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lotuspsychjemorning guys03:38
oerheksheya lotus03:38
lotuspsychjehey oerheks03:42
lotuspsychjeoerheks: early or late?03:42
oerhekscannot sleep, again..03:43
oerheksreading the news, if no-one filed a sexual complaint, you mean nothing in Hollywood03:44
lotuspsychjeeaszero: welcome03:46
lotuspsychje!info jupyter03:58
ubot5Package jupyter does not exist in artful03:58
EriC^^morning all06:04
oerheksheya eric06:04
EriC^^hey oerheks06:05
oerheksnew Star Wars-trilogy comming, without those silly Skywalkers \0/06:06
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^06:07
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje06:07
lotuspsychjei never liked starwars06:10
lotuspsychjedid you check jungle 2017 EriC^^06:10
EriC^^nope saw the trailer06:10
EriC^^scary shit06:10
lotuspsychjebased on real story lol06:10
lotuspsychjegonna watch it also06:11
EriC^^google banned like 4 accounts for me06:11
EriC^^i even made the robot take 4mins between each move he does, woke up to a banned account06:12
lotuspsychjeyeah you said that06:12
lotuspsychjetheir pretty smart06:12
EriC^^the problem is that they want a phone number for new accounts06:12
lotuspsychjethey got much time at google, after a swim in their pool06:12
EriC^^yeah, how'd they figure out the last one though, it literally is making a comment every 30mins or more06:13
EriC^^when i spammed the fuck out of them, i got 400 pages retrieved in like 6hours06:14
EriC^^i have to spam them06:14
ducassegood morning all06:47
immuducasse, good morning06:49
immuhey anyone running untiy7 on 17.10?06:49
lotuspsychjehey ducasse & immu07:02
immulotuspsychje, hey all07:03
ducassebrrr, so cold :(07:04
immuhow many as asked before are thinking or at least trying to set Unity7 on ubuntu1.10 :)07:05
immuhey eric07:06
jinkSilly GUI morons. :P07:08
immujink meaning07:09
immui don't think you have any idea of how good Unity7 is07:09
immui am going to run unity7 on17.10 and report bugs for eventual support in 18.0407:11
lordievaderGood morning07:12
EriC^^hey immu07:13
immuhey how do u doing07:13
immuu prayed your friday prayers07:13
EriC^^i'm christian (technically) and agnostic in reality07:13
lotuspsychjenot unity on artful here07:15
EriC^^i recently learned how to make tortillas07:15
EriC^^it's so easy07:15
lotuspsychjehow are you lordievader07:15
EriC^^i think i dreamt at night about making some07:15
lordievaderlotuspsychje (IRC): Doing good here, how are you?07:16
lotuspsychjemycroft make tortilla07:16
lotuspsychjegreat here07:16
EriC^^when will it happen!07:16
lotuspsychjesoon :p07:16
lotuspsychjeIOT is comming to us07:16
ducasseEriC^^: oh - can you give me the link to that pizza video you were talking about? i've been having homemade pizza urges lately :)07:16
EriC^^ducasse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCAPjIVOdJw07:17
EriC^^about the tortilla's i found 2 insanely easily and quick to make recipes07:17
ducasseEriC^^: brilliant, thank you kind sir!07:17
EriC^^get tortilla bread, put hot dog in it, wrap it, put a tooth pick, fry it in oil on both sides, put some ketchup and mustard in a bowl and dip in it and eat07:18
jinkimmu: I just don't care for GUIs.  I don't usually run Ubuntu Desktop (Server only).  And it's easy flamebait. :>07:18
EriC^^it's delicious, then for desert, get a tortilla bread, put nutella on it, put a banana in it and wrap it and eat07:19
EriC^^takes like 5mins to make them both, and it's very good07:19
EriC^^ducasse: no problem!07:19
immuyour choice jink as you like it07:19
ducassejink: no x server at all, just tty?07:19
jinkducasse: I run Windows, mostly.  Company policy.  And on a VPS, it makes no sense to run X.07:20
EriC^^even at home you're not allowed to run linux?07:21
lordievaderAuch, Windows.07:21
EriC^^(that might sound stupider than i think it sounded)07:21
jinklordievader: Ssssst.07:21
jinkEriC^^: I don't own a computer.  Just my work laptop.07:21
EriC^^jink: oh07:21
jinkEriC^^: No offence taken, btw. :)07:22
ducassejink: oh, no - that's pretty obvious, i'd say. so you _do_ use a gooey - windows.07:22
jinkducasse: :P07:22
immuwe need windows for certain things07:22
ducassejink: all you need is a tty and tmux :-P07:22
immuand its better to have a backup07:22
immuafter an hour mate07:22
jinkLast time I used X was some 15-20 years ago, fvwm 1 on FreeBSD. :P07:22
jinkimmu: Take your time.  I'll be here for at least another 8 hours.07:23
lordievaderducasse (IRC): You mean ssh and tmux ;)07:23
immusure all07:23
ducasselordievader: not necessarily, no :)07:23
