shakes809cmaloney: came across this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhffS08IbZg&feature=youtu.be and is open for people to use however they would like: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797468?hl=en03:16
shakes809You said that finding music was difficult, maybe another avenue you have / haven't looked into?03:16
cmaloneyNot following the line of thinking03:17
shakes809You still do the metal cast, correct?03:17
cmaloneyOh yeah03:17
cmaloneyActually I have a lot of music now03:17
shakes809you said a while back that you were looking for new music and that it was hard to find some with the creative commons licensing03:18
shakes809Ah, cool03:18
cmaloneyYeah, that was a while ago03:18
cmaloneyit's become a little easier nowadays03:18
shakes809haha, alright, cool :)03:21
cmaloneyThanks for thinking  of me though. Appreciate it.04:07
shakes809Yeah, no problem.  have a good night04:08
cmaloneyYou too04:08

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