PeterGustavJust installed XUbuntu 17.1011:09
PeterGustav- Mouse pointer speed is not adjustable11:10
PeterGustav- I can't get the taskbar on the primary monitor unless I position the primary monitor on the left side11:10
PeterGustav- The Grub bootloader does not react to keypresses, I'm basically locked-out of the other OSes11:11
PeterGustavWell done folks11:11
PeterGustavWill you guys ever make a desktop OS, that doesn't piss me off already in the first 10 minutes of use?11:11
foca__Is the servers with any problem today ? My system is taking a long time to download packages13:24
MrRobot7I upgraded from Xubuntu 16.10 to 17.04 to 17.10, Chrome is very sluggish and laggish, pages and it's own gui part of the app, is there known fix for that?14:41
foca__Getting this error in my Xubuntu...[pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running. What' this could be ?16:33
torvfoca__: Try a local mirror for faster DL.16:34
foca__torv: Pulseaudio is related with that ?16:40
torvfoca__: No, but your "taking a long time to download packages" may.16:42
foca__torv: I did what you've said and the packages are downloading normally now ... thanks16:51
foca__This is an error that is showing in logs ... [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.16:52
flocculantfoca__: re pulseaudio - do you actually have an issue with sound? or just worry about some log entry?17:04
sorinelloHello. I am running xubuntu 17.10 but  I formattted using ext4 a external disk, after mounting it, Thunar does not give me any write permissions19:04
sorinellolooking in mtal, I see that the drive is mounted as arw19:04
sorinelloit is mounted under /media/myusername19:04
sorinelloand yet, I still have no write permissions19:04
sorinelloI have chwoned the entire dir recursively, and Thunar still doesn't let me create files or dirs19:12
sorinellook, nvm, seems thunar needed a restart19:13
jetageHas anyone else encountered weird handling of usb thumb drives with 17.10?19:39
well_laid_lawnjetage:  are the being mounted and you can't write to them ?19:48
jetageOn insertion, empty 8GB drive shows up on desktop as 8GB drive with no volume name, then also as an empty 1.3 GB drive mounted by another user.  Opening this mounts a duplicate.19:49
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:51
jetageDo you know what package this would implicate?19:51
well_laid_lawnI would guess it would be xfdesktop19:55
jetageInteresting note, 1.3 GB is the size of Xubuntu 17.10 image, which this was used to install, but drive has been reformatted back to a single partition.19:56
knomebecause it shows partitions that *are* mounted?19:56
jetageShows up as expected on a machine running 17.04.19:57
jetageDeceptive observation, proves.  Just inserted 16GB drive - it does same thing, with 1.3GB drives mounted by another user, creating duplicates when clicked.20:05
knomeis this a clean install?20:06
jetageNot on bare metal.  Upgrade from 17.04, via usb image, because software updater crashed.20:07
jetageOkay, I have experiments to perform.  Was just wondering if anyone else had encountered the like.20:15
ddoobbhow to search files in Thunar? Ctrl+F doesn't only matches initial string.20:26
xubuntu55dPlease advise how to get the volume icon back @ top bar. Thanks.21:13
xubuntu26iinstall eclipse c23:39

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