chomwittnacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25928526    line 38 . maybe should not go for the edge?00:02
naccchomwitt: ah you are using the binary nvidia drivers?00:04
naccchomwitt: yes, you might want the regular hwe stack thenn00:04
chomwittnacc: ch)mw!tt00:07
chomwittforget that..00:07
naccchomwitt: :)00:07
chomwitttrying to search to see if i have binart nvidia drivers00:07
naccchomwitt: well it cleary tried to build them00:08
chomwittnacc: so do i purge edge and install hwe again?00:09
naccchomwitt: you can, i'm ont sure you need to purge edge (yet), i'd get hwe installed firs00:14
chomwittnacc: still getting that error related to nvidia00:17
naccchomwitt: for the edge kernel?00:17
chomwittbut  grub is generated ok .should i reboot? i'm kind of loosing momentum.00:18
naccchomwitt: if it was only for the edge kernel, it will keep happening until you purge it00:18
naccchomwitt: if it was for the kernel you want to boot to, well, donn't boot to it yet :)00:18
chomwittnacc: i purged the edge kernel prior to installing hwe00:19
naccchomwitt: ok00:20
naccchomwitt: can you paste the log?00:20
chomwittnacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25928606    sorry for the greeks00:23
naccchomwitt: it's ok00:23
naccchomwitt: can you pastebin n /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-367/367.57/build/make.log00:24
chomwittnacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/2592861900:26
naccchomwitt: if i'm reading it right, you're on a *really* out of date nvidia driver00:29
naccchomwitt: apt-cache policy nvidia-36700:29
naccchomwitt: i think yuou are o n367.57 and you should be on 375.6600:29
VenkoWhen booting Ubuntun from a USD drive how do I mount the internal NTFS partitions?00:30
chomwittnacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/2592864100:30
naccchomwitt: yeah, that's wonky00:31
naccchomwitt: i think you need to first install the current version of that driver00:31
naccchomwitt: e.g., sudo apt install nvidia-36700:31
naccchomwitt: it's like you installed a .deb00:31
naccchomwitt: or manually insatlled a particular version of this pacakge, and then never updated it00:31
v0lksmanI have a Trusty system that for some reason when I run hostname it provides the hostname I've set (and is shown in the cli prompt) but if I run hostname -f it responds with localhost.  I've setup many systems and set the host names the same way and only this particular system seems to be stuck on localhost.  Any ideas why or where I can look to figure this out?  /etc/hostname has the correct hostname00:31
naccchomwitt: i.e., a `sudo apt upgrade` should be telling you it is going to upgrade that package already00:32
chomwittnacc: no, sudo apt upgrade dont mention it00:34
naccchomwitt: maybe full-upgrade would?00:34
chomwittnacc: yep!00:34
chomwittnacc: but i dont have stable connection for a full upgrade . can i update only nvidia , and then try again to install hwe?00:35
naccchomwitt: yeah00:35
omginahow do i install cryptsetup for luks? no such pkg00:36
omginaplese advice00:37
naccomgina: what version of ubuntu?00:37
BrysonI have a Docker container based on the official ubuntu 16.04:latest base image. Building this in production runs just fine, but building it in Jenkins fails to update packages from apt with a release file missing and 403 error. error output from docker build: https://paste.ubuntu.com/25928667/ Why does it work someplaces and fail other places?00:37
naccBryson: probably proxy stuff00:37
john_ramboWhat is the command that will  tell me if I am running Wayland ?00:38
naccjohn_rambo: ps aux | grep -i wayland ?00:38
john_rambonacc, Thanks00:38
naccjohn_rambo: not sure, but that should work00:38
omginaxenial nacc00:39
nacc!info cryptsetup xenial | omgina00:39
ubottuomgina: cryptsetup (source: cryptsetup): disk encryption support - startup scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.6.6-5ubuntu2.1 (xenial), package size 119 kB, installed size 320 kB (Only available for linux-any)00:39
oerheksomgina, apt-get install cryptsetup00:39
chomwittnacc: ok nvidia installed-build ok . now to i reinstall linux-image-generic-hwe ?00:44
naccchomwitt: i think so, or you might be able to trigger a dkms rebuild manually00:44
naccoerheks: --^ do you knonw?00:44
Brysonnacc: where would this proxy be?00:46
naccBryson: not sure, but i thinnk it's pretty common with docker00:46
naccBryson: i don't use it, so i'm not sure00:46
oerheksi think ' sudo dpkg --configure -a'  would trigger that?00:46
naccBryson: i'd ask the docker channel, though, it's not exactly an ubuntu question, probably00:46
naccoerheks: possibly, yeah00:47
oerhekselse: sudo dkms install <module>00:47
omginagive me a practical use of docker00:52
omginaas we already have firejail sandbox/virtualbox00:52
naccomgina: offtopic for this channel00:52
omginadocker is famous00:52
naccomgina: so?00:53
omginajust curious have heard a lot and read several times on wikipedia00:53
omginabut didn't get it00:53
oerheksomgina, then you can answer it yourself00:53
naccomgina: that's nice, this is the ubuntu support channel, please stay on topic.00:53
jrp93We did it guys00:54
jrp93Mr_H's array is fixed :)00:54
Mr_Hthanks jrp93! All my data is safe again! (hopefully at least, waiting for rebuid)00:55
oerheksnice, now backup00:55
Mr_Hoerheks: word!00:55
jrp93Yeah seriously00:55
Mr_HI was planning on pushing everything to the cloud one week before the mobo died, but I wasn't worried since I ordered the excact same model...00:55
Mr_Htoday was a real nightmare until jrp93 came to my rescue!00:56
omginahow do I add several time clocks of other countries?00:57
jrp93Mdadm is a nightmare lol00:57
omginaas soon as i add second one the first one disappears00:58
Mr_Hand I still have no idea why it suddenly decided 2 out of 4 disks should change from RAID5 to RAID000:58
Mr_Hmust be a hidden feature00:58
jrp93You should really sign up for g suite though00:59
jrp93And get acquainted with rclone00:59
oerheksomgina, find a gnome plugin like multiclock?01:00
omginapkg name01:00
naccoerheks: not sure that will help on n16.04 (probably uninty)01:01
Mr_Hjrp93: yeah, but I don't like having all my data at google. I'm already using Gsuite, so they have all my mail and mostly everything else in my life already :P01:01
Mr_Htrying to keep the last pieces private :D01:01
jrp93Mr_H, you can encrypt everything01:01
Mr_Husing rclone on the fly?01:02
Mr_Hsweet :)01:02
jrp93Yes. It's life changing shit.01:02
oerheksomgina, care to share what ubuntu version?01:02
Mr_Hoooh, baby! this is the shit I've been looking for01:02
Mr_HI think this was something I read about the week before actually, but I thought it was specifically for hubic01:03
naccjrp93: Mr_H: please watch the language in the channel (channel rule)01:04
jrp93Yeah my bad, I corrected myself01:04
Mr_Hnacc: sorry01:04
jrp93Nasty habit01:04
oerheksjust add them to timezones, no need to install anything? http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/12/add-time-zones-world-clock-ubuntu  post says it is old, but still valid01:05
Mr_Hjrp93: is rclone monitoring the FS for changes also or just running regurarly with cron?01:06
jrp93Cron, if you want something like that use duplicity01:07
Mr_HI have duplicity on my desktop going to my NAS, but soon I'll have rclone from my NAS to cloud also01:08
Mr_Hjust waiting for the disks to rebuild01:09
Mr_H4.1% now01:09
Mr_HI think I'll go to bed and wake up happy tomorrow :)01:09
Mr_Hthanks again jrp93, you really saved me today!01:09
jrp93My pleasure!01:10
Mr_Hhopefully there will be no poweroutage tonight :'D it's a lot of thunder and lightning outside01:10
SubCoolOk, i know this is reviewed many times, but im not useing hte right words on google. I can not view the NFS share's folders. I can mount the directory, i can see the root folders in the directory, but i cant see anything past that.01:11
jrp93A UPS is your next purchase :)01:11
Mr_Hyeah, I've been looking at one, but I spent all my money on disks :D01:12
Mr_Hthe online UPS's are to expensive :(01:13
lordcirthSubCool, sounds like permissions issue?01:13
lordcirthSubCool, if you run 'ls -l' in the directory, who owns the files?01:13
lordcirthSubCool, and you are running ls as root?01:14
SubCooli run mount as root01:14
chomwittnacc: ok. i reboot with kernel 4.13 . my newer wireless adaptor seem pretty stable by now . thanks again. although for a moment i though i was getting into an alice's rabbit hole :-)01:15
lordcirthSubCool, what are the permissions on the directories?01:15
jrp93SubCool, do you want them to only be accessible by root?01:15
lordcirthSubCool, not owner, permissions.  644, or rwxr--r-- for example01:15
SubCoolhhmm, well.. if i goto the root before the viewable folders i wanna see, its owned by my user01:16
SubCoolok, let me try something..01:16
lordcirthAlso, did you configure NFS with no_root_squash ?01:16
SubCoolnot sure what that is.01:16
lordcirththen no.  Just checking.  So are the directories readable and executable by your user?01:17
SubCoolso  /mnt/NAS/STorage/ is owned by user 1001. /mnt/NAS/Storage/Folders/ are owned by root01:20
lordcirthSubCool, yeah, so a number like '1001' is a user id (uid).  A uid which doesn't exist on the client, and therefore you're not the owner.01:23
chomwitti have two wireless cards (one pci one usb). i want to complete turnoff the one from the command line or gui. i tried with ifupdown but it keeps trying to connect once in a few minutes!01:24
lordcirthchomwitt, some laptops have a hardware switch to disable internal wifi; does yours?01:25
chomwittlordcirth: its a desktop01:25
SubCoollordcirth, yeah- thats it. according to some guides, (which i disagree with) the only way to make the files viewable, is by having the same uid on my guest as the host.. which i have.01:25
lordcirthOk.  Have you considered just unplugging the wifi card?01:25
chomwittlordcirth: its the pci that its unstable.01:26
lordcirthSubCool, not the only way, but the best, generally.  You can also set them world-readable if there's nothing sensitive.01:26
lordcirthchomwitt, right, so why not remove it?01:26
chomwitti guess i ll do that !! :-)01:27
