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ReedK2Has anyone here on MATE successfully made a new theme?11:03
bunkerhey guys, I got a problem after upgrading the system of my gf from 17.04 to 17.10. lightdm crashes all the time can't even switch to tty1 (maybe unrelated), but I have access through ssh12:56
diogenes_bunker, is your gf a developer? tester? hacker? :)12:59
bunkernope, but we like to use linux. ;-)13:00
bunkerbtw if she was, I wasn't solving her problem. ;D btw13:00
diogenes_bunker, I assume she likes to use her pc as a user not a power user or a developer right?13:00
bunkershe is already 18 months on ubuntu mate, but now the upgrade from 17.04 to 17.10 got stuck13:01
diogenes_so, that's why there are so many brunches like stable, unstable, testing, lts, bla bla bla13:01
diogenes_if you intedn to use your pc like a normal user, then you should not upgrade to the unstable13:02
bunkerthx for the lesson, but sadly enough that doesn't solve my problem13:02
diogenes_you should use LTS only, if you wanna test new stuff with the unstable, then be prapared to meet a whole bunch of new bugs which require a lot of time to get fixed13:02
bunkerI know and then I try to figure out how to solve the problem which is what i'm doing now13:03
diogenes_if you haven't found any bug report on your problem, then most probably it's quite a new one and you should be the first person who should make a bug report13:04
bunkerThat I do also know, but what I13:04
bunkeram trying to figure out is what could have caused the problem13:04
diogenes_and meanwhile, watching the sad face of your gf because she can't watch kittens on youtube :)13:05
bunkerso that I can provide usefull info in the bug report and not just post a bug report saying it doens't work13:05
diogenes_sixwheeledbeast, I mean regular, not lts13:05
sixwheeledbeastthat's what alphas and betas are for. 17.10 should be fine13:05
diogenes_bunker, maybe try to make a new user?13:06
bunkerdiogenes_: lightdm crashes before I can even select a user.13:07
sixwheeledbeastI can understand if you have a heavily modified system or you run a server I would say sticking to LTS is sensible.13:07
sixwheeledbeastcan you pull up syslog from your ssh13:08
bunkerI get the splash screen and then everything stops.13:08
bunkerwhen I check journalctl I see that lightdm has stopped13:08
diogenes_bunker, then try to boot with a live session (usb or dvd) and backup your .config folder, rename it, and then try to boot again13:08
bunkeralso i can login with ssh, so it is a graphical thing, going to backup and rename .config now. sec13:09
diogenes_bunker, also remove the file .Xauthority13:10
bunkersadly enough no dice, still the same problem.13:12
diogenes_did you reboot?13:12
bunkerI guess it is gpu related, there is amd radeon rx560 installed13:12
bunkeryes I rebooted.13:12
bunkerand before upgrade I had amdgpu-pro installed13:12
diogenes_ok then give the the output of ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:12
diogenes_sorry not that one13:13
diogenes_ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d13:13
diogenes_this one13:13
diogenes_and also the the output of cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if there is such a file)13:13
bunkerit doens't exist13:14
bunkerneither of them13:14
diogenes_ok then the output of ls /etc/X1113:14
bunkerapp-defaults  cursors  default-display-manager  fonts  rgb.txt  xinit  xkb  Xreset  Xreset.d  Xresources  Xsession  Xsession.d  Xsession.options  xsm  XvMCConfig  Xwrapper.config13:15
diogenes_cat /etc/X11/default-display-manager13:17
diogenes_ok what's the error of: systemctl restart lightdm13:19
bunkerit doesn't spit an error, checking journalctl now13:21
bunkerannick org.a11y.atspi.Registry[2504]: XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0"13:22
bunkerthat's the first error I get13:22
bunkeroeps copied a bit too much annick is her username13:22
diogenes_the output of this: dmesg | grep microcode13:24
bunker[    0.901875] microcode: sig=0x506e3, pf=0x2, revision=0xba13:25
bunker[    0.901952] microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.13:25
diogenes_and: cat /etc/default/grub13:27
diogenes_only the kernel parameters line13:27
diogenes_npt the entire file13:27
bunkerGRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian`13:28
bunkerGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"13:28
bunkerall the rest is commented out.13:29
diogenes_you got an intel cpu?13:29
sixwheeledbeastDo you still have amdgpu-pro installed? Or did it get removed on upgrade?13:30
bunkeryep intel cpu i3-6300 with a radeon rx56013:31
bunkersixwheeledbeast: I did remove, reboot still the same problem, did a reinstall with updated drivers had 17.35 now on 17.4013:31
bunkerkernel uses amdgpu module13:31
diogenes_bunker, the output of: lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A313:32
bunker01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Baffin [Polaris11] [1002:67ff] (rev cf)13:32
bunker        Subsystem: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. [MSI] Baffin [Radeon RX 560] [1462:8a91]13:32
bunker        Kernel driver in use: amdgpu13:32
bunker        Kernel modules: amdgpu13:32
sixwheeledbeastamdgpu is only officially compatible with 16.04, so I am wondering if you have tried an alternative to get the system to boot.13:33
bunkersixwheeledbeast: I haven't yet tried to use the SOC intel gpu13:35
bunkerbut I think I saw something in journalctl that could narrow down the prob.13:35
bunkergpu-manager[2577]: Error: can't open /lib/modules/4.13.0-16-generic/updates/dkms13:35
bunkergpu-manager does spit out some problems when I try to restart lightdm.13:36
diogenes_try this: find / -type f 2>/dev/null | grep "amdgpu-pro"13:37
diogenes_pay attention if you get something with uninstall in the title13:37
