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smoserblackboxsw: rharper and i both picked on your non-usage of net.find_fallback_nic in the 'if' portion of14:44
smoserother than that nit, i generally dont have any issues.14:45
smoserjust seems silly to call maybe_perform_dhcp_discovery() with no interface, only to let it select the interface and then read it.14:46
smoseras opposed to just caling net.find_fallback_nic and passing that to maybe_perform...14:46
powersjsmoser: blackboxsw: here's the nocloud-kvm fix with smoser's fix: https://code.launchpad.net/~powersj/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33173615:11
smoserpowersj: you have to stop thinking i can write code15:20
smosernothing increments _tmp_count there.15:20
blackboxswpowersj: added a couple hilights & DOC comments to the done lane for cloud-init15:20
smoserbetter tmpfile function:15:21
powersjsmoser: haha15:21
smoser    def tmpfile(self):15:21
smoser        path = "/tmp/%s-%04d" % (type(self).__name__, self._tmp_count)15:21
powersjblackboxsw: thx15:21
smoser        self._tmp_count += 115:21
smoser        return path15:21
blackboxswthanks smoser rharper for the review comments. I just pushed the fix for https://code.launchpad.net/~chad.smith/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33295415:33
smoserpowersj: i'm torn now... i think you can probably largely drop a bunch of your delta on that mp15:42
powersjsmoser: yeah... I need to go back and review again15:42
smoserif you want to focus on other things, i can attempt a minimal fix.15:43
powersjI don't think it would take too long, I can back out the changes and re-run things, but my focus would be more on minimizing the delta and not on re-implementing things15:44
smoserpowersj: right.15:46
smoserthats fine.15:46
powersjsmoser: looking through the delta, I actually think most of it will stay. The majority is $home or /tmp --> /var/tmp and then some user related changes16:06
powersjI do add the "default" user back in to a few places16:07
smoserpowersj: well, yeah, but you dont need the /root to /var/tmp/ changes16:13
smoserdefinitely dont want /tmp thought16:13
powersjagreed with no /tmp, understand that now16:13
powersj /var/tmp/ seems like a more generic location anyway over using /root, but if we are expecting to do everything as root anyway I guess it doesn't matter?16:14
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smoserblackboxsw: aroudn ?17:32
blackboxswsmoser: yep17:32
smoseryou want to merge your thing ? then you can do 4 SRU merge requests if you want.17:32
blackboxswok will do17:33
smoserb, a, z, x :)17:33
blackboxswsmoser: strange I was waiting on ci17:35
blackboxswwhich I don't think ran after my brancch17:35
powersjblackboxsw: master is off, if you enable it, it should go17:39
powersjI'm at Dr so can't logon easily17:39
blackboxsw no worries powersj happy dentist ;)17:41
blackboxswok master is back up and jobs running again17:51
blackboxswsorry I should have looked sooner17:51
blackboxswI kicked a rebuild, we should have results in 15 mins17:51
blackboxswsmoser: merged eb292c118:43
blackboxswstarting to cut branches18:43
smoserblackboxsw: thanks.18:43
blackboxswsmoser: devel MR is up for review https://code.launchpad.net/~chad.smith/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33304718:53
blackboxswjust rebased artful as I forgot 17.10.119:06
blackboxswok that's it , devel + b,a,z,x19:14
* blackboxsw spins up one more ec2 instance on this to be sure19:18
smoserblackboxsw: you left the gentoo bug number in the changelog20:15
smoserwas that by design ?20:15
smoserjust uploaded bionic20:15
blackboxswsmoser: I had left them in there as I wasn't sure whether we were going to separate SRU template on the bugs. Ahh gentoo right, didn't need to as it didn't affect ubuntu20:19
blackboxswwant to quick hangout to see if I should repush?20:20
smoserblackboxsw: i'm fine to do it myself20:20
smoseropposed ?20:20
smoser(i grabbed his name from launchpad)20:21
smoserrather htan the name in the commit message20:21
blackboxsw+1  yes good20:22
blackboxswthanks smoser, just saw the "    update changelog to remove Gentoo bug number and add name" revs20:36
smoseri didnt' catch it on bionic20:37
smoseroh well20:37
smoseri was kind of surprised, but cherry-pick worked20:37
smosergit cherry-pick <ubuntu-xenial hash that i did manually>20:37
smoseri thoguht it'd complain about the context (given that the version and changelog stuff around it differs)20:38
smoserbut worked.20:38
blackboxswnice. Just validated master again on EC2 stock network. Going to try to spin up an instance with local-only ipv420:50
smoserblackboxsw: your thoughts would be appreciated on20:59
smoserpowersj and rharper ^ you too on those21:06
blackboxswsmoser: did this mean that AliYun wouldn't be matched? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/172818621:07
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1728186 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "AliYun datasource has wrong case in config" [Medium,Confirmed]21:07
blackboxswand the datasource wouldn't be found/attempted21:07
smoseryeah. :-(21:07
smoseryou get a warning in /run/ds-identify.log21:07
blackboxswumm so why didn't we hear about it21:08
smoserif you manually configure it21:08
smoserand spell it right it will work21:08
blackboxswahh that too. ok21:08
smoserbut by default package instllation is busted.21:08
blackboxswso images in AliYun could have manually config'd it21:08
smoseri suspect so.21:08
smoserwe should add to ci21:08
smoserintegration test21:08
smosera check for WARN in the ds-identify logs too21:09
smoserlike i did for /var/log/cloud-init.log21:09
blackboxswapproved https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/33295821:09
blackboxswupdated description for typo21:10
smosermerged. missed your spellingfix. sorry.21:12
* smoser is hallowout21:13
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blackboxswsmoser: don't worry I'll give you a hard time about it after I eat some candy21:20
msaikia_Hi, can anyone please take a look at this review request?23:05
blackboxswgood deal msaikia_ thanks for retouching that.23:05
blackboxswI'll look at it tomorrow23:05

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