TJ-eein_: what is the input? is it line-level input? is there an optional pre-amp that can be enabled ? have you tried, in a terminal shell, using "alsamixer" and seeing what it offers on the input channels?00:00
TJ-eein_: press F4 I think it is to see the Capture devices00:00
eein_"this sound device does not have any controls" yay00:01
eein_looks like nothing has changed since 2009 https://ywwg.com/wordpress/?p=77200:01
TJ-eein_: so it's an ALSA driver issue then00:01
TJ-eein_: I looked at the Native Instruments web-pages about that device, and followed the link they provide to the ALSA drivers, and on that wiki page I saw it says "Note that some usb-audio devices do not have internal mixer controls" ... which explains why you can't see an mixer controls00:04
hehehewhat is a lightweight and robust email client?00:08
heheheI use evolution and it often does not woek00:08
heheheSveta: do they have irc channel?00:08
hehehein case something yet to work00:09
TJ-hehehe: GUI? Mozilla Thunderbird00:10
hehehesulpheed seems nice00:10
hehehegoing to check it oit00:10
Svetahehehe: ya, i've joined #sylpheed, if you join too maybe a few more weeks and we have a working channel :)00:11
heheheand how I can use an irc bouncer?00:12
heheheto instead of my IP there is a website name :D00:12
nacchehehe: that's not an ubuntu support topic, nor is that what you need a bouncer for00:12
Sven_vBMy vlc 2.2.7 (2.2.2+git20170721+r59033+56~ubuntu16.04.1) has the "VLC could not decode the format "h264" (H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10))" problem although I have ubuntu-restricted-extras v65 installed. Any ideas? Maybe these threads could help but Firefox insists to protect me from reading them because the SSL cert is expired: https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=119538 https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=13495500:13
kostkonSven_vB, afaik vlc comes with its own codecs00:14
Sven_vBkostkon, so is there a VLC with h264 support for Ubuntu Xenial?00:14
naccSven_vB: also, that's not an ubuntu version00:14
nacc!info vlc xenial | Sven_vB00:14
ubottuSven_vB: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4 (xenial), package size 1470 kB, installed size 4564 kB00:14
kostkonSven_vB, how did you install it00:14
lobatathe thread says something about a nightly build.00:15
naccSven_vB: or use the snap00:15
nacclobata: so... not supported here :)00:15
Sven_vBkostkon, deb ppa:videolan/stable-daily xenial main -> aptitude install vlc. maybe I should try an older version.00:16
naccSven_vB: you need to contact the ppa owner for support, not this channnnel, the00:16
naccerr, channel, sorry00:16
kostkonSven_vB, try the snap00:16
nacc(and for the snap, the snap owner for support)00:16
heheheSveta: yet to work00:17
naccwhich i believe is upstream currently (see contact link in `snap info vlc`)00:17
Sven_vBman doesn't know about snap either, so probably I don't have that. I'll try removing the deb line and reinstall vlc00:18
Sven_vBand update package lists in between00:18
kostkonSven_vB, sudo snap install vlc00:18
Svetahehehe: i'll get a copy onto this computer if i can, hang on00:29
bcowanAnyone know if the installer works yet when you tell it not to install a bootloader?00:29
Jordan_Ubcowan: Is there a specific bug number you're referring to? What is your end goal?00:31
Svetahehehe: the account wizard doesn't have ports but they are under Configuration → Edit accounts00:33
bcowanJordan_U: I have an old MacBook with 32bit efi, but 64bit userland so I don’t want the Installer to install grub and it always fails when I tell it not to00:33
Jordan_Ubcowan: What version of Ubuntu are you installing? What happens when you try to install without installing a bootloader? What happens when you try to install and allow it to install a bootloader?00:35
heheheSveta: same does not work00:36
hehehemay check later00:36
Svetahehehe ok, you will need to tell what mail provider you're using and what are the symptoms00:36
heheheno error00:36
heheheI can pm later00:37
Svetahehehe pm is ok. i will be in #sylpheed too. see ya00:37
bcowanJordan_U: last I tried was 17.04,  if you tell it to not install a bootloader it fails and ubiquity crashes right then, of course if it tries to install a bootloader it fails too because I have 32 bit efi and it wants to install 64bit00:38
heheheonce I updated dns servers do I simply restart service called networking?00:39
gbellinozWell, the slow-menu rendering in Java apps didn't survive a reboot.  Not usually the 1rst (or 5th) thing I think of to try, because, you know, "linux".00:41
gbellinozI should have realized it wasn't the updates because those were a week ago and it was so slow I should have trusted that I would have noticed sooner than today.00:42
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tomreynhi there00:56
utnapistimmI was updating a computer the other day that had like 9 months aprox of updates without apply. The computer was a 16.04 if I don't remember bad.00:56
utnapistimmI updated the nvidia package wich was a mystake because it gave a lot of errors00:57
utnapistimmwhen rebooting the session didn't enter00:57
utnapistimmSo. I need to know where I can search with terminal the history of unistalled packages00:57
tomreynor, for more reliable / complete output, /var/log/apt/term.log00:59
utnapistimmSo, if I reinstall the previous package and unistall the last one, all should be ok, right? At first I though that it was the archive ICEautority or Xautority that was missing or corrupt (happened me two times) but, no, I created another user and the another user has also problems to log in.01:01
utnapistimmtomreyn, thank you very much for the commands, that was I was looking01:01
tomreynif this is a desktop system with the default ubuntu desktop / unity shell, you can install ubuntu-desktop which should ensure that all needed packages are installed.01:02
tomreyn"ubuntu-desktop" being a package name01:02
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TJ-utnapistimm: did you try booting with an older kernel via the GRUB boot menu > Advanced sub-menu? It's possible you installed a kernel uprade and the nvidia module failed to build for that new kernel version, but the older kernel+nvidia driver should still be installed and available01:12
Sven_vBI've removed the vlc daily PPA, closed all running instances of vlc, uninstalled vlc, installed it again, so now it's at 2.2.2-5ubuntu0.16.04.4. I started it, tried to play my video but still get "VLC could not decode the format "h264" (H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10))." what to try next? (I'm not convinced of snaps yet.)01:29
utnapistimmtomreyn, but the desktop was already installed. you mean as a way to ensure that all packages requerided are correctly installed?01:31
tomreynutnapistimm: yes, that's what i meant01:32
utnapistimmnice, thank you again, I will do that.01:33
tomreyngood luck01:33
utnapistimmthanks. bye01:39
Sven_vBlooks like a problem with libavcodec: "core warning: cannot load module `/usr/lib/vlc/plugins/codec/libavcodec_plugin.so' (libavcodec-ffmpeg.so.56: failed to map segment from shared object)¶ core error: corrupt module: /usr/lib/vlc/plugins/codec/libavcodec_plugin.so" so I'll try reinstall that.01:58
Sven_vBoh nice, that was easy: I just have to run vlc with LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/libavformat.so.53 as described in http://web.archive.org/web/20171031020410/https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?t=119705#p40686002:05
Sven_vB… which is really strange because I don't have a directory /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/i686/cmov/02:06
Sven_vBturns out the problem was ulimit in my start script. VLC just got way hungrier for memory.02:10
bloopsynaptic segfaults for me02:32
bloopubuntu 17 64bit02:32
bloopwhat happened to apt-get in ubuntu 17?02:34
bloopwhy doesn't it autocomplete packages?02:34
kenrinDid it ever complete packages?  I'm using 16 LTS and it doesn't02:36
kenrinApt does,  not apt-get02:36
kenrinAh nevermind,  I think I disabled that02:37
elisa87_please have a look at this question https://askubuntu.com/questions/971119/convert-a-sequence-of-ppm-images-to-avi-video02:37
bloopbashrc issue02:37
TJ-ouch! md5sum has blocked in 'ecrypt' state whilst trying to sum a small file on an overlayfs mount, where the lowerdir is on ecryptfs file-system. Worse still, trying to connect gdb to the process results in gdb getting stuck trying to attach! any ideas on how to become unstuck?02:39
bloopin ubuntu 17 how do you make a window pop up without it going to the next screen02:43
blooplike if I want to open a terminal window over the current workspace02:43
bloopand the terminal is in my task list02:44
tomreynbloop: there is no ubuntu 1702:45
tomreynthere are 17.04 and 17.10, possibly with additional dots and digits appended to those.02:46
tomreynabout shell completion, do you have "bash-completion" installed (assuming you use bash?)?02:48
bloopI've fixed that issue already02:59
bloopnew unity is really... bad03:02
bloopthe bar at the top is totally useless other than showing the day and time03:02
bloopaside from the menu stuff on the left and right which could be placed elsewhere03:02
bloopat least in previous unity that was where the menus were03:03
bloopand there's even LESS customizations03:03
unitypunkanyone got a min to chat about pxe booting>03:10
unitypunkgetting "could not boot from root path"03:10
krytarikbloop: That's Gnome Shell now btw.03:26
masbergood afternoon all, I don't know why my ubuntu server does not want to install htop... https://bpaste.net/show/0d82ea845447 any thoughts?03:27
krytarik!info htop03:28
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-1 (artful), package size 79 kB, installed size 213 kB03:28
daxsudo apt update03:29
krytarikmasber: Make sure the 'universe' repo is enabled.03:30
masberthank you all sudo apt update fixed the issue03:32
linelevelHi, I made a systemd service and when I start it, the log says:03:39
linelevelmy-udp-service.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC03:39
linelevelmy-udp-service.service: Unit entered failed state.03:39
linelevelmy-udp-service.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.03:39
linelevel(sorry, meant for that to be sent as a single message)03:39
linelevelMy question is: How can I get more info about the cause of failure? When I run the line on `ExecStart` manually, it works fine, so it must be something in the service config that is causing a problem.03:40
TJ-linelevel: "status=203/EXEC" tells you the program returned 203; so determine what that means03:47
linelevelTJ-: Thank you. I figured it out. I was piping output to a log file on the ExecStart line, which apparently is incorrect semantics. (Yes, I realize systemd service logs can be viewed with journalctl by default.)03:52
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TJ-linelevel: aha! wish all problems were that simple to solve03:53
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otsoaunlocoHi, I have the strangest issue ever. My optimus laptop doesn't work on Intel(black screen after login) but does fine on Nvidia. It used to work fine on Intel ever since I installed 17.10 until an hour ago when it randomly crashed, forcing me to do a hard reset. Now it only boots after "prime-select nvidia". How do I even troubleshoot that? Is there a way to reinstall Intel drivers?04:45
xniteI'm trying to get my soundblaster z (5.1 surround) to work under 17.04 but with no such luck. I can't get anything out of it. I'm positive that the cables are plugged in correctly because it works under Windows.05:05
xnitefirst of all, it doesn't even show up as a 5.1 surround device, I only have options for left and right speakers. secondly it doesn't even work :(05:06
TJ-xnite: you'll need to change the alsa/pulseaudio profile to be 5.1. either use the GUI pavucontrol or pactl CLI05:07
TJ-xnite: also, try using alsamixer and ensure things aren't muted05:07
xniteTJ- it doesn't appear to be muted to me. :/ https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ElTi1BZo/05:09
TJ-xnite: try switching to the 5.1 profile05:11
xniteTJ-: how? I don't see the option for it?05:12
TJ-xnite: in the CLI its "pactl list cards", then identify the profile, then  "pactl set-card-profile <CARD> <PROFILE>"05:13
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xniteTJ- I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I don't see a 5.1 profile. https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/LvWlOgGE/output.txt05:19
TJ-xnite: strange, looks like the ALSA driver can't find the sinks to make it work05:22
xniteTJ-: yea, I see quite a few people have this problem, but none of the "working" solutions work for me :(05:24
xniteand according to some of the stuff I read it was supposed to be fixed with kernel 3.9 and this is on kernel 4.1005:24
bloopis there a way to prevent the screen from going black when I have a video maximized05:35
bloopubuntu 17.1005:35
levlazbloop: I feel like that 'bug' has been in GNOME for the last two decades. I recall having to adjust my screensaver settings to get this to work.05:51
alkisgbloop: your video player needs to "ping" the screensaver, which one are you using?06:04
shadoxx/ buffer 2206:06
alkisgI have a .csv file that contains cells like 01234. Libreoffice imports them as numbers, 1234. How can I keep the 0?06:15
freakyyhi all. about ubuntu. kubuntu has some software sources that update kde to a newer version than t he one shipping with kubuntu. does ubuntu has the same for gnome?06:37
lotuspsychjefreakyy: what do you mean exactly?06:38
freakyypackages for ubuntu for gnome that are newer than the one shipping per default06:38
diskinalkisg, check https://imgur.com/a/CfLtn06:38
daxlotuspsychje: (kubuntu backports is the KDE bit)06:39
lotuspsychje!latest | freakyy06:39
ubottufreakyy: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:39
diskinyou can also select just columns you need, and change their type06:39
alkisgdiskin: thanks! I was seeing that field as disabled, and I hadn't realized that I had to select a column first :)06:39
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:40
diskinalkisg, you are welcome!06:41
freakyyok looks like there isnt ;D06:41
