Shibethere is some application that cancels my logouts but kde isn't telling me01:04
Shibeit just says "logout cancelled by """01:04
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user|32525Pardon, is this an appropriate place to ask for assistance troubleshooting a boot issue with kubuntu?05:03
freetownuser|32525: don't know but just shoot05:12
user|32525Alright, thank you. I think this might actually be more pertinent to GRUB, frankly I'm really in over my head. My machine has a windows partition and a kubuntu one. In the past a menu would display allowing me to select which OS I wished to use, but now I boot to GRUB command line. I can boot to kubuntu with a set of commands or windows by typing e05:14
user|32525xit, but I can't figure out how to get the menu back05:14
parveeni have installed gnome software center but it is not showing search bar. i have uninstalled and reinstalled it again but the problem remians same. can anyone help me on this.05:36
lordievaderGood morning08:26
John85hey folks :)08:44
John85back again08:50
John85ello again09:19
hateballJohn852: you're a bit bouncy, and I didnt see any question. maybe you just wanted to say hello :D09:31
John852i want to set up a vpn,  and im a simple minded fella so im looking for a simple way to set up openvpn :p09:33
lordievaderWhere are you struggeling?09:34
John85ok..im gonna try something....09:41
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John852ok...im back for good this time :D09:43
John852so...i have installed openvpn and i need to know how to set it up before i spend £50 on a years subscruption to nordvpn09:49
John852im a simple minded guy so im looking for a simple solution09:49
hateballJohn852: click the network icon in your tray, then the uh.. little.. thing, to go into settings09:50
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hateballClick Add, pick openvpn, fill in stuff09:50
hateballJohn852: or if you have a file, I think you can import it under the Connection menu09:51
lordievaderUsually the vpn provider supplies a configuration file (and cert), then it is as easy as doing `sudo openvpn <config-file>`09:51
Guest81349ok,  so Konversation is only marginally more stable09:52
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Guest81349ok,  thanks :)10:02
Guest81349thats sounds a lot simpler than what i have been reading on some websites10:02
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John852"/nick" does not appear to be working10:02
anton_pppl, kubuntu 17.10 has rather strange problem: i can't print pdfs from okular, but i can print them from evince, libre office, etc. what to check?10:14
anton_pi upgraded from 16.04.310:15
anton_pokular just makes as if it prints but the document goes not to printer queue10:16
john__hi anton_p,  wish i could help,  i was planning on upgrading myself10:20
anton_pi have two theories: it has something to do with upgraded ppd file or with new qt5 printint dialog.10:24
hateballanton_p: can you print *to* PDF from okular?10:24
anton_ppdf from pdf? i can try10:25
anton_pyes, it works10:27
anton_pi'll try to remove and add printer again10:27
anton_p"configure printer" doesn't show on10:32
hateballanton_p: what printer is this? for eg HP printers there are usually different drivers to pick from, sometimes Kubuntu guesses wrong10:33
hateballon the other hand, it works in other apps...10:33
hateballanton_p: if you run okular from a terminal, and then try to do your stuff, does it spit out any information?10:33
anton_pit worked before 17.1010:33
anton_pusage: lpr [-cdfghlmnpqrstv] [-#num] [-1234 font] [-C class] [-i [numcols]]10:34
anton_p        [-J job] [-Pprinter] [-T title] [-U user] [-wnum] [name ...]10:34
anton_pthat's all10:34
hateballanton_p: so you ran okular, then pressed print in the gui?10:35
hateballand thats what spat out in the terminal?10:36
hateballheh, then it must send an incorrect string10:37
hateballI don't have a 17.10 to test with myself atm10:37
anton_plooks like this bug https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=49951410:37
ubottuDebian bug 499514 in okular "okular should recommend cups-bsd for printing" [Normal,Open]10:37
hateballanton_p: suggest you look for, or file a bug on10:37
hateballanton_p: file a bug on launchpad tho10:38
ubottuIf you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.10:38
anton_papt install cups-bsd lpr- -- fixed okular printing10:40
anton_pthanks guys10:40
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ysteinHello. Performance issue here. The process plasmashell is using over 50% of my CPU power (varies betw 40-90%). For a day now plasmashell and baloo_file_extractor have constantly used about 25% CPU power. This issue has persisted across reboots.14:07
hateballystein: is it a clean install?14:08
ysteinAsus laptop with Intel Core i5-42xx14:08
ysteinhateball: Clean install, not upgrade. Installed the beta about 3 weeks ago and have kept it updated since. Do I need to change repos?14:09
ysteinOh yeah, it's Kubuntu 17.10.14:10
hateballystein: nah no need to change anything14:11
hateballystein: it's normal that baloo_file_extractor uses a fair amount to index your stuff during the first runs, but sometimes it also hangs on a file for whatever reason14:12
hateballystein: does "/usr/bin/baloo_file_extractor" show it having some file opened?14:13
hateballugh, "lsof /usr/bin/baloo_file_extractor"14:13
hateballystein: as for plasmashell, that is usually due to some misbehaving plasmoid14:14
ysteinhateball: fyi currently baloo_file_extractor uses very little CPU, it's plasmashell now14:14
hateballystein: what GPU/driver are you using?14:14
ysteinbaloo_fil 1561 ystein txt    REG    8,7   129168 1705313 /usr/bin/baloo_file_extractor14:15
ysteinthat's the output14:15
ysteinno custom drivers in use, not even via Driver Manager. And I don't have a GPU.14:17
hateballystein: I've had it crap out on me some times, what I did then was "balooctl disabled" reboot, then "balooctl enable" and have it reindex things14:17
ysteinOK, I disabled it now.14:18
ysteinShould I see an effect immediately or after a reboot?14:18
hateballiirc it should stop immediately, otherwise "balooctl stop"14:19
hateballI just reboot to make sure it lets go of everything14:19
ysteinI'll reboot and check back in. brb14:19
ysteinHey, seems everything is back to normal now.14:22
hateballNormal meaning?14:23
ysteinplasmashell and baloo are silent, no cpu spikes14:23
hateballystein: did you enable baloo again?14:24
ysteinI just did.14:24
hateballguess you will notice in a while if it finds some file it doesnt like and starts being annoying again14:24
ysteinCan I exclude certain file types from the index, such as zip and tar.gz?14:26
ysteinI mean, does it index the contents of zipped folders? If it does then no wonder I get cpu spikes14:27
hateballI don't remember if it indexes tars or zips actually14:30
hateballyou can exclude directories if you like14:30
ysteinhateball: Thanks for the help!14:31
hateballystein: :)14:37
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o_aHello, all. How do I set ksshaskpass to ask for my password when I log into ssh?18:02
o_aI tried setting SSH_ASKPASS but it didn't work18:03
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