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ngomesfew days ago i've updated to 17.10 , and  i'm having some failures on xfce UI , taskbar not responding to mouse clicks so i cant launch aplications from the whisker menu. no error is reported12:01
ngomesminimize maximize close window controls does not respond too.12:02
ngomesthen , it all starts to function again12:03
ngomesis this a known issue ?12:04
ngomesi'm back12:22
ngomesgot to reboot due instability12:22
ngomesmeanwhile , any answer for me ?12:22
ngomesit's really annoying12:23
ngomesnever seen it before12:24
ngomesanyone want to remote desktop to check something ?12:29
xubuntu43wHello i have a problem. I have xubuntu 16.04.3 for desktop. I installed the kernel 3.14 because i had problems with a wifi adapter. Now the wifi works but after the install when i shutdown my laptop it takes 15min.12:32
pmjdebruijnusing such an old kernel on such a new distro is fairly far outside the usual use  so no clue12:37
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: weren't the hardware enablement stacks of any help12:37
pmjdebruijnor do you have wifi issues with all newer kernels?12:38
pmjdebruijnwhich wifi adapter are we talking about? usb pci ?12:38
xubuntu43wi am sorry12:39
xubuntu43wthere is a mistake12:39
xubuntu43wi have 4.13*12:39
xubuntu43wi installed*12:39
pmjdebruijnhow did you install it?12:39
pmjdebruijnsudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.0412:39
xubuntu43wlike there?12:40
xubuntu43w64 bit12:41
pmjdebruijnthose are rather experimental12:41
pmjdebruijnand not a good idea to run if you can avoid it12:41
pmjdebruijnHWE is the proper way to get newer kernel on LTS12:41
xubuntu43wi am sorry i am very new12:42
pmjdebruijnpresuming the latest HWE is recent enough12:42
pmjdebruijncurrent HWE for 16.04 is 4.1012:42
pmjdebruijnif that's sufficient for your wifi adapter, I would recommend that12:42
pmjdebruijnHWE: sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-16.0412:42
pmjdebruijnunless you already have that, you can check with 'uname -a'12:43
xubuntu43wcan i do this now with the 4.13 kernel?12:43
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: not in a supported way12:43
pmjdebruijn4.10 isn't sufficient for you?12:43
xubuntu43wthats the output12:43
pmjdebruijnI understand12:43
pmjdebruijnI meant, what kernel did you have earlier12:43
pmjdebruijnyou can probably check by doing 'ls -l /boot'12:44
xubuntu43wi guess? it was the kernel with the 16.04.3 deskptop iso12:44
pmjdebruijnpresumably you'd see 4.4 or 4.8 or 4.1012:44
pmjdebruijnok, than that was probably already 4.1012:44
pmjdebruijnso bad luck with the wifi adapter then12:44
xubuntu43w4.10.0 yes12:44
pmjdebruijnso you're stuck running an unsupported kernel12:45
xubuntu43w03:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros Device 0042 (rev 31)12:45
pmjdebruijnyou can try this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/6122/how-to-see-whats-going-on-during-shutdown to see what might be going wrong for you12:45
xubuntu43wi did the update on 4.13 after this my "wifi" works12:46
xubuntu43wbut i know it was fixed 2 kernel ago with the wifi issue12:46
xubuntu43wi am not really sure why it works nw12:46
pmjdebruijnthis is why many people don't buy bleeding edge hardware for linux :)12:47
pmjdebruijnthat, or just bad luck :)12:47
xubuntu43wshould i test a another distro with new sources?12:48
xubuntu43wmy adapter maybe works there?12:48
pmjdebruijnubuntu 17.10 has 4.1312:48
pmjdebruijnor xubuntu 17.1012:48
xubuntu43wso should i go for this?12:48
pmjdebruijn4.13 will probably be HWE for 16.04 in a few months I guess12:48
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: you can test with a live CD/USB... ?12:49
ngomesxubuntu43w, if it does not work and you can't fix it, try the latest version12:49
ngomesif my issue does not get fixed , i will have to change distribution12:50
xubuntu43whow can i test it? you mean try the live distro and shutdown the system and see how long it takes?12:50
ngomesthat's one ideia12:51
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: and check if wifi indeed works with 17.1012:51
pmjdebruijnngomes: are you sure xfce is the issue... did you check your dmesg to see if for example your graphics card driver isn't the issue???12:51
ngomesdmesg outputs no error12:52
ngomespmjdebruijn, i'm not sure , cant be xorg too12:57
ngomesi have 2 programs open . hexchat and chromium. i switch to chromium and bang, i cant click on program and windows controls are not working12:58
ngomesstill , i can use tab to change fields and use "enter" to enter12:58
ngomeswell i've found a workaround13:05
ngomeswhen i'm in a program with no control , i go to panel , right click , then i will regain control of the window13:07
ngomeswhich is awkard13:08
xubuntu43wpmjdebruijn: it works13:09
xubuntu43wwith 17.1013:09
xubuntu43wand it shutdowns instantly13:09
ngomesthen try to install it13:09
xubuntu43wfuck this13:22
xubuntu43wit stucks again13:22
xubuntu43win shutdown loading screen after reboot13:22
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: check I link I give you13:31
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: it should help you see why this happens13:31
xubuntu43wnow it works13:31
xubuntu43wi dunno how long13:31
ngomesxubuntu43w, how you can tell it is from the wifi card, since the wifi card works ?13:32