lordcirthYou could probably blacklist the driver to disable it in software, but simplicity01:27
SubCoolits a closed network, but... still not a fan.01:27
kostkonchomwitt, take it out?01:27
lordcirthSubCool, you could use sshfs instead of NFS?01:27
kostkonchomwitt, you said it's pci (i assume pci-e?)01:27
lordcirthSubCool, or you can try mapping, I haven't done it myself: https://serverfault.com/questions/514118/mapping-uid-and-gid-of-local-user-to-the-mounted-nfs-share01:28
* chomwitt gets up from the chair.... unscrew screws... unscrew another screw .... removing pci wifi very old old card....01:28
chomwittkostkon: no. old pci01:28
SubCoollordcirth, im using smb shares too, but its sooo buggy.01:28
kostkonchomwitt, how old is the pc01:28
chomwittkostkon: no the pc in not so old. amd-phenom ii x4 96501:29
jrp93chomwitt, black edition?01:30
chomwittjrp93: not sure,.. probably not01:30
naccchomwitt: cool, sorry was afk -- if you want, i ca help you clean it up more tmrw01:31
chomwittnacc: np. you helped  me alot!!01:36
naccchomwitt: it's end of day for me now, but i'll be around most of tmrw01:38
chomwittnacc: likewise.  goodnigth from central greece . see u tomorrow!! ubuntu rocks!01:39
dl21hi all, i am running ubuntu 17.04 and i just updated and now i cant access the internet. my local network is working and i can ping google dns servers but nothing else. can someone help me out please01:40
jwashhi everyone, i want to make a new resolution for the Optoma like this http://i.imgur.com/gbLbf7Q.png 1718x966. Right now I'm doing it with viewportin 1718x966, viewportout 1718x966+101+56, and panning 1718x966. I'd like to add a mode 1718x966. Here is my xorg.conf https://www.apaste.info/Qq7M . Would someone please assist me in getting my new mode added? the problem is that programs still think i'm on 1920x1080 and the right side01:41
jwashand bottom of windows is cut off.01:41
ylwghstI set lid switch action to ignore in logind.conf02:32
ylwghstNow when I close the lid of my laptop the display goes off and then again on02:34
ylwghstSame thing happens when I open it02:35
ylwghstCan I some how disable this behaviour ??02:35
ylwghstOr what handles it?02:35
ylwghstI want to display stay on even if lid is closed02:35
ylwghstor siwtched02:35
ponyriderylwghst: you ahve to restart logind.service02:37
ylwghstponyrider: this is working02:37
ylwghstsystemd ignores the switch02:37
ylwghstthe machine stays up02:38
doug16kylwghst, why would you want the screen to stay on with the lid closed? just curious02:39
ylwghstthe problem is that if i close/open the lid display turns off and on (flashes for second)02:39
ylwghstdoug16k: i have my own acpi suspend script to hadnle it02:39
ylwghstby default its handled by logind but if i close lid the screen goes off then on and then again off and after that is machine suspended02:41
ylwghsti switched from other distro where i get rid of this flash by using acpid own script the screen stayed still on while logind ignored it not on ubuntu :/02:43
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m0omy ubuntu is doing something weird, whenever i turn off my monitor it will reset my gnome shell03:10
m0oit's almost like it's seeing the monitor power button as a machine on/off power button03:10
x4iHI! Ubuntu 17.10. I installed python and pip using apt-get, and then jupyter via pip (without sudo). Now when i try to run jupyter it says that it is not installed03:47
x4ii tried google but found nothing03:47
x4iis it a a PATHissue?03:47
oerheksusing pip with sudo ? uh oh03:48
oerheksand why install python, python3 is standard03:48
x4iwithout sudo03:51
x4ii installed whatever apt-get install python got me03:51
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lotuspsychjegood morning to all04:27
okaycoolHey I want to track a folder on code level like what is changed in that folder04:29
okaycoolSame like git04:29
DaemonFCIs there some reason for Wine-Gecko no longer being available?04:30
nadiohttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto  I am trying to add courier-imap service, but for some reason I can not get it to auth with PAM, anyone mind taking a look if they see any errors ? https://pastebin.com/vN8ZAhsx04:50
Sparky2Hello! I uhmm- improperly shut down ubuntu the last time I rebooted and now my computer automatically boots into windows instead of giving me the boot selection screen, any ideas?04:52
zmoazeniHi there. I have a pretty noob-ish question regarding btrfs and backups. Is anyone around who could help me out? Or perhaps suggest another room to check out/ask?04:57
omgyesHello, I have a question. I've been trying to get a script to start automatically at the kernel level. I tried using cron but nothing I do works! Any help would be much appreciated.05:00
lotuspsychjeSparky2: try to enter grub and edit again05:15
lotuspsychje!grub | Sparky205:15
ubottuSparky2: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:15
buuCan someone explain to me what the hell is going on with this iperf3 run? http://paste.ubuntu.com/25929840/05:42
ratzzI'm trying to build a Ubuntu failover cluster using a shared disk, much like a windows failover cluster, what would be the equivalent?05:44
ratzzin Ubuntu05:44
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alkisgI once tried `cat binaryfile` and it displayed a header line and then it stopped, and didn't display the rest of the binary contents. Which special character causes `cat` to stop printing in ttys? (or was it back in the windows days with `type`? not sure... :D)06:29
Triffid_Hunteralkisg: nothing to do with cat, it just copies verbatim from stdin to stdout. more likely the terminal itself picked up some control character and barfed. If that ever happens, type 'reset' in the terminal to reconfigure it06:31
alkisgTriffid_Hunter: I'm writing my own file format and I want to include that character right after a text header, so that it doesn't break people's ttys when printed06:31
* alkisg searches `man xterm` instead... :)06:31
alkisg"The DOS Control-Z byte is actually sent and/or placed in files to  indicate where the text ends. In contrast the Control-D causes the Unix  terminal driver to signal the EOF condition, which is not a character, while the byte has no special meaning if actually read or written from a file or terminal."06:37
alkisg...yeah I was remembering the old dos days :D06:38
JacobVI want to copy a whole drive image to my external using dd06:43
JacobVDo I need to wipe the device first?06:43
JacobVBy device I mean the external06:44
Triffid_HunterJacobV: overwrite implicitly wipes06:44
JacobVSo it's just dd if=DriveImage.img of=/dev/sdc06:46
JacobVdo I need to add any other parameters?06:46
JacobVIt's a usb 2.0 drive which is 500GB06:46
Triffid_HunterJacobV: nope that should do it.. it may run a bit faster if you use bs=16M or so though, try to exceed the flash's erase block size06:47
Triffid_HunterJacobV: USB disks, SSDs, SD cards, etc all use flash memory. one of the 'features' of flash is that you can't erase individual bytes, only an entire block at a time. some flash storage has an erase block size of multiple megabytes - I've seen as high as 8MB and I'm sure there's bigegr ones now06:49
Triffid_HunterJacobV: also, flash is all 1s when erased and you can only flip bits from 1 to 0 - so if you want to change a single bit from 0 to 1 you have to copy the entire block into RAM, erase it, change that one bit in ram then write the block back to flash06:50
Triffid_Hunterwhich, btw, is why 4k random write speed is often atrocious on USB and SD storage06:50
JacobVI might just leave the command as default06:55
JuniorI am moving my servers up to a cloud instance, i am installing from scratch ubuntu 16.04 and i am at the "partition" step, i am not 100% sure if i should use LVM or not - keeping into account that i know how much disk space i want and the probability of me needing more disks is pretty low06:57
Juniorat my current setup i use "old partitioning" leaving the "home" partition last in case i need more space to be able to add using gparted06:57
Juniorany opinions?06:58
Triffid_HunterJunior: no need for LVM unless you want to do something fancier than raid with multiple disks06:58
Triffid_HunterJunior: I use BTRFS for single disks - it does LVM-like stuff at the filesystem level rather than block level06:58
JuniorTriffid_Hunter, the hardware of the vps provider probably already has that,06:58
JuniorSo theoretically because i am installing on the cloud i would not need it - i know that i can allocate more space for my server so i will leave again the last partition that i will need - home or var last to be able to expand it using gparted06:59
Juniorfor example this is a db server that i want to move - https://pastebin.com/gUuw0zk0 - i keep the db data on /srv07:01
slingamnmy  /etc/sysctl.d/10-ipv6-privacy.conf includes:07:33
slingamnnet.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr = 207:33
slingamnnet.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr = 207:33
slingamnbut my interface still comes up with a non-private ipv6 address07:33
slingamnthis is on 17.10, sorry07:34
gnomethrowerJunior: use LVM.07:40
gnomethrowerit doesn't really "cost" anything and can be a big help later07:40
gnomethrowerthings like live-expanding onto a second disk without having to reboot07:40
alkisgIt does add some complexity though, that's something to think about as well07:41
gnomethroweralkisg: yes, that's fair.07:43
gnomethrowerbut having LVM has saved my ass a few times :)07:43
alkisgSome tools are very good and can help people that know about them a lot. But they may get people that don't know how to use them well into trouble :)07:43
alkisgSo currently in whatever I'm doing, I'm also respecting KISS as much as I can...07:44
gnomethrowerI wouldn't hesitate to say people should use the default LVM settings, regardless of skill level or knowledge07:44
gnomethrowerbut they shouldn't touch LVM directly or indirectly if they don't know what they're doing ;)07:44
gnomethrowerindeed Ubuntu installs as LVM by default now, doesn't it?07:45
alkisgNo, afaik it doesn't07:45
gnomethrowerOh. Hmm. I wonder why I have that misconception then07:45
alkisgIt offers an option for that, but it's not the default, afaik07:45
