diddledanpopey: did you find the secret surprise in the corebird snap yet?00:46
daftykinsit's not a secret NOW!00:47
diddledanepic young ladies are epic: https://twitter.com/zellieimani/status/92482138333036134601:08
daftykinsi have no idea what that's about - and now it's bed time! \o01:10
diddledanit's about the hidden story of a group of black ladies who were the secret source of the moon landing - they were mathmaticians01:11
daftykinsah that one01:11
daftykinsand their office was in a VHS tape?01:11
diddledanI've not actually had the chance to watch the movie yet, to my shame :-(01:12
daftykinsshame on you!01:12
daftykinsg'night sir01:12
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:23
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zmoylan-samj3let the shops be decked with holly fa-la-la-la la-la la-la la-la09:08
zmoylan-samj3fill the air with christmas muzak....09:09
foobarryforgot to do my trick with a baby wipe on the windscreens wipers :(09:12
foobarryMOT place want to replace them instead09:12
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ali1234directhex: i don't use this, but someone might. what suite should it be now? https://github.com/ali1234/rpi-ramdisk/blob/master/raspbian/multistrap.conf#L5917:53
directhexyes, that repo exists & is maintained17:54
ali1234cool, i will update it17:54
ali1234is there a keyring package and if so what is it called?17:54
ali1234heh, that still says alpha17:55
directhexkeyring is not available as a package, you can have a .asc via https?17:55
directhexali1234: stable then: http://www.mono-project.com/download/#download-lin-raspbian17:55
ali1234i don't think multistrap knows how to get keys on https17:56
directhexmanpage suggests not - set that repo to unsecure i guess17:58
ali1234i think noauth is all or nothing. not sure17:59
ali1234random question: you know when you log in to a board over serial and the terminal is all messed up - wrong size, arrow keys don't work etc - how do you fix that?18:15
zmoy-pixiterminal emulation?19:03
ali1234yes, it has something to do with terminal emulation :)19:07
ali1234specifically SIGWINCH and escape codes etc19:07
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