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dokojbicha: looking at the notofonts in NEW ... I'd like to wait for the Debian import to get the copyright check done. is the package that urgent?  if that goes to main, it should be packaged to use python3. not accepting new python2 packages for main if possible08:28
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jbichadoko: it's not particularly urgent. nototools is only a Build-Depends so it doesn't need to be in main. (Sorry that upstream doesn't support py3 yet)13:39
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DoowHi, I'd like to see if I can add a progress bar in the ubuntu dock to a program, any good tips on where to start?17:48
ret2libci saw https://ldd.tbe.taleo.net/ldd03/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CANONICAL&cws=1&rid=1320 today... didn't canonical stop working on mir?19:29
cjwatsonret2libc: No, Mir is still going.  http://voices.canonical.com/tag/mir/ seems to be a good link for recent news about it19:46
cjwatson(I am not a Mir developer and in general don't know much about it beyond just listening to people, so I'm not a good person to follow up with about any of that)19:46
ret2libccjwatson: i see! thank you19:55

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