freakyyok thanks all06:41
freakyyor well ive already enabled backports06:41
freakyyi love ubuntu its awesome ;D06:42
akikfreakyy: ubuntu 17.10 has a version of gnome that is different than the one gnome project creates. it's customized06:42
freakyyakik: i know i thought about "backports" but ive already enabled that06:43
lotuspsychjefreakyy: or do you mean the proposed repo?06:43
freakyyno i also have enabled proposed06:43
freakyythere was a time06:43
freakyywhen gnome 20 was released with ubuntu but there was already 22 available06:43
freakyyso ... they packaged 22 in an additional repo06:43
lotuspsychjerolling release?06:43
freakyyno ideda06:43
akikfreakyy: 20, 22 what are these?06:44
freakyy3.20 3.2206:44
freakyybut nm06:44
freakyyill just stick with the one ubuntu brings06:44
akikfreakyy: don't call version numbers that don't exist06:44
freakyyright now i have 3.22+5ubuntu206:45
akikfreakyy: oh then you'll get a newer gnome with 17.1006:46
lotuspsychjefreakyy: the ubuntu way, best stick to package versions meant for your ubuntu version, and update system06:46
freakyyi have 17.1006:46
akikfreakyy: ubuntu 17.10 has gnome 3.2606:46
freakyybut apt policy gnome06:46
freakyysays i have 3.22?06:46
lotuspsychjefreakyy: soon daily 18.04 will have higher gnome..06:47
freakyylotuspsychje: ok :)06:47
freakyythanks ^^06:47
akikubuntu 17.10 doesn't have gnome 3.26?06:47
freakyyi dont know ... mayb ejust some packages are older06:47
lotuspsychje!info gnome-shell artful06:47
freakyyand others are newer06:47
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 3.26.1-0ubuntu5 (artful), package size 674 kB, installed size 7462 kB06:47
xtronsomeone can help me regarding user accounts on linux?06:48
lotuspsychje!ask | xtron06:48
ubottuxtron: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:48
freakyyah yeah ;D gnome-shell hast he newer version06:48
freakyyim afk now06:49
freakyybbl bye all ;D06:49
xtronlotuspsychje, I added an account on ubuntu machine, I want this account independent of other accound like everything in this account remains there and not visible to others06:50
xtronbut I can see all the files from other user account06:50
lotuspsychjextron: you need a hidden user?06:50
xtronI need windows like user account, simply!06:51
lotuspsychjextron: meaning?06:51
akikxtron: use chmod to restrict other users' access to the home dir (chmod 700 directory)06:52
lotuspsychjextron: the way ubuntu adds users, you can see other ones files, unless you block access with chmod06:52
xtronmean my home directory, my installed application should remain in my account06:52
xtronI installed google chrome, but it also installed on system and other users as well06:52
lotuspsychjextron: apps configs are seperated06:52
akikxtron: if you install applications to the system directories, they're available to all users by default06:53
xtronlotuspsychje, means? my web history and downloads should remain isolated06:54
lotuspsychjextron: yes indeed06:54
lotuspsychjextron: another user cant check your configs if they dont have password06:54
lotuspsychjextron: but they can browse your /home dir if you dont lock it with chmod06:55
xtronlotuspsychje, but my home directory, so you say I should change permissions? with chmod06:55
lotuspsychjextron: depends what you want?06:56
xtronand when I deluser, everything will wipe away? right?06:56
lotuspsychjextron: if your the admin, the system is yours right06:56
xtronlotuspsychje, current account have root access, is it enough?06:57
lotuspsychjextron: if you got sudo rights, you can do whatever you like on your system06:58
hateballxtron: You can change the default umask if you like, so that new folders/files are only visible to user/group for instance06:58
unitypunkam having trouble with my wificard and ubuntu06:58
unitypunklspci shows it06:59
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: ubuntu version and wifi chipset+ driver plz?06:59
unitypunkor 1406:59
unitypunkwhat ever lts is06:59
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: sudo lshw -C network06:59
xtronlotuspsychje, even the machine is mantained by IT guys and I've root passwd, I think I can manage the accounts now,06:59
xtronlotuspsychje, thanks07:00
unitypunkis isl3874/387207:00
lotuspsychjextron: check also man useradd or adduser, there's a way to make a hidden user aswell07:00
unitypunkand im not sure what driver? what ever comes with a brand new install of ubuntu id guess.07:01
unitypunkmaybe prism 2/2.507:01
xtronlotuspsychje, great I will, I tried it before but find that doc boring :) I will try again07:02
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: sudo lshw -C network will show you behind driver=07:02
dreamonhello. I'm prgramming in gtk2. having some issue with window usage. is there a tool out there to analyse my windows and show some details by clicking on it.07:03
akiklotuspsychje: hidden user? what's that?07:03
unitypunklshw isnt telling me anything about a driver man07:03
unitypunkdescription product vendor physical07:04
unitypunkbus info07:04
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: does it say unclaimed?07:04
lotuspsychjeakik: check man useradd or adduser07:04
unitypunkits got a bunch of info on the card07:04
unitypunkbut no driver07:04
hateballThe closest you can get to a hidden user is changing umask (useradd) or using encryption (adduser) afaik07:04
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: can you pastebin it?07:04
akiklotuspsychje: i checked, it's not there07:05
unitypunkhmm gimme a second07:05
unitypunkohh i found the driver, driver=hostap07:06
lotuspsychjeakik: i mean like no /home create07:06
scatterphi i have installed gnome-flashback metacity and gnome and have successfully got to windows when i go to the menu but when i click on the links terminal or system etc nothing happens i think i failed to install something important ... i did have this working before i reinstalled07:06
lotuspsychjeakik: useradd --no-create-home new_username07:07
hateballNot very useful if xtron wants to keep a $HOME tho :p07:08
akiklotuspsychje: yes but it's not a hidden user07:08
lotuspsychjeakik: not really no07:09
akiklinux changes quite rapidly, maybe it can be done :)07:09
xtronakik, I need an isolated user and what I do in "shadow_account" should remain in "shadow" :)07:12
hateballxtron: if all you need is privacy in your $home, just change the umask or use encryption -_-07:13
xtronhateball, with umask you mean change chmod ??07:14
lotuspsychjextron: unity can also remove users at login if you need07:14
akiki have an account on a system protected by grsec. it only shows my own account even though there are other users logged in07:14
lotuspsychjextron: you need to tweak lightdm settings for that, so users have to type their names in, instead of clicking existing07:15
hateballxtron: well yeah. changing umask means files get created with a certain mask by default, so you dont have to chmod them later07:15
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: is your system up to date to latest?07:15
alkisgLightdm supports listing specific users only07:15
hateballxtron: and you can either set a systemwide default for that, or you can set the umask when adding a user with adduser07:16
unitypunklotuspsychje the pc is a dinosaur, but the os is fresh lubuntu07:16
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: did you choose update in setup?07:16
unitypunkit was a fresh install?07:17
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: perhaps plugin a cable to do updates?07:17
unitypunkthere was nothing on the drive before isntalling the os?07:17
xtronhateball, so how to do this umask stuff, I've account "xtron" all I need to do is <chmode 777 home/xtron>??07:17
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: yeah at the setup, you can chosoe to install latest updates07:17
unitypunkoh yeha07:17
hateballxtron: if you do 777 then everyone will see your stuff07:17
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: check lsb_release -a plz?07:17
xtronhateball, damn! then what?07:17
unitypunkubuntu 16.04.3 lts...07:18
xtronlotuspsychje, someone told me this chmod 777 workflow .... hmm?07:18
akikxtron: no it's bad security :)07:18
xtronakik, so ?07:18
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: looks good mate07:18
xtronakik, i mean what should be done?07:19
akikxtron: 700 makes it so that only you can access your home directory07:19
hateballxtron: it's user/group/others, so for instance 770 would only allow the user/group07:19
unitypunklotuspsychje sudo apt-get update && upgrade says all is up to date07:19
xtronakik, hateball where is this umask documentation ?07:19
hateballxtron: the problem is that if the umask is 022 then newly created things wont be 70007:19
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: ok looks all good, try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and play with wifi a bit to see errors, on/off etc07:20
hateballxtron: well, "man umask" but it's not that great reading07:20
hateballxtron: this was a decent example page, http://www.golinuxhub.com/2014/11/what-is-umask-and-how-to-change-default.html07:23
unitypunklotuspsychje wifi0 is freaking out a bit07:23
hateballxtron: in your case you probably want the umask to be 007707:23
sdfgsdfghi, will 18.04 also switch to Gnome from unity ?07:23
lotuspsychjesdfgsdfg: 18.04 will have gnome by default07:24
sdfgsdfgthats terrible news07:24
sdfgsdfgunity is so fun to use and gnome sucks balls07:24
lotuspsychjesdfgsdfg: you can discuss that in #ubuntu-discuss07:24
xtronhateball, akik should I try 770 or 700, this is now my main dev machine, anything goes wrong will lost me a day atleast07:24
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: pick up error lines and perhaps compare with existing bugs?07:25
xtronhateball, I'll give it a try07:25
alkisgxtron: since umask can be a bit tricky, maybe just use "sudo chmod 700 /home/xtron"07:25
alkisgThis will only allow you to access your home dir07:25
unitypunkthings appear to be worse..07:26
unitypunknow i dont see any accesspoints in the gui07:26
xtronalkisg, sure?07:27
lotuspsychjextron: a shared machine is always tricky..what if someone knows your password?07:27
lotuspsychjextron: keep your data external if your paranoia07:27
alkisgxtron: yes, if you chmod 700 a directory then the other users can't see inside it, except if they are root (sudo)07:27
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: perhaps try changing security wpa/wep/?07:28
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: this is your home wifi you try to connect?07:28
xtronalkisg, even root shouldn't be able to see inside, rather the account is root from which I want to isolate my account07:29
unitypunkcnahge security... on the acesspoint?07:29
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: whats the line errors say exactly?07:29
alkisgxtron: root can always see everything unless you're using encryption. Umask doesn't help in protecting from root.07:29
unitypunkwifi0: hfa384x_cmd interrupted; 11007:29
xtronbut my account too have root access, what is this ?07:29
alkisgxtron: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedHome07:30
unitypunki wish i could pastebin from it07:30
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: looking up that error holdon07:31
hateballxtron: then setup encrypted home with adduser, read the manpage07:32
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: not sure its your case, but that card might be too old or something?07:33
akikhateball: while the encrypted home is opened, root can access it too?07:33
unitypunkit is old07:33
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: did you make it work on other ubuntu versions yet?07:33
unitypunkthis is first attempt07:33
unitypunkit is very old07:33
unitypunkpc is a thinkpad a30 1ghz, 512ram.... lol07:34
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: how about you create a new bug for it07:34
hateballakik: hmmm, I suppose so07:35
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: cant find anything decent on it07:35
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: ubuntu-bug network-manager perhaps07:35
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: and explain your story, ubuntu version, card model, kernel version and syslog/dmesg errors to the bug07:36
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: another thing to test is another version of ubuntu liveusb to see if its working07:36
unitypunkits too old to boot from usb stick07:37
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: see our supported versions in topic07:37
unitypunkhad to use netboot iso to install07:37
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: you can use 'plop' boot manager on old systems to fake an usb boot07:37
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: write that on a cdrom, and you can boot off an usb like that07:38
unitypunki also havent seen a blank cdr in 10 years...07:38
unitypunkand if i had a blank cdr, the device does have a cd bay haha07:39
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: older systems usually do :p07:40
unitypunklotuspsychje im majorly bummed the wifi is giving me trouble.07:41
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: or netboot other ubuntu iso's?07:41
unitypunkbut i did learn how to use pxe a little bit with this adventure so far.07:41
unitypunki dont think..07:41
unitypunkyou can actually netboot to a real iso07:41
unitypunkin ##pxe it says clearly " no you cant boot an iso"07:42
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: you can load iso's with grub07:42
unitypunki dont follow?07:42
unitypunki can give grub a network source to boot from?07:43
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot07:43
unitypunkoh wow07:43
unitypunkdidnt know you could do that07:43
lotuspsychjeunitypunk: in the world of ubuntu, you can do alot of magic :p07:47
EriC^^sudo bunny-out-of-cpuvent07:48
erle-Is there a way to disable click-by-touch in Gnome on Wayland? (I mean by that that only button clicks should be processed as clicks.)08:03
hateballerle-: as opposed to.. taps on the touchpad? taps on touchscreen?08:09
erle-hateball, regular notepad touchpad08:10
erle-I don't want tapping to be clicks08:10
