MooDoohowdy all07:35
MooDoomorning matey :)08:42
SuperMattAfter today, I will have covered most of the difficult work I have assigned to me, so I can start coasting until the new job in the new year :)08:42
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:47
zmoylan-samj3morning mammals09:22
SuperMattYes. I am a mammal09:22
SuperMattdefinitely not a lizard person09:22
* zmoylan-samj3 has seen v and leaves a cage of mice in the room...09:27
* zmoylan-samj3 wanders back and surepticiously counts the mice12:42
diddledanleave those mice alone!13:47
zmoylan-pixitry the cage of lemmings instead. they've been feeling really down...13:55
daftykinsdiddledan: hrmm can i pick your brain about a website thingy? a client is going on about his location being wrong on a supplier's "find a stockist" feature, but the google maps result is using a lat and long which is puzzling15:03
daftykinsthat's the offending page15:06
ali1234it works for me15:08
diddledanis he using a mobile device?15:09
ali1234but i have modified firefox config to hardcode the lat/lon it sends to websites, so that it is actually correct15:09
diddledanif not then it can only use IP geolocation which in the UK is very bad15:09
daftykinsit's got a pin on the map, but it's against a lat and long that's wrong15:10
diddledanthe pins are for stores, not his location15:10
daftykinsi know, but that isn't a store either15:11
diddledanthen the website has incorrect store data15:11
daftykinshe's got a business location and that's in the correct place on google maps, so what's generating this lat and long of 49.471575000000 -2.55582600000015:11
diddledannothing is generating it. the data the website is using from it's own database is wrong15:11
daftykinsoh ok so they are holding some info15:12
daftykinsi just tried to phone but the secretary had no idea who to put me through to to ask who runs the website, then i got hung up on for a transfer :D15:12
daftykinssurprise surprise15:12
diddledanyes, google store location maps embedded on a website require that website to provide the store locations15:12
ali1234have him go to https://www.infobyip.com/browsergeolocation.php15:12
daftykinsit doesn't have anything to do with where it thinks he is, ali123415:13
daftykinsin the example link it's feeding the site GY1 as a postcode, then the first result is his firm which just happens to have a wrong spot15:14
ali1234oh, i see15:14
daftykinsappreciate the input though, i thought this was purely maps API based results, so that's funky15:15
ali1234maps does have an API that turns an address into lat/lon15:16
daftykinsif so, the postcode for his shop is wrong versus what google maps returns when you visit it manually15:17
daftykinsactually no it's not, it's what GY2 4QH comes up as15:17
daftykinsand maps is notoriously inaccurate for postcodes over here, is it equally bad in England?15:18
ali1234its pretty good whenever i've used it15:18
daftykinsGY2 4QJ on the other hand finds him pretty closely15:18
ali1234maybe he doesn't know his own postcode... wouldn't be the first time15:18
daftykinscertainly possible15:19
ali1234royal mail says it is QH15:22
daftykinsyeah, just phoned the local post office for fun (since technically we don't have RM) and they said it's fine15:25
ali1234so i'm gonna blame google here15:25
ali1234though it does not help that royal mail won't release the postcode database15:25
ali1234(or whoever it is that runs it)15:26
daftykinsyeah, lady just then told me that they're using google maps for some software but that it's wrong - seems odd that they'd use an incorrect source15:28
ali1234you can try reporting it to google15:29
daftykinsi'm of the mind to tell him to ask the above supplier to change their entry for him to the wrong postcode, so it then comes up in the right place15:33
daftykinsmeanwhile i could try that as well, yeah15:34
ali1234the business appears to be actually listed on the map15:35
ali1234but not claimed15:35
ali1234and it is listed as 4QJ15:37
diddledanoops :-p15:37
ali1234but there's one right next to it listed as 4QH15:37
diddledanperhaps it's a hisenstore?15:38
daftykinsreally? when i'm on google maps i only see the one Bathroom Emporium - sort of between the English & Guernsey Pub and "ATAN AHAN"15:40
ali1234no i mean one of the other unrelated businesses nearby is listed as QH15:40
ali1234so that's obviously not where google gets that data from15:41
ali1234some of the others nearby are listed as QJ as well15:41
ali1234so it is inconclusive. i can't find an independent website that lists any of them as QJ15:41
