Saviqlegacy, I suppose00:25
Son_Gokuxnox: because no one else does that02:52
Son_Gokuthe rest of us ship the libraries02:53
Son_Gokuxnox: who says that Debian/Ubuntu are the center of the Linux universe02:53
* Son_Goku finds this offensive given how much crap it's taken to make Mir work on Fedora02:54
Son_Gokuthings still don't quite work... :/02:54
RAOFThere is no best practice for GMock 😠04:46
xnoxSon_Goku, as far as I can see googletest is the new source name, after gmock and gtest have merged; unless it's only debian that followed upstream rename.11:14
xnoxSon_Goku, independent gtest & gmock no more.11:14
xnoxSon_Goku, are you saying others stuck shipping the split out libraries only, and did not move onto the googletest?11:15
Son_GokuCMake itself distinguishes between the two11:15
Son_Gokuthe source package for us is gtest, but it produces gmock and gtest libraries11:15
Son_Gokunot everyone uses both11:15
xnoxSon_Goku, but I see projects trying to import both and that doesn't work, as gmock builds gtest too. Importing both results in a duplicate library/target in cmake.11:16
Son_Gokuif they import both as SOURCE, yes11:16
xnox(gmock building gtest, is new to googletest based sources)11:16
Son_Gokuyes, I know11:16
Son_Gokubut if the library is already built and you're linking to it, it won't11:16
xnoxbut that stopped being supported....11:16
xnoxin debian/ubuntu we ship the gmock/gtest sources, but not pre-building the libs =/ as per upstream recommends.....11:17
Son_Gokuthey changed their recommendation11:17
Son_Gokuwhich is why CMake supports locating the library11:17
xnoxok, then i am out of date again =/11:17
Son_Gokuyeah, it sucks11:17
Son_GokuGoogle is fluid like that11:17
Son_Gokuin Fedora, we currently have gtest as a lib, and gmock as source11:18
Son_Gokuwhich was Google's previous recommendation11:18
Son_Gokubut now it's okay to have the whole thing as libs11:18
Son_Gokuit's nuts11:18
RAOFAh! I was wondering why I couldn't find gmock as a library in Fedora!23:06

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