erle-only button clicks should be clicks08:10
erle-This setting "Tap to click" there: https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.6/figures/users-system-settings-mouse-trackpad.png08:12
erle-Can't find it in Ubuntu 17.10 (Gnome has a completely new settings menu)08:12
hateballerle-: Afraid I dont use GNOME (or Unity) so I do not know where you would set it08:13
riotzerle-, you open settings -> hardware (or however its called on your system.. ive got a localized one ) -> mouse08:30
lenswipeehi, when i use graphical interface to execute .run file it opens with default application gedit. please help08:32
hateballlenswipee: are you trying to install something not in the official repos? that's not really supported here. but if you need to execute a file, mark it as executable (chmod +x)08:36
lenswipeehateball, i marked it as executable in UI. but when i double click on it it uses my default app to open it which is gedit08:41
alkisglenswipee: what's the output of `gvfs-info /path/to/executable` ?08:42
lenswipeehateball, i dont recall it ever doing that before. what should the default app be set for .run or .sh08:42
lenswipeelet me check08:42
lenswipeei just get error no such file or dir08:45
alkisgIf you have spaces in the path, use quotes08:45
alkisgOr use tab to autocomplete the paths08:45
alkisgE.g. if you type /ho and press tab, it autocompletes /home, then you type len and press tab, it autocompletes lenswipee etc08:46
lenswipeeon in Desktop dir08:47
lenswipeeand file is in there08:47
lenswipeewhen i ls i can see the file.run08:47
lenswipeegvfs-info /file.run <- gives error08:47
alkisgIn the current directory you type gvfs-info file or gvfs-info ./file08:48
alkisgIf you type /file, it means in the root directory08:48
lenswipeeok thanks08:49
seifer-almasy_someone use Spacewalk with debian or ubuntu ?08:51
seifer-almasy_(spacewalk as a server an debian or ubuntu as a client)08:51
lenswipeehateball, alkisg, i fixed the problem by changing pref in nautilius. thanks08:52
lenswipeeso /files means root dir08:53
lenswipeewhat does ./files mean?08:53
lenswipeethe extra dot in front08:53
brainwashthe current/working dir08:55
lenswipeei understand08:56
erle-riotz, I have to re-check. I am seeing that on screenshots, but I can't see it in my settings menu.08:56
seifer-almasy_anyone have a ubuntu or debian client works with spacewalk 2.7 ?08:57
brainwashseifer-almasy_: did you encounter some issue?08:59
brainwashseifer-almasy_: also, probably a better place to ask would be #spacewalk09:01
seifer-almasy_@brainwash : yes but on #spacewalk nobody answer09:08
brainwashseifer-almasy_: you may have to wait a bit09:09
seifer-almasy_there is people connected but in reality we are alone one spacewalk09:10
brainwashyou can use the mailing list also http://spacewalk.redhat.com/communicate.html09:10
seifer-almasy_at the begining i thought it would be faster with IRC, but you right, i'm going to use the mailing list09:12
brainwashif you have encountered a bug, then you could file a bug report09:13
seifer-almasy_thank you brainwash09:13
brainwashyou're welcome09:14
NinjaKirbyGreetings, I'm experiencing an issue with using the 'Locate' search tool in Terminal. It seems to locate some files in folders they no longer reside in, it's like it has "cached" their old location (prior to being mv'd), so now my script for batch unpacking the files constantly fails. Any thoughts on how to "refresh" the Locate?09:16
alkisgNinjaKirby: sudo updatedb, but I don't think you should rely on that for scripting09:17
alkisgMaybe use find instead09:17
NinjaKirbyAh, okay, tbh I'm not familiar with there differences; I will do some googling on that. I did attempt to use "Find", but that's something else I need to google since it didn't seem to (by default) search beyond the working directory. If Find doesn't need "updating", then I will switch to that, thanks.09:18
akikNinjaKirby: the second command line argument for find it the starting directory09:19
NinjaKirbyAh, many thanks, I was running out of time before I had to stop using the work PC, otherwise I would have persisted and used 'man find' and stuff, so I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in here :)09:21
FMan1988lol at fakepop09:32
FMan1988so, dovecot-pop3d is what I want to fetch mail from my server via POP309:34
FMan1988what about courier-pop? I require SSL or TLS support to hide my password... dunno how to proceed09:37
|{amehello, I do not know if this should be a bug report, but if on ubuntu-server you install gnome-session-flashback and gdm3, you get byobu, but it doesn't pull in xterm09:50
sdfgsdfhi, where do we send suggestions regarding the new window manager of latest ubuntu releases ?09:53
sdfgsdfis it because GNOME has contributed a good amount of money to ubuntu ?09:53
sdfgsdfnow ubuntu is dead after 17.10 and 18.04.09:54
bazhangsdfgsdf, which one are you referring to09:54
sdfgsdfthe switch from unity -> GNOME309:54
sdfgsdfI already referred to 17.10 and 18.0409:55
sdfgsdfif you mean which distro09:55
bazhangsdfgsdf, thats not really topical, it 'being the end of ubuntu'09:55
geirhasdfgsdf: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/04/05/growing-ubuntu-for-cloud-and-iot-rather-than-phone-and-convergence/09:55
FMan1988sigh: "Errors were encountered while processing: mysql-server-5.7 mysql-server" <- it seems that Ubuntu is very error-prone: I have two and both are now having upgrading failure09:56
sdfgsdfanyways the solution is dont upgrade ubuntu anymore09:56
bazhangsdfgsdf, you can file a wishlist bug, but what you are saying is not topical here09:57
brainwashsdfgsdf: the Unity DE is still available in 17.1009:57
sdfgsdfyeah but changing the default =/ that's sad09:57
mikecmpblli wonder if anyone knows why ntp isn't working for me, I get this output from ntpq:09:58
sdfgsdfclueless students will think gnome is ubuntu, the difference is as obvious as the difference between asians and westerners09:58
* FMan1988 dependency problems09:58
bazhangsdfgsdf, take the chatter elsewhere please09:58
FMan1988I guess this might get fixed, if I un-and-reinstalled MySQL, but I am not even using it on the server09:58
sdfgsdfit seems there's no #ubuntu-discussion09:59
FMan1988"systemd[1]: Failed to start MySQL Community Server." wat do09:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:59
sdfgsdfoh its offtopic09:59
sdfgsdfcool thanks09:59
brainwashright. this is a support channel10:00
sdfgsdfok ill stay here and help clueless newcomers, tell them to switch to unity10:00
mikecmpblllots of ntp logs with "Soliciting pool server"10:00
sdfgsdfmikecmpbll: man ntp10:02
sdfgsdfmikecmpbll: sorry, i meant man ntpd10:02
brainwashmikecmpbll: did you read through http://doc.ntp.org/current-stable/debug.html ?10:02
mikecmpbllbrainwash : will now ;)10:02
FMan1988it seems that MySQL managed to break itself10:06
graingertany way to tell if I'm using systemd-resolved?10:23
brainwashgraingert: systemctl status systemd-resolved10:28
FMan1988I just realized that my swap isn't on10:28
=== adityaduggal is now known as tisadu
graingertthanks brainwash10:36
graingertbrainwash: systemctl: command not found10:37
graingerthmm looks like it's not on docker ubuntu then10:38
graingertso how does docker ubuntu resolve domains10:39
graingerthow to tell how dns is being resolved?10:42
brainwashgraingert: I suggest asking in #docker10:42
brainwashor reading the docker docs10:43
graingertwell it's specific for an ubuntu container10:47
graingertI'd imagine it would be using resolve.conf10:47
akikgraingert: do you have a /etc/resolv.conf in the container?10:49
graingertakik: yes10:49
ubotturesolvconf is a set of scripts that's used to manage /etc/resolv.conf in 12.04 and later, for more information please see: http://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/ and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html#name-resolution10:49
graingertone sec10:49
akikgraingert: but name resolution isn't working?10:50
graingertoh it is10:51
graingertbasically I'm trying to answer: https://github.com/tianon/docker-brew-ubuntu-core/issues/106#issuecomment-34012258310:51
akikgraingert: it's possible to run systemd/systemctl inside a container but it's usually not the case10:53
geirhayou really want to avoid running container inside container10:53
=== Neo2 is now known as Neo1
graingertyes but the resolve daemon10:56
graingerthow does that work inside a container?10:57
akikgraingert: which ubuntu version do you have in the container?10:57
akikgraingert: ok sorry i don't know10:58
graingertwhy did you ask which version xD?11:00
akikgraingert: i don't have that version installed11:00
graingertwhat could I have responded with that would have got a difference response?11:00
graingertjust out of interest11:00
graingertyou know you can just do: docker run -it ubuntu:artful /usr/bin/env bash11:01
akikgraingert: ubuntu changes from release to release and name resolution has changed in artful i think (that resolved you mentioned)11:01
graingertyou know you can just do: docker run -it ubuntu:artful-20171019 /usr/bin/env bash11:01
graingertyeah so I'm not sure if it's used and if I'm vulnerable11:01
graingertthere are package changes11:01
graingerteg libudev etc11:02
akikgraingert: what do you get with "sudo systemctl status systemd-resolved.service" ?11:05
akikoh you checked it earlier11:05
akikthat's a really weird artful container if it doesn't have systemctl11:06
akikprobably systemd is not even installed then11:08
akikmaybe it falls back to using the resolver libraries and not any dns daemon on the container11:11
jem^Hello #ubuntu.  Can anyone point me to information on how to prep a new Ubuntu installation to present an "out of box" experience (as it's called in Windows), so that the OS is installed but on the next boot, the user is taken through the process of setting up a new account11:17
jem^what's Ubuntu's terminology for that?11:17
akikgraingert: you can run sudo netstat -tulpan | grep ":53 " to see if there's any dns daemon inside the container11:19
akikjem^: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview11:22
jem^akik: thank you11:22
akiknice pictures and all :)11:22
anekshateball: after all that, the issue wasn't the driver or anything else but rather the cable! switching the HDMI cable to a DP cable fixed the issue :)11:22
xtronduring yocto image build my system is crashing again and again, how can I find the reason?11:23
akikgraingert: if you don't get any lines with ":53", the container is just using the libc resolver11:29
xtrongot another crash on ubuntu11:30
xtronduring Yocto build11:30
nbusroneDoes anyone know how do I check which application using my storage space installation sorting with size ?11:33
akiknbusrone: only thing that comes to my mind is running lsof regularly but it's just showing it at that time, or iotop11:35
akiknbusrone: i don't think the system gathers that information11:36
FMan1988I have no idea what storage space installation is, but there is the 'du' command11:37
xtronFMan1988, ubuntu crashes on yocto build, how to find the reason?11:37
xtrondmesg is showing nothing important11:37
FMan1988sorry, I have never done that myself11:37
xtronanyone else?11:38
nbusroneakik : hm.. I had install quite some application but not knowing which of the application use up most space with dependencies .11:41
ThinkT510!fsh | nbusrone11:41
ubottunbusrone: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier11:41
akiknbusrone: google found this: sudo dpkg-query -W --showformat='${Installed-Size;10}\t${Package}\n' | sort -k1,1 -r -n | less11:44
akiknot sure if you need sudo11:45
akiknbusrone: that works without sudo11:45
=== tuxiano_ is now known as tuxiano
nbusroneThinkT510 , akik : I can check using Disk usage Analyzer and I had come to a usage of /usr = 36%  /lib=10%11:50
xtronping again11:50
nbusroneakik : Thanks , the size is count with bytes ?11:51
akiknbusrone: kilobytes i think11:52
nbusroneakik : top ten all are 6 of them nvidia driver 291mb-170mb , other 2 are browser.Beside 15 of them are linux-image-extra11:54
nbusroneakik : I only need 1 nvidia driver why there are 6 of them installed ?11:54
akiknbusrone: no idea11:55
nbusroneakik : How do I find where are those driver installed  ?11:58
akiknbusrone: dpkg -L packagename11:59
doug16kxtron, check /var/log/syslog11:59
doug16knbusrone, have you run sudo apt-get autoremove12:00
doug16kyou might have older versions hanging around12:00
nbusronedoug16k : I still doubt whether those driver is taking out all the storage space. Any application GUI which I can check like uninstall and install application file size ? at lease knowing them what had been installed with the largest application.12:03
demophobiaWhat causes the audio and video to become off-sync in an mp4 in GNOME Mplayer?12:04
demophobiaHow do I resynchronize it? My friend says he had no issues with the mp412:05
demophobiathe audio is about 10 seconds ahead of the video when i jump ahead to ~1/4 through the mp412:05
* demophobia reads https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=79185412:06
brainwashtried with a different media player?12:06
Ben64tried with a different mp4?12:07
nbusronedoug16k akik : Looks like I found synaptic can use to check them .https://www.ostechnix.com/how-to-find-installed-applications-with-installed-size-in-linux/  but not sure if it will list out independent 3rd party .deb file.12:07
demophobiaaugh, i just wanted to watch this a little bit before going to bed, not troubleshoot -_-; i guess this is typical for opensource software?12:07
brainwashalternatively, you could watch it with a web browser12:08
=== beaver is now known as evilnewbie
demophobiabrainwash, guvcview says 'no video device found' (i found this application in my 'start menu'(?))12:08
demophobiaBen64, i don't have a different mp412:09
Ben64likely to just be that file12:09
brainwashdemophobia: try with firefox/chrome12:10
akiknbusrone: if you installed the deb file, it'll be in dpkg-query output12:10
brainwashyou can even drag'n'drop it12:10
demophobiabrainwash, just did, it's super-lagging12:10
nbusroneakik : Is it safe to uninstall linux-image-extra ? I got like 15 of them installed.12:10
demophobiathe frame-rate is like 1/5 what it should be12:10