jinkducasse: It's screen, since I haven't made the move to tmux, yet, but sure.  That'll work.07:23
ducassejink: i loved fvwm, kept using 1.24r for years and years07:24
jinkLight, fast, awesome.07:24
jinkOn Windows I use Cygwin, and I bound a terminal to a hotkey.  Then ssh from there to wherever, and command-line perl awk shell, the works.07:25
lordievaderNo Bash on Windows (or however it is called).07:28
ducasseis that wsl (windows subsystem for linux), or is that a different beast?07:38
lordievaderOh, yeah. That's the one.07:42
jinklordievader: Windows 7, so, not yet.  Well, Cygwin bash, but not "native".08:14
lordievaderAh, I see.08:16
Svetasomeone nom it for a bounty or something?10:52
Svetai'm personally looking for a pdf viewer with continuous scrolling that remembers the last page that i opened, and is not okular or evince.  mupdf does not have continuous scrolling.10:53
Svetaso it's similar to that question, but i also need continuous scrolling..10:53
immuyo amigos11:15
jink'sup immu? :)11:28
immujink, how u doing11:53
immuhi ducasse EriC^^ have your seen bluecasse11:53
jinkFine, at work. :)11:56
BluesKajHey folks11:58
lordievaderHey BluesKaj12:00
jinkHi BluesKaj.12:00
BluesKajHey lordievader, jink12:00
lordievaderHow are you doing?12:00
jink. · o ( is het al weekend? )12:00
ducasseg'morning BluesKaj \o12:01
BluesKajfine here, some snow and cold , wintery , how about you, lordievader12:01
BluesKajHey ducasse12:01
lordievaderRain.... further more, doing good.12:01
EriC^^hi immu12:10
pauljwHi everyone13:07
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw13:08
pauljwhey BluesKaj :)13:09
BluesKajgot an arctic blast here last night13:10
pauljw:) same here, was 53F last evening and woke up to 27F this morning... brrr...13:10
BluesKajbright sunshine and clear cold air13:20
BluesKajthe cold to a certain point doen't bother me much13:22
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oerheksHi EriC^^17:45
oerheksplease be save, S.A. is crazy17:45
EriC^^hi oerheks17:49
oerheksi am looking at a special bike, silly pricing, bicycle for a wheelchair .. https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/fietsen-en-brommers/fietsen-bakfietsen/m1223114177-bakfiets-rolstoelfiets-van-raam.html17:51
BluesKajwhere are the bike's control/handlebars to steer it17:57
naccBluesKaj: first pciture is disassembled, it seems17:58
naccBluesKaj: it's a nnormal fiet17:58
naccBluesKaj: so directly abovd behind the platform/ramp17:58
nacc*above and behind17:58
naccrelative to the front of the bike17:59
nacc3/9 is a better view17:59
BluesKajyeah, but that's out of kilter to my eye17:59
nacconly in the first photo17:59
nacc(at least, to me)17:59
naccoerheks: pretty impressive :)18:00
oerheksYes, the steering bar needs some work18:09
oerheksbut the rest is sound, he says18:09
oerheksi don' t need it, but i think i can make someone happy, else i buy it myself.18:09
oerheksthis one is 6 years old or so, new ones look like this.. https://www.vanraam.com/nl-nl/onze-fietsen/rolstoelfietsen18:13
BluesKajyeah, that's more practical for the driver18:14
TJ-Recall I reported at the beginning of the Linux v4.14 development cycle that AMD adding sme_me_mask (for Secure Encrypted Memory) into the memory-manager sub-system brokke many modules because it caused any module using PAGE_TABLE to pull in the EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL symbol - this broke nvidia and many other out-of-tree non-GPL drivers. I reported this upstream but Thomas Gleixner, the sub-system19:03
TJ-maintiainer, refused to change it. Well, at the last minute (after v4.14rc8 and before final, it's been fixed in commit 87df26175e67c26ccdd3a002fbbb8cde78e28a19 ... but I noticed in the commit sign-offs: "Despised-by: Thomas Gleixner <tglx@linutronix.de>"  :D19:03
TJ-So disaster averted at the 11th hour19:03
naccheh that sounds like tglx to me19:03
daftykinswhy'd that fool want to intentionally maintain something causing so much breakage?19:04
TJ-It was the EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL being pulled in via (a very common) use of PAGE_TABLE macros. Inadvertently, but painfully. Linus comments in the commit message that the symbol ought to be in lower layers to prevent it propogating into drivers from the memory-manager, but for now the symbol has been made EXPORT_SYMBOL.19:06
naccdaftykins: tglx, ime, does not care about out of tree stuff19:06
naccmost kernel devs don't19:07
nacc(speaking as a former kernel dev)19:07
TJ-indeed, and to a great extent I agree with him. What I don't agree on is creating a new GPL symbol that is relied on by lots of existing core code, causing regressions.19:07
