axwveebers: seems the latest artful deploy test doesn't have any issues with lxd - did you change anything?00:27
veebersaxw: I'm pretty sure nothing changed. Let me take a deeper look00:28
axwveebers: some other error to do with the disk/db being full tho00:30
axwmaybe the other error was related to that?00:30
veebersaxw: ah, right. Will have  a look in a sec, just OTP00:32
veebersaxw: hmm, I'll take a look at the artful slave now. It's possible its a space thing, or a lxd setup thing.00:37
veebersaxw: ok, so that machine totally gets filled up during charm deployment resulting in failure. Not sure why it's getting filled up, not sure if it's the reason for the error from yesterday. I'll get an artful machine that works to try it out on.01:16
axwveebers: cool, thanks for the update01:22
veebersaxw: ugh, having a mind blank, if a charm apt-get installs something, which log would I see all that in? (or how would I see those details)01:22
axwveebers: it should show up in the unit log in /var/log/juju, if you haven't changed the model config's loggng-config01:23
veebersah right unit log, awesome cheers01:23
axwveebers: you can also see it in debug-log, filtering with --include unit-foo-001:23
babbageclunkaxw: another easy one? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/799101:53
axwbabbageclunk: LGTM01:54
* babbageclunk goes for a run03:13
axwwallyworld_: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/799604:08
wallyworld_axw: just a couple of small things, thanks for doing that04:24
wallyworld_glad the changes weren't too big04:24
babbageclunkwallyworld_: review my merge? https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/799704:53
wallyworld_babbageclunk: sure04:57
wallyworld_babbageclunk: i didn't realise we hadn't done the history limiting yet04:58
babbageclunkwallyworld_: oh yeah05:05
axwwallyworld_: please see my response to your comment about nil checks05:09
wallyworld_axw: fair enough, i wasn't sure without deep diving into it again05:11
axwwallyworld_: np. landing now05:11
wallyworld_thanks again05:11
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jamaxw: are you around?08:26
axwjam: I am now09:03
axwhad to take my son to the doctor09:03
jamaxw: np. I had some thoughts about leadership that I wanted to chat with you about09:04
axwjam: sure09:05
axwjam: HO, or here?09:05
jamHO is probably good09:05
axwjam: ok, just a minute - need to post someone on halloween door duty :)09:06
mupBug #1728902 opened: leadership worker wakes up too often <leadership> <juju-core:In Progress by jameinel> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1728902>11:46
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rick_haxw: ping, when you're around bdx is looking for some maas storage help and the docs seem a bit weak and wondered if you could give him a hand.20:44
rick_hbdx: might be worth hitting up the list for best async ability but we'll see20:44
bdxrick_h: totally, thx20:44
* rick_h has to start to prep the house. family will be here for halloween in < 1hr20:45
babbageclunkrick_h: I'm assuming you're dressed as dracula while you type.20:53
rick_hbabbageclunk: naw, I just wear a big orange sweatshirt that says "STAFF" on it21:00
* rick_h is the family roadie21:00
thumperballoons, wallyworld,veebers: my laptop died22:11
thumperon my other one now22:11
thumperFSVO died22:11
wallyworldoh :-(22:11
wallyworldwe just finished call22:11
wallyworldwill fix more issues today22:11
thumperI gathered you would have22:11
wallyworldre-evaluate tomorrow22:11
veebersthumper: ugh, hopefully you can revive it22:13
thumperwell, the machine is running, just no wifi22:13
thumperalthough it says it is connected to the AP, it doesn't have an IP address22:13
balloonsugh thumper, sorry to hear that22:14
thumperwill take it inside, connect with wires and update it22:14
thumpersee if that fixes it22:14
babbageclunkwallyworld: oh no!22:19
babbageclunkoops, misread - thumper oh no!22:20
babbageclunkwhat's FSVO? Google isn't helping.22:20
wpk"for some values of"22:25
thumperwpk: you still here?22:37
thumperwpk: my laptop is having network issues22:37
thumperwpk: the wireless connects but only gets ipv6 address, but there are no ipv6 routes22:37
babbageclunkWeird, I use that expression all the time but never abbrev'd.22:38
wpkthumper: tcpdump to see if asks for an IP address?22:39
thumperit didn't ask22:40
thumperlots of ARP22:40
wpkthumper: start dhclient manually?22:40
thumperwpk: how?22:40
wpkthumper: have you tried turning it off and on again?22:40
wpk(hello IT)22:41
wpkdhclient -4 wlp2s022:41
wpk(or however your wifi is called, I miss the good ol' "wlan0" times..)22:41
thumperwpk: moved to PMs22:42
axwbdx: I'm here now, but I see you've emailed the list... *looking*22:45
axwbdx: sounds like you're sorted now, thanks for the docs suggestion, +122:47
bdxaxw: thanks, np22:47
axwwallyworld: there's a new GCP region, asia-south1: https://cloudplatform.googleblog.com/2017/10/GCP-arrives-in-India-with-launch-of-Mumbai-region.html23:28
axw2.3 would be a good time to get that in too23:28
wallyworldi'll create a bug23:28
* axw files a bug23:28
wallyworldok, you can :-)23:28
babbageclunkwpk: Ha, that geographic midpoint is actually on land! That seems surprising enough that we should definitely go there.23:32
babbageclunkI guess what we actually want is a geographic midpoint where the metric is travel time. I don't think the Solomon Islands would do very well then.23:33
hmlbabbbageclunk: there are different calulation methods, but nothing on travel distance.  :-(23:35
hmlthere’s a meet in the middle, but it assumes driving a car -23:37
hmlnot sure we can do that across the pacific23:37
babbageclunkhml: yeah, it would really need take into account multiple-hop flights as well. Probably expedia and the other big travel sites have that info, but I'd be surprised if they hand it out to people.23:37
wpkbabbageclunk: there's a direct flight from Brisbane23:39
babbageclunkwpk: well alright, let's do this!23:41
hmlholy crap: i saw 45H first23:41
hmlthen it went down to 27H - via brisbane23:41
anastasiamacit sounds like bne is a central point after all ...23:43
wpkThe cheapest flight I found is actually around the world trip - WAW-DXB-BNE-HIR-NAN-LAX-WAW (and it's only $4k ! :>)23:44
blahdeblahanastasiamac: As if we needed a web site to tell us that...23:44
anastasiamacblahdeblah: :D yeah, i know, right?... the obvious  \o/23:45
blahdeblahIt's totally central - between the Gold & Sunshine Coasts23:45
wpkbut then I won't get to go around the world :P23:51
wpkand I have been to Brisbane already23:52
wpkhugged a Koala23:52
wpkso - meh :P23:52

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