demophobiaor less12:10
akiknbusrone: uninstall the ones that don't match your current kernel version12:11
demophobiaBen64, on Sunday it was off-sync for a few moments but then was fine afterward, including in the spot it's now off-sync at12:11
akiknbusrone: did you run sudo apt-get autoremove ?12:11
demophobiaBen64, Sunday my computer froze and i did a hard-shutoff, and now graphics and my mouse appear to be malfunctioning12:11
demophobia(graphics: e.g. the Google 'loading' progress bar animation)12:11
demophobiawhile mplayer was open, incidentally -- i suspect it caused the freeze ...12:12
demophobialogging in google has some animation for loading gmail for slow internet connections (i'm on a cellphone 3g/4g connection)12:12
demophobiai think this used to be smooth but now it's ... like the screen isn't refreshing properly during the animation12:13
nbusroneakik : not yet , I am trying to find out which application using most storage. Does autoremove remove tells what to be remove ?12:13
akiknbusrone: it'll list the packages it thinks the system doesn't need anymore12:14
demophobiahappy halloween12:14
nbusroneakik :so I had an option to choose yes and no ?12:15
akiknbusrone: i'm not sure now12:16
akiknbusrone: you could run sudo apt-get -s autoremove12:16
akiknbusrone: that'll show what it would do12:16
nbusroneakik : I worry I remove some cache which I needed on some application .12:16
maziaris there any one who is expert in ubuntu ? ( about tuning ubuntu as a SQL db server )12:22
nbusroneakik : does oder kernals still have its' own usability ? or I can scrap it ? https://paste.ee/p/2wF5Q#cMh9hPW8hH7FJVc09XQPT1CmIGtp8yMA12:22
TJ-maziar: you might find someone in #ubuntu-server12:23
akiknbusrone: if the latest one works for you, it's enough12:23
maziarTJ- thank you so mucj12:23
=== wgrant_ is now known as wgrant
nbusroneakik : do you know any good GUI for cleaning cache file ? similar with autoremove ?12:32
akiknbusrone: no. which cache file?12:32
akiknbusrone: there's a .cache dir in your home dir12:35
nbusroneakik : I found an application GUI base https://www.bleachbit.org/download/linux .Not sure it's safe. Somehow I have some doubts on autoremove https://askubuntu.com/questions/554319/using-sudo-apt-get-clean-autoremove-killed-my-laptop12:39
xtron_how to fix gcc-multilib dependency <depends: gcc-5-multilib (>= 5.3.1-3~) but it is not going to be installed12:39
Israphelxtron_: old ubuntu?12:41
xtron_16.04 LTS12:41
tomreynxtron_: the immediate change needed to resolve the conflict is "sudo apt-get install gcc-5-multilib", but mabye you should discuss the bigger picture, providing outputs of 'apt-get update', 'apt-get -f install', 'apt-cache policy', and explain what you're trying to achieve there.12:41
Israphelit's 5.4 on xenial12:42
xtron_tomreyn, nope it still throw the same error12:42
Israphelit's on xenial-updates repo12:42
tomreynxtron_: so that's why i suggested to provide the bigger picture12:42
Israphelcan you find it with apt search gcc-5-multilib or no results?12:43
xtron_Israphel, yes, gcc-5 -v is 5.412:44
Israphelnot but, the multilib package12:45
Israphelapt search gcc-5-multilib12:45
Israpheloutput: gcc-5-multilib/xenial-updates 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.5 amd6412:45
TJ-xtron_: do you have the dpkg foreign-architecture set?12:45
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
xtron_Israphel, apt search output seems ok12:46
xtron_packages are there12:46
xtron_version 5.412:46
xtron_TJ-, no I don't know what is dpkg fore.... set?12:47
Israphelsteam requires this I think12:47
akiknbusrone: you can also use "sudo apt-get remove --purge package" if you want to do it one package at a time12:49
TJ-xtron_: "dpkg --print-foreign-architectures"12:50
nbusroneakik : ok , i'll test out later on thanks for the guide12:51
cerionhi. on 17.10, is there an easier way to disconnect a bluetooth device than to go to settings > bluetooth > mydevice > disconnect. previuosly on 17.04 that was possible frm the top right menu right away.12:51
xtron_TJ-, still nothing12:51
TJ-xtron_: no output? then you need to enable the foreign architecture. what does "dpkg --print-architecture" report?12:52
akiknbusrone: --purge also removes config files, maybe don't use that if you're not sure12:53
xtron_TJ-, print nothing12:54
nbusroneakik : ok , sorry since I am still newbie on ubuntu12:54
TJ-xtron_: Then your system is broken; that should report the current architecture of the host that packages are installed for12:54
TJ-xtron_: what does "cat /var/lib/dpkg/arch" show ?12:55
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
xtron_TJ-, there is no arch directory in dpkg12:56
TJ-xtron_: it's a file, not a directory12:56
xtron_TJ-, no such file12:56
TJ-xtron_: if that doesn't exist then the system's package manager is truely broken12:56
xtron_TJ-, is it matters? I mean related to my problem?12:57
TJ-xtron_: Errr, it's critical.12:57
xtron_TJ-, hmm, so I should install a fresh copy of Ubuntu on Linux machine12:58
nbusroneakik : what is the different adding an -s on "sudo apt-get -s autoremove"12:59
TJ-xtron_: or fix the problem. How did the system get into such a state? You've obviously done something non-standard at some time12:59
xtron_I did a lot of mess with packages, modifying them to run on emulator13:00
TJ-xtron_: So you broke it!13:00
ioriaxtron_, can you  ls /var/lib/dpkg  ?13:01
xtron_ioria, yup done13:01
ioriaxtron_, the content, please ?  on pastebinit13:01
xtron_ioria, alternatives   cmethopt        info   statoverride      status-old13:02
xtron_available      diversions      lock   statoverride-old  triggers13:02
xtron_available-old  diversions-old  parts  status            updates13:02
ioriaxtron_,  no info ?13:02
xtron_ioria, info is there13:03
xtron_first line13:03
akiknbusrone: -s is for simulate. it just shows what would be done13:04
TJ-xtron_: what architecture is the system built as? "apt list dpkg" should give you a hint (either amd64 or i386 usually)13:04
xtron_dpkg/xenial-updates,now 1.18.4ubuntu1.2 amd64 [installed]13:06
xtron_dpkg/xenial 1.18.4ubuntu1 amd6413:06
zprdjust upgraded to 17.10, antialising is weird on java swing apps13:09
TJ-xtron_: right, so the problem now is to figure out why dpkg doesn't know that  and fix it. Try "sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64" and then see what "dpkg --print-architecture" reports13:09
ioriaTJ-, sy, does that mean that he got 2 dpkgs ?13:10
xtron_TJ-, but that can be harmful with current configurations13:10
ioriaTJ-,  one from main, another from updates ?13:10
nbusroneakik : Thanks will check later on :)13:12
TJ-ioria: no, note the "[installed]"13:13
ioriaTJ-,  mmm, yep13:13
TJ-ioria: "apt list [-a] <package>" can list all available versions and where they'll be fetched from13:14
ioriaTJ-, ah, ok13:14
TJ-xtron_: if configuring the system's package manager correctly is harmful, then you've done something VERY wrong to it13:14
TJ-ioria: a better version of "dpkg -l" and "apt-cache show" :)13:15
TJ-err, "apt-cache policy" even13:15
ioriaxtron_, indulge me,   can you paste   on paste.ubuntu.com    'dpkg -l | grep dpkg'    just to be sure13:16
xtronTJ-, ioria, this is Linux subsystem on Windows, testing its integration with Ubuntu but problem is even installed Ubutnu is 16.4, why package manager is not sync13:17
xtronI think you guys gonna kick me :P13:17
TJ-xtron: that's rather a crucial detail you ommitted!13:17
ioriaxtron_,  know almost nothing about that thing  (win subsys)13:18
xtronso back to the problem,13:18
xtronany solution?13:18
ioriaxtron_, but i would be glad to see that paste13:18
TJ-xtron: the problem is the missing arch13:18
xtronTJ-, so if we add the arch it will break the Sub system, right?13:19
xtronbecause that fake arch is providing a controller layer13:19
xtroncontrolled layer*13:19
xtron_ioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/25858567/13:22
ioriaxtron_, tx, it's ok13:23
xtron_ioria, what?13:23
mitmf-bash: cmake: command not found. <— what’s wrong?13:23
ioriaxtron_,  the have the correct version13:23
xtron_ioria, ok13:23
xtron_TJ-, are you out?13:24
xtron_ioria, so anyway I can solve the first problem, dependency issue for gcc-5-multilib13:25
mitmf-bash: cmake: command not found. <— what’s wrong? help me13:27
TJ-xtron_:  the lack of architecture support *is* the problem!! gcc-5-mulitlib wants to install i386 architecture packages. Windows sub-system doesn't appear to support that so it won't work13:27
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TJ-xtron_: windows-susbsystem isn't a supported configuration, except via Microsoft/Canonical, as far as I'm aware13:28
xtron_TJ-, what about your idea to add arch?13:29
xtron_because I see related issue on arch Linux with little different base cause13:30
TJ-xtron_: presumably the architectures were removed from dpkg because it doesn't work on Windows - unless you removed them yourself. I'm not entirely sure how dpkg can function when it doesn't even know it's own host architecture13:30
ioriaxtron_,  already tried    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386   ?13:31
xtron_ioria, nope, worried about that it will break the subsystem13:31
pavlosmitmf: sudo apt install cmake13:31
TJ-ioria: without amd64 (host) already showing up that could make dpkg thing the host is i386, not amd64!13:31
mitmfthanks pavlos  :)13:31
ioriaxtron_,  right13:32
tehstormcrowHi i updated to ubuntu 17.10 when i press a keydown, it randomly stops repeat after few key presses13:39
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zxcv1729hey, quick question14:08
zxcv1729simplest way to always have latest python, amdgpu, neovim?14:08
tomreynzxcv1729: latest upstream version or the latest available in your ubuntu release or the latest available in the latest ubuntu release?14:11
zxcv1729tomreyn: latest upstream14:11
tomreynyou can build it yourself or find a PPA which does14:11
zxcv1729tomreyn: for example python 3.6.314:11
kostkonzxcv1729, latest upstream python would break Ubuntu for example14:11
tomreynthat's if he installed it globally14:12
tomreynsystem wide14:12
tomreyn!latest | zxcv172914:12
ubottuzxcv1729: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:12
courrierHi all, Xorg process on Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is currently draining my CPU (100% of 1 core), how can I diagnose what's going how and fix without rebooting? All GUI actions are tremendously slow, I cannot even read the Web14:18
zarzarhi i have been running ubuntu 16lts in virtual box, i would like to transfer settings and system config to an ubuntu installed on a physical machine, is that possible? i researched creating an iso but there wold be too many driver issues since the ubuntu is expecting the virtual box "hardware"14:19
hateballcourrier: check ~/.xsession-errors14:20
leftyfbcourrier: look at installing the latest video drivers14:21
leftyfbzarzar: backup /home and possibly /etc for a copy of settings14:21
leftyfbzarzar: though I wouldn't recommend just dumping /etc back into a fresh install. Cherry pick configs as needed.14:21
zxcv1729tomreyn: I know state of ubuntu packaging, just askind is there a way to bypass it14:22
courrierhateball: can the very last lines be responsible of any CPU overload? http://paste.debian.net/993586/14:23
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courrierleftyfb: Hum, I've been using this computer for months without such issue, this is a very sudden problem, might be due to a recent update though14:24
courrierIs is possible somehow to restart lighdm without killing all GIU and started apps?14:24
leftyfbcourrier: sudo systemctl restart lightdm14:25
leftyfboh wait14:25
leftyfbnot without killing all GUI14:25
tomreynzxcv1729: cool, i can't measure your experience, so posted this just in case.14:25
courrierleftyfb: yeah :/14:26
courrierAn "app dumping" feature would be so cool, when X stops, you can dump all app states and restore them14:26
courrierThat could also be useful when stoping and rebooting the computer14:27
leftyfbcourrier: that's called hibernate14:27
leftyfbbut it's the state of everything, not individual apps14:27
sohail-ahmeddoes java related problems in ubuntu get answered here?14:27
leftyfbthat's not a thing14:27
leftyfbsohail-ahmed: not really. Try #java14:27
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=== BadAdviceAnthaas is now known as Anthaas
courrierleftyfb: I ahven't seen any Hibernate button for a while, is it still active?14:28
courrierMy current setup does not have an Hibernate button, only standby14:29
courrier+ Hibernate would also restore the buggy X state14:29
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zarzarsomeone on ##linux mentioned that ubuntu has a nice way to create live cd/dvd from a system?14:33
sohail-ahmed#Java people sent me here again.. and they say that its not Java specific question but a Ubuntu related one.14:33
courrierhateball: ah, this error message is maybe a track: "Log level 16: XID collision, trouble ahead / Unexpected destruction of frame 0x3d62805, not sure if this should silently fail or be considered a bug"14:33
sohail-ahmedwould some body please take a look14:34
zarzarleftyfb: someone on ##linux mentioned that ubuntu has a nice way to create live cd/dvd from a system?14:34
magz0rRandom question about 16.04. Is there a reason the kernel shared memory sysctl settings (kernel.shmall and kernel.shmmax) are gigantic compared to 12.04?14:34
magz0rE.g., kernel.shmall = 1844674407369277439914:34
leftyfbzarzar: none that I know of that as are trivial as you might think14:34
leftyfbsohail-ahmed: what's the issue?14:34
zarzarsomeone on ##linux mentioned that ubuntu has a nice way to create live cd/dvd from a system?: ok14:34
zarzarleftyfb: ok14:34
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: when i  run .jnlp file using javaws. a login screen appears. and when i enter my credentials the logging in circle keeps on spining and nothing happens14:35
TJ-zarzar: we have liveCD customisers/builders, but nothing I've seen that captures the state as you've been asking in ##linux14:35
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: the file was runing OK before buntu 1614:36
TJ-zarzar: the obvious things to capture, as said in ##linux. are the architectures, package-lists, /etc/ and likely $HOME/ of each user account14:36