daftykinsamusingly QJ is a road behind those buildings which doesn't exist on maps15:43
daftykinsi should draw it in15:43
ali1234ah here we go https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/products/code-point-open.html15:43
ali1234that's what google is getting the data from15:43
* diddledan watches daftykins try to draw on his monitor15:43
* diddledan then, once the sharpie is pocketed again, scrolls the map a bit15:43
ali1234but the polygon version (ie boundries showing what is/isn't included) is not available for free15:44
daftykinsdiddledan: RUINED!15:44
daftykinsi had an email the other day to say that 1,000 people looked at the pics i added to an ice cream kiosk on the south cliffs, pretty impressive15:46
daftykinsas in, added to its' google maps entry of course15:46
daftykinsmine are all the ones that aren't wonky15:47
ali1234hah... cope point open doesn't have GY at all15:48
diddledangotta love woodgrain:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/Pq9KoAB3/Screenshot%20from%202017-11-10%2015-47-52.png15:48
ali1234no wonder its all messed up15:48
m0nkey_diddledan: if you love woodgrain, you'll love LGR15:53
diddledan:-p that's where I got the pic from15:53
m0nkey_Then you want these.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiQCbocAEtQ15:53
diddledansplecifically https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbjYkPKRm-815:53
daftykinsok i told google they have a missing road, but there was no way to include some of my amazing mspaint artwork15:54
zmoylan-pixi2i did see a wondwrful story of a place in usa that regularly gets visitors fron police and people insisting their stolen property is thete16:11
zmoylan-pixi2some gps bug has default fallback locations wheb it gets confused16:12
diddledanI used to pine after a BIOS setup like this: https://youtu.be/fbjYkPKRm-8?t=202516:23
daftykinsfor all those times you need to enter it ;)16:24
daftykinsi think a mates Tiny brand PC had one of those, with mouse support too16:24
daftykinssame machine that had its' PATA ribbons glued in, ace16:25
m0nkey_Damn it's cold here today17:05
m0nkey_It's -7C17:05
m0nkey_With the wind, it's -19C17:05
daftykinsyou're welcome to that :>17:11
diddledanthe intel management engine confuses me: why would you need an x86 cpu to be able to start-up your x86 cpu?! https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/09/chipzilla_come_closer_closer_listen_dump_ime/22:59
daftykinsonce Xzibit was hired, things were bound to go south... bridge23:03
daftykins(not really, PCH)23:03
diddledanI like the quote from Andrew Tanenbaum: "The only thing that would have been nice is that after the project had been finished and the chip deployed, that someone from Intel would have told me, just as a courtesy, that MINIX was now probably the most widely used operating system in the world on x86 computers. That certainly wasn't required in any way, but I think it would have been polite to give me a heads up,23:05
diddledanthat's all."23:05
zmoylan-pixii wonder what os the amd equivalent uses...23:19
daftykinshah, nah they work hard just to try and get their kit working23:21
penguin42diddledan: Everything is quite complex now; qualcomm ARM chips in mobiles have another ARM to get them going; Power server chips have a little PPC to get them going23:23
daftykinsyep, Xzibit on the scene23:25
penguin42diddledan: In theory one advantage of using a separate processor is that you can't misuse the main processor to overwrite firmware etc because it's controlled by the other processor23:25
diddledanbut if a cpu needs a cpu to get it going, then what starts that other cpu?!23:25
penguin42diddledan: It's simple enough to start itself23:25
daftykinsi can only imagine the kinds of evil malware this can lead to23:26
diddledansounds like voodoo to me23:26
daftykinsransomware threatening to zero your disks on next reboot ;D23:27
penguin42daftykins: No, to wipe your bios on the next reboot23:27
diddledanat least a zeroed disk can be recovered. bricking the hardware is expensive, and spying can be even more lucrative for the crims23:27
daftykinswell, re-used, not recovered :D23:28
diddledanyeah, you need a backupslowly23:28
diddledanleft hand down a bit23:28
penguin42daftykins: I don't think Intel were doing anything particularly nasty; it's just innevitable that when there's code there it'll get broken - even if there aim of part of the ME stuff was to make it harder to break the code23:32
daftykinsoh i'm not claiming they were23:33

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