harlowjasmoser yt01:10
harlowjaah, nm, u already found my gihub boo boo01:10
harlowjaand fixed it, lol01:11
smoserharlowja: here now. i didnt fix it. maybe someone else did. whats up?01:23
harlowjai clicked a fork button of https://github.com/shmup/miniboa/tree/master/src/miniboa and it went into the cloud-init org, lol01:24
harlowjaby accident :-P01:24
harlowjai swear01:24
harlowjabut someone seems to have wiped it (i couldn't)01:24
smoseryeah. saw chatter about that.01:24
smoseryour name came up01:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1671927 in cloud-init (CentOS) "init local crash - unknown subnet type 'loopback'" [Undecided,In progress]01:26
harlowjai'll get around to that, idk why others on that bug from godaddy didn't just submit the patch01:26
harlowjasorta odd....01:27
harlowjaah, 'That said, you wont see this bug with master or 17.1.'01:27
harlowjawell nm then01:27
harlowjabut ya, 'any recent openstack should have provided that.'01:28
harlowjasounds about right, lol01:29
smoseryeah. i'm not sure how they saw the issue. something else must have been busted.01:29
smoserthey wont see the issue any more.01:29
smoserbut i just dont understand why they were down that path.01:29
harlowjayaa, not sure, i can look into more if that config drive upload doesn't have enough01:32
harlowjacause `network_data.json` is in there01:33
blackboxswheya harlowja, yeah, we can thank mr powersj for seeing that and cleanup in github. I think he's subscribed to all new repos that show up (and has github-superhero perms to remove)02:28
blackboxswfigured if it was intentional, someone would push it again02:29
blackboxswand then we'd have to talk about what telnet MUDs mean for cloud-init rev 17.2 :)02:29
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harlowjablackboxsw :-P17:51
harlowjablackboxsw ya, thx, wrong button click17:51
harlowjai'm gonna blame microsoft, the company who made my mouse at home17:52
smosersomeone from redmond drove to your house and released a rodent.  they hate you more than me.18:08

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