UbuntuMY<myfenris> Hi there,  Did you know you could get commercial support for your Ubuntu instance on Azure from Canonical the company behind Ubuntu?  Ubuntu Advantage is Canonical’s bundle of tools and professional services to support you, your servers and VMs.  For the world’s largest enterprises it provides the assurance they need to run mission-critical workloads such as enterprise databases, virtual/cloud hosts or infrastructural services on Ubunt03:55
UbuntuMYWhat’s in Ubuntu Advantage?      Around-the-clock access to Ubuntu desktop, server and cloud experts at Canonical, raise tickets and track progress through an online portal and get access to the exclusive Canonical Knowledge Base, an online library of articles on technical issues.      Access to software services to improve your server uptime and security with Canonical Livepatch Service for upgrades without downtime, Extended Security Maintenance (ESM)03:56
UbuntuMYfor Ubuntu 12.04 instances and Landscape for security compliance.      The Ubuntu Assurance Programme that provides indemnification against claims of intellectual property infringement.  Learn more on buy.ubuntu.com.  Canonical03:56
UbuntuMY<msyukor> Steve Job the other story BFM radio10:55
UbuntuMY<mauisabily> 😎11:00
UbuntuMY<msyukor> https://www.bfm.my/finding-pixar-a-conversation-with-alvy-ray-smith-at-the-movies-24711:03
ejatkrik krik krik 15:38
ejatsunyi malam minggu 15:38
UbuntuMY<jipangmenjerit> mencari kedamaian15:39
UbuntuMY<jipangmenjerit> hahaha15:39
UbuntuMY<hidzuan> Malam Jumaat15:43
UbuntuMY<hidzuan> Shhhh......15:43
ejatbukan malam sabtu ? 16:06

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