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dokojamespage: ceph ftbfs with new boost on some archs07:32
jamespagedoko: yeah working on an update for that this week07:32
jamespagedoko: hmm - https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/3006/+packages07:32
jamespagethat's odd - I was expecting that to fail07:32
jamespagethat's building against proposed07:33
dokohmm, transient, retrying07:33
dokothe ftbfs didn't have any build log07:33
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mitya57Whom should I ping about updating ubuntu-packaging-guide webpage? [ https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2017-October/040021.html ]12:33
mitya57According to IPs it is hosted on citrusnobilis.canonical.com and yangmei.canonical.com. Who has access to those servers?12:33
rbasakIf no answer here, maybe try #canonical-sysadmin? They might be able to track it down to an owner.12:35
niedbalskiRAOF, rbasak hello, any chance to sponsor the SRUs for bug 1657256? (they're already in unapproved, uploaded by cpaelzer).12:58
ubottubug 1657256 in percona-xtradb-cluster-5.6 (Ubuntu Zesty) "Percona crashes when doing a a 'larger' update" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165725612:58
LocutusOfBorgniedbalski, probably this is a question for #ubuntu-release team13:21
LocutusOfBorgif it is already uploaded13:21
dgadomskihello doko, re bug #1638695, I've shared some more benchmarks in the spreadsheet14:07
ubottubug 1638695 in python2.7 (Ubuntu Xenial) "Python 2.7.12 performance regression" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/163869514:07
dgadomskido you think any of the settings is worth considering of backporting to xenial?14:07
andreassil2100: hi, this bug has the v13 tarball of ubuntu-advantage-tools attached for bionic. It runs the tests at package build time14:15
andreassil2100: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-advantage-tools/+bug/172127214:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1721272 in ubuntu-advantage-tools (Ubuntu) "Create 'ua' symlink pointing at 'ubuntu-advantage'" [High,New]14:15
andreasand also fixes the bug, of course14:16
andreasI didn't file a bug specifically to have tests run at package build time14:16
dokodgadomski: yes, I think everything but the PyFPE changes. I'll have a look until next week15:00
dgadomskidoko: ok, thank you15:03
coreycbhello release team, python-monasca-statsd in bionic NEW is a source package replacement of monasca-statsd15:08
jbichaacheronuk: there are 2 KDE autopkgtests holding up dbus in bionic-proposed but I expect the autopkgtest queue to be full for a couple days15:31
jbichafrom the initial autosync and perl, etc. so I guess you might not be able to do much with it soon15:32
acheronukjbicha: nope. I doubt I can. one is on armhf, that we scarcely care much about, and will get a new version soon anyway. the other has a new frameworks upload ready and I would try to fix in that, but I can't do that until the just kicked off Qt uploads/transition are at least all built, if not through15:40
acheronukjbicha: so if you are in any hurry, I can see good reason there for asking for a version specific hint/skip from the release team on those tests15:41
jbichano hurry, I'm guessing the new versions will end up fixing the issue or something15:43
seb128could somebody from the SRU team review the unity-control-center/xenial upload that was just uploaded? it's one the oem team is waiting on for a while and that would be nice to let it today if we can15:52
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rbasakniedbalski: I'm aware but I can't take an interrupt right now, sorry.15:56
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niedbalski^^ any other SRU team member has any cycles to review it?18:12
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seb128bdmurray, hey, could you maybe have a look to the unity-control-center SRU in the xenial queue? the oem team is waiting on it20:02
xnoxpopey, i have a few tasks that might be suitable for Google Cod In20:27
xnoxpopey, it is circa 200 bite size tasks20:28
xnoxpopey, can we chat about it? if they are suitable?/20:28
popeyGolly! That's great.20:28
popeyYeah, I'm on vacation today, tomorrow?20:28
xnoxpopey, sure! just ping me whenever you are free20:28
popeykk will do20:28
sarnoldwe're teaching fish to program?20:30
bdmurrayOnly Cod though20:30
bdmurrayNo Salmon20:30
xnoxbdmurray, indeed salmon is bad, salmon has too many lice in scotland right now.20:32
xnoxsarnold, i'm just going to get minions to write systemd units for me =) to replace all the init.d scripts =)20:32
sarnoldxnox: YES20:32
seb128bdmurray, thanks20:44
acheronukjbicha: on some retries, those KDE tests have now passed21:02
jbichaacheronuk: I appreciate it! ⭐21:04
acheronukjust wish I had a good reason why :/21:04
acheronukApparently successful21:06
acheronukfinal: dbus,libsdl2-gfx,libsdl2-image21:06
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LaurenceLumiany clues on how to use backports with pbuilder-dist?22:33
LaurenceLumi I have xenial set up with pbuilder-dist, but I want to build a package from zesty that needs a later version of debhelper that is available in xenial-backports22:33
naccLaurenceLumi: don't use pbuilder? :) sbuild at least supports adding extra repositories22:35
LaurenceLumi:-) I was just following the packaging guide, the must be a way22:38
naccLaurenceLumi: i really dont' know anythig about pbuilder myself, sorry22:40
HeadlessHorsemanLaurenceLumi: Certainly is.22:48
LaurenceLumithought so22:49
HeadlessHorsemanDo you use a hook to refresh the repositories?  If so, it's just another option. I simply have it in my pbuilderrc though.22:50
LaurenceLumiI tried something like I found some instructions here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto#Using_backport_repositories_in_pbuilder22:51
LaurenceLumibut it didn't work22:52
LaurenceLumicould you post the lines from your pbuildrecc?22:52
HeadlessHorsemanhttps://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/pbuilderrc - https://sigma.unit193.net/~unit193/D99RefreshRepositories (remove the first two lines at least.)22:54
LaurenceLumithanks HeadlessHorseman the guide I posted has the lines to append to /etc/app/source.list but it does include a line to apt-get upgrade23:09
LaurenceLumiso I understand no why it didn;t work23:09
HeadlessHorsemanI presume you know about the hookdir?  And not to use my pbuilderrc directly unless you know what it does? :P23:17
LaurenceLumiYes I think so, I actually set hook.d with E01file with lines to modify /etc/app/sources23:22
LaurenceLumibut It did not work as expected as there was no apt-get upgrade23:23

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