naccalso that may or may not be entirely legit19:08
naccdepends on your interp. of the GPL and whether you get some entanglement there19:08
naccwhile not changing the exposed licensure of an existing symbol, it in effect does :)19:08
TJ-As far as nvidia goes the legal analysis is identical to the ZFS issue19:08
TJ-you've got a body of existing code with it's own existing stable API. Then you create a shim that translates that API to the kernel's API, and the shim is GPL licensed19:09
TJ-The argument that the existing stable (non Linux, non GPL) code behind the external API is a derivative of Linux is obviously not true. Where the arguments arise is that the shim is a derivative (and correctly licensed as GPL) but is called from non GPL code which, the argument goes, is also a derivative.19:11
naccyeah its' about the limits of the virality19:11
TJ-I don't agree with Canonical very often (or they don't agree with me!) but from a long time back my legal advice, and my own analysis, says the derivation does not carry into pre-existing separate body of code - -especially in cases like Nvidia and ZFS where that code is cross-platform and not derived from Linux.19:13
naccthat's my understanding as well19:13
TJ-on another topic, some fab hackers have got full JTAG debuf access to the Intel CSME at last. So visibility into the southbridge MINIX OS and I wouldn't be surprised if it leads to a way to completely replace the OS on the southbridge at some point19:41
TJ-Hopefully that plus a reduced EFI (like Google's NERF) will finally allow users/owners to control Rings -2 and -319:45
daftykinstechnically PCHs not southbridges anymore ;D19:46
TJ-It's quite scary realising there's a full network and device stack running and it ain't running on the CPU the user knows about, but on the CPU in the southbridge on the motherboard19:46
TJ-true, but the distinction is more helpful :)19:46
TJ-north vs south, I think, makes it easier to visualise the separation of concerns19:47
TJ-why is there ever a web-server in the MCE anyhow?19:48
daftykinsbit cringe for the remote control features mmm19:48
TJ-For anyone interested (it's an easy read): https://schd.ws/hosted_files/osseu17/84/Replace%20UEFI%20with%20Linux.pdf19:52
* Bashing-om ready to have fun now :)21:28
pauljwhey Bashing-om :)21:37
Bashing-ompauljw: \o . Good day ?21:40
pauljwmostly Bashing-om, my primary system had a keyboard failure today, using my standby now...21:42
Bashing-ompauljw: Backups are good :)21:43
pauljwwaiting on a quote from sys76 for a replacement...  already have a used one coming from ebay, but it may or may not be in good shape.21:47
Bashing-omI use an Old Old commadore mechanical keyboard. would really be a pain to adapt to another .21:49
pauljwseems since i switched to laptops only they're all different.  really don't like the sys76 one, chic-let style.21:51
Bashing-ompauljw: Being on different keyboards has ruined my typing skills :( getting back out of the habit of watching my fingers - yuk !21:56
daftykinsstill itching to get my hands on that clients kids Lenovo to have a go at repairing21:56
Bashing-omsadly, daftykins - I am all caught up .. not even an old box to linux-install and pass along .21:59
Bashing-omThe bright side is that I have the time to devote to the fall chores in readiness for Winter .22:02
daftykinsthat's a bright side!?22:02
Bashing-omdaftykins: When it comes to repairing a roof, or repairing a computer - the computer time wins every time :)22:04
daftykinsoooh yes22:05
daftykinshopefully the case part turns up from aliexpress soon22:06
Bashing-omdaftykins: Living on an island, at the mercy of the "shipping" .22:08
daftykinseven worse from ali, that's China via the slow boat :D22:08
daftykinsthe option read "15 to 60 days"22:08
Bashing-omdaftykins: How long does it take you to get to the London aorport ?22:11
daftykinsah it's a 45 minute flight typically22:11
daftykinsdepends if you get the jet (fast) or the twin prop22:11
Bashing-omdaftykins: Oh you have air servicve on the island ! Wonderful :)22:12
daftykinsyep, costs a good £120 both ways usually though22:12
daftykinser as in £60 each direction minimum22:13
Bashing-omdaftykins: Well, even so - sure beats walking :P22:14
daftykinstad soggy and cold this time of year yep :>22:14
daftykinsthe ferry goes to the south coast too, usually £40 each way as a passenger only22:16
Bashing-omdaftykins: Ouch ! They got you by the short hairs :)22:26
daftykinsi like to think it's a way of keeping the locals at bay22:27

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