jac_cplane I'm running into bug 1628337 - cloud init install NTP before configuring archives.   I see from github that it was fixed 20 days ago.  can someone tell me how I can get this fix?   i'm running MAAS 2.1.5 - I deleted my current xenial image and downloaded it again via maas.01:02
mupBug #1628337: cloud-init tries to install NTP before even configuring the archives <verification-done> <cloud-init:Fix Released by smoser> <cloud-init (Ubuntu):Fix Released> <cloud-init (Ubuntu Xenial):Fix Released> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1628337>01:02
jac_cplaneplease disregard - figured it out01:18
bdxdoes anyone have an example bundle that uses a default space binding?05:51
bdxjuju deploy --bind "default-space db=db-space db-admin=admin-space" mysq05:51
bdxbut in a bundle05:52
bdxI want to deploy charms to lxd and bind to spaces in a bundle05:52
bdxbut then other charms that don't have network bindings fail to deploy when not given a default space05:53
bdxjust unsure how to do that in the bundle05:53
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Dmitrii-Shbdx: have to be explicit in every app for now15:57
mupBug #1719804: Allow specifying a default space binding on a per-bundle basis <juju:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1719804>15:57
Dmitrii-Shbdx: you could use yaml aliases to define a single space and reuse it across different charms16:38
Dmitrii-Sh  default-space: &default-space my-space16:39
Dmitrii-Sh  "": *default-space16:39
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