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uzairHow to remove charm installed completely including its container ?10:41
[Kid]is there a way to use hostnames with juju and MAAS to deploy certain machine numbers to certain nodes by hostname?15:44
[Kid]to hostname maas15:44
rick_h[Kid]: no, you'd have to leverage tags probably.15:53
[Kid]ahh okay15:53
[Kid]i figured that might be the case15:53
[Kid]i guess it wasn't really meant to get that specific15:54
[Kid]how about defining specific subnets for pods in k8?15:54
[Kid]right now i think it might just be arbitrary subnets15:54
bdx[Kid]: yeah `juju deploy ubuntu --to <my-maas-machine-fqdn>`16:08
rick_hbdx: oh can you target the fqdn16:13
[Kid]bdx, but can you do that in the yaml?16:15
[Kid]i knew about the single one offs16:15
[Kid]i was thinking under the machine section in the yaml16:15
bdxahh my bad16:25
bdxnot sure in that case16:25
[Kid]there isn't a ton of docs around the syntax and parameters for the yaml16:28
bdx[Kid]: far better idea would be to tag the machines in maas and just use the tags constraints though16:34
bdxeven if you give the machine a tag that is its hostname16:35
[Kid]ahh that is smart.16:45
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R_P_Sso the juju install of a kubernetes cluster creates an additional charm called kubeapi-load-balancer which is required to access the api of kubernetes.  but what about apps hosted inside kubernetes?23:47
R_P_Sdo I need another load balancer (charm) to get through to the apps hosted inside kubernetes?  I went through a demo, but it used GCE for it's underlying k8s, and the last part was creating a service of type "loadbalancer"23:48
R_P_Sbut this is perpetually pending and not providing an endpoint23:50
R_P_Sit should also be noted that all instances except the kubeapi-load-balancer are in AWS private subnets, but it's not even exposing anything on the private subnet ranges23:51
[Kid]R_P_S, i am doing something similar. my understanding is you have to create pods on your cluster and then you expose those.23:54
[Kid]you have to create a YAML that describes the service you want to expose, i.e. port mainly23:54
R_P_Syeah, here's the yaml file from the demo that's supposed to create this endpoint23:59
R_P_Sbut kubectl get service shows: frontend-service       LoadBalancer   <pending>     80:32379/TCP   9m23:59

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