bluesabreochosi: I don't think I have any additional changes to what is currently there01:08
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HeadlessHorsemanWe want that strange git snapshot of xfwm there still?17:24
flocculantspecial halloween usecase I assume17:57
HeadlessHorsemanI remembered we have a 'sane' ppa too that they can copy over whatever, so uploaded.  -notifyd too.18:01
flocculantthe gtk3 ppa no longer has a release file18:02
flocculantI'm informed18:02
HeadlessHorsemanMy instructions were to copy/move it over to experimental then delete it.  I've just now finished that.18:03
flocculantoh right - so gtk3 is now dead?18:03
flocculantppa that is - not all of gtk3 ever18:03
HeadlessHorsemanxfce4-gtk3 is dead and gone.18:04
flocculantand experimental has no artful nor bionic18:04
HeadlessHorsemanhttps://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/experimental/+packages should, but some packages are waiting to be built.18:05
flocculantoh hang on - I'm a doofus 18:06
flocculantwas looking at Sean's experimental :p18:06
flocculantand staging is expected to currently be empty?18:10
flocculantbluesabre: I assume that qa can now push people to artful + the 2 (qa) ppa's ?18:11
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HeadlessHorsemanochosi: I'd guess that was xfce4-gtk3 as I was migrating to exp?23:33
ochosiHeadlessHorseman: bluesabre and Unit193 are taking care of the PPAs atm23:41
HeadlessHorsemanYes I'm aware I am. :P23:42
ochosik :)23:42

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