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derryckGood morning all!14:06
derryckHas anyone  used UbuntiStudio with Zoom R16 and Behringer 1204 USB?14:07
OvenWerksderryck: those sound familiar, but I do not have experience with them personally14:59
OvenWerksderryck: the general rule is that if an interface does not require extra drivers for mac, it will work fine on Linux.15:01
derryckOK great. Thanks. The Behringer is a mixer that supports USB recording, but all the software provided was Windoze based.15:03
OvenWerksI'm just doing a quick scan of the manual now.15:04
derryckI think that some people have used Audacity to capture the sound from the mixer. It is quite a nice/little/cheap number.15:04
OvenWerkshow old is the 1204? internal dsp is 40khz?15:06
OvenWerksAnyway the usb audio says: 16bit stereo/48k, so probably USB1.1 audio. but I find it odd it does not mention much more than that.15:07
OvenWerksI know of people who have used the various zoom R* boxes ok both as interface and as controller.15:08
derryck I got it last year. I think it is the 40khz. You can only get a mixed down couple of tracks over USB (as far as I know)15:08
derryckOK - that's great news on the Zoom :)15:09
OvenWerksit is 40k internally, but when you use it with a computer use it at 48k15:10
OvenWerksYou may want to change the pulseaudio default sample rate to 48k as well.15:10
derryckOK - I just ran out to check it is the QX1202USB15:14
* OvenWerks has no idea why they default to 44k1 when the internal achetecture is all 48k15:14
derryckLOL. They also make a mention of an ASIO driver.15:16
OvenWerksfrom the manual: "There are no required drivers, but we15:18
OvenWerksrecommend that PC users install the ASIO driver"15:18
OvenWerksSo as you are not a "PC user" no driver needed :)15:19
derryckLOL - Ok - thanks Ovenwerks! Have a wonderful day!15:25
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