heheheany one knows cool GUI mail client?00:03
hehehefor ubuntu00:03
heheheI have Evolution and it sucks00:03
heheheoften just gets stuck00:03
drabhehehe: this is the server channel, no GUI, ask in #ubuntu please00:03
nacchehehe: feels like something rather easy to google for.00:03
drabalso "cool" is not a feature requirement, I find mutt cool, but I suspect you wouldn't00:04
naccmutt +100:04
drabbut maybe who knows, it has that 1337 feeling to it :P00:04
hehehemutt is not GUI00:05
heheheelse maybe good00:05
lordievaderGood morning08:26
nyaaafter installing linux-image-generic-lts-xenial on 14.04 can i remove linux-generic, linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic ?09:59
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joelionyaa: yep10:22
coreycbjamespage: I'm going to merge python-monasca-statsd for unstable, however our source package is named monasca-statsd and there's is python-monasca-statsd. i don't think i need to do anything special but if you can think of anything please let me know.14:28
joelioow 614:47
joelio hrm /window fail14:48
Scoop7I was sent here15:34
Scoop7by lotuspsychje15:34
tewardScoop7: for...?15:34
Scoop7he said I can find help here15:34
tewardwe ain't psychic, we'll need more information about what you're looking for.15:35
naccScoop7: as i said in #ubuntu, your questionn is sort of a loop15:35
tewardsorry if I seem on edge, I'm nursing a headache from staring at radio frequency data all day.15:35
teward(so far)15:35
naccif you are overcommiting your server, either a) do not overcommit or b) setup your server to handle overcommit15:35
teward^ that15:36
naccwhere b) might mean setup swap, add more RAM, etc.15:38
naccand a) typically means workload management15:38
TJ-Does chrome headless support KSM maybe?15:43
naccTJ-: isn't KSM trasparent to the application? unless you mean does it do mlock or manual dedupe?15:43
naccerr, madvise not mlock15:44
TJ-nacc: well, generally the app calls madvise(ptr, size,MADV_MERGEABLE)15:45
naccTJ-: ah sorry, i was cofusig it with THP15:46
naccTJ-: you're right, KSM is a opt-in thing15:47
naccTJ-: THP, in contrast has an "always" setting, but defaults to "madvise" on the ubuntu kernel15:48
naccScoop7: would be good if you replied at some point :)15:49
TJ-nacc: are you using ecryptfs for $HOME?15:49
naccTJ-: nope15:49
naccTJ-: why do you ask?15:49
TJ-nacc: I'm looking for someone to try and recreate a kernel BUG in ecryptfs. I've reproduced on different PCs and kernel versions from 4.4 to 4.13.15:50
tyhicksTJ-: hi - I'm the upstream maintainer and have seen your bug reports in launchpad and kernel.org's bugzilla15:51
tyhicksTJ-: I'll attempt to reproduce it shortly (having to handle other things first)15:51
tyhicksTJ-: thanks for the bug report!15:51
TJ-tyhicks: Yay! thanks very much :)15:51
TJ-tyhicks: I started off doing some what I thought were simple overlayfs experiments... ended up going backwards until 5.30am and still going backwards now!15:52
TJ-tyhicks: is there any possibility ecryptfs will at some point support the trusted.* extended attributes so it can be used as a writeable upper layer in overlayfs?15:53
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rbasaknacc: MP ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~racb/usd-importer/+git/usd-importer/+merge/33304017:28
rbasaknacc: the point of all of this is to make test_git_repository.py trivial.17:29
naccrbasak: reading it now17:30
naccrbasak: should the Link constructor be callig super() and taking a kwargs?17:32
rbasaknacc: yes. Good catch.17:33
rbasakI guess I'm not testing that :-/17:33
naccrbasak: i think you'd see an issue if you tried to name the link? not sure17:33
rbasakYep. That's what I'd expect.17:34
rbasakI'll fix but also write a test :)17:35
naccrbasak: overall looks really nice and promising17:37
rbasakBedtime now. I'll read your review tomorrow :)17:39
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