeout on grub completes?16:55
TJ-Yes, but after firmware has handed over to GRUB16:55
maszloTJ-: it boots with the issue still when pulling AC before the selection is made from grub screen16:57
TJ-maszlo: OK, so it's looking more and more like a bug in the system's ACPI DSDT16:57
TJ-maszlo: have you checked for an updated firmware for that model?16:58
ayyo[m]dax: sorry, had to drive to work. anyway, yes i did ask in #matrix but they indicated it was a python error and not a synapse error16:58
ayyo[m]the only thing i can think of is that upgrading something broke python &/or pip16:58
maszloTJ-: when this first started last week this was the first thing i tried.  i went from 1.26 to this current 1.30 version https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds10210916:59
TJ-maszlo: OK. When it hangs are you able to get to a console and issue commands?17:00
TJ-maszlo: with Alt+F1 through Alt+F7 ?17:00
maszloTJ-: yeah i can get to tty217:00
TJ-maszlo: Ok, at a failed boot do that, then do "journalctl -u systemd-resolved.service > ~/failed.log; journalctl -u systemd-hostnamed.service >> ~/failed.log". Then reboot with AC, log-in to your profile, and do "pastebinit ~/failed.log"17:02
TJ-maszlo: make sure to use ">>" for the hostnamed service else it'll overwrite failed.log instead of appending to it17:03
maszloTJ-: okay17:03
TJ-maszlo: let's hope there's some clue there. Also, while it's failed, do "dmesg > ~/dmesg.log" and then when you log-in properly on AC do "pastebinit ~/dmesg.log" too17:04
elementI have a conf file that's outputting a .log file. I want the log file to have a name-YY-MM-DD.log in the file name. I googled it and tried now=$(date + "%Y-%m-%d") and then $now in the output, but it's outputting name-$now.log .. any suggestions what I need to do to dynamically insert the date in the log file?17:08
maszloTJ-: failed http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802659/ and dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/17:11
cerionelement: how do you output than name ?17:11
TJ-element: show the line that has the log output. I'd guess you've got it in single-quotes, which means variables won't get expanded. Use double-quotes instead.17:11
elementTJ-, ah good idea. thanks17:12
elementTJ-, tried that, the app is throwing an error "the direct named as part of the path" so it's considering that  the entire path17:13
elementdate=$(date + "%m-%d-%Y")17:13
elementERROR: CANT_REREAD: The directory named as part of the path "/home/tracker/laravel/storage/logs/supervisor/worker-$date.log" does not exist17:13
TJ-element: does the path exist, is it readable/traversable by the user running the script?17:15
elementTJ-, yes, when I ran it without quotes, it wrote the file worker-$date.log to the folder17:15
TJ-maszlo: well, "failed" doesn't really help with just "resources" as the excuse!17:15
alkisg(08:13:29 μμ) element: date=$(date + "%m-%d-%Y") ==> syntax error there, space after +17:16
maszloTJ-: i couldnt tell if it was saying failed because system was read only or not17:16
TJ-maszlo: but the dmesg timing of when the wifi comes up made be wonder if the wifi connection is defined in Network Manager as a **per-user** rather than system connection. There's an option in the NM connection editor dialog that says something like "Allow all users to use this connection" which makes it a system connection. If it isn't a system connection then there will be no networking until you log-in,17:17
TJ-which could explain why resolved and hostnamed are reporting failure due to "resources"17:17
TJ-maszlo: if you log-in at a tty when it fails, you can use "nmtui" to edit the connections using the ncurses-based text-console editor17:18
maszloTJ-: I do normally have wifi connection before logged in17:18
maszloTJ-: well i did in 17.04, my experience with 17.10 has been just rebooting the thing17:18
TJ-maszlo: you notice in that dmesg.log it isn't started until 36 seconds have elapsed17:18
alkisgIn Ubuntu 17.10, netstat isn't preinstalled; is there any preinstalled tool that I could do something like this? `netstat -ntap | grep :53`17:19
TJ-maszlo: unfortunately we can't directly correlate the absolute times in failed.log with those kernel elapsed times17:20
TJ-alkisg: "ss"17:20
maszloTJ-: hmm so you think that 36sec in is where i logged in to tty2.  I know i have seen the wifi connection active from the gnome login screen (when AC powered)17:20
alkisgTJ-: ty, doing man ss...17:20
TJ-alkisg: generally the options are the same, but output looks different17:20
alkisgYup looks fine, thanks!17:21
alkisgHeh, it was there even in 12.04, I haven't heard it before...17:21
TJ-alkisg: it's been around a while, like the iproute2 tooling17:21
maszloTJ-: did just confirm this in 17.10 i do still get connected to the wifi before logging in17:22
lotuspsychjemaszlo: did you upgrade or clean install? wifi chipset?17:23
TJ-maszlo: but does it always take around 36 seconds? if so, that'd explain the issues with resolved and hostnamed17:23
TJ-lotuspsychje: intel 7265. See dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/17:23
=== m is now known as Guest40478
sleehi, how can i stop refresh lines in my screensots?(moving video/tv, etc) i'm on a 27" monitor(1920x1080), GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2...refresh rate is 60Hz(LED monitor)...but when i use a screenshot app like Shutter, moving screens show the refresh lines in the shots17:24
lotuspsychjeslee: ubuntu version and driver please?17:24
lordcirth_workslee, I was running a 1060 (until recently the fan broke) and didn't see that, that's odd17:24
sleelotuspsychje, GLX Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 375.6617:24
TJ-maszlo: I wonder if disabling at least resolved might help17:24
maszloTJ-: well its alot quicker than this when on AC power.  have not really tried to compare when it fails to boot when on battery power17:25
TJ-maszlo: it's not enabled by default on 16.04, but it may now be a required service.17:25
maszlolotuspsychje: upgraded its intel chipset17:25
lotuspsychjemaszlo: from 17.04?17:25
sleehere's a small example, just took a screen of live tv, you can see the refresh through her forehead: http://storage2.static.itmages.com/i/17/1023/h_1508779534_1088158_a44f956297.jpeg17:26
maszloTJ-: what service is it you mean, dns?17:26
lotuspsychjeslee: wich ubuntu version?17:26
maszlolotuspsychje: yeah from 17.04, now doesnt fully boot unless AC power is attached17:27
sleelotuspsychje, 16.04 xenial17:27
kvivI've managed to purge a qt package out of my system which triggered an avalanche obliterating all KDE packages and the whole GUI. I'm wondering if there's a sensible way of repairing it or if I'm left to reinstalling the whole system.17:27
lotuspsychjemaslo: would be a test perhaps to run 17.10 liveusb?17:27
TJ-maszlo: "sudo systemctl disable systemd-resolved.service"17:27
lotuspsychjeTJ-: could be a leftover of his upgrade issue?17:28
TJ-maszlo: looking at your photo of when it fails, resolved service is being constantly restarted by other services and then I see "Starting Hold until boot process finishes up..." which presumably doesn't exit until all other services have started successfully17:28
lotuspsychjeslee: that the driver ubuntu proposes or you installed driver somewhere from?17:28
TJ-lotuspsychje: it looks that way.17:28
maszloTJ-: how would this change to an issue when battery powered?17:28
TJ-maszlo: maybe on battery the Wifi doesn't come up as quick so services expecting it to be present are failing. Without some evidence in the logs I'm only guessing though.17:29
sleelotuspsychje, (proprietary, tested)17:29
TJ-maszlo: we know battery generally means lower-power modes are more aggressively selected17:29
lotuspsychjeslee: does this happen on nouveau?17:29
sleehaven't tested17:30
lotuspsychjeslee: system up to date to latest aka 16.04.3?17:30
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maszloTJ-: well i can try booting with battery and ethernet attached.. wouldnt that be a similar test without disabling stuff?17:30
maszloi mean power saving shouldnt turn that off id guess17:31
TJ-maszlo: is it possible you've got some custom params set for the iwlwifi kernel module? it has "power_save=..." and "power_level=..." options.17:31
TJ-maszlo: yes, that'd probably work if there's a connection configured for wired17:31
sleelotuspsychje, Description:Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS17:31
lotuspsychjeslee: great :p17:31
TJ-maszlo: "grep -n power /etc/modprobe.d/*"17:32
lotuspsychjeslee: ubuntu-drivers list to see whats available for your system17:32
chachan_hi, what does this operator do (pipe follow by an ampersand)? |&17:32
TJ-chachan_: redirects both stdout and stderr17:32
sleelotuspsychje, http://storage9.static.itmages.com/i/17/1023/h_1508779980_7279123_561af5c564.jpeg17:33
chachan_TJ-: cool thanks!17:33
lotuspsychjeslee: when did this start to happen, after an update?17:33
sleeno idea, just revently noticed it when taking screenshots of live tv17:34
sleeKodi as frontend, mythtv backend17:34
sleemaybe it's kodi's refresh rate?17:35
apteryxHello! Any pointer for creating a bridge interface for QEMU VMs?17:35
TJ-slee: lotuspsychje check the /var/log/Xorg.0.log for clues - it maybe the driver hasn't correctly set things up17:35
maszloTJ-: I got the same results with ethernet attached.  Also with it in failed boot(battery) that modprobe grep command didnt return anything17:35
TJ-maszlo: right. so try disabling the systemd-resolved.service17:35
danboidIs it not possible to boot into Wayland GNOME with lightdm under 17.10?17:37
TJ-apteryx: this looks like a good clear example: http://blog.elastocloud.org/2015/07/qemukvm-bridged-network-with-tap.html17:37
maszloTJ-: so now the failed doesnt show those but still other others, colord.service and systemd-hostnamed.service as failed17:38
apteryxTJ-: thanks!17:38
TJ-maszlo: OK, and did the GUI start?17:39
maszloTJ-: no17:39
TJ-maszlo: right. disable the systemd-hostnamed.service now, then try again.17:39
lotuspsychjedanboid: lightdm is for unity, you can choose the xorg session at login screen if you like17:39
TJ-maszlo: the colord service is to do with monitor colour adjustments I believe, so it isn't vital either17:39
akikapteryx: i just did the bridge config yesterday and didn't use the tap interface, just the bridge17:40
TJ-maszlo: one thing I've noticed reading about colord service is it used DBus. I wonder if DBus is the common theme here since I bet those systemd services use it too. Something to keep in mind17:41
akikapteryx: for kvm, there's the option "-device e1000,netdev=user0 -netdev bridge,id=user0,br=br0"17:41
danboidlotuspsychje, There is nothing unity specific about lightdm. I'm just wondering if I need to switch DM to use wayland. I'm running MATE/lightdm currently17:42
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TJ-danboid: I think only gdm3 is configured to use the gnome compositor currently17:43
apteryxakik: So far this is my qemu-system-x86_64 line: qemu-system-x86_64 -m 512M -enable-kvm -net bridge debian.qcow; and the result I get is: failed to get mtu of bridge `br0': No such device. So the default helper scripts seem to require that I create manually a br0 bridge.17:43
danboidI am concerned I won't be able to use a clipboard manager under wayland still17:43
danboidTJ-, Ah right. Thanks17:43
ddoobbIs there a pdf viewer for linux with tabs?17:43
lotuspsychje!pdf | ddoobb17:44
ubottuddoobb: The Portable Document Format is created by Adobe; PDF files are viewable in Ubuntu with Xpdf, Okular, Evince and also Adobe Reader (free download, but closed source)17:44
akikapteryx: i'll paste you the config i created17:44
TJ-ddoobb: well some say I've got big ears, and I view pdfs :p17:44
lotuspsychjeddoobb: i like lightweight mupdf17:44
TJ-ddoobb: do you meana  multi-document interface (1 PDF per tab) ?17:44
maszloTJ-: after disabling colord and hostnamed i have this https://s1.postimg.org/6rl5hkz7wf/IMAG2882.jpg17:44
ddoobbTJ- yes17:45
lotuspsychje!info mupdf | ddoobb try this17:45
ubottuddoobb try this: mupdf (source: mupdf): lightweight PDF viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11+ds1-1.1 (artful), package size 19393 kB, installed size 34040 kB17:45
akikapteryx: https://pastebin.com/raw/s20AWCyw17:45
apteryxakik: OK, thanks17:45
TJ-maszlo: that seens to show both colord.service and systemd-hostnamed.service are still are being started17:45
ddoobbOK thanks I will check out these17:46
maszloTJ-: that is what it appears.17:47
apteryxakik: so these are the scripts you run to bring your bridge up and down?17:47
akikapteryx: yes17:47
apteryxis your primary ethernet interface really named eth0? Mine seems to be named enp0s25 (Ubuntu 16.04).17:47
TJ-maszlo: you did "sudo systemctl disable systemd-hostnamed.service" ? (put the ".service" on the end of each name)17:47
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akikapteryx: yes, i disabled the predictable(?) network interface naming with net.ifnames=017:48
TJ-maszlo: silly question but... maybe the delay is caused by something else that has already scrolled off screen. By any chance are there any USB/ExpressCard devices connected to the PC?17:48
SimonNLapteryx: IF: eth0 state: up speed: 100 Mbps17:49
akikapteryx: i'm also on ubuntu 16.0417:49
TJ-maszlo: next time it fails, at the terminal do "systemd-analyze --critical-chain"17:49
maszloTJ-: nothing external being used, there is a sd card slot and finger print scanner17:50
maszloTJ-: i just double checked, that is exactly how i disabled the hostnamed and colord17:50
apteryxakik: I see, thanks.17:50