pmjdebruijnsudo -u www-data /var/www/owncloud/occ upgrade13:32
pmjdebruijn(ignore the owncloud thing)13:32
xubuntu43wit shutdowns instantly now13:32
xubuntu43wits so confused for me13:32
xubuntu43walright stucks again test your link13:34
ngomesxubuntu43w, how you can tell it is from the wifi card, since the wifi card works ?13:34
xubuntu43wi dont understand your question13:35
xubuntu43wfrom the wifi card?13:36
ngomesyou said you got a problem with the wifi , that it takes too long to shutdown ... ?13:36
xubuntu43wi said after i instal the new kernel to fix the wifi adapter my laptop had problems with shutdown time13:37
xubuntu43wso its a problem with kenerel not wifi ^^13:37
ngomeswifi drivers are in the kernel13:37
pmjdebruijnseeing the shutdown might give a hint13:37
ngomeslog the shutdown procedure, then reboot and check it13:38
ngomesi remove /home and all config14:07
ngomesmy problem presists14:07
xubuntu43wi am done14:28
xubuntu43wi have no idea14:28
pmjdebruijnxubuntu43w: where did your system pause during shutdown?14:39
xubuntu43wno pause14:40
xubuntu43wit just takes so much time for everything14:40
xubuntu43wif i press esc i can what happend14:40
xubuntu43wand it just wastes so much time for each step14:40
pmjdebruijnI would check journalctl see if anything there pops up14:40
hmmi used the command14:44
pmjdebruijnI don't know what to look for, you'd need to look yourself14:45
hmmwith my skills hmn.14:45
* pmjdebruijn buys established hardware to avoid trouble like this :)14:46
hmmit was my first laptop14:46
hmmand there is no specific information about the adapter14:46
pmjdebruijnthen I wouldn't have bought it :)14:47
pmjdebruijnbut that a bit beside the point I guess14:47
pmjdebruijnjust something to keep in mind next go around14:47
hmmmaybe i should try another os?14:47
hmmother linux distro14:47
pmjdebruijnyou might want to ask in #ubuntu, as the startup/downshut of ubuntu/xubuntu should be very similar14:47
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ngomesthis is a fucked up bug i'm having15:09
ngomesnot able to multitask , windows fail for intercept mouse clicks15:09
ngomesi'm reinstalling all packages15:10
ngomesi would require a list of 17.10 default packages to check if i got them all or miss something15:10
ngomesanyone ?15:10
knomengomes, this is a family-friendly channel, please.15:15
ngomesi'm a bit annoyed since i use xubuntu and xfce for quite a while and never had nothing like this is the previous versions15:16
knomei understand, but that doesn't warrant breaking guidelines you agree to follow by using this channel :)15:17
ngomesok , sorry15:18
ngomeshopelly it will solve15:18
knomei hope so as well15:18
ngomesknome, can you get me a list of 17.10 default package list ?15:21
pmjdebruijnngomes: if you don't have any particular HW dependancies, why not stick with 16.04.x15:23
pmjdebruijnas opposed to 17.1015:23
ngomesbecause i've been updating versions15:23
ngomeslatest was 17.0415:23
pmjdebruijnI know, but I meant just moving back to 16.04.x15:24
pmjdebruijnshould be fine for most purposes15:24
knomengomes, check a manifest file from a download mirror15:24
ngomesi will , if i can't solve this15:24
ngomesthe thing is , my usb stick is locking my computer on boot , it locks os splash screen , so i can't install any distro for now15:25
pmjdebruijnthat's unfortunate15:26
ngomesknome, what directory is that file in ?15:29
Aquzapmjdebruijn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/172431715:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1724317 in linux (Ubuntu) "Shutdown hangs / no standby - possible Wifi-bug in the kernel" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:42
Aquzashould be fixed with 4.1415:42
Aquza= )15:42
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xubuntu09whi! i wanted to install xubuntu 16.04 desktop and right after 70+% the laptop simply shuts down, like it's being unplugged. i have no battery in it. i tried twice, with mini.iso and full iso, same result. after that, the computer won't start17:37
Fernando-Bassoxubuntu09w, I have answer, but could it be some hardware failure?18:53
Fernando-BassoNot sure if you tried some other distro just for the sake of testing.18:53
Fernando-BassoOr, who knows, although very unlikely, it is still not impossible that two cd/dvd would have been written with some sort of problem.18:54
Fernando-BassoSomedays ago I burned xubuntu 17.10 dvd iso, and it wouldn't even show the graphical screen.18:55
Fernando-BassoAnd I tried xubuntu mini and it worked (and I installed from there).18:55
Fernando-BassoI mean to say that I _DON'T_ have an answer...18:56
xubuntu09wFernando-Basso, the cd/dvd were written with different writers. it's not a hardware failure, the laptop runs fine with windows and it's not overheating.19:21
Fernando-Bassoxubuntu09w, I see, I am sorry that it is happening but I don't know much what to say. Looks like a hard problem to figure out...19:24
Fernando-BassoI have to leave. Good luck.19:24
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bigjoetrying to compile a program with little success22:22
bigjoe"/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lbfd" and "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lopcodes"22:24

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