ducasseyou need the check the little box in the installer07:45
gnomethrowerhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm#Moving_Partitions <- Wow, that's super cool. I actually had no idea LVM could do that07:47
alkisgThis is indeed cool: "When I got my SSD drive, I simply plugged it in, booted it up, and asked  lvm to move my running root filesystem to the new drive in the  background while I continued working."07:48
gnomethrower^ that's specifically what I'm referring to ;)07:48
capellacan move a partition while it is in use without corruption is cool07:49
gnomethrowercapella: Yes, but moving a partition to a different drive is next level cool :)07:49
capellaI assumed that in the basic use-case ,,, so yah it is !  :-D07:50
capellanow how does my Win partition screw that up   :-/07:51
capellaBreaking things is fun07:52
Cypher100I'm having an issue with my monitor not turning off, when I lock the system it only dims the screen, and only shows a black screen with a cursor. But the monitor remains on07:56
Cypher100I've been googling for about 2 hours, and there is nothing out there about this07:57
ToadisattvaI likely don't have an answer but it may help to post your monitor make/model and which os/disto you are using07:58
ducasseCypher100: which release is this?07:59
Cypher100Ubuntu 16.04.3, Monitor is Acer XF270HU, connected via DisplayPort from a GTX 108007:59
Cypher100I did "xset dpms force off", and it makes the monitor turn dark for a second, then it just displays a black screen with my backlight still on08:02
ducassewhich driver?08:03
Cypher100Using 387.1208:03
ducassedoes it behave the same if you try nouveau for example, or does that not work at all?08:05
Cypher100nouveau does not work at all08:05
Cypher100I had to use nomodeset to install the drivers08:05
ducasseright. do any other versions of the nvidia driver work?08:07
Cypher100I had the same symptoms on older versions08:07
Cypher100also only using 1 monitor08:08
ducassei see. it's hard to say where the problem could be, and i can't find anything on it. can you test with a different monitor to narrow it down?08:10
Cypher100Yeah, I have another monitor in storage, but it's getting late for me. I'll come back later today. In the mean time, I'll just hit the monitor button lol08:12
ducasseok :)08:12
Cypher100I do remember having this same issue on this same system a couple of years ago, I was using a GTX 980, and a much older 1440p monitor08:13
Cypher100never got it fixed then too lol08:13
lorddoskiasis anyone using : http://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/Archer-T4U.html with latest 16.04 HWE kernel ?08:36
lorddoskiasi'd like to know if it is supported08:36
BlakJakAnyone know if it's possible to restore non-grouped alt-tab behavior in Ubuntu 17.10?08:57
mike13b13Hi, can someone help me to debug s2disk/hibernate that randomly hangs on 0% when saving image plz?09:11
salv0I have configured network manager to run a wireless network interface as a hotspot and it is working fine09:24
salv0But now, I would like to add some persistent iptables rules for that interface09:25
salv0What is the easier way for doing that?09:25
tockahi guys09:28
tockacan I add an IP address range to my hosts file?09:28
tockalets say like github.com09:29
tockawould it work or is it not the right way to do this?09:29
ducassetocka: won't work, /etc/hosts is only for individual addresses09:30
tockaducasse: could you suggest another sollution for this?09:30
ducassetocka: describe the problem you're trying to solve, see what people suggest09:32
tockabasically, im running ubuntu 14.04 on a virtualbox, I have set it up so that the guest machine would get internet from the host, but now I started using a VPN on the host machine (ExpressVPN) and the guest DNS servers sort of got all mangled up..09:33
tockaI can ping the ip addresses of services09:33
tockabut I cant ping the actual domain names09:33
tockaso this solution - adding ips with domains is sort of like a temporary workaround but if anyone has any better solutions please tell me :D09:34
Ben64if you can get to IPs, set a dns server09:36
tockafound a solution09:47
Linux_Explorehello, can we install and use the Gnome DE available on Ubuntu 17.10 on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3?10:35
Linux_Explorewould it create any conflicts?10:36
ducasseLinux_Explore: there might be a ppa available, but that's entirely unsupported and at your own risk. the supported way to get that gnome version is to upgrade to 17.10.10:40
Linux_Exploreducasse, but, 17.10 is a non LTS version. I have Ubuntu Mate 16.04 installed now.10:41
Linux_Explorewhen will the next LTS version be released?10:41
Linux_ExploreI suppose the next LTS version will be released with this new modified Gnome DE.10:42
Linux_Exploreon Ubuntu.10:42
geirhaLinux_Explore: Next LTS is likely 18.0410:43
Linux_Exploregeirha, ok.10:43
Linux_Exploreand when will the Lubuntu LTS with stable Lxqt be released?10:43
ducasse18 = 2018, 04 = april10:44
geirhasame time, or shortly after10:44
Linux_Explorethanks a lot.10:44
MacroManIs there a way for errors from rm to be sent to stdout instead of stderr?11:07
MacroManI'm running it from the Asterisk phone server which only accepts stdout. stderr is discarded.11:07
geirhayou can redirect stderr to stdout with  2>&111:08
geirhabut you need a shell to interpret that11:08
MacroManso 'rm myfile 2>&1'11:08
geirhayes, if that gets evaluated by a shell11:09
MacroManYes it does. Thank you11:09
igromHey there11:29
igromI've run into an issue with GNOME on Ubuntu 17.1011:30
igromI've installed a new window manager, sway11:30
igromeither as a side effect of its installation or after running multiple terminals different than gnome-terminal11:30
igromthe default color scheme has changed to black-on-white11:30
igromI can't seem to be able to restore it in any way.11:31
igromI'm using the Ambiance theme.11:31
igromHere's a comparison:11:31
igromBefore: https://imgur.com/a/gOGuD11:31
igromAfter: https://imgur.com/a/oeKSv11:31
codingquarkHello! I am on 16.04. I removed (rm -r) /etc/matrix-synapse dir and reinstalling the package is not bringing the contents back. What should I do?11:32
igromI have programatically changed all instances of #ffffff to #ff0000 in /usr/share/gnome-themes/Ambiance/, and it did change the background color of gnome-terminal11:32
igrombut I am still at a loss concerning how to restore the default theme.11:33
igromreinstalling light-themes didn't work.11:33
igromCan anyone help? Perhaps you could upload the contents of /usr/share/gnome-themes/Ambiance and send me a link?11:33
igromsorry, that's /usr/share/themes/Ambiance11:34
newhoaHey I had a question. When I check my current CPU frequency with 'cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz' it reports all my cores at max speed (4.4GHz) always.11:39
newhoaSame with lscpu. But when I use the xfce frequency panel plugin it shows ever-changing frequencies on all cores.11:39
newhoaThe panel plugin uses '/sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq'11:40
newhoaAny reason lspcu and /proc/cpuinfo are showing wrong info?11:40
hari_igrom: see the output of "dpkg-query -S  /usr/share/themes/Ambiance" . try "aptitude reinstall light-themes"11:42
igromhari_: light-themes: /usr/share/themes/Ambiance11:45
snacksis there a libvdpau_i965.so file? It doesn't show up in 'dpkg-query -L mesa-vdpau-drivers' and VLC is throwing an error message expecting it.11:48
igromhari_: aptitude reinstall light-themes does not help. I'm switching the theme after every modification.11:48
codingquarkFixed the problem by downloading the package files, and copying them as needed.11:49
Funeralanyone else have problem with chrome after 17.10? its very laggy opening new tabs etc11:51
hari_igrom : I thought it will help. Any way the command output says, that particular theme folder was created by "light-themes" package.11:53
hari_igrom: you can get original files by extracting the deb files of "light-themes" package11:54
hari_igrom: Also, I had to run "gnome-settings-daemon" manually for correctly displaying gnome applications under sway. ( I am running ubuntu 16.04 )11:56
BluesKajHey folks11:58
ducasseFuneral: you should talk to google about that, chrome is not even in the ubuntu repos12:12
DarkSpartanhey, can anyone help me with permanently installing ubuntu on my android 4.0 device?12:14
ducasseDarkSpartan: what kind of device are you talking about?12:16
DarkSpartanducasse: an armv7 device12:22
DarkSpartanalso, i'm at ubuntu-arm but no one seems to be on atm12:22
DarkSpartana bootleg psp with about 512 mb ram, a 1.0 ghz processor and 5 gb internal storage12:23
ducasseit would be them that could help you with that, i think. never seen it brought up here before.12:25
DarkSpartanbye then.12:25
igromhari_: Thank you for your help! I will see if I can work things out.12:49
Hackerpcsis it possible to disable localization of documentation articles like https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba-fileserver.html ? it translates to my home language but i want the original english ones13:14
dbuggerHello everyone13:15
dbuggerI have a weird issue. I have paired a bluetooth headset, but apparently my Sound Setting wont allow me to set it by default for OUTPUT and INPUT simultaneously. When I set it in one of the categories, it will get deselected in the other one.13:16
dbuggerDoes anyone have an idea why could this issue be happening?13:16
brainwashdbugger: could be a limitation. maybe try with pavucontrol13:19
dbuggerbrainwash, what is that?13:20
brainwash!info pavucontrol13:20
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0-3.1 (artful), package size 123 kB, installed size 792 kB13:20
OolHackerpcs: with Thunderbird you can choose the default language about:preferences …13:21
OolIf you put english first you can see the original version of the help.ubuntu13:22
Oolbut I don't find any other solution for this problem*13:22
augustusvandusenHackerpcs: Did u try to switch the default language in your browser? should work13:22
Hackerpcsthanks, i'm on firefox but it exists too13:22
dbuggerbrainwash, but how do I install the package? I see no package with that name13:23
