pavlushkawalrider: hello walle10:36
walriderpavlushka: hlw 10:49
walriderin mikrotik class atm pavlushka 10:50
walriderpavlushka: 10:50
pavlushkawalrider: cool, ccna?10:50
walridermikrotik 10:50
walriderhotchpotchtik aswel 10:50
pavlushkawalrider: mikrotik, that means some sort of networking class right?10:53
walrideryes just like ccna 11:02
pavlushkawalrider: got it, good11:03
walriderits another system u can make and manage networks 11:03
walriderbut 11:03
pavlushkawalrider: what network simulator you use, gns3?11:03
walriderunlike ccna u can use user interface to configure mikrotik router using winbox11:03
walrideraka shoytaner baskho 11:03
pavlushkaha ha ha11:04
walridergns3 is a bit difficult for us 11:04
pavlushkawalrider: so which one then?11:04
walriderwe install the mikrotik iso into a blank pertition on a vmware 11:04
walriderand connecting winbox with that allow us to configure 11:04
pavlushkawalrider: is that mikrotik vm image is downloadable for free?11:06
walriderno 11:06
walriderall router OS is free to download but licensing require money  11:06
walrideru need to purchase the license to run it after trial 24 hours11:07
walriderpurchase and install 11:07
walriderthe router os uses ur harddisk id 11:07
walrideraka volumeid of harddisk where the os will be installed 11:07
walriderand the funny thing is the router os is bassed on debian xD11:08
walriderfile system should be ext4 11:08
walriderso u know what i mean :D11:08
pavlushkawalrider: all GNU/linux uses ext4 file system but debian is debian because it has the debian package manager called dpkg11:11
walrideryep 11:11
walriderso if my hdd gets a crash 11:12
walriderthere should be a way i can rename the volume id and restore it 11:12
walriderto 11:12
walrideranother hdd11:12
walriderhow about that 11:12
pavlushkaand almost every router board has linux on it including a webserver and a dhcp server of course11:12
pavlushkawalrider: that's clever11:13
walriderits tricky but possible 11:13
walrideri dont dare manipulating volumeid editing on an ext4 filesystem 11:13
pavlushkawalrider: tunefs might be of some use in this case11:14
walriderthere is a program volumeid.exe 11:14
walriderfor windows 11:14
walrideri need to do some study 11:14
walriderbut 11:14
walriderthis is public chat i should not discuss this here 11:15
pavlushkawalrider: if you talk about some free software doing some trick, that's allowed but not pirated one11:16
walriderthis is direct crime cause im talking some way where u dont wanna pay for premium service 11:16
pavlushkawalrider: though I have even asked for help on #ubuntu about some piracy on linux :p11:16
pavlushkawalrider: and they got angry almost11:17
pavlushkawalrider: it was so stupid of me, lol11:17
walridervirtual p2p sucks11:22
pavlushkawalrider: and one thing, using tune2fs, you can set a desired UUID to a volume like this "tune2fs -U "UUID" /dev/sd**"11:23
walriderand tunneling software dosnt allow port forwarding 11:23
pavlushkawalrider: aha11:23
walrideris that case 11:24
walriderhamachi 11:24
pavlushkawalrider: tried that once for creating a gaming network11:24
walriderclass ends 11:25
walridernow gona go home 11:25
walriderand play some game 11:25
walridergaem 11:25
pavlushkawalrider: cool, see ya11:25
walridercya 11:25

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