EdubblEHello, can someone help me with a window/ubuntu grub boot loader problem. I removed the ubuntu partition, but did not delete the grub boot loader, now i cannot boot into windows. What is the best solution? I can't create a win10 recover disk.00:38
EdubblEI have seen a solution that says to boot a live ubuntu usb instance and install boot-repair, will that work okay?00:38
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didrocksgood morning07:17
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:27
dufluMorning didrocks and oSoMoN07:31
jibelgood morning everyone07:34
didrockshey duflu, oSoMoN, jibel07:46
didrockshey willcooke08:53
oSoMoNhey willcooke08:59
dufluMorning willcooke09:02
Laneyforgot to press enter09:03
dufluHey Laney09:04
didrocksmorning Laney09:05
dufluHmm, nautilus has 2035 open bugs. There's a project for someone if you're bored09:06
Laneyhey duflu & didrocks (d*)09:16
Laneyhappy FRIDAY!09:17
Laneyi just checked the calendar to make sure09:17
* Laney updates to bionic09:29
Laneyfun friday activity09:29
Laneyonly 884 updates09:51
jibelso many packages still blocked in proposed10:12
Laneyone day we'll get through the test backlog10:13
* Laney is constantly sending hamsters to the DCs10:14
Laneyooh bionic, shiny10:17
andyrockwillcooke regarding this https://trello.com/c/RSNS27OP/89-patch-disks-etc-to-hide-snap-squashfs12:12
andyrocknautilus does not show them because they're not mounted in /media or /run/media12:13
andyrockI guess we can just filter them in gnome disk utility12:14
andyrockif the mount point in in /snap/... just ignore them12:14
willcookeandyrock, ah yeah.  Filtering seems like a distro-hack, but I can't think of a better way that will work for everything.  I wonder if there is a way we could fix this upstream for everyone?12:24
andyrocklet me ask what they think upstream12:24
Laneythere's a GVFS attribute for things that should be hidden I think12:26
Laneymaybe that could be used12:26
Laneyworth asking12:26
andyrockLaney: gnome-disk-utility uses udisk12:29
andyrockand has already some internal logic to decide what to show and what to hide12:30
andyrockdo you know who's the main maintainer?12:30
Laneyandyrock: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-disk-utility/tree/gnome-disk-utility.doap this has an email12:36
Laneyyeah I was sort of suggesting that it could use gvfs via gio to list them12:36
Laney(gio mount -l)12:36
Laneyanyway, what do I know, ask the guy :P12:36
andyrocknice i pinged him12:36
mbiebl_you can set a udev property to have udisks ignore certain partitions13:09
mbiebl_e.g. KERNEL=="sda1",ENV{UDISKS_IGNORE}="1"13:09
mbiebl_via a rules file13:09
Laneygood to know13:11
andyrockyeah we can do that but still we need to patch gnome-disk-utilities to ignore an udisk object if hint-ignore is true13:23
Laneythat ignores all loop devices, is that right?13:24
andyrocktoo generic13:25
Laneybut if upstream is ok with respecting the property something like that seems sane13:26
andyrockmaybe we can also make it less generic including also the squashfs check13:27
GunnarHjjbicha: Hi Jeremy, do you have time to sponsor the seed MPs at bug #1581160?14:38
ubot5bug 1581160 in ubuntukylin-meta (Ubuntu) "Switch to Noto Sans as default font for Japanese and/or Korean?" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158116014:38
oSoMoNchrisccoulson, just a reminder that a stable update of chromium (62.0.3202.89) is ready for publication in the stage PPA14:40
jbichaGunnarHj: do you intend to do a language pack update for 17.10?14:41
GunnarHjjbicha: No such plan... Actually we haven't done that for the latest non-LTS releases. Any specific reason why you ask? (Actually I'm about to nudge seb128 about a last langpack update for 16.04.)14:43
jbichaI was asking because there are some GNOME 3.26.2 updates that are otherwise not worth SRUing (only translation updates for a package in main)14:44
jbichaI don't know have any need for a 17.10 language pack update, I was just curious14:44
GunnarHjjbicha: My vote would be to not do it, and thus not bother about those SRUs. Better focus on 18.04.14:46
jbichathat's fine with me, I just wanted to confirm intentions :)14:46
jbichabtw, I think we might do freetype 2.8.1 for 18.04, but probably delay a bit longer because of electron regressions LP: #172832914:47
ubot5Launchpad bug 1728329 in freetype (Ubuntu) "Update freetype to 2.8.1" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172832914:47
jbichacyphermox: are the flavor 'supported' seeds actually used for anything? I'm looking at14:56
cyphermoxyes, they are usually used to denote things that are not on the image but still technically "supported" by the flavor community15:00
xclaessedid all -dbg packages got removed from ubuntu archives ?15:02
xclaesseI couldn't find them on 17.1015:02
xclaessejbicha, yep, added that repo, but many packages used to have -dbg in the main archive, they got dropped i favor of external repo ?15:15
Laneyxclaesse: yeah, Debian got support for automatic debug symbol packages so packages which used to build -dbg have been moving over15:16
jbichayes, there's more info at https://wiki.debian.org/AutomaticDebugPackages15:17
chrisccoulsonoSoMoN, yeah, I'm on that15:35
chrisccoulsonthanks :)15:35
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dobeyuhm, what happened to nm-applet in 16.04? it's not showing up in the unity indicators any more, on either of my machines17:56
willcookehave a good weekend all18:01
ricotzchrisccoulson, still around?21:24

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