brainwashsudo apt install pavucontrol13:24
OolHackerpcs: yes sorry FF not TB13:24
Hackerpcsthank you both!13:24
brainwashdbugger: or search for "pulseaudio"13:25
brainwashit should find the mixer then13:25
dbuggerbrainwash, pulseaudiois already installed13:25
dbuggerso where is this "mixer"?13:26
brainwashpavucontrol aka PulseAudio Volume Control13:26
brainwashopen a terminal window and run "pavucontrol"13:26
brainwashif it's missing, it will over you a command to install it13:27
dbuggerwow, this is quite confusing13:30
dbuggeri do not really get this interface :D13:31
dbuggeroh wow13:31
dbuggerthe headphones do not appear on the "Input Devices" tab13:31
dbuggershouldnt it?13:31
tomreynunless you use them as a microphone, probably not13:37
EoflaOEdbugger: Check the "Output Devices" tab13:39
dbuggermy headset has also mic13:39
dbuggeri want to use them as both13:39
onomatopieaI got a 250gb ssd13:48
onomatopieaI need windows (games) and ubuntu (main os).. How much space should I give to ubuntu?13:48
EoflaOEsuret: hello13:49
suretis there a way to update to downgrade to 16.04.2 from 16.04.3?13:49
surets/to upgrade//13:50
suret(conflicts with AMDGPU-PRO)13:50
Oolsuret: apt update && apt dist-upgrade don't make the job ?13:50
suretOol: I want to *downgrade* from .3 to .213:50
EriC^^suret: why?13:50
Oolsuret: for me it's more about the kernel version than the distrib version13:52
suretconflicts with the AMDGPU-PRO driver: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Driver-for-Linux-Release-Notes.aspx13:53
Oolthere is no new driver ?13:53
suretbut I have noticed now that the new driver version has only minor problems, the previous one caused crashes and blackouts13:53
suretso... nothing to be seen here, sorry for the noise :)13:53
Oolon your link I can see: AMDGPU-Pro Driver Version 17.40 for Ubuntu 16.04.313:53
suretOol: until few days ago there was a problem: http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Driver-Compatibility-Advisory-with-Ubuntu-16.04.2-and-16.04.3.aspx13:55
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dbuggerbrainwash, I forgot to add a detaiö14:04
dbuggerI can have both the speakers and the microphone at the same time active, EXCEPT if i set up the mode of the Speaker to A2DP14:05
konamhey guys14:15
EoflaOEhi konam14:16
konamI just upgraded from 16.04 to 17.10, clean installation, but for some reason the splash screen isn't showing after I select ubuntu from grub14:16
konameverything it's there but it's not shown. I know this because my hdd is encrypted and after I enter the password the booting resumes14:17
konamwithout showing the boot up/splash screen14:17
onomatopieaIs there a way to encrypt my partition?14:17
konamI don't know why it has disappeared and I'd like to have it back14:17
konamonomatopiea you can do it during ubuntu's installation process, otherwise look into LUKS partition14:18
onomatopieakonam: I see the problem. I am dual booting with windows14:18
lordcirthkonam, in the past plymouth had problems with blocking the LUKS password prompt; perhaps they disabled it when you enable encryption.  You can edit the grub kernel line and add 'quiet splash' to the end if it's not there14:18
onomatopieakonam: Therefore, it wasn't offered during bootup.14:18
konamlordcirth hdd enc didn't cause this on ubuntu 16.0414:19
lordcirthonomatopiea, are you sure it wasn't?  I think I've used LUKS with dual booting before.14:19
konamonomatopiea I'm dual booting too, it has nothing to do with it14:19
onomatopiealordcirth: I'm reading on SO it's the case14:19
lordcirthonomatopiea, link?14:19
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
onomatopieaI lied. It was reddit not SO..14:20
lordcirthonomatopiea, ok, so you can do the encrypted partitioning manually, or you can enable home directory encryption14:21
onomatopiealordcirth: Yeah I can look to do it manually.. Is that after install? Or can the install do it for me?14:21
onomatopiealordcirth: I mean partioning encryption14:22
lordcirthonomatopiea, /home encryption is just a checkbox.  Choose Manual Partitioning during install to do encryption.  Don't mess up.14:22
lordcirthMight want to do it in a VM first.14:22
uberjooHoly smokes, son.14:22
konamonomatopiea you asked about how to encrypt a _partition_14:23
konamnot full disk encryption14:23
onomatopieaDon't mess up? :x14:23
onomatopieakonam: It's fine.. I can use bitlocker on windows, and whatever else on linux14:23
uberjooApparently it's a common problem with Lubuntu not booting once you dual boot with Windows. I've read a ton of threads online about it, but haven't found a suitable solution. Could anyone possibly shed some light?14:23
lordcirthI mean, setting up LUKS isn't hard, but I've seen people mess up all sorts of basic partitioning, so just sayin14:24
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uberjooI just downloaded Lubuntu and chose the option to "install alongside Windows" after creating a partion (within Window's disk management utility)14:24
onomatopiealordcirth: This is a 10 min old ubuntu install..14:24
uberjooI can't get Lubuntu to boot.14:24
onomatopieaI can live with some data loss :-)14:24
lordcirthonomatopiea, but there's Windows dual boot, didn't you say?14:24
onomatopiealordcirth: Yes. I have ubuntu and windows14:25
lordcirthI wiped my Win7 while absentmindedly partitioning once.14:25
onomatopieaI mean.. Not the worst thing ever if it happens I suppose14:25
onomatopieaI mostly just want some security14:26
alkisguberjoo: did you get any errors during installation?14:26
alkisgAre you booted with a live cd/usb now?14:26
uberjooalkisg: no sir. I also tried the efibootmgr solution that I found online. No avail.14:27
alkisguberjoo: are you booted with a live cd/usb now?14:27
uberjooYes, I'm on a live CD of Lubuntu14:27
alkisgOK, what's the output of `sudo lsblk --fs; sudo parted -l` ?14:28
uberjooOne moment.14:28
uberjooalkisg: http://codepad.org/Ry5dNCFP14:29
alkisguberjoo: parted, not partled :)14:30
uberjooalkisg: My apologies, hehe. http://codepad.org/J33wissQ14:31
alkisguberjoo: and the output of this? test -d /sys/firmware/efi/ && echo yes,uefi || echo no uefi14:31
uberjooit's uefi.14:31
uberjooI verified that earlier.14:31
uberjooCause Google. :x14:32
uberjooI used Rufus to make the bootable flash drive. I elected the "GPT/UEFI" scheme.14:32
uberjoo(I'm not really sure if that's significant, but just some info)14:33
alkisguberjoo: nice. So now try to reboot, and when the live cd is loading, you'll see grub. press "c" there to get a command prompt in  grub. There, type these: set root=(hd0,gpt5) <enter> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg <enter>14:33
alkisguberjoo: this should let you boot from your real ubuntu installation instead of the live cd; and we'll continue from there14:33
onomatopieaYou know what.. I might prefer a fully encrypted disk with ubuntu only14:33
alkisg(it's not permanent)14:33
uberjooalkisg: will this give me an option to boot either Windows or Lubuntu?14:33
uberjooOh, okay.14:33
onomatopieaInstead of dual boot with less security14:33
uberjooAlright. BRB14:35
ArMedicSo, after being retarded I deleted resolv.conf and had to create it again.  I placed nameserver and nameserver and everything seems to be working now.  What should be in the resolv.conf file?14:35
konamfor future reference guys the first part of this answer solved the issue: https://askubuntu.com/questions/132120/how-to-recover-splash-screen/132181#13218114:35
konamapparently the numix package I installed brought its own splash screen14:36
konamI never had that issue before14:36
konamthe numix splash screen didn't work because i didn't see anything. oh well14:37
uberjooalkisg: different nick. but anyway. did the commands with grub. no error. after the last entry, pressed enter. was given new line, typed exit. rebooted. Booted straight into Windows.14:40
alkisguberjoo: after "configfile" you were given a new line?!14:40
alkisgYou should have had the grub.cfg menu from your main installation14:40
uberjooWhat were the commands again? I tried to take a picture, but obviously didn't get all of it14:41
alkisgOK, try: sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt; cat /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 999914:41
alkisgThis will show us your grub.cfg, so that we verify it has 2 entries, one for linux one for windows14:41
alkisgset root=(hd0,gpt5) <enter> configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg <enter>14:41
uberjooalkisg: I did that. After configfile /boot/grub/grub.cfg -- I pressed enter. Then it gave me a new grub> line14:42
uberjooI typed exit, it rebooted14:42
uberjooalkisg: http://termbin.com/ucrw14:42
alkisgYour grub.cfg is fine14:43
alkisgI believe you misstyped something14:43
uberjooI checked and double checked (because of previous error with "partled"14:43
onomatopieaBye bye windows14:43
alkisgOK. What's the output of `efibootmgr` ?14:44
uberjooalkisg: http://termbin.com/r7yc14:45
onomatopieaHow the hell is it that ubuntu desktop takes 5 mins to install14:45
onomatopieaIt's insane14:45
onomatopieaI remember it taking 1-2 hours to install windows xp14:45
uberjooalkisg: I've never had a problem dual booting, ever. That's why I'm so bewildered :x14:46
alkisguberjoo: why is ubuntu disabled there?14:46
alkisgDid you run any custom efibootmgr commands? Did you not install the signed kernel etc?14:46
uberjooalkisg: uhh, I didn't know it was...I don't know much about it14:46
uberjooI downloaded from lubuntu.me14:46
uberjooI did do some custom efibootmgr commands. using the -o option, though14:47
uberjooI always wondered why there wasn't a "*" by it14:47
uberjooThe first command I issued was simply "efibootmgr" to see the boot order14:47
uberjooIt was the same then.14:47
alkisguberjoo: sudo efibootmgr -a -b 000114:47
alkisgAnd then sudo efibootmgr, see if it's active now14:47
uberjooIt has an asterik beside it14:48
alkisgOK, better :)14:48
uberjooWhat does that denote? A primary or bootable partition? idk14:48
alkisgThat efi is allows to boot this option or not14:49
uberjooOh. Should I try to reboot now?14:49
alkisgNow try sudo efibootmgr -o 0001,0000,0005,000614:49
alkisgNew output of efibootmgr now?14:49
uberjooalkisg: http://termbin.com/w2nj14:50