davido_I noticed the "external monitor" possible issue mentioned in "Known Issues" here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseNotes  ... I see here: (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm3/+bug/1723025) that a fix has been released.  Does this mean the fix is in the current version if I were to proceed with an upgrade to 17.10 from 17.04 on my laptop where I primarily use external monitors?17:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1723025 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "no login screen when booting with an external monitor attached" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:51
akikapteryx: one thing that i wasn't able to manage with that was dhcp requests17:51
TJ-maszlo: re devices: that's fine... I've seen these long startup delay issues with large external USB storage devices where there's an fsck going on in the background17:51
maszloTJ-: "sudo systemctrl disable"  tab complete doesnt show it as an option now17:51
akikapteryx: but using an ip from that 10.1.1.x network worked17:51
TJ-maszlo: "systemctl" not "systemctrl" ?17:52
maszloTJ-: just a typo there17:53
TJ-maszlo: phew :)17:53
maszloTJ-: it would have yelled at me for sure. I am going to reboot to failed state to do the analyze17:53
TJ-maszlo: let's see what the "systemd-analyze --critical-chain" reports on battery boot. add " | tee ~/analyze.log" so you can pastebinit so I can see too17:54
maszloTJ-: it is telling me unreconized option --critical-chain17:57
maszloTJ-: nevermind got it without the --17:58
TJ-maszlo: sorry! get's confusing when options and commands comingle18:00
maszloTJ-: well guess i need name resolution enabled again18:01
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maszloTJ-: for testing purposes should i still keep those services disabled?18:02
TJ-maszlo: no, re-enable them. It might help see what's in the chain of services18:04
cainethis is everybody using caine rn?18:04
lotuspsychjecaine: you joined the ubuntu support channel18:04
caineoh ok18:04
cainethis is neat18:04
TJ-maszlo: it would be worth trying to start systemd-resolved.service from the tty once you've logged in, and the wifi is up. if that works it gives some confirmation that slow wifi is to do with it18:06
maszloTJ-: is it normal to spit junk out that the services are not meant to be enabled using systemctl?18:07
kvivI may have not phrased my question specifically enough. Basically I've made the mistake of purging a qt package (libqt5core5a) due to some dependency error, which removed a lot of KDE and GUI packages. I'm left without GUI right now, and I wished to ask whether there's a way of repairing dependencies and brininging back X/KDE through a package manager.18:07
maszloTJ-: i figured would be the same command changing disable to enable18:07
TJ-maszlo: errr no, those services are systemd services!18:08
TJ-maszlo: yes, "enable" instead of "diable"18:08
aaaaguys how can i encrypt my home directory?18:08
lotuspsychje!encrypt | aaaa18:08
ubottuaaaa: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory18:08
maszloTJ-: here is the image of the analyze command.. before i tried to enable those service that dont want to place nice https://s1.postimg.org/5wus23pptb/IMAG2883.jpg18:09
aaaathanks guys18:10
TJ-maszlo: so it is network. "network-online.target @26.979s"18:11
TJ-maszlo: seems like that graph isn't showing some service that is causing the delay.18:12
maszloTJ-: maybe the two services colord and hostnamed never disabled properly.  the command ran okay to enable resolver i think (made a symlink)18:13
TJ-maszlo: OK, well re-enable them all. We best not lose track of all the changes after all!18:13
TJ-maszlo: you could also try (on battery) "systemd-analayze > ~/analyze.log" and show me that. That'll list all services, not just the critical chain18:14
obcecadojust installed ubuntu 17.10, i'm unable to join any wifi network18:14
maszloTJ-: That analayze was on battery18:14
obcecadoby capturing traffic on the wlan0 interface, everything looks fine, but eventually networkmanager sets the interface down18:15
maszloTJ-: just cat the file once booted18:15
TJ-maszlo: right, but critical-chain doesn't show anything, just the chain that took longest. But you notice there is no single .service there that acocunts for the 26 seconds to network-online18:15
lotuspsychjeobcecado: wich wifi chipset?18:15
Sleakeris there a way to make apt-get download cache downloads/resume instead of overwriting progress18:16
maszloTJ-: i have never seen that command before.  but if graphical.target never started i would guess that is just the amount of time since boot it was until i ran the command18:17
TJ-maszlo: the figures with "+" in front of them are the time a service takes to start, the @ show the elapsed times. the problem seems to be between network.target and network-online.target ... no sign of an actual service between them though18:17
TJ-maszlo: does the GUI ever start even if you wait for many minutes?18:18
obcecadolotuspsychje: rtl8723bs18:18
maszloTJ-: i have left it there for about half hour and it didnt..18:18
TJ-maszlo: right, that's pretty much clear it's not going to start then. I wonder if it's not to do with network at all - maybe a red-herring - maybe to do with GPU device/ports not appearing18:19
maszloTJ-: i am wondering if i should just rip out this ssd and put a old hdd in it.. and clean install and see if problem is still there18:19
lotuspsychjeobcecado: have you been able to download updates on setup?18:19
lotuspsychjeobcecado: by wifi?18:19
TJ-maszlo: do it again, give it 3 minutes then login on a tty, and capture just "systemd-analyze > ~/analyse02.log" and show me that. It will cover all services, not the chain18:20
obcecadoi can see the laptop associating with the AP18:20
obcecadodoing a few arp requests as well as ndp traffic18:20
maszloTJ-: okay18:20
TJ-maszlo: you'll need to pastebin the file because it will be quite long18:20
alek_hello ppl18:20
lotuspsychjeobcecado: check realtek driver loaded with sudo lshw -C network please18:20
alkisgSleaker: apt download package1 package2 => if it downloads package2, and half of package2, and you ctrl+z it there, you can either "fg" it to continue from where it stopped, or cancel it and rerun it, and it will only download package218:21
alkisg*package1 and half of package218:21
Sleakeralkisg: that's different behaviour than standard -d.18:21
obcecadolotuspsychje: sec, i'm booting off the liveiso to check how the hardware is recognised18:21
Sleakeralkisg: specifically need it to resume package2 where it left off instead of trying to download it wholly new.18:22
TJ-Sleaker: you could do it manually using wget18:23
Sleakerseems annoying to have to manually parse out the download links.18:23
TJ-Sleaker: as long as the archive HTTP server supports content-range18:23
alkisgSleaker: I think sudo apt install --download-only can also do this, and leave the partial downloads in /var/cache/apt/archives/partial18:23
alkisgNeeds testing though18:23
Sleakeralkisg: that forces dependency resolution, which causes many more issues.18:24
alkisgSleaker: issues with --download-only? What issues, that you'll download more than you want?18:24
Sleakerunless every single package is listed in the same routine.18:24
Sleakeralkisg: yes.18:25
maszloTJ-: just a reminder.. not sure what this means. but if i have ac powered and boot it follows my grub config of 3 second time out.  once i attempt to power on without ac power and it fails, on next boot the grub timer is 30 seconds18:27
obcecadolotuspsychje: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d8e134a8283a689813d9a8b7cb3b6c6b18:27
obcecadothat is the one from the livecd18:27
obcecadofrom the installation the difference is it lacks the ip=18:27
TJ-maszlo: that makes sense. The OS writes a boot-good flag when it's fully started. GRUB looks for that to decide if it should show it's menu to the user (on the assumption the default boot previously failed)18:27
obcecadoit actually works on the livecd18:28
maszloTJ-: okay was not sure why it was being somewhat dynamtic like that.  I ran the wrong command, used the critical-chain again by mistake.. and noticed it when file was still really small once rebooted.. doing this again18:29
gaetan5http://www.live-tchat.co.uk you going to tchat18:31
lotuspsychjegaetan5: not here plz18:31
gaetan5op me please18:31
lotuspsychjegaetan5: this is the ubuntu support channel18:31
gaetan5you speak french18:31
gaetan5you going at the http://www.live-tchat.co.uk please18:32
mrjoshua2is there a ticket system template we should form our questions in so that we are not asking to ask?18:32
lotuspsychjegaetan5: english only here, and only chat about ubuntu issues18:32
Zigahey guys i need some help with installing ubuntu18:32
mrjoshua2Ziga you are asking to ask18:33
alek_how to safely update ubuntu to newer versions and not losing passphrase, as it happened to me yesterday, after I had decided to remove old files..18:33
TJ-mrjoshua2: Ziga just be concise and descriptive.18:34
Zigaok i got a new laptop and when i try to install ubuntu from usb it doesnt find any partitions18:34
TJ-alek_: passphrase to what?18:34
lotuspsychjeZiga: are you gonna singleboot ubuntu?18:34
TJ-Ziga: you mean the Ubuntu Installer cannot find somewhere to install to?18:34
alek_passphrase to encryption of the drives18:34
Zigayes im gonna singleboot18:35
TJ-alek_: how could you 'lose' the passphrase?18:35
maszloTJ-: I do not think i am running the correct command.  running the systemd-analyze without the critical-chain is even less info.18:35
lotuspsychjeZiga: did you disable fastboot & secureboot?18:35
mrjoshua2I personally use Rufus18:35
TJ-alek_: the passphrase is in the LUKS header of the encrypted device. a do-release-upgrade won't mess with that. What kind of 'upgrade' did you do?18:35
alek_i dont know i checked the issue and i wasnt the only one dev/sda5 couldnt accept the passphrase18:36
Zigano i dont think i disabled anything18:36
lotuspsychjeZiga: if your system has uefi, you need to18:36
kostkonalek_, what did you remove and what does that have to do with you losing your passphrase18:36
TJ-maszlo: I think you're correct! My memory is shot from too much data... let me check18:36
Zigahow do i disable that?18:36
lotuspsychjeZiga: enter your bios and change values18:37
TJ-maszlo: ok, the option should be "blame" !18:37
alek_upgrading to 16.04 asked me to remove old files i clicked yes, and after rebooting i couldnt enter18:37
TJ-alek_: do you use english as your system language?18:37
TJ-alek_: and did you always need to type a passphrase to unlock the rootfs - in other words, you weren't using a key-file ?18:38
alek_i had to type it when i was upgrading to 14 04 version but the upgrade to 16 04 I couldnt get in18:39
kvivIf I wanted to reinstall X / KDE after accidentally purging a core package, where should I start?18:40
TJ-alek_: that would usually be caused by the wrong keymap being used in the initial ramdisk image. I helped a German user with that issue a couple days ago, but I've not seen it affect English so far18:40
mrjoshua2Can the Ubuntu system testing tool be installed in Puppy Linux?18:40
TJ-alek_: do you use en_US or en_GB or someth other?18:40
Zigai disabled secure boot but i cant seem to find fastboot. I also just tried to install again and it still doesnt find any partitions (only the usb but i cant install on that)18:40
alkisgkviv: something like sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop18:41
lotuspsychjeZiga: try legacy18:41
alek_Thanks for the Feedback TJ, im minutes away from night shift, so we'll talk tomorrow18:41
lotuspsychjeZiga: depending on systems, it has other names18:41
SimonNLZiga: fastboot in windows power management settings18:41
mrjoshua2Ziga: you cannot install on USB?18:42
SimonNLmmm that could be fast start up18:42
Zigawell i would rather install it on my ssd18:42
Zigainstead of on the usb18:42
mrjoshua2Ziga:Logically is the SSD formatted and connected?18:42
lotuspsychjemrjoshua2: why would you suggest installing on usb?18:43
mrjoshua2lotuspsychje:because if Ziga can install on USB then he or she can format the SSD18:43
mrjoshua2or wipe the drive18:43
mrjoshua2which I had to do18:44
Zigathe computer is new, but it has windows 10 on it. windows works normally but i cannot install ubuntu on it18:44
Zigatrying with legacy boot now18:44
mrjoshua2Ziga: isnt there an Ubuntu windows application18:44
lordcirth_workmrjoshua2, ubuntu on windows is neat but not full ubuntu18:45
kvivalkisg: Thanks, I'll try that in a minute and see whether it works.18:45
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25803202/ is with the blame option after sitting on failed boot for 3 minutes18:45
Zigaquick question: should i use LVM?18:45
mrjoshua2I remember there was a Ubuntu Installer for Windows that would partition everything18:46
TJ-maszlo: thanks18:46
Zigaoh mrjoshua2 i didnt know that. it seems to be working now with legacy boot so im gonna try that first. should i use LVM?18:47
TJ-maszlo: that seems to confirm it's a network issue then18:47
lotuspsychjeZiga: you have sensitive data?18:47
lotuspsychjeZiga: then choose a normal install18:47
Zigaok thanks18:47
maszloTJ-: so put it in airplane mode and reboot without AC?18:48
boxrickIs there a simple way install kexec-tools in the pre-seed and make it handle reboots?18:48
maszloTJ-: that test didnt show anything different.18:49
Zigaguys it's working now. thank you!18:49
TJ-maszlo: that's worth a shot. I just found a Windows T450 user complaining of long delays at log-in and on there it was caused by the fingerprint scanner software!18:50
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TJ-Ziga: if you use legacy boot you won't be able to add Ubuntu into the system's UEFI boot menu. You'll always have to use the manual boot menu and choose the Legacy-boot mode18:51