leftyfbsohail-ahmed: That verymuch to me sounds like a not-ubuntu problem. MAYBE java versions, but I'm not sure.14:36
zarzarTJ-: ok, i guess i will just set up the system manually14:37
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: whom should i ask... the Java people say its a Ubuntu problem14:37
leftyfbsohail-ahmed: what is the java program for?14:37
sohail-ahmedits a software given by my broker14:37
TJ-zarzar: I can imagine you can capture the essentials into a tarball in around 10 lines of shell-script, and the same for recreating that on the taret14:37
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: ts a software given by my broker14:38
leftyfbsohail-ahmed: So maybe contact the support for that software? MAybe try different versions of java?14:38
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: all their support help is to install windows14:38
TJ-sohail-ahmed: I've seen similar issues with launching .jnlp recently with openjdk. Tried debugging it but never got to the bottom of it, even using the raw appletviewer rather than the browser14:38
sohail-ahmedTJ-: its oracle i am using14:39
sohail-ahmedleftyfb: TJ- all alternatives are correctly set and i surfed web enough14:40
TJ-sohail-ahmed: well, aside from the proprietary blobs, Oracle JDK is based on OpenJDK14:41
TJ-sohail-ahmed: the problem is in the JNLP handling14:41
sohail-ahmedTJ-: what should i do14:41
TJ-sohail-ahmed: cry ;)14:42
akikmagz0r: don't why it's that big. it's equal to 2^64 - 2^24 - 114:42
sohail-ahmedTJ-: thats what i am doing since morning14:42
TJ-sohail-ahmed: it might be worth checking the upstream openjdk bug tracker for related issues and potential workarounds or fixes14:42
magz0rakik: That seems to be the default in 16.04 based on what I've found. 12.04 was *much* smaller.14:42
magz0rakik: I'm tracking down some oom-killer issues and am trying to determine if that is a possible cause or not.14:43
TJ-sohail-ahmed: did you try using older JRE versions in case it is a regression in the JRE?14:43
akikmagz0r: for reference if you get a /64 ipv6 subnet, it's about the same amount of addresses (2^64)14:44
sohail-ahmedTJ-: the software requires lattest version and its checks the releases at the very beign14:44
zarzarTJ-: how so? i really don't know the essentials i need to capture, so it would be a long shot14:44
magz0rakik: Yep, looks like it sets in here: #define SHMMAX (ULONG_MAX - (1UL << 24)) /* max shared seg size (bytes) */14:45
DWSRHey, how can I reload changes to /etc/network/interfaces on Server 16.04? I tried systemctl restart networking, but it has no effect./14:46
leftyfbDWSR: try sudo ifdown / ifup each interface14:47
DWSRleftyfb: Is sudo ifupdown still a thing?14:48
TJ-zarzar: this purely off the ends of my fingers, but something like: "debfoster --show-keepers > /tmp/keepers.list; tar -cvf /tmp/capture-state.tar.gz /var/lib/dpkg/arch /tmp/keepers.list /etc $HOME" then copy /tmp/capture-state.tar.gz to the target, extract, and then "sudo apt install $(cat /tmp/keepers.list)" - might need to extract to /tmp/captured/ first, do the apt install, *then* copy over the source14:49
TJ-/tmp/captured/etc and /tmp/capture/home/ on the target. Best to experiment in some test (LXD) containers14:49
leftyfbDWSR: What purpose would I have in suggesting something that doesn't exist?14:49
DWSRleftyfb: No, the binary `ifupdown`14:49
DWSR(or alias)14:49
DWSRwhich just cycled an interface14:49
zarzarTJ-: i would definitely botch that14:49
TJ-zarzar: :)14:49
TJ-zarzar: it's an interesting challenge but fortunately, unlike Windows, the system/user state is contained in well-defined locations (/etc/ and $HOME, plus some in /var/lib/)14:51
DWSRTJ-: Except when it's also contained in /usr/lib and /usr/local and a /opt and /var14:51
DWSRBecause standards are great, but people (developers) suck at following them14:51
leftyfbDWSR: ifupdown is a package which includes ifup and ifdown14:52
TJ-DWSR: if there's state in /usr/lib or /opt something is wrong.14:52
DWSRTJ-: As I pointed out, people suck at following standards. The standards for user state in Windows are actually pretty well defined, just no one actually uses them14:53
mitmfwhat is difference between apt and apt-get?14:53
DWSRmitmf: Shorthand.14:53
DWSRapt install == apt-get install14:53
mitmfonly shortand?14:53
leftyfbmitmf: https://itsfoss.com/apt-vs-apt-get-difference/14:53
TJ-mitmf: apt is the friendly user-facing tool; apt-get is for scripting14:53
mitmfoh thanks leftyfb TJ- and DWSR :)14:54
TJ-mitmf: in other words, the command-line options for apt, and its output format, may change. apt-get won't14:54
mitmfthanks :)14:54
scatterphi i have installed gnome-flashback metacity and gnome and have successfully got to windows when i go to the menu but when i click on the links terminal or system etc nothing happens i think i failed to install something important ... i did have this working before i reinstalled14:58
akikscatterp: more punctuation needed14:59
scatterpakik sorry14:59
akikscatterp: for example what does "got to windows" mean?14:59
scatterpI am able to click inside the gui on the menu see the background etc15:00
zarzardoes Systemback create an installable image, have an installable option?15:00
akikscatterp: what is your environment? did you try installing it for x2go?15:02
scatterpakik yes exactly ubuntu 16.0415:02
akikscatterp: does some other desktop environment work ok?15:02
akikscatterp: login to the server with ssh and read .xsession-errors*15:03
scatterpakik i did sudo apt-get install gnome-flashback metacity gnome python-software-properties software-properties-common15:03
scatterpakik after i installed x2go15:04
scatterpakik no other desktop enviroment is installed15:04
scatterpakik ok checking15:04
akikscatterp: could be also .xsession-x2go*15:04
AquzaI have a question. I had problems with my Adapter Qualcomm Atheros Device 0042 (rev 31). After i installed xubuntu 17.10 with the new Kernel my wifi problem was fixed. Now if i shutdown my laptop it takes 10 minutes +. Any ideas?15:05
akikscatterp: you wrote that you already had it working?15:06
scatterpyes not many errors there one moment15:06
lotuspsychjeAquza: did you try F1 at shutdown, to see relevant errors at wich point it hangs?15:06
scatterpyou can see the contents of the error file here http://paste.ubuntu.com/2585932615:07
AquzaA stop job is running for network manager (17min)15:07
akikscatterp: can you press alt+f2 and get a run box?15:08
scatterpakik i installed xterm with sudo apt-get install xterm i can use that15:08
scatterpalt f2 brings up run application15:08
akikscatterp: how about gnome-terminal? does that run?15:08
scatterpit did output an error15:09
lotuspsychjeAquza: what kind of problems did you have with wifi, and how did you solve exactly?15:09
Aquzawith xubuntu 16.04.3 my wifi doesnt work i tried some stuff from the internet but no connection. So i installed the new kernel 4.13.Wifi problem was fixed i find networks. Now the shutdown time is around 15min15:10
AquzaQualcomm Atheros Device 0042 (rev 31) my adapter15:11
ioriaAquza, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1724317   , check #915:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724317 in linux (Ubuntu) "Shutdown hangs / no standby - possible Wifi-bug in the kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:12
scatterpakik http://paste.ubuntu.com/2585936315:13
skinuxI'm curious, does Ubuntu Software Center retrieve a JSON list of packages from the official repos, or maybe launchpad?15:14
akikscatterp: what session type did you select in x2go client?15:14
akikscatterp: i think you should select the script/program from the new packages you installed15:15
ducasseskinux: the package lists aren't json, and they're from the repos. for snaps the info is from a rest api.15:15
fraktorI was installing a package from an unofficial PPA, and it got interrupted. Now when I try to fix it, I keep getting messages about dpkg not being able to remove a particular file or directory that does not exist.15:16
akikscatterp: here's a page mentioning "locale-gen" and "localectl" https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=18010315:18
akikscatterp: comment #1515:18
oaulakhi dunno why pip virtualenv throwing this error in ubutnu http://paste.ubuntu.com/25859400/15:18
naccoaulakh: it's what it says, do you have a maze of symlinks?15:19
oaulakhnacc, i'm not sure? any answer for this puzzle! :|15:20
scatterpakik custom session15:20
lotuspsychjefraktor: we dont support external ppa's here, contact the maintainer15:20
fraktorNevermind. It wasn't an issue with the ppa, but with dpkg thinking it was installed when it wasn't.15:20
xniteanyone have any luck with the soundblaster z series audio cards?15:20
fraktorSo I was able to fix it by modifying /var/lib/dpkg/status.15:20
akikscatterp: custom session and what?15:20
naccoaulakh: i guess walk the path, and see where that python executable poits to15:21
Aquzaioria: thank you so i have to wait now15:21
ioriaAquza, ok15:21
Aquzafor next patch^^15:21
oaulakhnacc,  be as u wish to seem!15:21
scatterpakik usr/lib/gnome-flashback/gnome-flashback-metacity15:22
naccoaulakh: what?15:22
ioriaAquza,  in the meanwhile you can try the mainline kernel15:22
scatterpakik so you are saying basiclly i have all of gnome installed its just not running due to bugs i am not missing a package specifically ?15:22
akikscatterp: read that page. it mentions that gnome-terminal error and what could be the fix15:24
skinuxducasse: Then the list must be a file that is on the repos.15:24
akikscatterp: comment #15 looks good15:25
akikscatterp: you could also try this command as the custom command "gnome-session --session=gnome-flashback-metacity"15:26
Scoop7is it common to configure swap files to gain more RAM at peak times ?15:27
Scoop7I mean there should be a catch15:27
Scoop7can anyone explain this a bit ?15:28
lotuspsychje!swap | Scoop715:28
ubottuScoop7: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info15:28
ducasseskinux: it's a combination of the packages and release files, iirc. do you have a support question, or are you just curious?15:29
scatterpakik will try that now15:30
Scoop7lotuspsychje Ok so for running multiple headles chrome processes on my remote ubuntu 16.04 lts server, to setup swap files would be a logical thing to do , right ?15:30
scatterpakik that gave a black screen then it just terminated15:32
akikscatterp: ok test the locale thing then15:32
lotuspsychjeScoop7: check #ubuntu-server for what is reccomended for server please15:33
naccScoop7: if you are overcommitign your server, yes, setup your server for overcommit.15:33
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scatterpakik ok will try that shortly i can not reboot for the moment as the servers in use by another user15:35
* rahul-kumi says hi!15:36
naccrahul-kumi: please don't do that in this channel.15:36
rahul-kuminacc, oops.....sorry, my bad.15:36
scatterpakik ok its rebooting15:38
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scatterpakik same error but i see the bug is not that i missed installing something thats whats important for me thanks15:55
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akikscatterp: still doesn't work? i was wondering why it's started from /usr/lib and not from /usr/bin15:56
scatterpdunno thats where i found it15:58
akikscatterp: could you pastebin dpkg -L gnome-flashback and the other ones you installed?15:59
akikscatterp: try with /usr/bin/gnome-flashback16:02
akikscatterp: could you also make a screenshot when it's not working?16:03
=== albech1 is now known as albech
scatterpakik i can give you x2go access if you like ?16:08
scatterpakik no such file or directory16:08
scatterpakik when its not working it just shows kinda loading status basiclly16:09
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maarhartDuring upgrade I’m offered to cleanup files. If I choose not to delete them at that point, how can I do it afterwards?16:12
pavlosmaarhart: sudo apt-get autoremove16:13
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ducassemaarhart: possibly also 'sudo apt clean'16:14
lotuspsychjemaarhart: you can also use bleachbit to clean up stuff more specificly if you like16:14
maarhartpavlos: so autoremove is the last step of ubuntu distribution upgrades?16:14
akikscatterp: never give access to internet nobodys :)16:14
maarhartI just need the installation to finish early so I can shutdown the computer as soon as possible and continue toy16:15
akikscatterp: your listing showed /usr/bin/gnome-flashback16:15
ducassemaarhart: it's just a matter of a few seconds16:16
maarhartducasse: it’s not in this computer. Believe me16:19
cristian_cbrainwash: you were right16:20
scatterpakik its just a server i wont die16:20
akikscatterp: you can login to the server with ssh and kill the session there16:21
pavlosmaarhart: it could take 5 min but not more than that16:22
akikscatterp: x2golistsessions and x2goterminate-session16:22
maarhartIs there a combination of keys to turn the display off?16:23
maarhartLike Mac OS has16:23
lotuspsychjemaarhart: https://askubuntu.com/questions/398059/is-there-any-way-to-make-a-hotkey-turn-the-screen-off16:26
maarhartxset dpms force off turns off until you hit a keystroke?16:30
_ppphi is there like a nice tool that records a video and converts it to imgur as a gif?16:30
bloophow come nvidia-current makes my mouse not click for a while16:33
ducassemaarhart: which ubuntu are you on?16:34
lotuspsychjebloop: nvidia-current is not the way to go anymore16:34
bloopubuntu 17.1016:34
lotuspsychjebloop: ubuntu-drivers list16:34
bloopI'm thinking about downgrading because this distro seems to be a fragile piece of crap16:34
lotuspsychjebloop: please keep it familly friendly in this channel16:34
bloopa fragile piece of junk16:35
leftistAnyone using an intellistick ?16:35
bloopI'll try this driver16:35
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leftistAnyone running wine on an intellistick?16:36
ducasseleftist: better just ask your real question16:36
leftistI'm wondering if the environment on an intellistick with 14.04 can run wine?16:37