alkisgOK, now try to reboot14:50
uberjooAlright, brb.14:50
alkisg(dirctly from the disk)14:50
uberjooAs in..remove the USB?14:50
Anders_Hhi guys. I am pretty new to Linux in general;  and am trying to switch to Ubuntu 17.10 after a few months of using Elementary OS Freya. I have a number of questions about bugs, but first, is there a list of frequently asked questions for 17.10 that I can read to make sure I don't spam with common questions?14:51
alkisgAnders_H: if you're new to linux, try 16.04, not 17.10. It's a more stable version (LTS)14:52
alkisgRelease notes for 17.10 are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseNotes14:52
Anders_HYeah, my primary partition is still running Elementary OS which is based on 16.04.   I have a separate partition with 17.10 that I am using partly to learn about the system.  It would be great with some help to make me understand the problems that I am running into14:53
Anders_HI alraedy found the release notes, the particular problems I am having are not listed there, I was wondering if there is a more comprehensive list..14:53
alkisgThere's bugs.launchpad.net for each package...14:54
Anders_Hthanks! will check it out14:54
Anders_Hhmm, so a quick search does't immediately find the answers, though I may be using the wrong search terms. I'm going to ask my questions here, but please feel free to let me know if I should look elsewhere:14:56
uberjooalkisg: booted into windows. no option.14:56
uberjootried a few different bios options. still the same14:57
Anders_H(1) Whenever the computer goes to sleep, all windows in web browsers crash. This means things don't run in the background and have to be restored when I wake from sleep. This didn't happen in Elementary OS and is kind of annoying.  Is this a known bug? Is there a fix?14:57
alkisguberjoo: hmm, you could try to disable secureboot temporarily, to see if it relates to that, and if everything else fails, you could overwrite windows' bootx64.efi with grub's version, so that it boots to grub unconditionally...14:57
Anders_H(2) The computer automatically goes to sleep between Netflix episodes, both in Firefox and Chrome.  This also does not happen in Elementary.  It is extra annoying because of problem 1.  I tried installing Caffeine, but it doesn't work and causes a lot of bugs14:58
uberjooalkisg: oops. did you say something?14:58
alkisgberjoo: hmm, you could try to disable secureboot temporarily, to see if it relates to that, and if everything else fails, you could overwrite windows' bootx64.efi with grub's version, so that it boots to grub unconditionally...14:58
uberjooalkisg: I tried disabling secure boot. The second option may work?14:59
uberjooI have secure boot disabled by default14:59
alkisgIt did in some broken firmwares I've tried14:59
uberjooAlso CSM = never.14:59
uberjooBut I've tried every option while rebooting. Nothing seems to work14:59
alkisgIt's very strange though that configfile didn't allow you to boot15:00
uberjooDude, right? Seriously, I'm typically able to resolve these kinds of issues from Google, but I'm literally lost.15:00
uberjooI've dual booted many OSes since like Slackware and Windows XP back in 1743 B.C.15:00
alkisguberjoo: it's also possible to type the kernel commands from grub, to boot into the real os15:01
alkisgA bit long, but should work temporarily, until you boot into the main os once15:01
uberjooalkisg: I'm okay with not having a menu, I just need to know what to do to boot the OS.15:01
uberjooIt's okay with me if Windows boots automatically and doesn't give me a menu.15:01
alkisgLike, c to get a prompt, then set root=(hd0,gpt5); linux /boot/vmlinuz-version root=/dev/sda5; initrd /boot/initrd-version; boot15:02
alkisgUse tab to autocomplete versions15:02
uberjooLet me see if that works. One moment.15:02
alkisgAnd enter where I wrote ;15:02
uberjooyes, I assumed15:02
pingwindyktatorIve got problem with /etc/modules. It seems not to load as expected. Modules "some_module.ko" are placed into /lib/modules/4.4.0-38-generic/kernel/drivers/misc/ and there are "some_module" registries in /etc/modules15:05
uberjooalkisg: no good. couldn't tab-complete the version.15:08
alkisguberjoo: check if you're using the wrong disk for some reason. set root=(hd0,gpt5); ls /15:09
alkisgls /boot15:09
alkisgAnd more ls commands...15:09
uberjooIs there a way to check that without rebooting15:09
uberjooAlso, sudo efibootmgr shows ubuntu partition as being inactive again.15:09
maarhartlatest ubuntu + latest iOS. How can I import photos from iPhone? I used to be able with Shotwell15:11
uberjooalkisg: couldn't I just (re) install grub?15:13
brainwashpingwindyktator: try in #ubuntu-kernel15:17
uberjooalkisg: grub-install gives me an error about not being able to find efi directory15:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub215:20
alkisguberjoo: instructions for reinstall ^15:20
uberjooDoesn't work. "Can't find EFI directory"15:21
alkisgUse the life cd instructions15:24
alkisg*live cd paragraph15:24
alkisgIf you are not booted in efi mode, then you didn't check the /sys/firmware/efi dir I said initialy...15:24
uberjooErr, what?15:24
uberjooWhy does it keep making the ubuntu partition inactive in efibootmgr?15:24
alkisgtest -d /sys/firmware/efi && echo uefi15:26
alkisgDoes that say it's uefi?15:26
uberjooThe result of that command is "uefi" -- earlier it was "yes, uefi"15:26
alkisgAnd the reinstallation instructions give you error? Which part exactly?15:26
akikuberjoo: which brand of computer is it?15:27
alkisgAlthough if you can't boot manually, I don't think reinstallation will help15:27
uberjooInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.15:27
uberjoogrub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory15:27
uberjooI couldn't boot manually cause couldn't tab-complete the version.15:27
uberjooIt's an Acer computer. I can get the model if that'll help. A desktop PC15:28
alkisguberjoo: what about the "ls" I asked?15:28
alkisgDid ls show you the files?15:28
uberjooAt the grub prompt?15:28
akikuberjoo: on an acer f5 laptop i needed to add the uefi bootable file in the laptop's uefi screens15:28
DuckleHey there, how would I go about making sure a USB 3 ethernet adapter gets the eth0 name?15:28
akikuberjoo: well i don't know if they're called bios screens or uefi screens in newer computers15:29
uberjooakik: regardless, what are you suggesting?15:29
uberjooThis computer isn't that new. It came pre-installed with Windows 7.15:30
akikuberjoo: there's a menu in there where you can tell your computer to boot \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi15:30
uberjooakik: in the BIOS?15:30
akikuberjoo: yes, but if it's older, maybe there is not15:30
uberjooakik: There's a CSM option and a Secure Boot option.15:30
uberjooSecure Boot is set to disabled and CSM is set to "Never"15:30
uberjooalkisg: either way, is there a particular reason why once I reboot, efibootmgr doesn't show an asterik beside the ubuntu entry?15:31
akikuberjoo: no menu that would let you add a uefi bootable file?15:32
uberjooakik: negative15:32
akikuberjoo: talking about this: https://itsfoss.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/No_Bootable_Device_Found_2.jpg15:33
alkisguberjoo: the reason would lie in the uefi firmware implementation... "ls" would be easier to check...15:34
uberjooalkisg: command?15:34
alkisgls / => see the root dir15:34
alkisgls /boot => see inside a dir15:34
alkisgAnd, you need to locate the vmlinuz file15:34
v0lksmanwould anyone know why hostname -f continues to state "localhost" when it should be the hostname I've defined?  https://dpaste.de/SNNv15:34
alkisgset root=(hd0,gpt5) => change partition15:35
v0lksmanthis is a 14.04 box15:35
uberjooWhy is this so difficult?15:35
alkisgBroken firmware, most probably15:35
uberjooWould I have better luck with a different distro?15:35
uberjooBroken firmware? Acer firmware?15:35
alkisgUsually not, they all use the same grub15:35
uberjooDoes that mean BIOS?15:35
alkisgUEFI is the new BIOS, yes15:35
alkisgBoth are called firmwares now that we have 2 :)15:35
uberjooJesus, Mother Mary and Joesph.15:36
akikv0lksman: if i remember correctly it's the first entry on that is returned for hostname -f15:40
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akikv0lksman: although on a 16.04 system, it's the entry that is on the line15:41
v0lksmanakik: acutally I removed my names from the line and it now works15:42
akikv0lksman: -f returns the fully qualified name15:42
joelio127.0.1.1 is still loopback, there's a debian backstory there15:43
uberjooFuck it. I guess I don't need Lubuntu15:43
uberjooThanks for your help, guys15:43
BluesKajheh, another satidfied customer15:48
BluesKajsatisfied even15:49
raubHe got his money's worth15:49
raubAnd back what he put in15:51
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maarhartPlease help, I have latest ubuntu + latest iOS. How can I import photos from iPhone? I used to be able with Shotwell15:58
strivemaarhart: I don't have an iPhone but maybe use a "cloud" service?16:01
leftyfbmaarhart: I typically use dropbox and/or google photos16:01
strivemaarhart: I did hear of something called 'ifuse' that could probably do the job.16:01
BlakeZNew to Ubuntu and having a major issue, 4690k, 16gb ram, GTX 1080 - When installing nvidia proprietary drivers when I reboot I get stuck on a purple screen then my monitor turns off. Only fix so far has been to re install. I've searched online for hours and can't find a solution.16:03
strivemaarhart: There's a video on YT on how to do it; not sure if it's still viable.16:04
joelioBlakeZ: how did you install the drivers ooi?16:05
joeliodid you use the ubuntu provided packages?16:05
BlakeZFrom Software & Updates -> Additional Drivers16:05
joelioright ok that should be fine then16:06
joelioBlakeZ: do you know which release it installed ooi? Perhaps a newer/older one may help16:07
BlakeZHappens everytime, fresh install, install all updates, switch to nvidia proprietary drivers and then I can't boot anymore16:07
joeliothere are several versions of nvidia-{number} in the repos16:07
joelioGTX1080 is fairly new right? Also what version of Ubujntu16:07
BlakeZGTX is newer yes, fully updated LTS16:08