Zigatj so what should i do now?18:51
maszloTJ-: airplane mode was no help.  I never thought would ask if this was an option, but can i safely revert back to 17.04?18:52
TJ-maszlo: could this have any relevance? has the system ever completely exhausted its battery? https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/solutions/ht00416418:53
lotuspsychjemaszlo: 17.04 will not be supported very long anymore18:53
lotuspsychjemaszlo: perhaps try a 17.10 liveusb?18:53
maszlolotuspsychje: well right now i cannot turn on my notebook without being plugged in18:54
lordcirth_workmrjoshua2, I don't think that's supported anymore18:54
lordcirth_workWindows 10 changed everything18:54
maszloTJ-: never had that issue.  dont use bitlocker and both internal and hot swap batteries are near full18:55
ddoobbHey I'm trying to install a python package 'pywapi' so I do 'pip install pywapi' but that gives the following error:18:55
ddoobbCould not find a version that satisfies the requirement pywapi (from versions: )18:55
ddoobbNo matching distribution found for pywapi18:55
lotuspsychje!info pywapi18:56
ubottuPackage pywapi does not exist in artful18:56
maszlo!info metapixel18:56
ubottumetapixel (source: metapixel): generator for photomosaics. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-7.4build1 (artful), package size 44 kB, installed size 126 kB18:56
kostkonmaszlo, give it a go nonetheless18:56
daxlotuspsychje: throw a python- or python3- in front18:57
dax(i have no idea how pip works so no help there, but it is in the repos)18:57
kostkonmaszlo, I'd say probably wait for more that 30 secs18:58
mrjoshua2Dosbox for Ubuntu is the same dosbox for windows, which means I can run windows applications in Ubuntu, even Windows 9518:58
TJ-maszlo: no, I was more interested in the cause being battery exhausted. Suggests some values in the firmware non-volatile RAM is set incorrectly as a result, or not updated, and then causes long-lasting issues afterwards18:58
mrjoshua2much better than Wune18:58
TJ-maszlo: right now, without more evidence, I'm out of ideas!18:59
lotuspsychjemrjoshua2: keep that for offtopic plz18:59
kostkonmrjoshua2, both facts are correct18:59
lotuspsychjemaszlo: if 17.04 worked fine? try 17.10 clean install? try other kernel?19:00
ZigaTJ- ubuntu now works but only in legacy boot mode. what can i do to make it work in UEFI?19:01
maszlolotuspsychje: I have tried more than kernel.  even with /home being seperated fear that clean install will lose stuff. but year never had issues with this notebook for the last 2 years i had it, always running newest build19:02
TJ-Ziga: it has to be installed in UEFI mode; well not strictly true, but switching the install to use grub-efi instead of grub-pc when still in legacy mode is VERY difficult19:02
BlessedHelp please i installed ubuntu on USB flash but it didnt install grub2. How to do it?19:03
ZigaTJ- but before i couldnt install it in UEFI. I had to switch to legacy for the computer to see my hard drive19:03
TJ-Ziga: I saw. that would suggests the installer couldn't see the storage device, which infers that somehow the device isn't fully enabled when in UEFI mode19:05
lotuspsychje!grub | Blessed19:05
ubottuBlessed: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub219:05
ZigaTJ- what do you suggest i do?19:06
apteryxakik: Are these sysctl and iptables commands from your example really required?19:06
akikapteryx: does it work without them?19:06
kvivalkisg: I tried reinstalling the desktop, but couldn't due to dependency error. I lack the qtbase5-abi-5-5-1 which is supposed to be a part of libqt5core5a package which I already have. I don't know how is that possible.19:06
lotuspsychjeZiga: for ubuntu single boot you need secureboot and fastboot off, aka legacy19:07
kostkonkviv, pastebin the outputs19:07
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akikapteryx: i can test too19:07
Zigalotuspsychje, what is the difference in legacy and uefi? like do i even need uefi?19:08
lotuspsychjeZiga: uefi tweaking is needed when you want dualboot with windows19:09
lotuspsychje!uefi | Ziga19:09
ubottuZiga: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:09
Zigawell i'm not going to dualboot, so i dont need uefi?19:09
apteryxakik: I haven't tried yet. It's still pretty much black magic to me, that's why I asked :)19:09
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lotuspsychjeZiga: no19:10
Zigalotuspsychje, ok so i dont need to bother anymore :D thank you19:10
lotuspsychjeZiga: test for yourself ok, you see your partitions now, check after install what happens19:11
akikapteryx: ok they are needed. TJ- linked to the tap interface method which might not need them19:11
kvivkostkon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25803343/19:14
cyber37Hi guy's, when i connect my nexus 7 2012 to my Ubuntu computer, it try to mount the mtp multple time and nautilus open windows,19:14
cyber37Any idea why the mtp is mounting and mounting again ?19:14
kostkonkviv, cat /etc/apt/sources.list   is everything enabled?19:15
kvivkostkon: The whole file seems blank.19:16
lotuspsychjecyber37: tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your nexus, see whats going on there19:16
kostkonkviv, really?19:16
kostkonkviv, pretty sure about that?19:17
kvivkostkon: Both cat and less display a blank line.19:17
Kentsfieldhello there!19:18
urgodfatherhello room, can someone help me map 2 locations to be on a 2nd drive. like symbolic links or w/e19:18
kostkonkviv, ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list  what's the file size19:18
urgodfathermkdir -p /cd_dp/images19:18
urgodfathermkdir /cd_dp/resources19:18
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apteryxakik: Your comment about dhcp was that inside a guest, it won't connect automatically through DHCP and I must manually set a static IP address, right?19:18
urgodfatherthose two folders.. i need to move them to another drive19:18
kvivkostkon: 219:18
akikapteryx: yes19:20
kostkonkviv, well, it seems you will have to recreate it then19:20
KentsfieldI have a question :) I have installed ubuntu on a USB Stick right now. Is there any way to move the file system to a hard drive/SSD without installing again? I don't know if dd works for this19:20
kvivkostkon: Any suggestion where should I start?19:20
lotuspsychjeKentsfield: better install fresh on the ssd19:20
Kentsfield:( The problem is - I can't fresh install19:21
kostkonkviv, just to double check, what is you are getting when you   sudo apt-get update19:21
kvivkostkon: I do get the sources, strangely.19:21
sliptteesHi guys. I installed kylin-greeter. So lock user session appears china caracteres  instead of "connected"19:21
urgodfatherKentsfield are you running a live boot or did you install it onto a usb stick19:21
kostkonkviv, what about  apt-cache policy kubuntu-desktop19:22
Kentsfieldurgodfather: I first had a live usb stick, then I installed on the same stick19:22
Kentsfieldon a second partition19:23
Kentsfieldand the reason why I cant fresh install - This PC has no graphics whatsoever. I _must_ install from serial console, and I don't have an RS232 <--> USB adaptor. I lent one for the installation of the stick19:24
KentsfieldI borrowed one*19:24
kvivkostkon: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25803460/19:24
kostkonkviv, what is the name of the package you purged19:26
maszloTJ-: notebook on battery had no issues loading livecd19:26
sliptteesHi guys. I installed kylin-greeter. So lock user session appears chinese characters instead of "connected". :/19:26
kostkonkviv, also  apt-cache policy software-properties-kde19:27
kvivkostkon: libqt5core5a. I did it due to the same dependency problems I'm having now. I panicked and interrupted it when I saw it was purging whole KDE along with it. I later performed an apt-get -f install. It is still there, though. KDE apps and GTK packages that remained are marked for autoremoval.19:29
kostkonkviv, why is the cause of those problems do you know?19:30
ducasseKentsfield: do you have another machine? plug the disk in that and install there, move disk back.19:30
kostkonkviv, did you try to use a 3rd party repo or a ppa?19:31
kvivkostkon: I use Maui Linux, they have some repos of their own.19:33
kostkonkviv, oh ooh19:33
kostkonkviv, maui right19:33
kostkonkviv, well we only support Ubuntu here I'm afraid19:34
nicomachusis there a way to remove directories from the "Recent Files" view in Nautilus without disabling it entirely?19:34
kostkonkviv, and it should be pretty obvious by now as to why we do that19:34
Kentsfieldducasse: I don't know if this will work, since the target pc has no graphics19:36
KentsfieldI actually don't need any graphics, not even text via serial. I just need openssh daemon installed19:36
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iorianicomachus, you can have some fun parsing /home/$USER/.local/share/recently-used.xbel19:37
kvivkostkon: I am aware, as well as I'm aware that Maui is not an official Ubuntu derivative, and I apologise for taking it here, but either Maui has no IRC channel of its own or I couldn't find it. I still hoped the matter could be resolved purely from the Ubuntu side of the distro, though.19:37
nicomachusioria: I found this: https://github.com/brutus/nautilus-blacklist19:37
nicomachusbut it seems pretty depricated19:37
kostkonkviv, no offense taken. well there's is #linux or is it ##linux or whatever19:38
kostkonkviv, i think the problem stems from the maui side19:39
nicomachusioria: wew, recently-used.xbel looks like a handful.19:39
iorianicomachus, yeah, need time and studying ...19:39
maszloIs there an option to get a more Gnome install than what ubuntu pushes in 17.10?  am debating on doing clean install, just realized how purple brown and orange the 17.10 is.19:39
TJ-maszlo: LiveCD+Battery --- that'd be the same kernel? Same release (17.10) ? in which case it points to some regressin the release-upgrade process going from the existing services to the new ones19:40
kvivkostkon: I'd just reinstall the system right away, wasn't it for the fact that I'd need to purge the whole partition.19:40
ducasseKentsfield: why would it need any? just install ubuntu server with no gui packages.19:40
nicomachusioria: seems like a blacklist should be reasonably easy to implement...19:40
kvivkostkon: But if the Maui repos seem to be at fault, then at least it's a clue.19:40
ducasseKentsfield: ssh is installed and on by default on the server install19:40
nicomachusioria: I guess I'll just disable it completely for now...19:41
iorianicomachus, yep, but pay a little attention if you use that app19:41
kostkonkviv, don't really know what else to say, sorry, lol. Hopefully you'll someone in #linux willing to help you19:41
Kentsfieldinterestingly it was not, ducasse19:41
Kentsfieldon the installation I made on the stick, ssh was not even installed19:41
maszloTJ-: not sure if i should have told you this a while ago.. but i was using Ubuntu Gnome, not vanilla ubuntu19:41
kvivkostkon: No worries. You've been a great help anyway, thank you. The rest is up to me now.19:42
kostkonkviv, np. Good luck19:42
maszloTJ-: looks like same version kernel, might be unsigned on the livecd19:43
nicomachusioria: what app?19:44
nicomachusI use the Recent Files feature occasionally but not enough to miss it in favor of having files show up there that shouldn't.19:45
iorianicomachus, sy, i meant that py script19:45
TJ-maszlo: the problem seems to be before the GUI is launched. I haven't noticed the gdm3.service in those analyze lists19:45
nicomachusioria: ah. it wouldn't even install because it doesn't have an install candidate for anything newer than trusty19:46
KentsfieldHeyjo TJ- !19:46
iorianicomachus, ok, good :þ19:46
ducasseKentsfield: well, was that ubuntu server or desktop?19:47
KentsfieldTJ-: Maybe you remember me, you helped me a few days ago with installing ubuntu on my "no graphics" APU ;)19:47
Kentsfieldducasse: 17.04 server amd6419:47
TJ-maszlo: I had held out a small hope that the kernel version difference had introduced a regression, but your LiveCD test seems to discount that. I think if we ever get to the bottom of this, the issue with be some service installed on 17.04 has either upgraded its config badly, or is incompatible with some other service introduced in 17.10. I'm just going through your 'analyze blame' list trying to figure out19:47
TJ-what might not be part of a stock 17.10 install19:47
TJ-Kentsfield: I remember it well - I'm thinking of buying a couple :)19:47
Kentsfield:O Sweet!19:47
TJ-Kentsfield: don't tell me you've broken it again? :)19:48
KentsfieldMaybe you can help me. It looks like the USB stick is not really suited for long uptimes (Obviously)19:48
KentsfieldAfter a few days of uptime the system crashes/hangs :(19:49
TJ-Kentsfield: I/O errors ?19:49
KentsfieldI actually don't know. When I try to connect via SSH, i can enter the username, but as soon as I enter the password I suddenly get a "Server rejected connection" error immediately19:50
TJ-Kentsfield: you've not mixed up the usernames again?19:50
TJ-Kentsfield: try "ssh -vvv user@hostname" to get VERY verbose logging. There is usually a clue in that19:50
KentsfieldSo, I rebooted and instantly connected via SSH, strange things happen. I can enter a command like top, which works fine. The second command is unknown. No matter what I enter. When I close the connection and retry to connect, I get the refused error again19:51
TJ-Kentsfield: sounds like the network is dropping.19:51
TJ-Kentsfield: wired or wireless - from your client to the APU ?19:52
TJ-Kentsfield: through a switch, or direct?19:52
Kentsfieldthe strange thing - I leave the APU turned off for about 10 minutes, turn it on again - Everything works fine19:52