bunkeryes and I did run this, but doing it again13:46
bunkerok, now I have a login screen that's already good.13:46
bunkernow going to try to install amdgpu-pro again13:55
bunkerrebooting and same problem, so apparently the amdgpu-pro is not yet compatible with 17.1013:57
bunkerOk, now I can make a bug report. ;-)13:57
diogenes_most likely13:58
* diogenes_ feel great that he doesn't use amd gpus13:59
bunkernvidia isn't any better.13:59
bunkerI got both of them in different systems, discrete graphics are just a problem with linux13:59
diogenes_it depends what model number14:00
bunkerand if it wasn't for the opencl support for the amdgpu it wouldn't be using the amdgpu-pro drivers anyway14:00
diogenes_in my case, nvidia optimus works a lot much better on linux than on windows with the original driver14:01
bunkerbut darktable, gimp and inkscape make use of the opencl and that is only supported by amdgpu-pro14:01
bunkerbtw my gf is a pro designer and drawing artist, so she needs those programs. ;-) not to watch kittens on youtube. ;-)14:02
diogenes_lol, ok14:02
bunkerthx for the help. Going to keep an eye on the amdgpu drivers and going to post the bug report.14:02
diogenes_no problem man, take care14:03
sixwheeledbeastI don't think it's a bug. it's just not compatible with them14:06
bunkersixwheeledbeast: that's for me a definition of a bug. ;-)14:07
sixwheeledbeastmaybe manual rollback of kernel and x.org versions to the same as 16.04 would work?14:08
bunkergoing to submit it to amd also if I can find their bugtracker14:08
sixwheeledbeastif there is a reason they conflict or are not ABI compatible or whatever, then it isn't a bug IMO. Can you recover your personal files and go back to LTS?14:12
denafigwhat ppl doing here? =D14:28
alkisgSupporting people asking ubuntu questions14:28
denafigthat is I came for14:29
alkisgGo ahead and ask then :)14:29
denafigI lost pannel of Alt+tab programms, did't understand how. It was a mssge about: go restart PC and it will be okay. But it is the same situation. Panel with run programms+desktop choosing. Have only trash basket on that panel at the momernt.14:31
alkisgPress Alt+Ctrl+T to get a terminal14:34
alkisgthen type this: setsid mate-panel --reset; sleep 1; setsid mate-panel --replace14:35
denafigit is magic14:37
denafighow did you do it =D thx alot14:37
alkisgeh, when you have thousands of students messing up the panels, you have to learn magic :D14:37
denafigneed to record that for future14:38
bunkersixwheeledbeast: personal files are on a seperate software raid which is mounted as home, so no worries about that, but I don't want to go back to lts, I want to stay on current if possible15:42
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
materhi mates16:16
diogenes_hi hi hi hi hi mater16:16
materhow to delete ubuntu mate without delete windows loader?16:17
matersorry, my english is bad16:17
diogenes_well there is a workaround which is a very complicated one but, instead I'd recommend to go to windows and use easyBCD16:18
hp-pavilionmy come and delet this uber crap16:31
hp-pavilioni hate fire fox its pecie or caca16:31
diogenes_hp-pavilion, nobody forces you to use firefox16:31
hp-pavilionit wont let change or go to factory defult16:32
hp-pavilioni was given the computer this way i did not buy it with this program16:32
hp-pavilionso yes i am forced16:32
hp-pavilionplease help16:33
diogenes_hp-pavilion, first, eine momente, what do you want to achieve?16:33
hp-pavilionto put com to factory and load a difrent program with crome in it16:34
diogenes_so you want google chrome?16:34
hp-pavilionyes with windows16:34
diogenes_lol they both come separate16:35
hp-pavilioni know16:35
diogenes_do you ahve a windows dvd? (a licensed one)16:35
diogenes_so just fire it up and install it, remove evey partition, create new ones, install windows, and enjoy the crapware16:36
hp-pavilionits better than this it ither dosent load programs i want to use i had to open up full firewall just to go on fb16:36
hp-pavilionso at least on the other lets me with security so which is crapy16:37
hp-pavilionat least crom works16:37
hp-pavilionif this worked id use it but it does not take 2 hrs to lad a website16:38
diogenes_hp-pavilion, before blaming the software think about if you have the needed skills for it, for instance, if you can't drive an aircraft, would you say that the aircraft is bad? or the problem lies in your skills to operate it16:39
hp-pavilioni have com skills i took in collage not the best but enough ive used vista lenex windows fedrial systems. but i would take a corurse if i wanted to fly a plane i tryed to look up how to use this the progrome wont even show16:41
hp-pavilionither becuse its missing stuff to look i cant even get into setting on here16:42
diogenes_where did you take this pc from?16:43
hp-pavilionand even in school and in halfway house we dont use firefox it has way more isues of being hacked16:43
diogenes_again, firefox is not the issue, skills is the issue, I already told you what to do16:44
hp-pavilionit was gioven to me by a cusin16:44
hp-pavilioni tryed to load the window it wont16:44
diogenes_ok I'm not gonna help you with windows on here, if you want you can pm16:45
hp-pavilionthats fine i cant pm but have a good day16:45
diogenes_ok the same to you16:46
xptriadohi all! anyone here who still builds panel applets on gnome using  libpanel-applet library?19:13
jcfbanyone here?19:44
biggiewhat do want talk about22:30
mate|70904come inviarvi una immagine23:29
mate|70904per favore non voglio stare qui tutta la notte!23:31
mate|70904è il canale giusto , per domande tecniche?23:34
mate|70904vorrei finire l'installazione, mi aiutate!  si è aperto il terminale ma non so cosa devo scrivere per farlo proseguire23:36
mate|70904qualcuno può rispondermi23:39

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