BlakeZ16.04.3 i believe16:08
=== onomatopiea is now known as oromaattohpiea
joeliocan you get to a console to check versions? I can talk you through commands if unsure16:09
joelioctrl+alt+f2 or something should get you a tty on 16.0416:09
BlakeZyes please provide commands, very new lol16:09
joeliodpkg -l nvidia*16:09
joelioand paste output to a pastebin16:09
joeliothen link url here16:09
joeliosee what I mean about many versions! :) https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all16:11
joelioBlakeZ: one last one, to confirm16:14
joeliodpkg -l | grep nvidia16:14
joeliothink the - isn't liked in the dpkg outoput, so let's grep too make sure :)16:14
BlakeZreturns nothing16:15
joeliooh, so that's not installed anything ok.. let's try this16:15
joeliosudo apt-get install nvidia-38416:15
joeliowe may as well try the newest version first :)16:16
=== kostkon_ is now known as kostkon
BlakeZnow this is where it gets scary.... if this breaks it again I won't be back till I re install lol16:16
joelio16.04 doesn't have signed kernel as default too, so can't be a signing issue (got that to look forward to in later versions lol)16:16
joelioBlakeZ: it won't kill console16:17
BluesKajjoelio, use the recommended linux version16:17
joelioBluesKaj: ?16:17
BlakeZlet me go get my laptop and run irc on that.... one minute16:17
BluesKajnvidia gpu driver16:17
joelioI'm using the recommended ubuntu version, with the correct packaging16:18
joelionot sure what a 'recommended linux version' is :D16:18
joelioif that's from the nvidia.com site, don't do that16:18
joelioyou miss the point of package managers then and get a whole new set of issues16:19
BlakeZ20Ok laptop is ready... lol16:23
joeliook, try and install the latest version16:24
joeliosudo apt-get install nvidia-38416:24
BlakeZ20installing now16:24
joeliocool, paste output again when done so can check it over :)16:24
joelioalthiugh maybe difficutlt from console :)16:25
joelio(and if I can type!)16:25
BlakeZI ran it in terminal, is that ok?16:25
joeliojust let me know what the output is, if it looked successful or not16:25
joelioyea, sure!16:25
joelioeverything in linux is happening like that really16:25
joelio(mainly, if you ignore RPC lol)16:26
joeliook, looked good!16:27
joeliotry a reboot :16:27
BlakeZI have to get this working correctly.... its either this or os x for school and I hate my Mac16:27
BlakeZrebooting now16:27
joeliomate, I've done this loads of times before, used to manage laptop fleets for users, it *should* work lol16:28
BlakeZ20fingers crossed... lol16:28
BlakeZ20same thing gets stuck on a purple screen and then monitor loses signal16:28
joeliook, ctrl+alt+F716:29
joelioor f12 (can't remember which)16:29
joeliothat should show some console info16:29
BlakeZ20no response on either16:29
joelioor view /var/log/Xorg.log (etc)16:29
joeliosee what the logs say16:30
BlakeZ20I cant16:30
BlakeZ20monitor has no signal nothing is displayed16:30
joelioctrl+alt+f2/3/4/ etc16:30
joelioshould get you a console16:30
BlakeZ20GPU is not outputting a signal16:31
joelioyea, but the console should work16:31
BlakeZ20can't do anything once the monitor turns off.... just switched it to onboard graphics port to see if anything was getting sent there and nothing as well16:32
joeliook, boot into rescue mode16:32
BlakeZ20I can get into recovery mode16:32
joeliow'll try an earlier verison16:33
BlakeZ20ok in root shell prompt16:33
joelioapt-get purge nvidia-83416:34
BlakeZ20unable to locate package Nvidia-83416:34
joelioeh, you just installed that?16:35
BlakeZ20its 38416:35
tomreynalso, N is not n16:35
BlakeZ20ya thats how I put it in16:35
BlakeZ20its package 384 not 834 think you had a typo16:35
BlakeZ20working now lol16:35
joeliosorry typo there mea culpa16:36
joeliothat one :)16:36
BlakeZ20ok that finished16:36
joeliotry -331 instead16:36
joelioapt-get install nvidia-33116:37
joelioif that doesn't work then we really need to see what the error is in the Xorg.log16:37
cookmodso since im on ubuntu 16.04 i should only use apt right?16:37
cookmodnot apt-get16:37
joelioapt-get still in 17.1016:37
cookmodbut do i need to use it?16:38
BlakeZ20temporary failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com'16:38
joeliodon't think it's going anywhere soo, but apt is apparently the recommended16:38
joelionot sure about debian mind16:38
joelioBlakeZ20: wifi by any chance lol16:38
cookmodbut apt does everything apt-get does?16:38
cookmodor some packages aren't avaiable on apt?16:39
joeliocookmod: pretty much, apt is just some fancy dpkg stuff on top16:39
joeliono, it's all the same16:39
BlakeZ20had this issue last night had to use google dns not sure how I fixed it last night though16:39
cookmodahh i see16:39
joelioBlakeZ20: can you ping
joeliojust reboot then mate16:40
joeliootherwise it's /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base -< add nameserver
joelioand then resolvconf -u16:40
joelioor reboot :)16:40
cookmodlove ubuntu desktop environment but sometimes it's too hard on my pc :(16:41
cookmodso I installed lubuntu-desktop and now it looks bad16:41
cookmodlxde don't know what its called16:42
BlakeZ20installing 331 now16:42
joelioBlakeZ20: basically tyr the nvidia-331 or nvidia-current (gives you -304) and see16:42
joelioI have to go home soon :)16:43
BlakeZ20how do I uninstall again16:43
joelioapt-get purge16:43
joelioor apt-get remove (which will leave config behind)16:43
joeliogood if you don't want to delete user config but in this case purge is what we wanr16:43
BlakeZ20rebooting again16:44
cookmodnow my login screen looks so ugly :(16:44
BlakeZ20same thing on 33116:44
cookmodhere's the tutorial i followed https://www.hiroom2.com/2017/07/26/ubuntu-1604-lxde-en/16:46
cookmodlooks so ugly16:46
auronandacecookmod: maybe you can look at some themes16:48
cookmodauronandace: i don't mind the them only the login screen16:49
cookmodi miss ubuntu's16:49
auronandacecookmod: you can do sudo dpkg-reconfigure nameofloginmanager16:51
auronandacecookmod: you said you were on 16.04 so the default login manager is lightdm16:52
joelioBlakeZ20: sorry not srue what else to suggest apart from 375 https://askubuntu.com/questions/941057/after-16-04-installation-hang-at-blank-purple-screen16:53
BlakeZ20ill try that now16:53
joelioright, good luck, hometime!16:53
BlakeZ20getting the hang of installing and uninstalling finally lol16:53
joelio well, silver linings!16:54
cookmodauronandace: and i'll still have the option to use lxde desktop environment?16:54
auronandacecookmod: yes16:55
joeliocookmod: yea, login display isn't connected to X - could use lightdm or gdm etc16:55
auronandacecookmod: lubuntu uses a different login manager by default, i think its slim, so since you installed the lubuntu-desktop package it changed the default login manager16:56
cookmodok so i reboot or just logout now that i ran the command16:56
cookmodto test16:56
auronandacecookmod: i'd reboot16:57
cookmodk thanks so much (if it works)16:57
Anders_H  `````````````````````````````````````````````1111`1111111dfgjkjbvcx ``````` mni17:00
cookmoddidn't work17:00
Anders_H 17:00
tomreynis there some way to double the resolution of a closed source opengl game?17:19
tomreyni'd like to play an older game called "eschalon: book 1" which, by default, can run either at 800x600 windowed (fixed, no other reolutions supported) or at full screen (where it gets the aspects ration entirely wrong and thus is unplayable, too).17:20
tomreynis there an external way around it?17:21
tomreyni know that several emulators do this for old games, so i'm wondering whether there are some simple linux utilities which can do the same for a native game.17:22
alkisgcompositors like compiz or mutter should be able to do this17:26
alkisgtomreyn: btw, it should be possible to create a custom resolution of e.g. 1024x600 and play it full screen with the correct aspect ratio, using cvt and xrandr --newmode17:33
ioriatomreyn, if you got nvidia :   https://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1540061.html17:34
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CapprenticeHI! im seeing failed to start Tell Plymouth To Write Out Runtime Data17:41
CapprenticeWhat could be the reason?17:41
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
CapprenticeWhat is the purpose of this service? Starting Tell Plymouth To Write Out Runtime Data17:46
tomreynioria: got amd / mesa. thanks, though17:49
ioriatomreyn, ah, ok17:49
=== mumixam_ is now known as mumixam
tomreynalkisg: can you provide an exmaple, i'm not yet sure i'm getting it17:51
alkisgtomreyn: what is your normal resolution? e.g. 1920x1080?17:52
tomreyn@ 60 Hz17:52
alkisgtomreyn: can you paste the output of `xrandr | nc termbin.com 9999` ?17:52
steviehow do I install zesty packages on xenial?17:52
steviei need erlang 19.217:52
naccstevie: you don't.17:53
naccstevie: then run zesty in a VM or contaier.17:53
tomreynalkisg: xrandr 2>&1 | pastebinit : http://paste.ubuntu.com/25933183/17:53
alkisgtomreyn: strange resolution, is that on a single monitor?17:54
tomreynalkisg: yes, an ultra wide screen17:54
alkisgOK, let me do the math...17:55
alkisgtomreyn: so, to get a good resolution, you'd use 1440x600. The game would of course fill 800x600 while at full screen, hopefully with black borders around it17:56
alkisgLet me put the commands to pastebin...17:57
alkisgtomreyn: cvt 1440 600 => shows timings; xrandr --newmode "1440x600_60.00"   68.75  1440 1496 1640 1840  600 603 613 624 -hsync +vsync; xrandr --addmode DP-1 "1440x600_60.00"; xrandr --output DP-1 --mode "1440x600_60.00"17:58
tomreynalkisg: thanks. cvt output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/25933222/17:59
alkisgtomreyn: I ran it for you, so you can continue with the xrandr commands17:59
tomreynalkisg: thanks. so this gives me the 1440x600 resolution indeed. when i then start the game full screen it still has the wrong aspect. it draws from top to bottom of my screen, and only fills 20% of its width18:04
tomreyni guess it's a bug in the game18:04
alkisgTry erasing its configuration file in order for it to recreate it18:05
alkisgMaybe the first time it runs it selects aspect ratio etc. Or, search for which resolution is chooses while at full screen mode.18:05