TJ-Kentsfield: that's says "thermal issues" to me19:53
Kentsfieldthe usb key gets extremely hot, i can't touch it o.o19:53
* TJ- nods... thermal issue!19:53
Kentsfieldbut wait... there's more!19:53
TJ-can you try alternative USB devices of different make?19:53
KentsfieldI don't know much about USB3, but the funny thing is... no matter what USB3 device I use on no matter which device19:54
Kentsfieldit always gets freakin hot to the touch19:54
Kentsfieldtherefore I assumed that it's very normal, that US3 ports get about 60°C (about 140°F)19:55
Kentsfieldor even more than that...19:55
root15haw to installe back track tolos in ubuntu19:56
rdhapt install <toolname>19:57
rdhroot15, ^19:58
Kentsfieldthis may sound stupid, but it's a real question - Are temps about 140°F/60°C _not_ normal for USB3 plugs?19:58
TJ-Kentsfield: sounds like something is pulling far too much current19:58
ubottuThe Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)19:58
TJ-Kentsfield: very abnormal19:58
TJ-Kentsfield: are all the USB3 devices thumb flash types? are they from the same manufacturer?19:58
lordcirth_workUSB storage devices can get *warm* when writing to them at max speed - but not that hot!19:59
rdhroot15, btw, Kali is the improved, updated version of backtrack19:59
root15yes flach usb19:59
KentsfieldTJ-: but I'm really confused... Look. I got 4 USB3 sticks from different manufacturers. 2x Sandisk (Different models), Corsair and intenso. Also, I have 2 USB hard drives - Both from Sandisk, but also different models. And last but not least - My oculus rift VR Goggles20:00
TJ-maszlo: I've just found (yet another) problem with the T450 that is due to a Lenovo firmware bug. In this one the (Panasonic-made) batteries installed have buggy firmware that misreports their state. We seem to be proving it isn't a hardware issue so far but I'm wondering if, when not charging, the battery is reporting something that is confusing the Linux monitoring tools. The issue I've been reading about20:01
TJ-has the battery reporting its current charge as 110% of its full capacity. I can see that could confuse some tools.20:01
KentsfieldIt does absolutely not matter which USB3 device I use on which PC (my desktop PC, parents desktop PC, parents notebook, one of my two notebooks and my APU) - _all_ devices get that hot even after 2 Minutes of usage20:01
KentsfieldAnd I really doubt that all my USB3 hardware is broken or all my PCs/notebooks are damaged too :S20:01
root15a aim install other zeus bontent20:01
TJ-Kentsfield: I've never know a USB device of any kind (even a coffee warmer!) get to 60C.20:02
Kentsfield:( Thats really strange though20:02
root15haw to binder the bot zeun inject in pdf20:02
TJ-Kentsfield: are you driving them hard with constant I/O ?20:02
root15hwith back track20:02
naccroot15: you are not using full english sentences, it's hard to understand what you need20:02
KentsfieldTJ-: sometimes, depends on the device and the usage20:02
Kentsfieldusually I just copy/read a few things from an USB stick or hard drive, the oculus headset is connected all the time but most of the time in idle when I'm not playing.20:03
jameswineIf I need to add the PPA for this link. What would be the appropriate command? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/libglib2.0-020:03
naccjameswine: that's not a PPA20:03
naccjameswine: that's the official Ubuntu package in xenial20:03
TJ-Kentsfield: are they directly connected or through external hubs?20:03
oerheksroot15, no help here with hacking, look for the backtrack channels20:03
Kentsfieldall directly20:03
kostkonroot15, backtrack, inject... You are in the wrong place20:03
nacc!info libglib2.0-0 xenial | jameswine20:04
ubottujameswine: libglib2.0-0 (source: glib2.0): GLib library of C routines. In component main, is standard. Version 2.48.2-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1157 kB, installed size 3966 kB20:04
Kentsfieldbut USB3 hardware on a USB2 port are not getting hot.20:04
naccjameswine: if you are on ubuntu and 16.04, then you have that package available to you (main is a required component)20:04
jameswine@nacc yea it wasn't well formed question really. I'm building a docker container (based on 16.04) which doesn't have access to it.20:04
Kentsfieldis* not are :S20:05
naccjameswine: it doesn't have access to the Ubuntu archive?20:05
jameswineIt has most packages but not libglib2 and git, just a short list from the ones I'm using.20:05
maszloTJ-: i have never see it go over 100%.  maybe this issue is with there being two batteries and 17.10 does not like that?20:05
naccjameswine: if you're building the docker container, then add it to it?20:06
KentsfieldI do have a USB power monitor which shows the current, but sadly just USB2 :(20:06
naccjameswine: i'm not sure what you're doing, but it sounds like you're doing it incorrectly20:06
jameswine@nacc I just need to add that portion of the ubuntu repos and it'll work fine20:06
naccjameswine: what 'portion' of the ubuntu repos are you using currently?20:06
maszloTJ-: i have the drive split up so that would not loose home folder, but all the arduino libs and boards and other misc config makes me cautious to just overwrite with a clean install20:07
maszlomore than just that applicaion, just one example.  I know my loss of understanding what is going on here might not show it, been using ubuntu since 200520:09
jameswine@nacc figured it out, had a bad character in the line20:09
TJ-maszlo: oh noes! I think I've spotted something in your dmesg. "ACPI: Added _OSI(Windows)" - not "Windows 2012" and then I look at the kernel command line and notice you've not got double quotes around acpi_osi=Windows 2012 so that'll be interpreted as two options 1) "acpi_osi=Windows" and "2012" !!! Edit /etc/default/grub, get to the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=" and change the: acpi_osi=Windows 2012    to:20:10
TJ-acpi_osi=! \"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\"  - then save, do "sudo update-grub" and I'll bet it works20:10
naccjameswine: ah nice20:10
TJ-maszlo: the complete line should look something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="acpi_osi=! \"acpi_osi=Windows 2012\""   - note 2 x " at the end20:11
jameswineso it couldn't find hidden{name}20:11
maszloTJ-: what does the acpi_osi! mean?20:12
TJ-maszlo: it tells the kernel to remove all it's pre-set OSI strings from the list it passed to the DSDT. Which has the effect that we can be sure the DSDT reacts only to the one we actually set20:13
TJ-maszlo: the \" around any parameter+value that contains a space is essential because space is the option parameter separator character20:14
TJ-maszlo: I'm 90% sure this will solve the issue. We've been working on the assumption the setting was being applied correctly but it wasn't20:15
maszloTJ-: I do believe i tried this before with your script that pulled all the windows options and tried the highest numbered one "Windows 2015"20:18
maszloTJ-: it was messing around with grub-customizer than cleared that ! line out because seemed off20:19
apteryxakik: seems to work using the first 3 lines for me, as long as I do: ip addr add dev ens3 from inside the guest.20:20
maszloTJ-: i got the same results, this is from tty2 on a failed boot. https://s1.postimg.org/6eekmznrfj/IMAG2884.jpg20:21
akikapteryx: you can access internet sites from the vm ?20:21
maszloTJ-: not clear to me why the motd are complaining about read only and that divide by zero bug listed.. when zero updates are in queue20:22
naccmaszlo: that's just motd update, it is saying the CVE is fixed inn teh livepatch kernel20:23
naccmaszlo: as to the read-only filesystem, it may have errors and need to be checked, if you've been forcing it off, etc.20:23
naccmaszlo: but also, not sure why you say it's a failed boot? it's up if are able to login on tty2..20:24
maszlonacc: because i cannot login to the system via a gui, and all the services dont start etc20:24
naccmaszlo: ah sorry, i didn't have that context20:25
naccmaszlo: is your / read-only currently?20:26
TJ-maszlo: might be a good idea to make it "Windows 2015" then if that was the most recent mentioned in the DSDT.20:27
maszlonacc: well when i boot with AC power i can run updates so dont think so normally.20:27
TJ-maszlo: nacc the fsck looks ok from systemd-analyze: "38ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-02d8f743\x2d1bc2\x2d450f\x2da8c5\x2d568d12eef6a8.service"20:27
naccmaszlo: i know not normally, but right now20:28
ddoobbIf any Thunar user is here how do you search for files?20:28
TJ-nacc: the issue is that since a d-r-u from 17.04 to 17.10 this Lenovo T450 fails to reach the graphical.target when starting on battery. It manages it fine when the AC charger is attached20:28
naccTJ-: and live usb 17.04 still works fine on battery?20:29
TJ-nacc: feels like an ACPI issue which is why we applied the acpi_osi fix last week, or tried to. It didn't seem to solve it then, but today I've been assuming we had that in place but it turns out we didn't20:29
maszlonacc: yes it is read only now20:29
TJ-nacc: 17.10 LiveISO, apparently yes.20:29
naccTJ-: interesting20:30
Bashing-omddoobb: A GUI tool . Hidden files ? then ctl+h to show them .20:30
TJ-nacc: we've used systemd-analyze critical-chain and blame to try to figure it out. The most obvious issue is systemd-resolved.service and systemd-hostnamed.service repeatedly fail to start due to "resources" - which could be a read-only file-system but there's no sign if the fsck service needing to run fsck20:31
CoderEuropeHiya I need halp on my deepin machine - I want to make\install Xubuntu but I cannot recall the dd_image cli command ?20:31
maszloTJ-: the errors from from systemctl of the services that failed.. where the cause was shown as 'resource'  didnt that complain about it being in readonly too?20:31
ddoobbBashing-om No I mean if there's folder with many many files how do I search for one, like in Nautilus it's Ctrl+F20:31
TJ-maszlo: Yes, it did. nacc pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802659/  photo of screen: https://postimg.org/image/55zdfb1957/20:32
cerionhi. gufw is sefualting when I try to run it. on 17.10. nayone got the same problem or is it jsut me ?20:32
maszlogot your analysis of that at same time :D20:32
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:32
naccTJ-: technically, the fsck can succeed and still be in ro20:32
naccTJ-: it depends on the where it failed (iirc)20:32
TJ-maszlo: nacc systemd-analyze critical-chain: https://postimg.org/image/95tvyrd7fv/   systemd-anlayze blame: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25803202/20:32
naccTJ-: maszlo: I would get it to a read-write state first before trying to do much else20:33
TJ-maszlo: nacc dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/20:33
apteryxakik: not sure yet (i don't have a browser installed). But SSHing into the guest works. Ping doesn't work though. I was under the impression than ICMP should work using a bridge?20:33
maszlonacc: if i reboot with AC power i get rw20:34
Bashing-omddoobb: file -> Find in this folder . ??20:34
naccTJ-: actually, i'm not sure i see the root fs in the systemd-fsck lists?20:34
TJ-nacc: it does reach that state eventually it seems. We noticed the wifi takes about 30 seconds to come up which I figured was part of the issue, but there's no indication as to what causes the delay (look at the timestamps in the dmesg)20:34
naccTJ-: going by UUID, at least20:34
akikapteryx: ping should work too20:34
ddoobbBashing-om No such option here, on Thunar 1.6.11. Which version are you on?20:35
TJ-nacc: I assumed it was 38ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-02d8f743\x2d1bc2\x2d450f\x2da8c5\x2d568d12eef6a8.service since the other one is for a FAT32 FS by the look of the ID:  92ms systemd-fsck@dev-disk-by\x2duuid-42B4\x2d7DEB.service20:35
TJ-maszlo: what does "grep '/ ' /proc/mounts " show as the rootfs?20:35
Bashing-omddoobb: "Thunar 1.6.11 (Xfce 4.12)" .20:35
naccTJ-: i was going by root= on the first photo i saw20:35
naccTJ-: https://s1.postimg.org/6eekmznrfj/IMAG2884.jpg20:36
apteryxakik: strange, it doesn't :/ I tried ping
TJ-nacc: well spotted. from the kernel command line: root=UUID=9cf758af-3aa8-4e6c-a489-ada9b4e3873620:36
ddoobbBashing-om I don't see it in the file menu. Is there a shortcut for it?20:36
naccTJ-: yeah20:36
apteryxakik: I noticed that after starting Qemu it creates a tap0 interface (as visible by the 'ip add' command).20:37
naccTJ-: which doesn't match any of the UUIDs in the systemd output, I don't think (and I think they are encoded the same)20:37
akikapteryx: you need those forward/masquerade rules for it to work20:37
TJ-nacc: almost... that's a bug-bear of mine, the udev encodings!20:37
maszloTJ-: shows /dev/sda6 ext4 rw,realtime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered 0 020:38
naccTJ-: yeah, makes it impossible to grep :)20:38
TJ-nacc: easy when you know "-" has ASCII encoding 0x2D, but a pain to scan/parse as \x2d20:38
naccTJ-: yeah :)20:38
naccTJ-: I shouldn't have said "impossible", just "annoying" :)20:39
TJ-maszlo: Can you "pastebinit <( lsblk; sudo blkid /dev/sda8 )"20:39
TJ-nacc: impossible when you're scanning for problems though20:39
naccTJ-: it's interesting that the rootdisk /dev/sda6 is the second longest systemd unit20:39
naccfrom http://paste.ubuntu.com/25803202/20:40
TJ-nacc: if this is the issue we have to invent a rationale for the fsck failing to run/not being called/the disk left in read-only mode too long!20:40
naccTJ-: it's *possible* that the disk has a the fsck flag set, which is causing it get checked, but the task that at boot would clear it is seeing a RO fs while the fsck is running and never clears the flag?20:41
