Bashing-omNew kernel for xenial is on the street: linux-image-4.4.0-98-generic (4.4.0-98.121) .01:54
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic xenial01:54
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB01:54
lotuspsychjegood morning to all06:29
ubot5Wayland is a display server protocol that can be used instead of X. Ubuntu 17.10 onwards use Wayland by default on systems that support it. For more info, see https://wayland.freedesktop.org/06:29
EriC^^morning all06:30
lotuspsychjehey eric06:31
lotuspsychjejust woke up with cuppa coffee06:31
lotuspsychjeall good EriC^^ ?06:33
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje06:35
EriC^^yup, you?06:35
lotuspsychjegreat here, holiday06:35
EriC^^whats the holiday?06:36
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: autumn holiday06:36
EriC^^cool :D06:36
lotuspsychje9 days off :p06:37
lotuspsychjepainted my business room06:37
lotuspsychjetoday bit chilling06:37
lotuspsychjemorning dax :p06:39
daxlotuspsychje: also, on the off chance nobody has yet extolled the virtues of SASL to you, let me know06:40
lotuspsychjethe what lol?06:40
daxalrighty. SASL is a way of making sure you're fully logged in to NickServ before you start joining channels and stuff.06:41
daxIt will stop you from ending up in -unregged randomly.06:41
EriC^^ah nice06:41
daxhttps://freenode.net/kb/answer/sasl has instructions for most clients06:41
lotuspsychjesomehow, hexchat logs me in faster then nickserv, always wondered why06:42
EriC^^wish they'd remove the +r though06:42
daxEriC^^: We did, around release day. We started getting spam again. So it's now back on.06:42
EriC^^just 1 spam06:42
daxno, not just 1 spam06:42
daxOnce freenode figures out how to get their long-term problem users under control, it'll go away. Until then, we're kinda stuck with it.06:42
EriC^^hmm i saw 1 attack by 2 nicks, then +r ensued06:43
EriC^^that would be nice if they made a server protection06:43
daxOkay. I saw quite a bit more.06:43
daxthough I can see antispambot output and was specifically looking for it, so... :)06:43
daxYeah. Not sure exactly what they could do, but considering this dingus is all over the place it's really not something #ubuntu can fix by itself :\06:44
EriC^^can't we write a bot to defend the channel, or maybe put some people to defend the channel who's good at being op and online a lot?06:44
lotuspsychjetheres alot of spam indeed lately06:44
lotuspsychjei also agree with EriC^^ the numbers of users are affected by +r06:45
daxEriC^^: Not really. There's an unavoidable lag time between spam starting and bots reacting, and if you have a bunch of spambots in the channel, a lot gets through before the reaction happens.06:45
daxAnd ops help approximately zero with this06:45
EriC^^lotuspsychje: users and also lines said in channel, it almost half'd since the +r i told Ben64 and he checked his logs and made a nice plot lines said vs date06:45
EriC^^channel is dying like this06:46
EriC^^dax: it's only like 2-3 lines though06:46
* dax sighs06:46
EriC^^won't the bots get exhausted eventually?06:46
EriC^^i mean the number of ip's06:47
daxIt's been a year. He's still around.06:47
daxNo, botnets are effectively infinite these days.06:47
dax(that's a year network-wide, not just in #ubuntu)06:47
EriC^^who is this guy? can't we reason with him?06:47
lotuspsychjefirst you need to know who he is lol06:47
daxhas also been tried, has not worked so far06:47
daxoh, network staff know exactly who he is06:47
EriC^^what does he want?06:47
daxto annoy people06:47
daxthat's literally it. no demands.06:48
* dax shrugs06:48
EriC^^dax: can we make ubuntu work on a +v basis?06:49
EriC^^when a new unregged user joins, a bot asks him an intelligent question that he has to answer and then gives him +v to speak06:49
EriC^^it should work, no?06:49
daxwas done back in the day with the FloodBots. We no longer have the FloodBots for political reasons, and nobody has yet written a replacement.06:50
EriC^^i think that's a good solution imho06:50
daxfeel free to write a limnoria plugin or something06:50
daxi am nowhere near the skill level to do that, i only started tinkering with limnoria at all the other week06:50
EriC^^i dont know that language at all06:51
EriC^^can't we delegate it to someone? it seems pretty easy06:51
dax. ubottu is barely maintained and is slowly falling apart due to technical debt, and we haven't yet found anyone to fix her and it's been years.06:52
daxso no, bot wranglers do not seem to be growing on trees of late06:52
EriC^^heh :D06:53
EriC^^how would the program work? user joins, if regged +v else, fetch question from list, ask question with a timeout, sanitize input , check if the question's answer is correct, if correct +v user, if not raise the counter+1, if counter=3 end session with user06:54