the[void]hey guys, I just put a fresh install of 17.10 on and im loving it thus far.  I also run ethminer on this box,  is there a simple way to start ethminer on boot?  (I assume I need to run it in screen)16:39
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roryyeah just the command "screen ethminer" in your user's crontab (edit with crontab -e"16:45
rorylike this16:45
rory@reboot screen ethminer16:45
the[void]would that only run if I log in?16:46
the[void]is there a simple way to have it run @boot without a user logging in?16:47
EriC^^it'll run even if he doesn't log in16:47
roryare you sure?16:47
EriC^^i think you can't run screen from crontab though, it doesn't have a terminal to attach to16:47
roryGOOD point16:47
EriC^^needs some other tweaking or something, i forget16:47
ducasserory: setup a systemd user service16:47
EriC^^the[void]: do you have a gui running or just server?16:48
rorylike this https://github.com/ProjectEntropy/EthereumSystemd/blob/master/eth-miner.service16:48
the[void]there is a gui running16:48
the[void]but 99.999% of all access to this box is via ssh16:49
EriC^^the[void]: you could have your user autologin, and use a startup in ~/.config/autostart/ethminer.desktop to start a gui terminal with screen and ethminer16:51
EriC^^you;ll be able to attach to it via ssh with screen -xr i think16:51
EriC^^and when you're next to it you can just see the output and have more control and what's going on with it16:51
alkisgscreen is designed to run without an active tty/gui/terminal16:52
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alkisgeth-miner needs a screen, or does it offer a web interface? What's the "-F" parameter for?16:54
akikyou can start screen so that it detaches itself on startup16:55
lyzeHello! I'm searching for a ubuntu mini like iso but for uefi where I can setup everything on my own (wm, ...) without needing to purge lots of packages. Is there anything like that available?16:58
ducasselyze: the lubuntu alternate or server16:59
bloopI installed nvidia-304 (which I think is just current)17:01
bloopnvidia 340 froze my system constantly17:01
bloopnvidia 304 now makes it so i cannot click on the dash17:01
bloopit starts up and the mouse can move around but it cannot click17:01
bloopif I use the keyboard to open chrome I can click around and it works but i still cannot click on the dash17:02
ycyclistIs Ubuntu going with the new openssl soon?  Apparently debian9 has it.17:02
naccycyclist: in which version of ubuntu?17:03
ycyclistJust as a default install?17:05
naccycyclist: in which *version* of Ubuntu?17:06
ycyclist17 or 16 LTS?17:11
naccycyclist: there is no "17 LTS". 16.04 will not get an openssl update.17:11
nacc!latest | ycyclist17:11
ubottuycyclist: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.17:11
naccycyclist: and that's especially true in an LTS release.17:11
ycyclistOk.  So it will not be until 18.04 that 1.1 comes in then?17:14
GumaI am working on small project of my and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for doing what I wan to do. I have a SSD drive that I want to install 16.04 on. The issue is that my system might loose power anytime. To prevent corruptions what is the best best way to partition my drive and mark it as read only except one partition where I can write data that is generated17:15
naccycyclist: at the earliest, given it didn't happen in 17.10.17:15
ycyclistThank you.17:16
GumaIf this is possible how would you go about updating such partitions if they are in read only mode17:16
the[void]EriC^^ Thats an idea.17:17
alkisgGuma: you could use a tmpfs+overlayfs to make the system in "read only" mode, and this could take effect when a certain kernel parameter is passed17:18
alkisgGuma: so, with the grub menu, you could select "read/write mode" or "read only mode"17:18
alkisgGuma: to implement that tmpfs+overlayfs in initramfs though, you'd need some development skills...17:19
TJ-!info overlayroot | alkisg: Guma it's easy!17:20
ubottualkisg: Guma it's easy!: overlayroot (source: cloud-initramfs-tools): use an overlayfs on top of a read-only root filesystem. In component main, is extra. Version 0.39ubuntu1 (artful), package size 14 kB, installed size 64 kB17:20
alkisgTJ-: does it take care to disable apt updates etc, things that shouldn't be ran in ram-only mode?17:21
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alkisg(ty btw, didn't know that one...)17:22
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
TJ-alkisg: Guma it can use several different upperdir overlay solutions, from transient tmpfs to permanent block devices. Merging changes would require additional (initrd) hooks I guess. It's intended mainly for maintaining pristine container images17:23
FMan1988I wish to change the name of a user - was there a usermod script or similar to help in that?17:23
the[void]EriC^^ Thats might actually just be the best approach for this issue17:23
EriC^^the[void]: personally i'd run windows for a miner, i didn't have much luck with ubuntu17:24
arup_rHow can I remove the symlink I just added like sudo ln -s /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf.sh /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf ?17:24
the[void]EriC^^  i have the iner working fine, I just was unsure of how to start it up17:24
EriC^^the[void]: did you download the kernel for the blockchain so the dag is fixed? and did it run right?17:24
EriC^^i think it's called the rotc kernel or something17:25
alkisgFMan1988: yes, usermod --login, man usermod for details17:25
naccarup_r: sudo rm /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf17:25
the[void]EriC^^ no i dindt,  just downloaded ethminer from the repo and compiled it,  tested it with my pool and it worked ok17:25
arup_rnacc: ok let me try17:26
naccarup_r: not exactly sure why you are asking the question. Removig a symlink is like removig any regular file17:26
EriC^^the[void]: the hash rate will be lower since a while, amd released a blockchain specific driver for windows, and linux has a blockchain specific kernel, you need it or the hash rate will be lower17:26
FMan1988thanks, alkisg, I recall I will still have to manually rename the home directory17:26
EriC^^the[void]: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1433925.msg21305411#msg2130541117:27
alkisgFMan1988: you need --home and --move-home for automatic home move17:27
the[void]not sur ethis would apply to me, as the cards in this box are Nvida / cuda based17:28
EriC^^the[void]: oh17:28
the[void]any idea what i would search up to find examples of the script you were talking about?17:29
EriC^^the[void]: this should work, use the full path for the miner startfile http://paste.ubuntu.com/25860109/17:32
EriC^^the[void]: call it ~/.config/autostart/ethminer.desktop and then chmod +x the file17:32
the[void]ty sir17:32
EriC^^the[void]: the electricity here isn't so stable, and the ups couldn't handle the miner, so i had used sysrq-trigger to make it sync and then remount ro, so power off's weren't a big deal anymore, in case that helps17:34
the[void]gonna sound like a noob here.  but startethminer.bash  needs to be replaced correct?17:35
EriC^^the[void]: yeah, replace it with /home/user/ethminer.bash    the file you use to start it usually17:35
EriC^^or the command you use17:36
the[void]i usually start it  with /home/nas/ethminer/ethminer -every -swtich -and option -i need17:37
the[void]i assume i should not?17:37
the[void]or should i add ethminer to the system path?17:37
EriC^^yeah, use /home/nas/ethminer/ethminer -every -swtich -and option -i need17:38
EriC^^the[void]: to make things easier you could create a /home/nas/startethminer  and put #!/bin/bash and the command you use17:39
the[void]ok will this also work with a program that is run with  filename.sh?   (eg.  screen /home/nas/HDDminer/run.sh)17:39
EriC^^the[void]: yeah17:39
the[void]ok perfect.  tyvm17:40
xpkill24Cannot join #ubuntu.de (Channel is invite only) m17:44
utnapistimmHello! I have 14.04 and I updated recently a lot of packages related with nvidia controllers. because of that the unity session was unacesible and gnome-shell sesion (or the name is called) was buggy17:44
oerheksxpkill24, seems like it is not.17:45
utnapistimmI added a ppa of nvidia settings. I updated all things again and now I can access to the desktop if I put "startx"17:45
xpkill24understand do you speak german17:45
utnapistimmbut, the session stars without unity. so I need to manually do unity17:45
utnapistimmwhat is the recommended proceed regarding nvidia graphic controllers?17:46
utnapistimmI have the nvidia-34017:46
utnapistimmis better to have noveau?17:47
utnapistimmAnother issue. How I can change the scrollbar bars to not being floating ones?17:50
xpkill24op in ubuntu.de where is this banned me understand why17:50
sysRPLi have two computers both with amd chips and nvidia graphics. both of them fail to sleep/resume properly. when they sleep they actually turn off. when i press the power button on the case to turn them on, after a few seconds i get a blank screen. can someone please help me? i've search google and basically think there's no single answer17:51
Jordan_Uxpkill24: Please ask about #ubuntu-de bans in #ubuntu-de-ops.17:51
the[void]hey EriC^^ quick question... if these are going to run in a terminal screen,  i dont really need screen running do i?17:51
xpkill24thank you17:51
sysRPLone pc has ubuntu 16.04, the other has ubuntu mate 17.0417:52
Jordan_Uxpkill24: You're welcome.17:52
xpkill24thank you banned me understand why i tell answer puestion banned17:53
EriC^^the[void]: no you need screen to be able to ssh to it and see the terminal17:53
xpkill24no fair play in this channel17:53
the[void]EriC^^ ahh yes..  durr,.17:54
xpkill24##unavailable :Cannot send to channel17:55
oerheksxpkill24, join #ubuntu-de-ops , we cannot do anything about bans17:56
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zombiefoxyes, hello, we spell our channel without that trailing s, and I already explained to him in query.17:58
oerhekszombiefox, thank you, that might help18:00
=== hunternought is now known as Hunternought
zombiefoxit won't18:00
zombiefoxbut you're welcome18:00
k1lHunternought: bitte diese hier lesen und befolgen: https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/LocoTeam/IRC/     #ubuntu hat nichts mit dem ban von dir in #ubuntu-de zu tun.18:01
Hunternoughtwar* # ##unavailable :Forwarding to another channel18:02
Hunternought* You are now known as hunternought18:02
Hunternought* Cannot join #ubuntu.de (Channel is invite only)18:02
Hunternoughtder time warp da neben an auch nicht oder zombiefox18:02
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k1lHunternought: lies bitte die wiki seite des deutschen ubuntu irc team. es beschreibt die regeln und was zu tun ist. hier kommst du so nicht weiter.18:02
xpkill24was ist das problem erklarst genau18:03
k1lxpkill24: letztes mal: hier kommst du so nicht weiter. lies die regeln, die sagen dir wie du den ban wieder los wirst.18:05
xpkill24ist bestimmt nicht fair oder18:05
o_aHello, all. How do I set ksshaskpass to ask for my password when I log into ssh?18:05
o_aI tried setting SSH_ASKPASS but it didn't work18:05
o_aI'm running Kubuntu 17.1018:05
=== nullsen is now known as nolsen
leftyfbo_a: I'm not familiar with ksshaskpass at all, but maybe there's another solution we can figure out? What are you using ksshaskpass for exactly?18:08
FMan1988I installed dovecot and it is running, but it does not seem to work18:09
leftyfbFMan1988: what do your log say?18:09
FMan1988I cannot find any logs18:09
utnapistimmI tried to remove the overlay bars but it resulting in apps not starting18:10
FMan1988Windows email client cannot connect18:10
leftyfbFMan1988: /var/log/mail.log /var/log/mail.err18:10
leftyfbFMan1988: in that case, also look in /var/log/auth.log18:10
FMan1988there was nothing in any of those 3 :P18:10
FMan1988I wonder if it even actually tried to connect18:10
leftyfbFMan1988: test locally first18:11
leftyfbFMan1988: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot#Test18:11
FMan1988the server seems to work, I found "dovecot: pop3-login: Disconnected (no auth attempts in 0 secs): user=<>", when I did an online port scan18:14
the[void]hey EriC^^ am i correct in thinking that now im auto logging in,  i can crontab -e @reboot "mono --debug /opt/NzbDrone/NzbDrone.exe"18:14
EriC^^the[void]: crontab stuff runs even if you don't login i believe, also it doesn't have access to your gui by default export DISPLAY=:0 might work, why dont you make another startup .desktop file for it instead though?18:15
=== xpkill24 is now known as balc2824
o_aleftyfb: I want to use it to enter my password when running ssh18:17
o_aInstead of typing it into the terminal18:17
FMan1988I suppose dovecot should work out of the box, so it is a client side problem18:18
leftyfbo_a: I'm not familiar with that. What is the purpose/utility of popping up ksshaskpass to ask for a password as opposed to typing it into the terminal?18:18
leftyfbFMan1988: you should test locally using the link I gave above and look through logs18:18
Zaploi installed xpra from official 16.04 repo, and it borked my xserver-xorg-hwe and some other packages. Sure they were simple to reinstall, but i wouldn't have expected LTS repo to have untested packages18:21
ShutterBCQuestion: how can I reinstall xinput drivers? Somehow my TrackPoint isn't loading (nor external mouse) and in Xorg.0.log I see "No input driver specified, ignoring this device" and "This device may have been added with another device file."18:23
the[void]EriC^^i dont believe that needs a display to run,  its essentially a webserver18:27
naccZaplo: what happened specifically? did you file a bug?18:27
Zaplonacc: freshly installed ubuntu mate 16.04, fully updated. Only packages i installed are amdgpu-pro 17.40 and hexchat. then i ran "sudo apt install xpra", bam mate and xorg packages get uninstalled18:29
o_aleftyfb: you only need to type it once per session18:29
o_aYou can't do that with the regular ssh password prompt18:30
Zaplodidn't file bug18:30
alkisgo_a: I'm not using KDE, but ssh-agent is supposed to be running to remember the pass, is it?18:30
leftyfbo_a: or you could use ssh keys, even with a passphrase and only ever have to type it in once. Or don't give your ssh key a passphrase and never have to type it in ever18:30
