floridagram-bot1<RazPi> @Ivoriesablaze @KMyers @AdamOutler @ahoneybun So I think I want a mac.09:22
floridagram-bot1<RazPi> Only the 90's candy colored clamshell one with a linux or freebsd system inside though -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ1Xz6OChmQ09:22
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> Lol15:13
floridagram-bot1<SivaMachina> https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/11/doj-strong-encryption-that-we-dont-have-access-to-is-unreasonable/15:39
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> @SivaMachina, The only people who will say/agree with that statement are idiots who dont know how encryption works16:08
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> This is totally unreasonable.16:08
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> Dont mind me.  I'm just being totally unreasonable.16:09
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> @All - I am sorry I have been so quiet the past few weeks. I am going to be going out of town for a few weeks and am rushing to get things done for work. I am also scared to death that my brother will have the house to himself for that time so it is possible that it may get burnt down16:09
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> Is that a real threat?  He seems like a good dude16:11
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> The DOJ?16:12
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> The house.16:12
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> Yes16:12
floridagram-bot1<AdamOutler> I lost the stand for a monitor. I 3D printed a computer stand that holds my monitor upright.17:12
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> nice @AdamOutler17:12
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> I think I created a monster17:45
floridagram-bot1<ahoneybun> ?17:46
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> Adam is 3D Printing EVERYTHING17:46
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> Check out @loubie_3D’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/loubie_3D/status/928302505699704834?s=0918:57
floridagram-bot1<KMyers> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm1xHnvYIdc19:02

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