tomreynit doesn't store anything resolution related there since it really only supports this one resolution18:05
tomreynthe official statement is that full screen it also runs at 800x600, scaled.18:06
peanutbutter144is anyone using 17.10?18:06
tomreynalkisg: i think i'll just give up on this, thanks for your help, though!18:07
BluesKajpeanutbutter144, ask your real question18:07
peanutbutter144tbh i kinda liked unity18:07
tomreynthat's not a question. :)18:07
peanutbutter144ok then, who else actually liked unity?18:08
tomreynand that's not a support question. you can chat in #ubuntu-offtopic, though.18:08
BluesKajpeanutbutter144, ask a support question, no polling18:09
peanutbutter144ok i will go there, i wasn't aware that this channel was only support18:09
tomreynthanks, yes it is18:09
naccpeanutbutter144: see /topic...18:12
antiswiftycan anyone help to understand how to fix "deb is not found" error in the terminal?18:23
luxioantiswifty: What command are you running to get that error?18:24
antiswiftyi am just trying to follow an installation guide from the postgresql website18:24
antiswiftyto install it18:24
naccantiswifty: postgresql is packaged.18:24
naccantiswifty: use the packaged versions, or if you want to use theirs, you need to ask them for support.18:24
luxioantiswifty: `sudo apt install postgresql`18:24
antiswiftythat turned to be so easy afterall18:25
antiswiftythank you!18:25
constantin_mikehello. i've got an issue with libXrender on xubuntu 17.10 while trying to install netbeans 8.2. can anyone help me?18:26
rekhello which application can i use to paste on a paste website? (command line)18:27
rekhello do you know why i'm stuck at the login after installing amdgpu-pro driver?18:28
luxiorek: http://termbin.com/18:28
luxiocat ~/some_file.txt | nc termbin.com 999918:28
rekis it in the repo of ubuntu?18:28
luxioNo need to install anything18:28
naccluxio: nc (netcat) is in the repository, it's there by default, iirc18:28
luxioYou might need to install netcat, actually. Not sure if it's installed by default18:28
naccluxio: or use pastebinit18:28
rekwhat's nc ?18:28
luxiorek: short for netcat18:28
luxioit's a network utility18:29
howudodatI know this isn't particularly an ubuntu question, but here goes.  I have a video file that for some reason it is missing about 2 minutes of video even though it has all the audio, so I would like to insert 2 minutes of no video, or black screen at 16:42.24  Is there a simple way to do that?18:29
luxiobasically what that command's doing is sending the output of "cat ~/some_file.txt to termbin.com on port 999918:29
nacc!alis | howudodat: i would search for a better channel18:29
ubottuhowudodat: i would search for a better channel: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:29
luxioand then termbin creates a paste out of that data and gives you the link18:29
rekcool as hell luxio18:29
rekdo anyone know how to solve the installation problem od amdgpu pro driver? i'm stuck at the login of the dm18:30
luxiorek: It might not work for some outputs that are asynchronous, in which case you can use https://0bin.net/18:30
luxioor https://paste.ubuntu.com/18:31
DoowHi, I'd like to see if I can add a progress bar in the ubuntu dock to a program, any good tips on where to start? (#ubuntu-devel is a bit slow today, so I'll give this channel a chance :)18:33
rekok but is there any possibility to be back in a desktop now or then after installing amdgpu pro driver?18:34
naccDoow: #ubuntu-devel is the wrong channel for your questio.18:34
naccrek: afaik, the amdgpu pro driver is out of ubuntu, so you'd eed to ask amd for support18:35
Doownacc, even better that I asked here then. I thought it was a generic develop things for ubuntu channel.18:36
naccDoow: no, it's the channel for the development of ubuntu itself, see its /topic.18:36
reknacc: we should all read the logs together18:36
Doownacc, oh, can't believe I missed that, seems I'm going to #ubuntu-app-devel then18:37
Jordan_Uhowudodat: Any of the major video editors should allow you to separate the audio and the video and manage them separately.18:38
howudodatJordan_U: thanks, I'm looking at them now.  video editing is not my thing...18:39
naccrek: what logs? who is 'we'?18:41
constantin_mikehello. i've got an issue with libXrender on xubuntu 17.10 while trying to install netbeans 8.2. can anyone help me?18:43
naccconstantin_mike: netbeans is at 8.1 in ubuntu18:43
naccconstantin_mike: wher did you get 8.2 from?18:44
constantin_miketheir website, of course :)18:45
naccconstantin_mike: then ask them?18:45
constantin_mikeit's a .sh file18:45
constantin_mikeoh no ...18:45
constantin_miketheir irc channel is inactive18:46
constantin_mikei get this while trying to start their installer: /tmp/.nbi-5111627.tmp/_jvm/lib/i386/libawt_xawt.so: libXrender.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:46
constantin_mikeif i do somth like this: sudo apt-file search libXrender18:46
constantin_mikei get this: libxrender1: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libXrender.so.118:47
constantin_mikeso it's a library that's not working properly or somth18:47
naccconstantin_mike: we really can't support out-of-ubuntu stuff18:47
naccconstantin_mike: no, you have a bitness mismatch18:47
naccconstantin_mike: you have a 32-bit installer annd a 64-bit system.18:47
constantin_mikei downloaded the 64bit v18:47
naccconstantin_mike: dunno, it's usinng a 32 bit lib. As I said, please ask the maintainer of whatever you are using.18:48
constantin_mikeahh ... you might be right!!!!18:48
constantin_mikeabout the 32-bit installer18:48
akikconstantin_mike: it seems to include a 32-bit jvm18:49
constantin_mikethis is embarassing , but well, at least i got the truth now. thanks :D18:49
TJ-constantin_mike: just a side-note: You don't need 'sudo' for apt-file search (only for system-wide 'apt-file update' of the package lists)18:50
constantin_mikenacc, akik: thanks!!18:54
constantin_mikeTJ-: thanks also!18:54
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applecrumbleIs there a good, thorough guide on ulimits with regards to Ubuntu? I've only found sparse stackoverflow answers19:12
ioriaapplecrumble, man ulimit :þ19:13
akikapplecrumble: usually you need to change them only when needed, case by case19:16
applecrumbleioria: Thats the utility for setting the ulimit ;)19:16
ioriaapplecrumble, kinda, system call19:17
akikapplecrumble: you set them with a text editor19:17
rflemingAnyone have info on qemu and spice on 17.10?19:18
akik(if need to change the defaults, that is)19:18
naccapplecrumble: see the see also references19:18
naccrfleming: ... that's a pretty vague question19:18
rflemingnacc: OK, installing qemu, virt-manager and the spice protocol in an all in one19:19
naccrfleming: was that the question?19:19
rflemingnacc: there was a document that someone posted last year (https://velenux.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/how-to-install-and-use-spice-for-vms-in-debian-ubuntu-or-mint/) that doesn't work as packages are missing19:19
rfleming(mostly the spice ones like qemu-kvm-spice19:20
jeffrey_fare there any easy to set up multiboot USB solutions.  I have a 500Gb USB disk I'd like to be able to boot an array for distros and then add some as I go19:20
rflemingnacc: to be able to use the spice protocol with qemu19:21
rflemingas in how to install qemu/virt-manager, et. al along with spice on Ubuntu 17.1019:22
naccrfleming: i think it's there by default19:22
naccrfleming: just istnall virt-manager19:22
applecrumbleThanks all, I think I have the info on the <items> part, which was what I was missing19:22
rflemingnacc: oh, really?  Cool.  Couldn't find info about that.19:22
naccrfleming: i'm able to specify either vnc or spice in the vnc server section.19:22
naccrfleming: not yet tried it, but it's there19:23
naccrfleming: i do't trust a year old article for presumably a different distro (and mint != ubuntu) which does't tell you where it gets the packages from.19:23
maarhart`strive: thanks, ifuse did the trick. it just needs to be compiled from source.19:26
TJ-rfleming: qemu-system-x86 depends on libspice-server119:39
akik!info spice-vdagent19:41
ubottuspice-vdagent (source: spice-vdagent): Spice agent for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17.0-1ubuntu1 (artful), package size 48 kB, installed size 163 kB19:41
rflemingthat's for a linux virtual machine?19:42
akikyes that name matches what's on https://www.spice-space.org/download.html19:42
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mojtabaHello, do you know how to play music over ssh?20:21
ioriamojtaba, paprefs and (maybe) export PULSE_SERVER=server-ip20:23
ioriamojtaba, you need paprefs  on server and client20:23
mojtabaioria: thanks20:25
ioriamojtaba,  ok20:26
mojtabaI found that I can use:20:26
mojtabassh -C -X server 'cat pathToFile' | vlc -20:26
alkisgmojtaba: you can also use `sshfs user@server:remotepath localpath` to mount a directory locally over ssh, and then use normal nautilus/vlc etc20:28
JWFoxJrI have two hosts on my network that I can't seem to resolv unless restart systemd-resolved constantly - is there anyway around this?20:29
ioriaJWFoxJr, ubuntu 17.04 ?20:31
GreeleyHow is everyone doing?20:32
JWFoxJrioria: sorry Ubuntu 17.1020:33
JWFoxJrioria: I'm hoping to find a solution without having to hardcode a bunch of hosts into /etc/hosts or disabling systemd-resolved20:34
mojtabaalkisg: thank you very much20:35
alkisgmojtaba: np20:35
mojtabaalkisg: how can I unmount afterward?20:35
alkisgmojtaba: fusermount -u localpath20:35
mojtabaalkisg: Thanks a lot20:39
ioriaJWFoxJr, well, you can't disable resolved , unless you install dnsmasq20:41
alkisgJWFoxJr: why, is systemd-resolvd resolving hosts in local network without dns? Does it implement something like avahi?20:43
Jordan_UJWFoxJr: Are theses hostnames being resolved by DNS or some other service (like mdns)? Do you have multiple DNS servers configured, one of which doesn't resolve the names in question?20:44
akikubuntu doesn't need a local dns server running. it can directly query the dns servers in  resolv.conf20:51
alkisgakik: the dns servers in resolv.conf don't know about hostnames in local network...20:52
