ChinnoDogadom: Searching for venues. Know any companies in Manassas that might want to host and get free advertising?15:21
adom-mobileChinnoDog: my previous employer is in Manassas, but they don't have a good office space for this (mostly was in data center, no public access). So I got nothing for Manassas. I'd be happy to host at my house in Woodbridge if that works. Large rec room basement, plenty of space and comfy.15:44
ChinnoDogToo far away. Needs to be here.15:45
adom-mobileHaha okay. I'll be driving to there, but you can't drive to here... ;) No worries. Sorry I got nothing for location.15:46
ChinnoDogYou can use whatever location you like if your going to host one :-)15:52
ChinnoDogWoodbridge is a good 40 minutes away though.15:53
ChinnoDogEspecially in rush hour traffic.15:53
adom-mobileNo worries man we'll figure out somewhere to host in Manassas.16:01

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