Bashing-omddoobb: Your display like : http://i.imgur.com/FaDS3Ar.png ? where file is the left most in the tool bar ?20:41
TJ-maszlo: nacc but 950ms isn't that much for a large file-system20:41
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804011/20:41
naccTJ-: I guess I should ask "Is it *possible*"...20:41
=== olivier is now known as Guest29898
naccTJ-: so /home is getting fsck'd fine, but not / ? I guess it also depends on the fstab settings20:42
TJ-nacc: well, in theory, systemd shouldn't start dependent services until the target has finished. I think that's at the crux of what is happening here, but in the systemd-analyze critical-chain photo you'll see local-fs.target completes early with @1.242s20:42
ddoobbBashing-om you probably have the catfish addon installed right? It seems you can't search with stock Thunar20:43
Bashing-omddoobb: No, no addons .20:44
maszlonacc: here is fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804041/20:44
apteryxakik: still doesn't work. Right after SSHing the VM, ping returns: connect: Network is unreachable20:44
TJ-maszlo: nacc according to "man 7 systemd.special" local-fs.target: "systemd-fstab-generator(3) automatically adds dependencies of type Before= to all mount units that refer to local mount points for this target unit. In addition, it adds dependencies of type20:44
TJ-           Wants= to this target unit for those mounts listed in /etc/fstab that have the auto mount option set.20:44
Bashing-omddoobb: works fine out of the box for me .. as just tested .20:45
naccTJ-: right20:46
naccTJ-: so, it could actually be remounting ro on errors, it might be worth checking it20:46
TJ-maszlo: my typos again! show us "pastebinit <( sudo blkid /dev/sda5 )" (not sda8!)20:47
TJ-nacc: I looked at a syslog earlier, there were no signs of I/O errors20:47
naccTJ-: ok20:47
naccTJ-: another confusing point, i believe maszlo's paste a moment ago said / was sda6, but the fstab refers to sda520:48
maszloTJ-: thats windows 10 http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804062/20:48
naccmaszlo: i thinnk we want sda6 :)20:48
TJ-nacc: wasn't that from the  950ms dev-sda6.device20:48
TJ-That was the only other sign of device names in the systemd-analyze blame output I think20:49
compdocTJ-, you need to check the drive's smart info to know if its failing20:49
naccTJ-: yeah, sda6 is / in the systemd blame and http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804062/, but the fstab text says sda5 was / when installed. Probably a red herring, just something to note20:49
TJ-compdoc: we know. We need to be sure what we're dealing with though. The drive is fine - this issue only happens when the system starts on battery power. On AC it's perfectly fine.20:49
mas886Hey I need some help,20:49
maszloweird i cannot get gparted to open.  was going to grab a pictures worth a thousand words20:50
mas886After installing ubuntu 17.10 webcam is not working.20:50
naccmaszlo: :)20:50
mas886After installing ubuntu 17.10 webcam is not working. Is there anything I got to install?20:50
ddoobbBashing-om I got this addon so it's OK-ish now, though the search opens in another window. What does it look like on your system?20:50
akikapteryx: i tried to make the commands work 100% :) there are 4 lines where you need to change eth0 to your ethernet interface name20:51
TJ-maszlo: nacc I think what is confusing is the fstab comment saying / was on sda5 originally (many moons ago when 17.04 was installed I guess)20:52
Bashing-omddoobb: http://i.imgur.com/ltEcBjR.png .20:52
qwxleahow can i install arp. what pkg is it in?20:52
TJ-maszlo: nacc to be clear lets see all the IDs! "pastebinit <( sudo blkid /dev/sda* )"20:52
naccTJ-: yeah, it probably is othig, just a bit of dissonance :)20:53
naccqwxlea: net-tools20:53
ddoobbBashing-om Yeah this addon looks just like that. I'm guessing you do have catfish package installed.20:53
naccqwxlea: apt-file can help you find packages for specific utilities (e.g apt-file update; apt-file search arp | grep bin)20:53
qwxleanacc: embarrassingly simple answer, thanks20:53
TJ-nacc: if we can identify the fsck service name we might even have some log entries20:53
naccqwxlea: yw20:54
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804095/20:54
naccTJ-: yeah, that's the hope20:54
Bashing-omddoobb: Apparently so from a default xubuntu install .20:54
TJ-maszlo: nacc Yay! /dev/sda6: UUID="9cf758af-3aa8-4e6c-a489-ada9b4e38736"20:54
qwxleanacc: apt-file is handy too, nice!20:55
maszloTJ-: I guess i was messing with the fstab and didnt clean up the comments :|20:55
TJ-maszlo: nacc hypothesis based on the photo of systemd-analyze critical-chain": notice hddtem.service starts @26.979. Could that be because the disk was being checked or remained read-only until then?20:56
naccTJ-: ok, that's good :)20:56
naccTJ-: yeah that's an odd offset to have, presumably it waits for the hdd to be 'ready' before it runs (the logs may be useful)20:56
naccTJ-: I wonder if when on battery, give the ACPI issues, the disk is non-responsive for some reason20:56
naccTJ-: or slow to respond?20:57
nacc(could also be the controller, I suppose)20:57
naccNow, why it would happen with 17.10 and not 17.04, I don't know20:57
TJ-maszlo: nacc: so if there is some disk-reliant service holding things up. nacc, so you know, originally I pointed the finger at laptop-mode.service and we tried disabling it since that does all sorts of weird stuff based on battery state. But disabling didn't appear to solve it20:57
TJ-nacc: no I/O errors so no delays as far as the controll/disk are concerned20:58
naccTJ-: yeah, i could see that being a possible source (even if it was't in this case)20:58
naccI wonder, what is the log for the systemd-remount-fs.service?20:58
maszlowould there be any hard in trying a boot with errors=remount-ro changed to defaults to see if boots normal?20:58
TJ-maszlo: can you grab that? "pastebinit <( journalctl -u systemd-remount-fs.service) "20:59
naccTJ-: because i believe htat is what goes from the ro to rw state20:59
naccTJ-: not very verbose here, unofrtunately20:59
TJ-nacc: nor here :)20:59
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TJ-nacc: timestamps might give insight21:00
naccTJ-: yeah, i do also get a "re-mounted" message in dmesg, it seems21:00
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804143/21:00
naccTJ-: oh interestig21:01
naccTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/ lots of remounting21:01
naccwhy would it be doing that?21:01
maszloTJ-: come to think of it, unlike my server i am not sure i ever had that halt of boot where checked the disk21:02
naccmaszlo: do you have a good boot's dmesg?21:02
maszlonacc: AC powered boot dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804176/21:04
naccI also ahve this very vague and odd recollection that the thinkpad acpi driver has lots of issues21:05
TJ-maszlo: nacc this command shows what depends on that service "systemctl list-dependencies --reverse systemd-remount-fs.service"21:05
=== john is now known as Guest3082
naccbut I might be totally wrong on it, I haven't been deep in the kernel for a few years21:05
naccTJ-: ah thanks21:05
TJ-nacc: thinkpad used to but I've not seen reports of problems in the last couple of years21:05
naccTJ-: ah ok21:05
naccTJ-: maszlo: ok o a good boot, the partitions do not re-mount repeatedly21:06
naccit feels like that implies that the disk behaves differently (or something in that area) when on battery21:06
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804200/21:07
maszloTJ-: reminder when i put acpi=off kernel parameter it booted up21:08
TJ-maszlo: yes. which is why I was pretty sure acpi_osi should fix it once the DSDT was behaving21:08
TJ-maszlo: what does "cat /proc/cmdline" show right now?21:08
maszloTJ-: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.13.0-16-generic.efi.signed root=UUID=9cf758af-3aa8-4e6c-a489-ada9b4e38736 ro acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2012"21:09
TJ-maszlo: last try... change 2012 to 2015 since I seem to recall that's the most recent reported by "sudo strings /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT | grep -i windows | sort"21:10
maszloTJ-: serious, unless the way file systems are checked.. i am not sure i have ever waited on a boot for it to scan21:10
lalhello guys21:10
TJ-maszlo: best to run that command again just to be sure 2015 is the most reason !21:10
TJ-maszlo: right, generally fsck's are scheduled once in a blue moon21:10
laldoes ubuntu auto install drivers like windows1021:10
TJ-s/most reason/most recent/21:10
TJ-lal: if the drivers are part of the kernel, yes.21:11
maszloTJ-: my sever always seems to do it at the most inconvenient time, but never really paid attention never seen it on this21:11
lalif you dont mind me asking how do i check if my drivers are included in kernel?21:11
lalcomplete noob here21:11
naccTJ-: maszlo: i'm not sure if i was at all helpful by interjectig, sorry about that21:11
TJ-maszlo: is it an SSD?21:11
TJ-nacc: It's a good lead, never be sorry!21:12
nacclal: what hardware are you worried about?21:12
lal@nacc im worried about killer wireless21:12
maszloTJ-: this is a ssd yes.  Also changing that to 2015 produced the same issue21:12
nacclal: ok, what device is it? did you try a live usb?21:12
TJ-maszlo: OK, at least we know you have the 'best' value for acpi_osi21:13
maszlonacc: I appreciate all the eyes can get thanks21:13
naccmaszlo: np21:13
lalkiller 1535 ithink and i tried using virtual box but dont have internet connection via wifi21:13
TJ-lal: you can list the drivers used by PCI devices with "lspci -nnk"21:13
khangeekWhy am I having a so buggy gnome on Ubuntu 17.1021:13
nacclal: virtualbox under windows?21:13
lalyeah oracle21:14
lalso i just put "lspci -nk" in command prompt i my windows10?21:14
nacclal: well, i would expect, then, that the wireless device is actually in use by the host and shared to the guest, whcih is a virtualbox question21:14
nacclal: not an ubuntu question, is what i mean21:14
nacclal: unless you have multiple physical wireless devices21:14
khangeekThere isn't an lspci command in a windows shell lol21:15
lalohh i see, ill try to install it outside VM then, thank you lol21:15
lalbtw how do you make your name red?21:15
TJ-maszlo: nacc IDEA! (lightbulb) if originally the rootfs was on sda5 (with a different UUID), systemd generators would generate a job for fsck for that UUID, right? Now, if te rootfs moved to sda6 (and the UUID thus changes) would it be possible that the generator somehow hasn't created a new job21:15
TJ-lal: with a tin of paint :)21:16
naccTJ-: maszlo: that's certainly an idea. I believe you can see all the generated stuff somehow, but I don't know for sure21:16
lal<lal->TJ lol21:16
leftyfblal: wireless devices won't show up to a guest in virtualbox by default. IIRC there is a way to assign a device (wireless NIC) to your guest. This does remove the device from the host btw. So Your windows host will no longer be able to use the wireless.21:17
naccTJ-: it's strange that if it is an errors (fsck) failure, though, that we're not seeing that failure in the logs. It feels like something else is actually goig on.21:17
naccTJ-: but darned if i know what21:17
TJ-maszlo: nacc isn't there somewhere under /var/lib/ or /var/cache/ where ssytemd stores the jobs it creates using generators? Because I recall a couple years ago a server of mine failed to boot due to the wrong jobs remaining when I swapped RAID arrays around and it took me ages to fix21:17
naccTJ-: maszlo: do you have logs from 17.04?21:17
TJ-nacc: agree, it's spooky action at a distance21:17
lal@leftyfb ill wipe drive and install ubuntu i guess, thank you for the explaination ;)21:18
khangeekI think you can probably set it on NAT. That way you will ll have internet in guest but it will come as an ethernet connection or wires connection.21:18
TJ-maszlo: nacc can you "pastebinit <( ls -latr ls /var/run/systemd/generator )"21:18
maszloTJ-: nacc: the changes for this would have been years ago.. likely before i was running 17.0421:19
naccmaszlo: and you said a 17.10 live usb on battery worked fine?21:19
TJ-maszlo: nacc for reference here's my list of generators (complex config!) http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804278/21:20
maszlonacc: yes it booted just fine of livecd on battery21:20
TJ-nacc: I feel like something is left over from 17.0421:20
naccmaszlo: so that also implies an upgrade issue, yeah21:20
naccTJ-: so your idea does seem worth pursuinng21:20
TJ-nacc: notice in my generators we have local-fs-target.wants21:21
naccTJ-: yep, here that's got a symlink in it to systemd-fsck-root.service21:21
maszloTJ-: is there one too many 'ls' in that last command to run?21:21
TJ-nacc: so if maszlo has some jobs for *missing* UUIDs (the problem I had with unbootable server) it would explain the delay21:21
TJ-maszlo: lol yeah... lose the 2nd ls21:22
naccTJ-: yep21:22
TJ-maszlo: fingers and brain not in sync, thinking too fast21:22
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804297/21:22
naccTJ-: and it does look like some of those generated services (particularly for requires) come from fstab21:22
TJ-maszlo: ahhh, nice, not too many21:22
miczacHi, apparently I'm not up-to-date: When have network device files been moved away from /dev ? I'm referring to the entries listed in ifconfig and (now) /proc/net/dev.21:23
maszlonacc TJ- : just want to ensure this was clear upgrade was from ubuntu-gnome 17.04 to ubuntu 17.1021:26
TJ-maszlo: nacc can you "pastebinit <( sudo cat /var/run/systemd/generator/-.mount )"21:27
TJ-maszlo: that's fine - that only affects the GUI parts. the core is the same21:27