alkisgIt handles SSH_ASKPASS then by itself18:30
leftyfbalkisg: ssh-agent will not cache regular ssh passwords. Only your ssh key passphrase.18:31
Zaplonacc: pretty sure it was enough to reinstall ubuntu-mate-desktop, ubuntu-mate-core and xserver-xorg-hwe but i did reinstall amd drivers too just in case18:32
naccZaplo: well, you would have had to say yes to that removal, apt does't remove packages without confirmation, by default.18:32
Zaplonacc: don't know. i was new to apt and thought it was normal :/. i come from other distro18:33
=== balc2824 is now known as xpkill24
alkisgleftyfb: you're right18:33
leftyfbo_a: is there a reason you do not want to use an ssh key (always preferred method)18:34
Zaploafter all why would installing some package suddenly remove your whole desktop? never happened using pacman18:34
FMan1988thanks, I tried to telnet and dovecot responds to the LOGIN command with "-ERR Unknown command."18:35
jeri'm on 17.10 and the slack desktop app core dumps each time i try and run it; ldd shows not found for a couple of libraries that are within /usr/lib along side other libraries it can find. anyone else had similar problems?18:36
jererr correction, reinstall fixed the not able to find libs problem; but still core dumps18:37
naccZaplo: my guess is xpra is oly meant to be used with the stock x server, it's dependencies are listed as xserver-xorg-input-void, xserver-xorg-video-dummy, rather than alos allowing the hwe packages18:37
ioriaZaplo, conflicts , maybe18:37
naccZaplo: as i said, file a bug, probably18:37
naccjer: the ubuntu package?18:37
jernacc, yeah18:38
naccjer: i mean, is it an ubuntu package?18:38
naccjer: what's the package name?18:38
Zaplonacc: looks like someone already did it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xpra/+bug/169102518:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1691025 in xpra (Ubuntu) "Installing xpra on HWE-enabled LTS breaks system" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:39
jernacc, https://slack.com/downloads/instructions/ubuntu <-- the ubuntu 64-bit version linked there18:39
jerit's a .deb, not an apt repo or ppa18:39
naccjer: you should ask slack18:39
naccjer: that's not an ubuntu package, that's a pacakge for ubuntu (semantically rather different)18:39
ioriaZaplo, apt-cache depends xserver-xorg-video-dummy-lts-xenial18:39
jernacc, yes i should, figured i'd ask here first if others have had this problme to see if there was some known issue before wasting 4 days trying to get a response from them =]18:39
naccZaplo: yep18:39
naccZaplo: it's in universe, so community maintained, perhaps no one cares eough to fix it18:40
prestoriumhi. I'm trying to backport a package to 16.04 LTS (hitch, FWIW), but it fails because missing dependency: debhelper. If I try to backport it, I see a lot of dependencies. Trying to backport the first dependency (po4a) yields even more dependencies.18:45
prestoriumI'm using backportpackage -b -w . -r -s zesty hitch . What am I doing wrong?18:46
naccprestorium: that's probably not a question for this channel18:48
prestoriumnacc ok. :) Where should I go? :)18:48
magic_1hi all18:48
naccprestorium: probably #ubuntu-packaging? i'm not sure where the right place to ask is.18:49
prestoriumthanks nacc18:49
naccprestorium: it's a versioned depedency issue18:49
mattcodeCan I mark a package as configured manually with dpkg?18:49
naccprestorium: you won't be able to do a straightforward source backport, why do you need the newer hitch in 16.04?18:50
naccprestorium: (or have your ppa depend on xenial-backports and it should work)18:51
magic_1hope everyone is doing well, been searching the net, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, this morning I shut down my laptop today and switching of my external drive. This afternoon I switched everything back on, however now, my external shows up in nautilus, however it gives me an error when trying to access it. exited with non-zero with non-zero exit status 1 and stderr invalid VBR checksum18:51
FMan1988I followed the instructions on the community wiki page for Dovecot and it does not work18:52
prestoriumnacc the newer version has the features I need.18:52
magic_1any help would be greatly appreciated18:52
prestoriumnacc how can I make my ppa depend on xenial-backports? Total noob here :(18:52
FMan1988I tried to configure it to use SSL and I get "Unknown setting: ssl_cert_file"18:52
naccprestorium: a total noob shoudn't be bakcporting packages for themselves :)18:53
naccprestorium: ppa -> edit dependencies18:53
prestoriumnacc noob on packaging, that is :P18:53
naccprestorium: right, which is ... what you're backportinng18:53
naccprestorium: again, doesn't seem like a good choice18:53
naccprestorium: but that should get you goinng :)18:55
the[void]EriC^^  after all that,  auto login inst working (seems to be a known bug) in 17.10 with the closed Nvidia drivers18:57
magic_1also getting failed to start usb_modeswitch18:58
EriC^^the[void]: what's the bug number?18:58
FMan1988I cannot configure the account on Windows Mail, so I give up for now - I'll try with Thunderbird on Ubuntu in November ;)19:10
pankaj_I have some basic understanding of emacs but I do not know how to do any thing other then text editing. Can anybody guide through doing everything while remaining in emacs.19:13
magic_1seem to have gotten it sorted out19:13
naccpankaj_: that's nont really a question for the ubuntu support channel19:14
naccpankaj_: i'm sure there is an emacs irc channel19:14
naccpankaj_: or even just some googling for emacs tutorial or something19:14
SchrodingersScatpankaj_: that would take all day because emacs does everything.19:19
the[void]EriC^^ not sure there is,  but here is one of a few of the posts about it:  https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=237294819:19
pankaj_SchrodingersScat: Just to get started guide.19:19
xpkill24cannot jin ubuntu.de19:19
=== el is now known as strawfeminist
jmc675can someone possibly help me with dual booting? I have both ubuntu and windows installed and recently after running boot-repair i'm no longer able to boot into windows19:30
studentloansxpkill24: You have been repeatedly told by #ubuntu-de ops how to handle this. Further posting in Ubuntu core channels about this issue will result in your removal.19:31
jmc675would appreciate any assistance19:31
prestoriumnacc thanks!! setting my PPA to depend on xenial-backports solved the build issue :)19:31
naccprestorium: np :)19:31
alkisgjmc675: it sounds like grub does load the windows boot loader, and then windows can't load. That is a windows issue, not an #ubuntu one...19:37
alkisgjmc675: try the windows cd, and select "repair boot problems"19:37
FMan1988can someone tell me the meaning of ssl-cert-snakeoil?19:41
leftyfbFMan1988: when I typed "ssl-cert-snakeoil" into google, the first link that popped up was entitled "What is the purpose of the ssl-cert-snakeoil.key - Ask Ubuntu".  That link is https://askubuntu.com/questions/396120/what-is-the-purpose-of-the-ssl-cert-snakeoil-key19:43
studentloansit's a self-signed SSL cert created during installation of the ssl-cert package and used as a default/fallback cert for services that require SSL19:43
studentloansit should not be used in production.19:43
leftyfbxpkill24: what can we help you with?19:45
oerheksxpkill24, you have been told where to go for your ban, please stop now.19:45
FMan1988the community wiki said those files are created by dovecot19:46
hutchHi. this isn't an ubuntu related question really but where do I find the SASL setting in hexchat?19:47
studentloanshutch: https://freenode.net/kb/answer/hexchat19:47
hutchthanks studentloans19:47
studentloanshutch: (#hexchat or #freenode (assuming you're asking for logging in to this network) for further help)19:47
hutchyes I just want to setup SASL on hexchat for this channel19:48
tomreynit's a network (not channel) specific configuration19:49
hutchthanks tomreyn I see it now in the server edit place19:51
bloopis ubuntu serious with this snappy and ubuntuone required login stuff?20:02
bloopdo you want to lose users? because that's how you lose users.20:02
oerheksbloop, you don't need to login to use snaps, does it?20:03
naccbloop: this is the support channel20:03
bloopoerheks, I tried to download an app ubuntuone popped up telling me I have to login20:04
naccoerheks: i believe snapd has to authenticate to the store20:04
naccbloop: don't use snaps if you don't want that.20:05
bloopthe only keepass apps available in the software center are snaps20:05
bloopi had to go get the deb from the site20:05
nacc!info keepass220:05
oerheksmanually does not require a password, AFAIK20:05
ubottukeepass2 (source: keepass2): Password manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.36+dfsg-1 (artful), package size 1356 kB, installed size 3315 kB20:05
nacc!info keepassx20:06
ubottukeepassx (source: keepassx): Cross Platform Password Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-1 (artful), package size 502 kB, installed size 2020 kB20:06
bloopor rather use synaptic20:06
bloopwhich I did20:06
bloopapt-get it20:06
naccbloop: dunno what you mean20:06
NginUSAnyone know how I can force a new kernel to sign a key when it says MOK.der is already enrolled20:11
NginUSI dont even know if I said that right.20:12
NginUSTrying this: https://stegard.net/2016/10/virtualbox-secure-boot-ubuntu-fail/ A second time with a new kernel now20:12
dserodioEvery time I plug my headset into my notebook's audio connector, Unity asks me what kind of device I plugged in. How can I make it assume it's a headset without asking me everytime?20:14
Aeliusjmc675 first order of business, verify that we are on uefi. if you are on uefi, ignore literally everything anyone told you20:17
jmc675okay let's verify that20:18
Aeliusif someone here could tell jmc675 the ubuntu way of detecting if he has uefi (and gpt)20:18
ioria[ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS20:19
jmc675thank you20:19
jmc675yes, its UEFI20:19
Aeliusok, so let's just assume Windows is also installed with uefi20:20
Aeliusinstall efibootmgr in ubuntu20:20
jmc675already the newest version20:21
AeliusWhat this is going to do is allow you to select which OS you want to reboot into. thereby bypassing any need for chainloading one bootloader20:21
alkisgAelius: grub loads the windows bootloader which shows bitlocker screen. It's not an ubuntu/grub issue.20:21
alkisgI told jmc675 that he needs to load the windows cd to repair boot issues, but he won't liste20:22
oerhekswhy can't you boot in windows after grub repair? no more windows in the grub menu?20:22
Aeliusalright, well I might as well finish explaining efibootmgr20:23
alkisgHe already ran boot-repair, btw20:23
oerhekswindows .. bitlocker.. uh oh20:23
jmc675yeah running boot-repair is what caused me to not be able to boot into windows anymore20:23
Aeliusjmc675 just run "efibootmgr" and it should print a list of entries. One of them should be Windows20:24
Aeliuslook for the 4 digit number bext to Windows20:24
Aeliusthen using the number in place of 1234: sudo efibootmgr -n 123420:24
oerheksBitlocker doesn't support dual-boot systems, AFAIK20:25
Digitthnx Aelius.  that showed me i'm accidentally still in here.20:25
alkisgHaha, nice nick, Digit :D20:25
Aeliusthis tells your motherboard: for /only/ the next reboot, boot into Windows. memorize that command, use it to access Windows on demand, rather than choosing from bootloader20:26
Aeliusthen I guess bitlocker issues are a Windows problem. Hope you have a recovery key saved20:26
=== deathonater is now known as Smeef
AeliusI cant imagine bitlocker would break using the efibootmgr method20:28
=== Smeef is now known as Frankensmeef
jmc675alright ill try.20:30
rud0lfwhen i disable "quiet" or "silent" (not sure, but it doesn't matter), it shows quite complex log at startup.. among the lines it says "failed to load kernel module, see systemctl.." but it scrolls to fast for me to read.. is this startup log dump to disk somewhere?20:35
rud0lfi don't think it's dmesg because i didn't find this phrase there20:36
bray90820_Is there a way I could run a smart test on an entire logical volume?20:36
Bashing-omrud0lf: ' journalctl -b -0 ' frim terminal shows messages from the current boot.20:37
rud0lfthank you kindly :)20:38
shazbotmcnastyHey guys I'm having issues getting PXE to work on my ubuntu machine.20:50
alkisgWhat issues?20:50
shazbotmcnastyI'm getting TFTP open timeout on the client machines20:50
alkisgAre you using some framework like ltsp?20:50
shazbotmcnastyI'm not having any issues getting the unfionly.kpxe file from other machines though from within the OS.20:50
shazbotmcnastyI'm using FOG20:51
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: is the BOOTP/DHCP server handing out the correct IP address for them?20:51
shazbotmcnastyI think so? The pxe server unfortunately cannot be the DHCP server, but the DHCP server has been set up with the correct (i think) options20:52
shazbotmcnastythe pxe server is, and the client pulled
shazbotmcnastyand it found the TFTP server, but got "TFTP open timeout" error when trying to pull the undionly.kpxe file20:52
alkisgshazbotmcnasty: in ipxe, type "dhcp net0",then "config", and see the next-server ip20:53
alkisgAlso, I assume that fog is using tftpd-hpa? Enable --verbose in /etc/default/tftpd-hpa, and check if the server actually receives the tftp get request20:53
shazbotmcnastyOk. Fog does use tftpd.hpa - i'll do that first, how would one get to ipxe? Sorry...20:54
alkisgboot.ipxe.org has images, cd, usb, floppy...20:54
alkisgYou boot some client from an ipxe image, as it helps troubleshooting20:54
alkisgInstead of relying on tcpdump messages, you get a nice dialog with all the parameters20:55
TJ-for testing, a basic Qemu/KVM VM with no file-system on a bridged network can be used to test PXE boot, as long as ipxe-qemu is installed20:59
andyworkwhere can I find a comprehensive log of everything that has changed from Ubuntu 17.04 to 17.10?21:01
shazbotmcnastyalkisg: once I've added the --verbose option to the "TFTP_OPTIONS=" line in tftpd-hpa file, I've restarted the service, and attempted to boot from it again21:04
shazbotmcnastythen ran 'service tftp-hpa status', and it doesn't seem to have logged anything attempting to contact it21:04
