linux_hello, does anyone know how I can activate my keyboard fed back on ubuntu mate 16.04?00:25
scoottmrchola como estan01:41
scoottmrcqueria hacer una consulta  acerca de como poder instalar  adobe flash player  en chromium01:42
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gordonjcpsarma[m]: wow, that doesn't look suspect at all07:57
karjala_Hello. Has anyone tried Ubuntu MATE on a Dell Latitude 5580 laptop?08:27
karjala_I'm thinking of buying that08:27
ouroumovkarjala_, we have no match on the forum for this hardware, but usually DELL machines work well with Ubuntu09:51
ouroumovkarjala_, to the possible exception of touchscreens09:52
karjala_They sell this particular laptop with Ubuntu Classic, but I don't know whether they require a custom version of Ubuntu, and whether drivers are needed which will only work with UBuntu Classic09:52
karjala_I don't like touchscreens anyway09:52
karjala_I guess I'll call them and ask09:53
karjala_If the unmodified Ubuntu Classic works, then MATE should work too, right?09:53
diogenes_karjala_, what about system 76?10:01
karjala_I'd like to test its keyboard before buying it, and I can't do that with system76.10:02
diogenes_why you can't?10:03
karjala_because I can't find it in shops to try it10:03
karjala_can you try it?10:03
diogenes_wahta re you afraid of? that the keyboard will not function properly? they come with a warranty10:04
karjala_that I might not like it, just like I don't like Dell Inspiron's keyboard10:04
sixwheeledbeastI have installed U-M to many dell laptops with minimal issues10:04
karjala_it misses keystrokes10:04
sixwheeledbeastI have an inspirion with MATE never had keyboard issues either10:05
karjala_I have an inspiron, and don't like its keyboard10:06
sixwheeledbeastOnly issue on the inspirion was with wifi drivers OOTB, but I have had them working with both ndiswrapper and open drivers.10:07
ouroumov<karjala_> If the unmodified Ubuntu Classic works, then MATE should work too, right? -> Yes. Same kernel.10:37
native hi all13:45
diogenes_hi you13:46
jrjhi diogenes_14:45
jrjI settled on the setup you recommended14:45
diogenes_jrj, what setup?14:45
jrjGedit+Cobalt theme. Works superfast an is nice to look at14:45
diogenes_oh that one, of course it looks nice14:46
jrjNice coding environment14:46
diogenes_indeed, I'd never want anything else14:47
jrjNo need to overcomplicate things14:47
jrjIm now ready for a clean install, with a much more slim-line setup/config14:59
jrjIts Gonna be really nice14:59
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ribanI've got a problem with the update from 17.04 to 17.10 where the screen is mostly black and corrupt on my NC10 Intel based netbook (reported as bug 1728565). Any one have any clues how to diagnose and fix this? The console screen is also corrupted but I can probably SSH in.16:05
ubottubug 1728565 in ubuntu-mate "Desktop (screen) corrupted after upgrade to 17.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172856516:05
alkisgriban: does a 17.10 live cd work?16:49
ribanI will try live CD when I get home.16:51
riban...if I can find something to burn it on now I don't have a laptop!!!!16:52
alkisgHehe... or a live usb stick16:52
xpkill24sorry wer mist der op meisten yoda in ubuntu.de17:51
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balc2824cannot join ubuntu.de18:20
tewardbalc2824: #ubuntu-de is what I think you want.18:21
tewardno dot there.18:21
balc2824which op was that tell me18:24
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