mamarleyricotz: I have 387.22 in https://launchpad.net/~mamarley/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+packages.  For some reason the armhf builds failed without an error email or log.  Launchpad was kind of screwy yesterday so it might just be a temporary failure.  I just wanted to let you know so you wouldn't go and package the same driver again.10:07
mamarleyAlso, I haven't done them for Bionic yet because I'm not sure what's going on with that glvnd thing.10:07
ricotzmamarley, you could just retry the armhf build on launchpad11:01
ricotzmamarley, did you pick up the "fixes" from 384?11:02
mamarleyricotz: I did retry the build and it worked this time.  Those fixes were for issues that the PPA driver never had, so I didn't do anything with them.11:09
mamarleyI think that issue was introduced with 384 and I figured out what it was and fixed it before I initially uploaded.11:09
ricotzmamarley, ok, I assumed so, while t_seliot ignored those changes11:10
ricotzmamarley, do you know if there was some progress regarding 4.14?11:26
mamarleyricotz: I haven't heard anything.  I think the license issue is still there.11:27
mamarleyI've hacked around that for my personal use, but obviously I can't upload that.11:27
ricotzmamarley, you mean replacing license strings "NVIDIA with GPL"11:28
mamarleyIronically, it was a feature AMD added to the kernel that caused the GPLed symbols to get used by the NVIDIA driver, and AMD won't back down about unmarking them GPL-only.  Seems a bit conflict-of-interesty to me.11:30
ricotzhaha, interesting11:30
tseliotricotz: what did I ignore?12:02
ricotztseliot, e.g. the EGL problem you had to fix12:18
tseliotricotz: I included the patch that mamarley wrote. I changed that in my latest upload though12:18
ricotzas I said12:19
tseliotyou said I ignored those changes. I downloaded the sources yesterday, and I can still see the problem12:21
tseliotwhich I changed doing this https://github.com/tseliot/nvidia-graphics-drivers/commit/d100b808c6180d8fa04906d0c6cf99e3f79a9d1612:21
ricotzor https://launchpadlibrarian.net/339726913/nvidia-graphics-drivers-384_384.90-0ubuntu1_384.90-0ubuntu2.diff.gz12:23
tseliotricotz: that's correct, but it's not the problem12:27
ricotztseliot, what about the gnome-shell specific 71-nvidia.rules change?12:59
ricotz# Make sure the status of KMS is readable13:00
ricotzACTION=="add" DEVPATH=="/module/nvidia_drm" SUBSYSTEM=="module" RUN+="/bin/chmod 0444 /sys/module/nvidia_drm/parameters/modeset"13:00
ricotzmamarley, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/343791579/nvidia-graphics-drivers-387_387.22-0ubuntu0~gpu17.10.1_387.22-0ubuntu0~gpu18.04.2.diff.gz13:02
mamarleyricotz: Huh?13:04
ricotzmamarley, changes which came up by resyncing with 38413:09
mamarleyWhy are we shipping the non-GLVND libEGL?13:16
mamarleyWe ship the GLVND version of everything else (unless something changed since the last time I checked).13:16
mamarleyI don't really understand what is going on in that diff anyway.  It looks like it would almost be easier just to abandon the current 387 branch and start from 384 again, but I wasn't the one who did that originally.13:24
mamarleytseliot: Did you switch back to shipping all non-GLVND libraries at some point?  From the diff, it looks like that is what happened but I am having a hard time understanding this.13:25
mamarleyBut there are still some GLVND configuration files in there too.13:26
* mamarley is befuddled.13:26
tseliotmamarley: I never (intentionally) switched to GLVND14:05
mamarleytseliot: So the idea then is to ship the non-GLVND libraries and only the non-GLVND libraries?  If I remember correctly, when they first released GLVND, we packaged the GLVND libraries with the bundled libglvnd.14:50
mamarleyIf we have switched to shipping the non-GLVND libraries, we also don't need to ship the GLVND configuration files either.14:51
mamarleyIt seems that the 384 driver in the official archive is in a weird halfway-between state right now.14:52
tseliotmamarley: EGL and vulkan still depend on some GLVND libraries14:59
tseliotwhich I included14:59
tseliot18.04 should have support for GLVND though14:59
mamarleyOK.  It seems like the easiest thing to do for now would just be to abandon the current 387 packaging stuff and branch it off from 384 again.15:00
mamarleyI don't have time to do that today though.15:00
tseliotmamarley: I agree15:16
ricotzmamarley, this "rebase" on 384 is what I have done15:44
mamarleyAh, OK.15:58

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