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Jordan_U@mark #ubuntu xpkill24 Asking about a ban in #ubuntu-de in #ubuntu. Has been told (in German and English) clearly and multiple times that #ubuntu-de-op is the channel to go to . Just ban if they ask about #ubuntu-de bans in #ubuntu again.18:12
ubottuThe operation succeeded.18:12
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studentloansjust threw a final warning at them. in English. I don't much care if they have trouble with it, they should be able to get the jist of it ^19:31
studentloans(and they already got hit with a cluebat in German anyway so)19:35
strawfeministand i think they just asked in #freenode if someone was dutch or turkish?19:36
strawfeminister, not dutch, german19:36
studentloanssomething like that, yes19:37
strawfeministyes my brain scrambled it between that channel and this one19:41
studentloansdid you know that worst is the dutch word for sausage?19:41
krytarikDoesn't matter much anyway. >_>19:41
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