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804377/21:28
TJ-maszlo: nacc can you show us "pastebinit <( systemctl status systemd-fsck-root.service) "21:31
apteryx`akik: yes, thanks, I did change eth0 to my enp0s25 interface.21:34
apteryx`But I'm still facing the same problem. I think we should add eth0/enp0s25 to br0; that way DHCP would work.21:35
naccTJ-: there seem like there should also be /run/initramfs/fsck-root and /run/initramfs/fsck.log files21:35
naccTJ-: (at least there are on my 17.10 which was upgraded from 17.04)21:35
TJ-maszlo: nacc right, but notice this last pastebin ConditionPathExists=!/run/initramfs/fsck-root was not met21:36
naccyeah that's strange21:36
maszloTJ-: should i force it to run fsck?21:36
maszlothat put a file called forcefsck on root still work?21:37
madmangunrInteresting, I have the same output as maszlo.  Running Ubuntu 17.1021:38
naccTJ-: maszlo: i assume /run is a tmpfs ?21:38
apteryx`akik: something like: ip link set eth0 master bridge_name21:38
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TJ-maszlo: nacc hmmm... "pastebinit /proc/mounts"21:38
maszlonacc: yea /run is tmpfs21:38
naccmaszlo: ok21:39
Guest53209very well21:39
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804455/21:40
TJ-maszlo: nacc can you "pastebinit /run/initramfs/fsck.log"21:40
thirasis there a way to open a session like at ssh-agent21:40
thirasi don't want to type password all the time at the terminal session21:41
thirasfor sudo i mean21:41
Dexx1_I am tired of running out of space in /boot. How do I make it bigger easily?21:41
naccthiras: why are you doing so much as root?21:41
naccDexx1_: how big is /boot currently?21:41
Dexx1_nacc: how do I find out?21:41
maszloTJ-: this one looks like you found something. http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804460/21:41
thirasnacc, configuration21:42
naccDexx1_: df -h /boot21:42
Dexx1_nacc: /dev/sda1       236M  235M     0 100% /boot21:42
naccthiras: sudo -s -H and do the configuration, then drop out of being root?21:42
naccDexx1_: can you pastebin `ls -ahl /boot` ?21:43
naccTJ-: maszlo: interesting21:43
nacci wonder if the hwclock doesn't work correclty on battery21:43
TJ-maszlo: that looks OK. The time issue seems strange though. might be worth fixing. If the hwclock time is behind the OS time (set by asking an NTP server) I can imagine something might get confused. battery might cause the hwclock to behave differently I suppose (very long shot!)21:43
TJ-nacc: great minds and all that!21:44
naccTJ-: :)21:44
naccmaszlo: not knowing your local time, is that timestamp from the most recent boot? or an earlier one?21:44
naccmaszlo: i guess it has to be from the most recennt, nm, since it's a tmpfs21:44
TJ-maszlo: nacc thing is, how do we track down a service that is being affected? the fsck log looks good, and it being done in the initrd explains why the systemd-root-fsck doesn't run21:45
naccTJ-: yeah, i am thinkning it's nont remounting or being read-only due to the fsck21:45
Dexx1_nacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804479/21:45
naccTJ-: those repeated remounts are worrisome21:45
naccDexx1_: can you run `sudo apt autoremove` ?21:46
TJ-nacc: I'm getting lost... where do you see them?21:46
naccDexx1_: that should free up about 70-80M21:46
naccTJ-: in the dmesg output when on battery in 17.1021:46
naccTJ-: let me try and find the paste :)21:46
naccTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/321:47
TJ-nacc: lol I'm lost in tabs21:47
naccTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25802664/21:47
Dexx1_nacc: that fails because gzip has no space in /boot21:47
TJ-nacc: oh, that's the dmesg log21:47
oerheksboot with "quiet fsck.mode=force" ?21:47
naccTJ-: sda6 and sda8 gets re-mounted 4 times each it seems like21:47
naccTJ-: and I ca't think of why that happens; but when maszlo is on battery it doesn't21:48
maszloTJ-: nacc: as long as bios time is supposed to be in local time, not gmt it looks good21:48
TJ-nacc: right. do we have a dmesg from AC startup? maszlo can you do that? boot with AC then "pastebinit <( dmesg )"21:48
baxxis PSPP different in the repo to what it is on the GNU website?21:49
naccDexx1_: ah, you're already in that position? sorry, I didn't realize that. you will need to purge some packages manually. leftyfb, I think you had the magic voodoo?21:49
baxxbecause I've installed from the ubuntu repository, but when I start it it's just a CLI thing21:49
maszloTJ-: this is from AC power up http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804176/21:49
Dexx1_nacc: Yeah, it's just that I've done this manual thing (which I forgot how to do) many times in the past 6+ months and tired of it. One of things that pisses me off about linux is this...21:50
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Dexx1_Seems like such a rudimentary problem that should have been automatically solved in the 1980's21:50
naccDexx1_: run autoremove regularly (or configure it to be run) and it doesn't happen21:50
Dexx1_("uh oh, you ran out of space bro...")21:51
Dexx1_nacc:  manually remove because autoremove won't work due to lack of space21:51
naccDexx1_: depending on your partitioning, resizing /boot might be a reinstall21:51
TJ-Dexx1_: is the system using LVM ?21:51
Dexx1_TJ-: pretty sure.. plus LUKS21:52
maszloTJ-: nacc  The bios time should be in local time right?  opposed to gmt21:53
maszloI never had an issue with my time being off on boot, just figured would double check21:53
Bashing-omDexx1_: autoremove can be implemented - is but a config setting : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2343732 ; https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2339387 .21:53
naccmaszlo: i believe so21:54
TJ-Dexx1_: then you could 'move' /boot/ to an LV21:54
TJ-maszlo: I generally ensure hwclock is UTC21:54
TJ-maszlo: nacc looking at the dmesg logs and those remounts of sda6/8 - on the battery one I notice just before the apparmor audit messages, "usb 2-7: USB disconnect, device number 3"21:55
Dexx1_So, how do I manually remove these things?21:55
Dexx1_nacc: ^21:55
TJ-maszlo: nacc sorry, it's on both. still strange though!21:56
naccTJ-: i was't sure but i thought the usb device was a different device anyways21:56
maszloTJ-: nothing usb connected21:56
naccTJ-: yeah, it's odd, but usb hubs are weird :)21:56
naccDexx1_: sorry, I need to step away; someone should be able to manually help you remove the older kernels. If you're already at full /boot you'll need to use dpkg to remove them, since apt won't be able to make progress.21:57
baxxhttp://vpaste.net/8to68 < i'm not sure how to go about finding how to install these programmes?21:58
baxxis it a case of googling them all?21:58
TJ-maszlo: nacc so the first is at 4.973104 then again at 6.018455, 7.171180, 7.896538, 8.602831, 9.314219 and then kauditd_printk_skb suppressed 21 other messages too21:58
baxxshould apt-cache search be enough to find stuff like that in general?21:59
naccbaxx: sort of (or apt-cache searchig) for the right thing. But I would say if you don't know what you need, use the packaged version, even if it's old21:59
baxxnacc: yeah - but the packaged version doesn't seem to have a gui21:59
baxxnacc: oh wait - maybe there's another command for teh GUI version, i've done something... let me check :)22:00
naccbaxx: the descriptio says ther is aboth a text annd gui22:01
naccbaxx: dpkg -L pspp should tell you the binaries it ships22:01
baxxnacc: thanks for the tip - where did you get the description?22:01
baxxpspp - Statistical analysis tool  < < is all i get from apt-cache22:01
TJ-maszlo: nacc this could end up causing a worse problem (it kills my machine!) but reboot on battery, go into the GRUB menu, edit the default entry (press 'E'), navigate to the line starting "linux ..." and add "debug" to the kernel command line there. Then press Ctrl+X to boot with that change. That'll cause both the kernel and systemd to output debug-level log messages22:04
baxxoh ace I think it works... why didn't I install this ages ago! >:| ... I'm still curious how you got the description nacc :?22:04
TJ-baxx: "apt cache show <package-name>"22:04
TJ-baxx: "man apt-cache" for more useful hints22:05
baxxTJ-: ah cool - thanks22:05
maszloTJ-: anywhere on that line? or at the end after the windows 2015?22:05
TJ-baxx: to see all versions of a package and where they come from you can also use "apt list -a <package>"22:06
TJ-maszlo: yes, space-separated22:06
TJ-maszlo: as long as it's after "linux" it'll work. All params are space-separated22:06
baxxTJ-: ok cool... i've only just cottoned on to the cache search thing, it's handy22:06
maszloTJ-: okay it fail in the same manor.  no different output on the screen really22:07
TJ-baxx: to search for just a (partial) name (rather than search in the description too) use "apt-cache search -n <search-fragment>" (which is a regular expression)22:07
TJ-maszlo: no? hopefully the log files might have more22:07
TJ-maszlo: unless systemd has changed its debug flag! let me check a 17.10 container here22:08
maszloTJ-: i always had that quiet param removed22:08
TJ-maszlo: oh, joy, they've actually changed it. Use " systemd.log_level=debug " on the kernel command-line instead!22:09
Thunder_Tw1I just had a problem. While gaming and running music etc in the background both my displays went black and the system unresponsive. Is there a way to find out what happened?22:09
OERIASSo Unity works okay in Ubuntu 17.1022:10
TJ-maszlo: with this the kernel logging remains at its default level22:10
OERIASbut changing the themes doesn't seem to work22:11
OERIASany way to fix the issue?22:11
maszloTJ-: what am i to run to collect these?22:11
TJ-Thunder_Tw1: sounds like a hardware crash, possibly thermal related. If it was an instant freeze I doubt the /var/log/kern.log will have captured anything useful22:11
TJ-maszlo: we'll just use journalctl as usual - there should just be much more info22:12
MortyTSi have a problem with the volume settings. i set my mic and headphones as the default input and output devices but still apps dont use them without me selecting the correct device under applications or recording tabs for each individually22:12
maszloTJ-: will need to reboot to ac power to get net access, should i drop these before rebooting i guess?22:12
TJ-maszlo: I thought the network was coming up after about 30 seconds (according to logs)22:13
helidoctorbroke bloke22:13
helidoctorbroke bloke22:13
TJ-maszlo: if you need to capture it do "journalctl > ~/debug.log"22:13
Thunder_Tw1TJ-: I'm running Kernel 4.13.9 on Ubuntu(Mate) 16.04. If this would happen regularly would it be advised to try kernel 4.4 first or what would you recommend?22:13
maszloTJ-: but dns never comes up, hard to use a network connection like that22:14
TJ-Thunder_Tw1: an alternative kernel is a good way to check if its a regression, yes22:14
Dexx1_can anyone guide me on how to properly delete old stuff from /boot safely?22:14
TJ-maszlo: Oh!, OK22:14
Thunder_Tw1TJ-: k thanks!22:14
helidoctorI know a lot about safety22:16
maszloTJ-: debug http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804737/22:17
TJ-Dexx1_: 1) "ls -l /boot/vmlinu*" 2) look at the versions and determine which are the oldest/the ones you no longer want. 3) "sudo dpkg -r linux-{image,headers}-<version>" 4) repeat (3) for each version you're removing22:17
TJ-maszlo: mmmmm lovely, just what I like - lots of data! I'm going to pour a large coffee and peruse it. I'm probably be 10 minutes or so22:18
maszloTJ-: I have not said it today.  but thank you very much for you time with this22:19
TJ-maszlo: you're welcome... as I frequently say... I don't allow software to beat us!22:20
Dexx1_TJ-: did it. Removed a few. /boot is still full at 100%22:20
TJ-Dexx1_: aha, are there any "ls -l /boot/initrd*dkms*" files ?22:21
Dexx1_TJ-: nope22:22
TJ-Dexx1_: hmmm. can you show us "pastebinit <( ls -latr /boot/ ;  df )"22:22
TJ-maszlo: interesting info re clocks. 1st debug message is "T450s systemd[1]: RTC configured in localtime, applying delta of -240 minutes to system time."22:27
notsatoshiI just updated ubuntu to v 17 and I can no longer open nautilus. I am getting an error about the key 'enable-delete' inside my nautilus.preferences file. Can someone help me debug? Is there a way to download a default preferences file?22:27
Sveta`maybe reinstall it using the software center22:28
Dexx1_TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804806/22:28
alive876hi, i'm on ubuntu 16.04 using xvfb , it seems to not always work even when the Xvfb process is running (the test i use is a short  nightmare.js script)22:31
notsatoshiSveta`: good idea, trying that now22:32
maszloTJ-: okay so maybe i need to set that to utc, i am in EST which is gmt-4 right now22:32
TJ-maszlo: nacc these are the remount entries from the debug log now we need to look at the messages around them for clues (by timestamp) http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804840/22:33
Sveta`alive876: not familiar with this, but it may be helpful if you describe what the script was expected to do and what it did instead, and whether the problem was always there or only started recently22:34
Bashing-omDexx1_: I see partial jernel installs and an old HWE partial . maybe best to show the channel in a pastbin ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' .22:35
TJ-maszlo: nacc remember what I said about broken battery!? before each remount there's a block from laptop-mode, that starts "18:10:47 T450s laptop-mode[2823]: You have a broken battery. Cannot determine actual state"22:35
maszloTJ-: like cmos battery?22:36