alkisgSo from pc01 you can't ping pc02 without avahi or /etc/hosts, stuff like that20:52
alkisgAvahi (mdns) allows you to ping pc02.local automatically20:53
akikyes well it's all how you want to set it up20:53
alkisgYes, we're asking him how he managed to ping his local computers20:53
alkisgBtw, sometimes "smart" routers have local dns servers (that automatically go to resolv.conf) that can also resolv local hostnames20:56
akikalkisg: i was just writing that my vdsl2 modem knows my local hostnames20:57
JWFoxJrJordan_U: That's it! I forgot to put the hosts in the 2nd DNS server, and that's probably the one that it keeps hitting! Thanks.20:58
Jordan_UJWFoxJr: You're welcome. That probably also means that requests made to the first DNS server are failing often enough that systemd-resolved is switching to the secondary DNS server. That could be because your first DNS server is having severe connectivity issues, or it could be that the client machine is having severe connectivity issues (at least part of the time). (Because severe packet loss everywhere21:02
Jordan_Uwill cause severe packet loss to DNS server #1, which systemd-resolved will assume is a problem with DNS server #1).21:02
davido_I've been trying to find more details on the Desktop Known Issues for 17.10 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArtfulAardvark/ReleaseNotes#Desktop) -- In particular, "When an external monitor is connected to a laptop, the login screen is only displayed on the internal one and in some case is not visible (1723025)".  Does anyone know where I might find more detailed information on the work that's going into fixing the issue?21:08
brainwashbug 172302521:09
ubottubug 1723025 in gdm3 (Ubuntu) "no login screen when booting with an external monitor attached" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/172302521:09
brainwashthere you go21:09
davido_:) That is already known. I guess that's as much as there is.21:10
oerhekssome/most laptops do have a setting in the bios for that, and a FN key to switch internal/external/both screens21:12
oerheksso i think that bugreport is invalid, or at least hardware specific21:12
davido_I've just been reluctant to upgrade to 17.10 on my work laptop, since most of the time I used it with the lid closed, driving external monitors.21:12
davido_I wonder if booting from a live-usb would give me a clue as to whether the issue would affect me.21:14
Jordan_Udavido_: Yes, a LiveUSB should have the same behavior as the installed OS in this case, with the possible exception being if you use proprietary drivers (which the LiveUSB won't use).21:15
davido_Yeah, I think I'm ok in that regard. The laptop has discreet video but some radeon card that isn't supported anyway, so I've just been using on-chip for video -- no unusual drivers.21:16
davido_I'll give it a try. Thanks.21:16
Jordan_Udavido_: You're welcome.21:16
oerheksopenradeon would be loaded21:16
Jordan_Udavido_: Be sure that you test booting with the screen closed from the very beginning, as that I think would best approximate the situation the bug report mentions.21:17
davido_Will do.  I guess the one thing it wouldn't test would be the screen I get after grub, but before full boot, where I unlock the hard drive encryption.21:18
Jordan_Udavido_: If you can see the plymouth splash on the external monitor then I would expect that you would be able to see the password prompt for FDE as well.21:19
davido_k, that's good info.21:19
Jordan_Udavido_: With the caveat that you'll never be completely sure that an upgrade won't break this or other things. So at some point if it looks good you'll need to just try the upgrade and deal with the fallout if any.21:21
davido_Yeah. That's usually the mode of operation. But I don't usually spot "Known Issues" that seem directly at odds with my typical use pattern.21:22
oerhekshmm live cd might be not the real situation, as there is a fix released..21:23
Jordan_Uoerheks: A "fix released" for the release notes.21:24
davido_Yeah, that fooled me too.21:24
davido_Until I started looking for the fix in repo commits :)21:24
oerheksoke, carry on21:25
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fcp14hello anyone can help please i need to find a iso ubuntu to install on my atom old laptop21:46
fcp14anyone can help?21:46
akikfcp14: what's the problem you've encountered?21:48
geniiGood luck if it's 32bit21:50
akik32-bit works fine21:50
geniiAlthough i think Lubuntu still has one21:50
geniifcp14: Do you know what atom is in it? Some are 32, some are 6421:52
kostkongenii, only a few atoms are 32bit only21:53
kostkonso the odds are good21:53
akik16.04 supported until 2021 so no hurry with 32-bit either21:54
kostkonfcp14, start with 64bit Ubuntu 16.0421:54
fcp14it's 32 bits21:55
fcp14and i can't find the url of main repositorys21:55
kostkonfcp14, how do you know it's 32bit only. What's the cpu model?21:55
fcp14Intel Atom N27021:56
geniiYeah 3221:56
fcp14i think it's 32 bits21:56
fcp14Instruction Set 32bits21:57
geniiMy N450 is 64, I'm running Kubuntu 18.04 on an ssd with it21:57
fcp14i have an ssd21:57
kostkoninte64→no  :(21:57
fcp14and what version i can install?21:57
oerheksatom n270 with Intel 945GSE .. nice 32 bit doorstop, not a youtube machine21:57
kostkonmy n455 is 64bit as well21:58
geniifcp14: If you want to run regular Ubuntu, best bet is 32bit 16.04. 32bit is being abandoned21:58
fcp14i Ubuntu 17.10 Server (32-bit)21:58
geniifcp14: Otherwise I'd suggest Lubuntu if you want a GUI21:58
fcp14what you think genii?21:59
fcp14Ubuntu 17.10 Server (32-bit)21:59
fcp14i gona try Ubuntu 17.10 Server (32-bit)21:59
geniifcp14: If you don't mind CLI only, and it's not an LTS21:59
fcp14Ubuntu 16.04.3 Desktop (32-bit)22:00
fcp14i gona try Ubuntu 16.04.3 Desktop (32-bit) downloa22:00
akikfcp14: lubuntu is much easier on the system22:00
geniifcp14: Yes, because 16.04 is still good for about 3 more years22:00
fcp14hum and have all wifi drivers etc?22:01
fcp14because eeep it's a bit triky22:01
fcp14because eeep it's a bit tricky22:01
geniiWell, Broadcom usually is, not so much other chipsets22:01
genii..but you also have us here to walk you through if there's some problem22:02
fcp14downloading ;)22:02
geniiwork, afk22:02
fcp14i need that only for a IoT project22:03
fcp14not an hard utilization22:03
fcp14i think the lubuntu is great it's a light version22:04
nostroraHello,how can i set static ip address in my freshly installed ubuntu 17.10 server ?22:08
ishigoyaI'd set one for this session using ifconfig, and to set it permanently, create a config in /etc/network/interfaces.d22:10
nostroraishigoya: ubuntu 17.10 is still using /etc/network/interfaces.d ?22:11
naccishigoya: it's a bit different in netplan22:11
nostroranot netplan ?22:11
naccnostrora: you can install ifupdown (iirc) and it will use /e/n/i still or someone has provided some basic steps with nentplan22:11
naccnostrora: let me loook in my logs22:11
ishigoyaidk, do fresh installs still have them? My system has, but it's not a fresh install22:12
naccishigoya: have what?22:12
naccishigoya: even if it does, 17.10 does not use it by default22:13
naccand i think it's not there, but checkig22:13
naccyes, it's not22:13
naccif you istall ifupdown, it would be22:13
naccnostrora: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2017/07/05/quick-and-easy-network-configuration-with-netplan/22:15
geniiishigoya: Ifconfig is no longer installed  by default. Need to use the ip command instead22:15
nostroranacc: currently read this :) thanks !22:15
ishigoyawow, I feel so old22:15
naccnostrora: somethingn like http://paste.ubuntu.com/25934471/ (thaks TJ-!) is what you want, in the core of it22:15
akiknacc: what's the dir for the netplan configs?22:19
naccakik: /etc/netplan, i think22:19
akiknacc: ok thanks, found it22:20
* oerheks wants a netplangui22:28
nadiohow do I force ubuntu to unistall a package, config files everything related to that package22:28
nadioI want nothing left of the package, for a fresh install22:28
oerhekschoose completely removal in synaptic, or use the --purge option manually, anc remove any ~ /.config/<name>  folder and ~ /.cache/22:29
nadiooerheks: --purge doesnt remove every single file22:30
oerheksoh? basicly it should.22:30
nadiooerheks: config files and alot of crap is always left there22:31
oerhekserr.. that is what i said too, config and cache.22:31
ishigoyaoerheks: just checked the man page: it doesn't touch anything in your home folder22:31
nadiooerheks: how does complete removal in synaptic work? easy process?22:32
oerheksnadio, yes, synaptic is great with removal, and filtering22:32
nadio" Graphical package manager" great, I am on a console via SSH with no graphics.22:33
lswsmlHey guys, I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 with AMD Vega GPU, how do I get the drivers working? Glxinfo currently shows "OpenGL vendor string: VMware, Inc." and "OpenGL renderer string: llvmpipe (LLVM 5.0, 256 bits)"22:34
Harishello all22:40
HarisI'm on 14.04.5 lts. I'm on 5.5.x. I'v just changed my datadir. even though the new datadir is owned my mysql, its still saying ----> /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't find file: './mysql/plugin.frm' (errno: 13)22:40
Haris171111  3:38:00  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation.22:40
Hariswhere are apparmor logs in 14.04.5 ?22:46
elbrujoon 17.10 ldconfig -v prints stuff but doesn't update the cache, ldconfig updates the cache. Is that a bug that should be reported?22:47
Harisguys ?22:49
Harishow do I check apparmor logs ? I think I need to add the new mysql datadir path to mysql's apparmor profile22:50
Hariswhere are the apparmor logs ?22:50
TJ-Haris: generally in /var/log/auth.log, but also sometimes in syslog or kern.log. Depends on release version23:03
HarisI thought auth.log was for login related stuff only23:04
TJ-Haris: I'm seeing apparmor entries in kern.log but not syslog/auth.log on 16.0423:06
TJ-elbrujo: does the user executing "ldconfig -v" have write permissions to "/etc/ld.so.cache" ?23:08
PazoozaOne thing about 17.10, i downloaded Googlearth and it installed. Imagine that.23:09
PazoozaAnd runs.23:10
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