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dante__has enyone had issues with unetbootin ? seems like bootloader is malfunc due do some missing config file on newly created usb sticks10:13
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KevinbunvhTrying to load Lubuntu on ASUS netbook eee.  Works great on ubs but when I install the software and reboot without usb I only have a narrow desktop on right and the rest wis black with blurry white lines. Ideas.  This is my first Linux attempt18:39
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zztoplessmorning all... I'm setting up a lubuntu vm (14.04) and having trouble getting it to connect to a windows share, despite copying and pasting the line in my mint-kde vm, on the same network (on the same host machine)...22:59
erikocelotehi im having a problem to install lubuntu en mi  acer aspire es11-131- c0us22:59
erikoceloteanybody can help me ?23:00
erikoceloteim trying to install lubuntu from a booted usb23:00
zztopless/ /mnt/FN cifs credentials=/home/lubuntu/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm 0 0  sudo mount -a brings the following prompt: Password for root@// which is obviously not going to work (my login details are an offline only admin account in Windows 1023:01
zztoplesserikocelote, what issues are you having?23:01
erikoceloteit doesnt run!!23:01
zztoplessDo you know the key to get to the boot menu on startup for your laptop?23:02
zztoplessso you're able to select the usb stick?23:03
zztoplessdid that laptop come with either windows 8 or 10?23:03
erikoceloteyes and i did it, actually i already installed the OS in the HDD, but when i try to reboot from the hdd, lubuntu doesnt run23:04
zztoplessdoes windows?23:04
erikocelotemy english is not the best but i hope you know what i mean23:05
erikocelotewindows 1023:05
zztoplessyou probably had the boot record installed onto a different drive (easy to do)23:05
zztoplessso if you manually select the ubuntu hdd from the boot menu, it can't read that23:05
zztoplesshave a look at the partitions on your hard drives in disk manager23:06
erikoceloteok, and what i should do?23:06
zztoplessDo you have just the one hard drive?23:06
zztoplessor the the two OSs installed on different drives?23:07
erikoceloteno i just have just the one hard drive23:09
zztoplessok, so ho did you partition them?23:09
erikocelotei didnt part it...23:10
erikoceloteok no23:11
zztoplessDid the ubuntu installation?23:12
erikoceloteits 537 mb filesystem ext 4 filesystem partition 2 500 gb ext4 and 1.1 mb free space23:12
zztoplessIt couldn't have finished installing on your NTFS windows partition given Windows is still functioning23:12
zztoplessWhat is windows installed on?23:13
erikoceloteyes i did the ubuntu installation in the hdd, an i erased the windows, but it doesnt run from de hdd23:13
zztoplessoh ok, sorry, I did ask if windows was still booting, but I probably wasn't clear23:14
zztoplessI'm honestly not sure what the issues is, but I would try the process again, and at the screen where it asks about whether you want the let lubuntu erase the drive, or choose custom, choose let it erase23:15
erikoceloteok im sorry im barely speak english, but im desperate cause y cant use my pc jajaja23:15
erikocelotei already did it s you say23:16
erikocelotebut it doesnt work23:16
zztoplessbear with me, ill fire up an installation on a vm and check if there is an option there for where the boot record goes - I don't use lubunt as my daily driver mint-kde.  They are very similar, but need to double check23:16
zztoplessYour Enlgish is fine23:16
erikocelotelubuntu is actually installed on the hard drive but lubuntu doesnt boot/run from de hdd23:17
zztoplessyeah, for whatever reason grub isn't on the partition it needs to be on23:19
erikocelotehow can i put it on?23:19
zztoplesswhat version of lubuntu are you using?23:20
zztoplessok, let me grab a 17.10 iso and get to that page23:20
zztoplessIt might be worth setting up the partition manually, because on that page, you can select what device the boot loader goes on23:21
zztoplessYou might want to have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD3JtoSbfOo&feature=youtu.be&t=5m50s and see if it's relevant to your laptop23:23
erikoceloteomg there is the solution23:26
erikocelotethank you very much23:27
erikocelotei really aprecciate your help23:27
zztoplessyeah, it was hard to think how it could be an issue with the bootloader in the wrong place if you only had your hdd and installation USB hooked up and chose erase disk23:27
zztoplessno worries :)23:27
erikocelotecould you give me your email adress ??23:28
erikoceloteany way im really thankful23:28
zztoplessnp, im usually the one asking for help, nice to help for a chanhe23:29
zztoplesssent you a msg with my email23:29
zztoplessgotta run myself, glad I could help23:31
zerothishow would I boot my new laptop from the network using my ubuntu system as the host (zesty)23:31
zerothisI ask because the bios checks all drives for windows a windows installation will not recognize others23:33

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