alive876"Xvfb is an in-memory display server for UNIX-like operating system (e.g., Linux). "  i use a script to  start it, then a small test program that requires it. even when the process  is running it doesn't always work, ie the test script doesn't have a result to reutrn22:38
Dexx1_Bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804891/22:39
TJ-maszlo: no, as in the main battery. It's values are supposed to be readable via ACPI, and should show up under/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/22:39
TJ-maszlo: that message is repeated many times, always with a different process ID, so that looks like laptop-mode is respawning. Did you re-enable that service after we disabled it earlier?22:41
jmak642assume I am not the only one that got the issue with resolv.conf and network-manager and dnsmasq?22:41
maszloTJ-: i did resolver hostname and color22:41
notsatoshiSveta`: any other ideas? same issue after reinstalling22:41
Bashing-omDexx1_: Ouch . This may get hairy : " ii  linux-lts-wily-tools-4.2.0-42 ; ii  linux-tools-virtual-lts-wily ". // What kernel is booting presently ' uname -r ' ? As we must not mess with this kernel .22:42
Sveta`notsatoshi: rename your nautilus.preferences file to nautilus.preferences.1 and re-try22:43
Bashing-om!info linux-lts-wily-tools-4.2.0-42 xenial22:43
ubottuPackage linux-lts-wily-tools-4.2.0-42 does not exist in xenial22:43
Sveta`jmak642: what issue?22:43
TJ-maszlo: didn't we disable laptop-mode originally when I pointed the finger at it? check it's status with "sytemctl status laptop-mode.service22:44
TJ-maszlo: Also, near top of the log I see the kernel reporting "ACPI Error: Needed type [Reference], found [Integer] ffff90509399bf30 (20170531/exresop-103)" and 2 other errors following that indicating at least one method in the DSDT isn't being executed.22:44
jmak642Sveta`:  i dunno, couldnt resolve public dns addresses after 17.04>17.1022:44
Sveta`jmak642: did you find solution?22:45
jmak642Sveta`:  wrote dns=dnsmasq in network-manager.conf and cycled the service22:45
Dexx1_Bashing-om: I don't have 'li' and apt-get install won't find it22:45
Sveta`jmak642: I think I solved it for someone else by disabling dnssec in systemd-resolv, but I haven't encouraged any bug filing about this so far. Perhaps someone should find or file a bug.22:46
maszloTJ-: i booted on AC and disconnected AC once it booted.  I can see BAT0 and BAT1 options and do get data from them22:46
TJ-maszlo: I notice the kernel finds 2 batteries BAT0 and BAT1 - that may be confusing laptop-mode in some way22:46
Bashing-omDexx1_: Those - among others - we will try and remove from the system . what kernel are you now booting ?22:46
TJ-maszlo: do you get the same data for both when booting on battery?22:47
jmak642Sveta`:  I would, but I'm not certain of the state of the network-manager.conf file or resolv.conf before i upgraded22:47
TJ-maszlo: is it possible 1 battery is faulty?22:47
Dexx1_Bashing-om: uname -r shows: 4.4.0-91-generic22:47
Sveta`jmak642: everyone says that, but if you look at resolf.conf's directory, you'll see backups from prior to the update in there (in the best case)22:47
=== geek is now known as Guest2253
TJ-maszlo: to read the values reported do "pastebinit <( for n in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT?; do [ -r $n ] && echo "$n=$(cat $n)"; done )"22:48
maszloTJ-: well they always reported correctly within both ubuntu and windows22:48
maszloand they tell my a percentage22:48
=== tman is now known as tman904
tman904does sh support positional parameters?22:48
Bashing-omDexx1_: K; we start this process with trying to remove the End_of_Life wily stuff . try: ' sudo apt purge linux-tools-virtual-lts-wily ' 1st .22:48
maszloTJ-: but not sure how to read this status from laptop-mode http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804957/22:49
TJ-maszlo: OK, so we'll first check the values read are valid when starting on battery, then after that we'll try disabling laptop-mode.service incase it's triggering the remounts22:49
Dexx1_Bashing-om: ok, doing..22:49
Dexx1_Bashing-om: same error as when I tried to do autoremove --- ran out of space: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25804974/22:50
TJ-maszlo: looks about right aside from the problem reading state from BAT022:50
notsatoshiSveta`: Wohoo... turns out I needed to reinstall nautilus-data, not nautilus.. Thank you22:50
maszloTJ-: power settings within ubuntu still show both batteries and logical remaining time22:50
Bashing-omDexx1_: Ouch ! looking .22:50
TJ-maszlo: the messages relating to USB are just reporting those devices cannot be auto-suspended to save power22:50
Dexx1_Bashing-om: thanks22:50
TJ-maszlo: is that in AC-start mode?22:50
maszloTJ-: so it is running correctly?  i didnt know what to ready from the device blacklisted at the bottom22:51
maszloTJ-: yes that was from an AC start22:51
swift110hey all22:51
tman904hello swift11022:51
TJ-maszlo: those blacklistings are OK - they're preventing those USB devices from being suspended because they're in use22:51
Sveta`notsatoshi: great22:51
TJ-maszlo: show me the  "pastebinit <( for n in /sys/class/power_supply/BAT?; do [ -r $n ] && echo "$n=$(cat $n)"; done )"   now and then again after rebooting without AC please22:52
swift110hey tman904 how are you22:52
tman904swift110: good how about yourself.22:53
Bashing-omDexx1_: Let's take a gentle poke at it ' dpkg -P linux-image-extra-4.4.0-87-generic ' . See what results and what we do next .22:53
swift110im good Tm_T whatr are you up to22:54
Sveta`swift110 we usually do not ping people here unless there is a specific question, and hello22:55
nacctman904: swift110: chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic, please22:55
maszlowhat am i looking to get from that.. that script is not working with what i have to work with, tried to get it to console to pipe into a file but just being issue22:55
tman904swift110: I'm working on a shell program. I'm trying to pull a value from the command line but it's not working.22:55
tman904swift110: do you happen to know if the sh shell supports positional parameters?22:56
maszloTJ-: i already had booted from battery power, could cat both capacity options in BAT0 and BAT122:56
maszlois that loop to cat each item in that folder?22:57
TJ-maszlo: yes and it shows it as  node=value22:58
maszloTJ-: sorry im being lame with that one.  no network and no c/p22:59
swift110I meant to speak to tman904 Sveta` as the context would indicate. Just the same hello to you as well.22:59
Sveta`swift110 ok thanks, I was confused23:00
swift110tman904: i'm not sure about that actually.23:00
swift110Sveta`: not a problem23:00
maszloTJ-: two different manufactures of the batteries.  but do see can query things23:01
Dexx1_Bashing-om: same: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25805047/23:01
tman904swift110: ok no problem just needs some more googling lol.23:01
Dexx1_Bashing-om: (I gotta run in about 10 minutes, FYI)23:01
TJ-maszlo: I think it is laptop-mode. In /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/ there are "intel-hda-powersave.conf" "intel-sata-powermgmt.conf" "wireless-iwl-power.conf" - without knowing what they do those names alone sound alarm bells to me23:02
tman904swift110: how long have you been running ubuntu?23:02
nacctman904: please take chit chat elsehwere, this is the support channnel23:03
TJ-maszlo: how about we selective move some of the files out of /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/ and see if it improves things while letting the service itself run23:03
tman904nacc: Alright then sorry about that.23:03
maszloTJ-: i should boot from AC then pull out the configs?23:03
TJ-maszlo: yes. Heck, and read some of those files. for example see "cat etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/intel_pstate.conf" and read the end bit about what it's doing when the system is on battery power. I've not read the others yet!23:04
Bashing-omDexx1_: K, As we can see this will not get a quick fix .23:04
Dexx1_Bashing-om: :(23:05
naccBashing-om: iirc, you can manually delete an initrd file you're about purge out23:05
naccBashing-om: and that might free up enough space for it to complete the rest23:05
Bashing-omnacc: I keep that in mind ; better than the alternative I was considering :)23:06
tman904nacc: What is the offtopic channel?23:06
alive876how do I make a group no sudo from command line? thanks23:06
nacc!ot | tman90423:06
ubottutman904: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:06
hylianhello all23:07
Sveta`hi hylian23:07
maszloTJ-: should i put these in debug and see what ones chime in?23:08
Sveta`tman904 you can click #ubuntu-offtopic to establish your presence in both channels at the same time23:08
Sveta`tman904 you are allowed to be present in two or more channels at a time23:08
TJ-maszlo: it might help to keep that setting for now via /etc/default/grub's GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX as an extra value - to save having to intercept boot menu every time23:08
Sveta`hylian can I help you?23:09
hylianSveta`: what irc client are you using?23:09
hylianSveta`: no i came to see if i could be of some help myself, my goof.23:09
Sveta`hylian: ok23:10
nacchylian: first question is not really ontopic for this channel and second part, just wait and see if someone asks a question you can help with23:10
maszloTJ-: you mean the systemd.log_level=debug?23:10
TJ-maszlo: thinking about this, lets just cut to the chase and fully disable laptop-mode. If that improves things we know *something* in it causes a problem. If it does't we can forget about it and not waste time. "sudo systemctl disable laptop-mode.service; sudo systemctl disable laptop-mode.timer"23:10
maszloI meant in each of these laptop-mode configs looks like there is a debug option23:10
TJ-maszlo: I do mean  ...=debug. As for the conf files, let's not worry about those until we know laptop-mode is responsible.23:11
TJ-maszlo: if it seems laptop-mode is the culprit then we can selectively disable some until we find one that cures the issue. Then we can enable it's DEBUG option to see if there are clues23:11
snadgeim about to go spastic.. some knob jockey changed the default shortcut for move window, from alt to meta23:12
snadgeand moved the window controls to the right hand side.. what the actual fuck23:12
snadgewhy mess with people like that?23:13
snadgeits just rude23:13
snadgei have work to do and stuff.. i cant be bothered dealing with random crap like that23:13
Sveta`snadge you need to have a personal user account and not share it with others23:13
hyliansnadge: knob jockey, i love it.23:13
Sveta`snadge if someone else needs to use your computer make them a separate username and password23:13
TJ-snadge If you're referring to a 17.10 upgrade, You should have read the release notes. It's mentioned there.23:13
snadgeSveta`, this was after a 17.10 upgrade23:13
Sveta`snadge oh23:14
snadgepfft.. release notes, aint nobody got time for dat ;)23:14
maszloTJ-: you said the warnings when disabling laptop-mode are normal?23:14
TJ-maszlo: can you show me them or paraphrase? in case it's important23:14
hyliansnadge, if you are moving to 17.10, and doing a fresh install, there is no clipboard manager. May i suggest parcellite in the time being.23:14
snadgethis was a dist upgrade.. and i just deleted the snapshot23:14
naccsnadge: also please watch your language23:15
snadgesorry yes.. i actually deleted quite a few more expletives for what its worth23:15
kostkonsnadge, if you haven't noticed, you are not using unity anymore but gnome shell, modified to look like unity23:15
maszloTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25805111/23:15
snadgeoh so unity 7 is completely gone? .. i did sort of notice that, im using gnome-flashback at the moment23:15
kostkonsnadge, so some things are bound to behave differently23:15
hyliansnadge: yeah, unity will no longer be the gui for ubuntu. gnome 3 look a like instead.23:16
kostkonsnadge, well i'm kinda surprised you haven't noticed23:16
snadgeasides from the changing of the window drag from ALT to Meta.. and the window controls being on the opposite side23:17
snadgeso far i haven't really noticed no23:17
hyliani have a question maybe somebody can answer. why does chrome take a crazy long time to start on 17.10. this machine on xubuntu or peppermint, and chrome is up almost instantly, 17.10 and the first session takes 20 or more seconds. same machine!23:17
kostkonsnadge, that's good i guess23:17
snadgei didn't realise how much i use the window grab feature.. until now.. and my brain is having difficulty substituting the other key23:17
TJ-maszlo: Oh, those are OK. It's telling you that the start/stop scripts are still the old sysvinit type, not modern systemd. In sysvinit there was the concept of 'runlevels' and the init script could be added to any runlevel. We had runlevel 2 as the multi-user level.23:18
snadgealso i occasionally move the mouse to the left hand side of the window, and the window controls aren't there.. thats quite frustrating for an old timer like me ;)23:18
hyliansnadge: you could probably go to settings and keyboard, and set the shortcut your way, just an fyi.23:18
snadgeso im not sure whether to just force myself to get used to the new way.. or change it back to how it was23:18
TJ-snadge: surely as an old-timer your muscle memory retreats to Windows standards? :)23:19
snadgeactually no, because i've been using ubuntu for longer than i have windows23:19
snadgeso i guess on the left is more like mac?23:19
TJ-Yeah... I abandoned Unity when they decided to move things so I've not had the dissonance :)23:19
snadgei also liked the menu being up the top23:20
alive876anyoneknow how to create a no sudo user?23:20
snadgebut i can deal with that triviality23:20