alkisgshazbotmcnasty: tail -f /var/log/syslog21:04
alkisgthen try to manually `tftp get -m binary etc etc` from some pc, to verify it's logging properly21:05
alkisgif you can see the log from a booted client manually running tftp, and you don't see it from pxe, then next-server is probably wrong. you can verify it with ipxe.21:05
shazbotmcnastyYeah seems like it worked - it logged "RRQ from IP.Addres.. file undionly.kpxe21:08
shazbotmcnastyand i received it21:08
andyworkBen64 thanks man21:08
alkisgFrom the pxe client?21:08
shazbotmcnastyno from TFTP on windows21:09
alkisgOK, now try the pxe client and see if it logs a message21:09
shazbotmcnastyno, it logged PHP session stuff, seemingly unrelated21:10
alkisgYeah that's from cron tasks21:10
alkisgSo, your dhcpd is still misconfigured21:10
alkisgIt probably doesn't send next-server21:10
shazbotmcnastyokay, so that would be on my DHCP server right, which is my router, not the pxe server21:12
shazbotmcnastythat's option 66, right?21:12
GumaI have two workspaces setup. Is there a easy way to auto start two applications to each to specific workspace?21:16
* alkisg never uses numbers, they're harder to remember than names like "next-server" :)21:16
shazbotmcnastyyeah it's option 66 - which i think i've set up right, i mean idk what else it should be other than the hostname or IP as instructed in the kb21:20
alkisgshazbotmcnasty: test with ipxe21:24
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: is the 'filename' spelled correctly in the DHCPd options? that'd explain the "open" failure. if the "next-server" were wrong you'd be a failed-to-connect message21:29
TJ-s/be a/be seeing a/21:30
shazbotmcnastyalkisg, TJ-, so apparently it's because the router I'm using is dumb with the next-server options and you can't use the DHCP options like normal and have to send a secret command21:38
shazbotmcnastygot it goin21:38
shazbotmcnastyNow I just have to figure out how the hell to add images to the server lol21:39
TJ-shazbotmcnasty: not dd-wrt is it? I recall some years ago now that the published dnsmasq for option 66 wouldn't work, and it was because you had to put it in the DNS configuration, not DHCP, for it to work :s21:42
shazbotmcnastyTJ-: no it's a mikrotik21:46
shazbotmcnastyour whole company uses mikrotiks21:47
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nullbyte_who is online21:51
naccnullbyte_: just ask your question, if you have an ubuntu support question.21:52
nullbyte_does ubuntu 17.10 supports uefi grub bios support adding it to hard drive after installation?21:52
nullbyte_or i need legacy boot in bios21:52
oerheksyes, see the uefi manual21:53
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:53
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TJ-I think nullbyte wanted to install grub-efi after installing with grub-pc.21:57
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dStructdoes anyone know if the hard locking issues related to colord freezing or preventing a resume from blank screen, have been resolved in an upstream release version?  I am still running 16.04.122:20
dStructI found multiple bug entries for colord and also CUPS related stuff, but it was difficult to tell if anything had actually been resolved.  This system is an offline system and I wasn't planning on upgrading it really, but I guess I'll have to22:22
kostkondStruct, any launchpad bug urls to go along with your description?22:25
dStructkostkon: let me grab it22:26
dStructkostkon: this is essentially what I have going on https://askubuntu.com/questions/836879/ubuntu-16-04-with-kde-frozen-after-being-locked22:26
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AlexCDevopen ended question: Is gnome3 a little slower for anyone else compared to unity? Just installed, not sure if it's something system related or just gnome22:27
dStructkostkon: I get a syslog entry for Starting CUPS scheduler, then an entry for colord and the PC will stop cycling, not answering interrupts22:27
dStructAlexCDev: personally I thought Unity felt a little more sluggish, I love the new interface22:27
AlexCDevI like the look22:28
dStructkostkon: I should also point out my hardware is not like the link I shared, I'm running a Dell Inspiron 3646 (total garbage of a PC)22:28
AlexCDevdStruct, is there a short pause before the alt tab menu appears for you? (when pressing alt tab)22:29
dStructAlexCDev: on Unity not really for Alt, but the Windows key does have a delay to it, and I don't have a box running the new Gnome UI in front of me to compare that to22:30
kostkondStruct, can colord really cause hard locks? I doubt it. Cups seems irellevant. So your problems are most likely related to your graphics card and the driver used for it22:31
dStructkostkon: it's an extremely basic system, no graphics drivers, no hardware accel, 4gb of ram, a ughhh Intel Celeron J1800 (not kidding)22:31
riotzhow can i get those new supported gnome gestures working on 17.10 -> https://wiki.gnome.org/Design/OS/Gestures ?22:32
dStructkostkon: I get no other debug/warnings/entries, etc in syslog or anywhere else, the system just locks up, sometimes multiple times a day, other times it'll run for a month just idling22:32
kostkondStruct, could be anything to be honest22:33
dStructkostkon: sleeping is disabled, however only when the screen goes blank and I try to wake it up that's exactly when it will lock22:33
akikdStruct: 16.04 kubuntu works fine here (acer i3 laptop)22:33
kostkondStruct, but I doubt cups or colord have anything to do with it22:33
dStructyeah it's really weird, I haven't done anything to this install that would cause this, I may just have to upgrade and hope for the best 16.04.1 I know is somewhat dated22:34
akikdStruct: 16.04 is supported until 202122:34
dStructI was victim to the Terminal changes, I use this box offline as a serial port console/mux type deal, and it doesn't get upgraded typically22:34
dStruct16 serial ports :D22:35
dStructwell thanks for looking at it kostkon22:35
kostkondStruct, your nondescript suspend problems is one of the the countless ones faced by many people on many systems. In some cases, with a bit of tinkering or new/updated drivers they can be fixed, but the majority may linger until the user one day installs a newer distro that magically fixes the problem22:37
dStructkostkon: I know it's very hard to diagnose, there is just literally no debug info to it, and I don't think I have any drivers to update, just stock default stuff, I will run a apt update/upgrade however and see if it helps22:39
kostkondStruct, you said you are on 16.04.1. Does that mean you are still using kernel 4.4?22:39
dStructkostkon: I had to stop doing updates after Terminal was changed, it entirely broke my terminals and I had to redo everything using MATE Term22:40
dStructkostkon: correct, 4.4.0-47-generic22:40
naccdStruct: that's ... incredibly out of date22:40
nacc!info linux-image-generic xenial22:41
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 13 kB22:41
naccdStruct: you should be on 4.4.0-9822:41
dStructnacc: yes I know, the system is an offline system, and I don't update it because there is no need, except I just figured out today why the damn thing keeps crashing, all the time I thought it was hardware22:41
nacc4.4.0-47 is completely unsupported at this point, i thinkn22:41
naccdStruct: did you try ... updatinng the kernel to see if it's fixed?22:41
kostkondStruct, well you could install the latest hwe and get 4.10 and a new graphics stack. That will give you a newer kernel and a newer mesa, and as a result a newer intel driver22:41
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack22:42
dStructnacc: after Terminal updated and broke everything and I spent 3 days recovering I took it offline and stopped doing updates on it, I'm not one of those non-updaters btw :D22:42
dStructI will be backing up and doing some updates for sure tho, thanks guys :D22:42
naccdStruct: i mean, it's nonsensical to come into the support channel and say there is some issue, when you haven't tested if the actual current distro works or not22:42
dStructnacc: that was actually my question, if the issue had been resolved upstream22:43
naccdStruct: i have never heard of this particular issue, and i do't believe i saw a bug referece go by22:43
naccdStruct: so it is (IMO) quite literally impossible for us to say.22:43
dStructnacc: I linked a non bug url, let me grab the bug url for reference22:44
dStructnacc: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/foundations-bugs/2015-April/233502.html and this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/colord/+bug/144205022:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1442050 in colord (Ubuntu) "(colord:832): Cd-WARNING **: failed to get session [pid 690]: Unknown error -2" [High,Confirmed]22:45
dStructnacc: I was just wondering if anyone was familiar with it, and if it might have been addressed upstream prior to me doing an apt update/upgrade, that's all22:46
naccdStruct: "upstream"?22:47
dStructnacc: newer version/release22:47
naccdStruct: there is nothing in that bug about freezing the system22:48
dStructnacc: I mean I have tons of Ubuntu installs, mostly the latest LTS or newer, and some old stuff for various reasons, and this is the only box I've ever seen this happen to22:48
dStructnacc: yeah it's weird, I literally get Started CUPS Scheduler, and the colord error line in the same second in the syslog, and it'll stop answering interrupts, have to hard power cycle each time22:49
naccdStruct: that doesn't indicate causation22:49
naccdStruct: at least, not immediately22:50
dStructnacc: I was just curious if anyone knew about it, I'm sure an update will probably cure it22:50
dStructnacc: yeah I literally get nothing else, just normal cron just stuff and regular messages22:50
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UukGoblinhello, I've got no audio (no audio devices in lspci, aplay -l; alsamixer doesn't even start) on a fresh install of Ubuntu 17.04 using an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 CPU (video output is via HDMI; I expect there to be an HDMI card available)22:59
UukGoblinpulseaudio uses a dummy driver and sees no real cards22:59
UukGoblinam I missing a kernel module/driver or something?23:00
UukGoblinoh, it's November already23:04
UukGoblinlet me upgrade to 17.10, one sec...23:04
ycyclistTraffic tools:  Is there a tool out there that I can use to generate memory, cpu, swap and disk usage in order to see how an app behaves when these are near limits?23:04
kostkonUukGoblin, support for 17.04 will expire soon. Upgrade to 17.10 and see if that fixs your problem https://liliputing.com/2017/03/linux-4-11-brings-improvements-intel-atom-pcs-bay-trail-cherry-trail.html23:04
SilverSlimerIs there a solution for the "Loading Patch Failed ar3k" problem?23:05
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kostkonUukGoblin, the article says hdmi audio was fixed in 4.1123:05
DoomsdrzejSeriously, I can't possibly be the only guy with a "loading patch failed" issue which disables bluetooth23:07
kostkon!details | Doomsdrzej23:07
ubottuDoomsdrzej: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.23:07
UukGoblinkostkon, thanks, upgrading now, my installation pendrive was done in September or so ;-)23:07
kostkonUukGoblin, np23:07
akikycyclist: stress23:07
DoomsdrzejSince at least Ubuntu 15.04, whenever I install the operating system, I get a Loading Patch Failed AthrBT_0x00000200.dfu issue23:08
Doomsdrzejas a result the bluetooth is inactive23:08
Doomsdrzejand i can confirm that the file is not in the /lib/firmware/ar3k/ folder23:08
Doomsdrzej(I can live without bluetooth since it's a security issue but it sucks to have to do that)23:13
kostkonDoomsdrzej, im guessing you've come across this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/154274323:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1542743 in bluez (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth: Patch file not found ar3k/AthrBT_0x00000200.dfu" [Medium,Confirmed]23:14
Doomsdrzejit use that exact same laptop. thanks for the link. i'm reading it as we speak23:15
Doomsdrzejkostkon: I'm going to have to wait for distributions to issue a permanent solution, won't I? It seems like the patch will stop functioning if I upgrade the kernel.23:17
Svetait depends on whether you have a workaround for bluetooth usage while you want for distribution to apply a fix23:18
Doomsdrzejbut the workaround would need to be applied for each kernel, right?23:20
Svetano, the workaround can be 'use sftp' or 'use email' so that you can upload your photos and videos to and from your mobile without using bluetooth23:23
DoomsdrzejOh, that's not why I want bluetooth to work. To be honest, I want it to work just to get rid of the error. I also get three acpi errors at boot but I don't have a clue what they are and I'm not sure where to get a report of the boot errors either.23:24
kostkonDoomsdrzej, as long as kernel updates keep you on the same kernel version, eg 4.10, the dkms package will rebuild the driver module to work with the newer kernel23:27
kostkonDoomsdrzej, so eg. kernel security updates will not break your driver23:28
oerhekscheck the vendor for bios updates?23:29
zerothishow would I boot my new laptop from the network using my ubuntu system as the host (zesty)23:34
Doomsdrzejkostkon: no, i didn't expect security ones too23:34
Doomsdrzejkostkon: but ubuntu never goes from say 4.13 to 4.14 in the same release?23:35
kostkonDoomsdrzej, lts point releases, starting 16.04.2, do provide new kernel versions. So they also come with new dkms packages to go along with the new kernel23:40
Doomsdrzejjust before i screw things up, what's 17.10's nickname?23:40
kostkonDoomsdrzej, yep23:41
Doomsdrzejok it seems that he has a ppa with a patch for each ubuntu version23:41
ycyclistTraffic tools:  Is there a tool out there that I can use to generate memory, cpu, swap and disk usage in order to see how an app behaves when these are near limits?23:41
Doomsdrzejvery cool of him to make one23:41
Doomsdrzejalright, thank you kindly for your help. I'll reboot and see if this worked for me.23:43

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