daxI forget the details of how FloodBot did it, but something like that.06:55
daxThere's of course the issue that your question list needs to be huge or it's brute-forcable a notable percentage of the time.06:55
lotuspsychjei dont think 1300 users will answer a question06:55
EriC^^lotuspsychje: just the unregged ones have to06:56
EriC^^i think Svena is good at writing irc plugins and what not06:56
EriC^^dax: yeah06:57
EriC^^the questions are the biggest issue i think06:57
EriC^^they have to be non parsable by a bot yet easy enough that anyone can answer06:58
lotuspsychjewho is the guy anyway, i would trace his botnet and submit to the cops lol06:58
EriC^^dax: limnoria uses "pypi" ?07:03
daxit's on pypi, if that's what you mean. it's also in the debian (and i think ubuntu) repos07:04
dax!info limnoria artful07:04
ubot5limnoria (source: limnoria): robust and user-friendly Python IRC bot. In component universe, is optional. Version 2017.08.18-1 (artful), package size 553 kB, installed size 4364 kB07:04
EriC^^ah thanks07:06
EriC^^hmm it's not in xenial?07:07
EriC^^!info limnoria xenial07:07
ubot5Package limnoria does not exist in xenial07:07
lotuspsychjesnap find limnoria07:08
lotuspsychjeThe search "limnoria" returned 0 snaps07:08
lotuspsychjeand no snap07:08
daxi'd probably use git if you're not on something that has it in-repository, tbh07:09
EriC^^aha thanks07:10
Ben64late to the party but yeah, when the floodbots went away it was very noticeable07:19
EriC^^ok, installed limnoria seems to be running07:22
lotuspsychjethink dax is experimenting :p07:22
lotuspsychjeoh its EriC^^07:22
EriC^^reading here now http://doc.supybot.aperio.fr/en/latest/develop/plugin_tutorial.html07:22
ducassemorning, all08:20
lordievaderGood morning08:26
ducassehi lordievader - all well?08:29
lordievaderHi ducasse doing good here, just had coffee.08:29
lordievaderHow are you?08:29
ducasserelaxing with a can of coke, catching up on email etc08:30
lordievaderA can of coke... well it has caffeine in there I suppose :P08:51
lotuspsychjehey ducasse & lordievader10:28
lotuspsychjeducasse: nice idea a whole can lol10:29
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje10:35
lordievaderHow are you?10:35
lotuspsychjegreat here lordievader10:36
lotuspsychjepainted in house10:36
lordievaderYou are painting the house?10:37
lotuspsychjeyeah parts10:38
lotuspsychjeand my business room10:38
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ubot5KRACK is a group of attacks against the wireless WPA2 protocol and related software. Ubuntu clients are protected against it if they are updated; see https://usn.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-3455-1/ for details. Networking equipment needs updating if using 802.11r, repeater mode, or other AP-as-client configurations, which most are not. See https://www.krackattacks.com/ for technical details.15:56
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lotuspsychjebbl french frites :p17:04
studentloansnvidia and wayland, from Plasma's perspective: https://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2017/10/plasmawayland-and-nvidia-2017-edition/19:12
daftykinsnothing new then, chase version numbers and your life will be hell :)19:19
studentloans"nothing new" about covers it, yeah19:20
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unni_kozHello, I looking for help related to apport. Getting core dump to | <path to apport> %p 6 234234234 pipe failed21:07
unni_koztrying to figure our which process is the real culprit here for SIGABRT.21:08
unni_kozthis is ubuntu 12.04.05 LTS21:08
unni_kozdirectory /var/crash is empty21:09
unni_kozand nothing in apport logs21:09
Bashing-omunni_koz: Unless you have paid for "extended" support. 12.04 is dead ; and no longer has support .21:10
unni_kozunderstood that.21:11
unni_kozit will be great if someone shed some light how to figure out which process exactly causing this21:12
unni_koztroubleshooting it for last 4-6 hours... couldnt find anything.21:13
Bashing-omunni_koz: Regrests, but that too is above my skill set.21:13
unni_kozthanks Bashing-om21:14
unni_kozplease help21:15
daftykinsunni_koz: this isn't a support channel, see topic21:22
unni_kozoh! thanks daftykins21:22
daftykinsbut you won't get support for 12.04 on IRC anywhere :)21:23
unni_kozunderstand sir. i need some help to troubleshoot.21:23
unni_kozwhere i can get some help/hint... let me know if there is any irc channel21:23
unni_kozsorry if im creating noise in this chat21:24
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oerhekswait, sco is not dead ? https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/10/appeals-court-keeps-alive-the-never-ending-linux-case-sco-v-ibm/22:42

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