TJ-alive876: don't have them in /etc/sudoers23:20
hyliani have to say I am loving the new gnome 3 "looks like unity" desktop.23:20
Sveta`alive876: newly created users are not sudo by default23:20
maszloTJ-: weird its throwing an error of not found when i add that systemd.log_level=debug to the cmdline_linux for grub23:20
hylian*sorry, no more idle chit chat23:20
alive876thet seem to be on my system23:21
cottonhows it going in here23:22
pr070calhi i just installed 17.10 and my mouse buttons dont work properly i though it might have something to do with widow focus or mouse over alt-tab works to change windows anyone know how to fix it23:22
alive876this command adduser newuser gives them sudo priv23:22
hylianpr070cal: can you be more specific? in what way are they messing up?23:22
TJ-maszlo: which "it" ... you mean at boot-time when it reads that setting? typo maybe?23:22
waltmanI'm trying to file a bug. The online docs sent me to launchpad. I see links to look for bug reports, but nothing obvious to file a new one. Am I missing something?23:22
pr070calat the login the mouse buttons dont work23:23
kostkonpr070cal, is it a run of the mill mouse, a gaming mouse, a trackball?23:23
maszloTJ-: i moved it before the acpi_osi=! and the update-grub ran fine23:23
nacc!bug | waltman23:23
ubottuwaltman: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:23
pr070caland on the menu on the side23:23
hylianpr070cal: ohh ok, so you can't click to insert you password, etc? tab should hopefully get you around to the field you require..23:23
pr070cala microsoft mouse23:23
maszloTJ-: after the Windows 2015 would not take it23:23
waltmanoh right, that's how. I forgot it used that system.23:23
kostkonpr070cal, with just two buttons23:23
pr070calbut alt+tab works then the mouse works23:24
pr070cal5 buttons23:24
kostkonpr070cal, wireless?23:24
hylianpr070cal: try this: gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.cursor active false23:24
TJ-waltman: there should be a "Report a Bug" link top-right of the bug summary page for each source package - see for example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd23:24
pr070calno usb23:24
pr070caljust upgraded from 17.0423:24
TJ-maszlo: you mean when editing /etc/default/grub you couldn't insert it?23:24
maszloTJ-: rebooting with that in debug and laptop-mode disabled, it did the same thing.. but it does say [OK] starting laptop mode tools-battery polling service23:25
maszloTJ-: exactly after editing that file file and running the command to update it was fighting me for a minute.23:26
kostkonpr070cal, did you manage to login by using tab?23:26
waltmanTJ-: The bug is that xload and xcalc don't have icons in the dock in 17.10. Is that a bug in x11-apps or the new desktop?23:26
TJ-maszlo: oh fooey, that means I missed a service! let's disable that too! "sudo systemctl disable lmt-poll.service"23:26
kostkonpr070cal, do the mouse buttons work after you login?23:26
pr070calby pressing enter23:26
pr070calonly if i alt+tab the window i want23:27
TJ-waltman: That's due to using the Gnome Wayland compositor by default. You can choose the traditional Xserver at the greeter log-in screen by clicking on the Cog icon and choosing "Ubuntu on Xorg"23:27
kostkonpr070cal, you mean you can't click anything on the desktop?23:27
kostkonpr070cal, you can move your mouse cursor freely right?23:27
hylianwaltman: actually a lot of the old x11 apps are iconless. assuming their are .desktop files for them in ~/.local/share/applications, you could edit those files and change the icon. or if you don't fancy editing them with gedit, you could use a program like arronax23:28
waltmanI don't remember this being an issue in 17.04.23:28
TJ-waltman: See the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseNotes23:29
hylianwaltman: hmm, maybe I am wrong, and it's the current icon theme that simply has nor recorded icon for the app... i know i had the same issue years ago running xcalc on xubuntu.23:30
waltmanis that this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-tweak-tool/+bug/171885023:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1718850 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "System extensions appear off by default" [Low,Confirmed]23:30
TJ-maszlo: strange. hard to know what to say without seeing it myself :)23:31
waltmanif not, I'm not sure what in the release notes mentions this23:31
maszloTJ-: the reboot with those services disable produced the same23:31
maszloTJ-: here is the debug of that boot http://paste.ubuntu.com/25805221/23:32
waltmanoh, never mind, I see what you were referring to23:32
hylianpr070cal: any luck yet? did my gsettings code or hitting tab to move to another field help at all?23:32
TJ-waltman: that was more of a general 'be aware of the issues' than referring to your specific issue. THere's been two MAJOR changes. the unity desktop has been discontinued and replaced by Gnome 3 shell themed to look like Unity as much as possible, and the underlying screen-render has changed from Xorg to the Gnome Wayland compositor23:33
pr070calnope didnt work23:33
maszloTJ-: strange how i set my time to UTC now its 4hrs in the wrong direction23:33
hylianpr070cal: does anything respond? are you currently irc'ing us from that machine?23:34
TJ-maszlo: really!? that means the OS is configured to think the hardware clock is on local time. that needs changing in its config. I'll figure out where you change that23:34
pr070calyes but i have to alt+tab between windows then the mouse works on that window23:35
kostkonpr070cal, what kind of graphics card do you have?23:35
maszloTJ-: the strange things is the time within the os displays normal23:35
pr070calmaybe its a window manager thing because i cant click at the top of the window23:35
hylianpr070cal: interesting, so you can move the mouse, but it simply refuses to accept any clicks from the mouse..??23:35
=== Granis` is now known as Granis
pr070calit accepts clicks in a window after i alt tab but on login it doesnt accept clicks and on auto hide menu and applications menu23:36
naccTJ-: `man hwclock`, i think23:36
naccmaszlo: right, display time is probably ntp adjusted23:36
pr070cali cant change window either by clicking on it23:37
pr070calbut i can click in the window23:37
maszlonacc: ahh yeah23:37
=== SmearedBeard is now known as SmearedBeard-AFK
pr070calso i cant click to choose windows but i can alt+tab to select between windows instaed and clicks only work in the window not on the system title bar23:38
Sveta`pr070cal same issues after you reboot, correct?23:38
kostkonpr070cal, it could be a driver problem. You could try reinstalling your graphics driver as per https://askubuntu.com/q/761218/1651  https://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=264004  et al23:38
pr070calit might be a WM problem23:38
pr070calyes same23:38
hylianpr070cal: interesting, can you sudo kill gdm-wayland-session?23:39
TJ-nacc: right, but where's the config option to tell it RTC is using UTC. I recall there used to be an installer option or similar to tell it what the RTC is tracking23:39
kostkonpr070cal, do you know which driver you are using right know?23:39
TJ-maszlo: the time in the OS is grabbed from an NTP server so it will be23:39
pr070calkillall gdm-wayland-session23:40
pr070calgdm-wayland-session: no process found23:40
pr070calnvidia 304 i think23:40
naccTJ-: oh true, it's probably somehwere in the postinst now for systemd or util-linux?23:40
hylianpr070cal: ohh right, i am an idiot. you aren't logged into a session yet. :D my bad23:40
naccTJ-: or might be a ubiquity thinng, not sure23:40
TJ-maszlo: but if an NTP server isn't available hwclock will use the timezone setting adjusted from what it assumes is UTC in the Real-time clock, unless the config flag I can't find says "RTC is localtime"23:40
maszloTJ-: not sure why laptop mode is still complaining, why it not observing the fact it is disabled?23:41
naccTJ-: looks to be sotred in /etc/adjtime23:41
maszlouninstall / purge then reinstall that package?23:41
hylianpr070cal: was this a fresh install, or an upgrade?23:42
TJ-nacc: maszlo aha, it's via "/etc/init/hwclock.conf"23:42
pr070calhylian: i can get in using enter23:42
naccTJ-: what reads that? doesn't exist in 17.1023:42
Jordan_Unacc: TJ-: To see if the hardware clock is interpreted (and set) as UTC, run "timedatectl".23:42
naccJordan_U: ah yes, thannks! I forgot about that new command23:42
hylianpr070cal: ok, so the fields are engaging, just not throught the mouse. i was wondering, do you have any issues with the system once you are logged in? this might be a wayland vs x.org issue.23:43
maszloTJ-: only worry about this, is windows probably has no config file to change this. I still need to boot that to deal with sql management studio23:43
Jordan_Unacc: You're welcome.23:43
kostkonhylian, he can't click on the desktop only in windows23:43
TJ-maszlo: It does. read "man hwclock" and it explains that Windows 7 onwards assumes UTC and it also tells you of a Registry key to alter that setting23:44
hyliankostkon: right, i just realized that. but he can tab over to the option for wayland or x.org, and choose x. (i think he can anyways...)23:44
TJ-maszlo: all Linux needs is " echo tz="--utc" | sudo tee /etc/default/hwclock "23:44
kostkonhylian, yep23:45
TJ-Jordan_U: ahhh, grrr, systemd yet again!23:45
Jordan_UTJ-: Windows 7 and up don't default to RTC in UTC, they just *can* be configured to use UTC. Default is unfortunately still local time for Windows.23:46
maszloTJ-: looks like "timedatectl set-local-rtc 0" too23:46
hyliananyone know why chrome takes so long to launch on ubuntu 17.10? 20 seconds or more! on peppermint, like 3. such a difference, and yet the same machine..??23:46
TJ-Jordan_U: really? I misunderstood what the man page says then23:47
TJ-maszlo: if all this solves your multiple remount issue I'll eat my Husky's breakfast!23:48
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
naccTJ-: the current attempt is to fix the hwclock configuration?23:48
TJ-maszlo: so, where did we get to? rebooted with lmt-poll.service disabled yet?23:49
TJ-nacc: that was an aside when I spotted a 240 minute deviation with systemd_loglevel=debug :)23:49
maszloTJ-: so luckily i checked this twice.. it did boot properly one time once i set it to utc time23:50
TJ-nacc: but the main thing from that log seems to be that just before each remount of rootfs is laptop-tools reporting it can't read the BAT0 device state23:50
naccTJ-: ah!23:50
maszloTJ i almost fell off my chair.. so tried it twice and same thing23:50
TJ-nacc: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/2580473723:50
maszloTJ-: got little side tracked there, i do think i disabled the lmt-poll23:51
hylianany luck pr070cal23:51
TJ-maszlo: you're joking!!? you're telling me it's working?23:51
TJ-maszlo: after, what, 12 hours, I'm getting drowned in pastebins!23:51
maszloTJ-: need to check again.. no, it was just enough to play a joke on me23:51
* TJ- crossed fingers!23:51
Jordan_UTJ-: "...is supposed to be working properly so that its Hardware Clock *can* be kept in UTC".23:52
maszloTJ-: sorry to say that didnt fix it23:53
maszloTJ-: i dont know why it would do one single proper boot on battery.  that was just wrong to play games like that23:54
TJ-Jordan_U: in case you have any great inspiration, we have a Lenovo T450 upgraded from 17.04 to 17.10. On AC it starts perfectly. On battery it never starts the GUI but the logs are bare of clues although we did notice the (wifi) network takes around 26 seconds to be online. Then nacc noticed the dmesg showing multiple remount,rw (6 or 8) of the root file-system so we enabled systemd_loglevel=debug. From that23:54
TJ-we saw laptop-mode.service reported a problem reading BAT0 state each time before the remount,rw message. So we're currently disabling all laptop-mode services/timers23:54
naccmaszlo: is it possible the hwlock changed itself back to not be in UTC? or drifted23:55
TJ-Jordan_U: this originally looked like an ACPI problem as many of these things are, so we last week added "acpi_osi=! "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" to ensure te ACPI side is best it can be23:55
TJ-Jordan_U: this didn't occur in 17.04 and it doesn't occur with a 17.10 LiveISO/USB so we think it's an artifact of the do-release-upgrade23:55
Jordan_UTJ-: It does start a getty instead of GDM?23:56
maszlonacc: i will check if help that utc setting.  hard to tell on drift23:56
TJ-Jordan_U: multi-user TTYs are all there, wifi comes up (but the systemd-resolved.service and systemd-hostnamed.service fail to start repeatedly23:56
nacc(tbh, this is an amazing amount of debugging, but it sounds like such a buggy DSDT that i'd just reinstall 17.10, if it works)23:56
nacc(tbrh, I would have done that last week :)23:57
TJ-Jordan_U: we have about 40 pastebins and some screen photos - if there's anything you want to see it might take us a few secs to figure out whicb to show!23:57
TJ-nacc: if it had LVM that'd have been a trivial thing to do, just install a fresh install into another LV23:57
maszloTJ-: this is current debug http://paste.ubuntu.com/25805398/23:57
TJ-nacc: thing is, if there is a regression in the d-r-u we ought to find out and fix it23:58
Jordan_UTJ-: What is the output of "systemct status gdm"?23:58
naccTJ-: true, although i'm still strugglign to see how that's possible :)23:58
naccTJ-: i guess, in theory, it's a regression in laptop-mode?23:58
maszlonacc: timedatectl still shows that it is set to utc23:59
TJ-Jordan_U: according to this it looks to be Starting https://postimg.org/image/11zt604ud7/23:59
TJ-nacc: well no, we've totally disabled all laptop-mode now and the problem is still there23:59
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