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mupBug #1709095 changed: Commissioning fails when cloud init can't find a data source <MAAS:Expired> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1709095>04:35
mupBug #1733285 opened: Unable to create pod with MAAS 2.3-rc2 on 17.10 <s390x> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733285>08:36
mupBug #1733285 changed: Unable to create pod with MAAS 2.3-rc2 on 17.10 <s390x> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733285>08:48
mupBug #1733285 opened: Unable to create pod with MAAS 2.3-rc2 on 17.10 <s390x> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733285>08:51
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xygnalroaksoax: is the centos6 images in the maas repo currently broken?  curtain fails trying to set grub root on our device.15:33
xygnalhave a traceback but it doenst explain a whole lot15:34
xygnalit need sto set root to sdm, as the RAID1 is showing as final disk not first disk (We have jbods too)15:37
roaksoaxxygnal: not to my knowledge. we've not made any changes other than getting the latest centos6 images15:45
roaksoaxxygnal: also, we dont support efi on centos6 if that's what you were using15:45
roaksoaxsince at the time of enablement,what was needed for efi wasn't available in centos6 iirc15:46
xygnalroaksoax: we are running BIOS only on all of our stuff.  I was just asking about EFI in case it might helkp our boot situation.15:52
xygnalroaksoax: we are using th strait vanilla image you host for centos715:52
xygnaler centos6*15:52
xygnaland it fails with that15:52
xygnalits not installing on /dev/sda which is the only reason I can imagine its having a problem15:52
[Kid]is there a way to use hostnames with juju and MAAS to deploy certain machine numbers to certain nodes by hostname?15:52
xygnalit shows root and boot selection for /dev/sdm but it fails with that15:52
[Kid]hopefully that makes sense15:53
xygnalroaksoax: i am booting  centos6 iso now to see what order the disks select in. could be taht /dev/sdm is not the same once in the OS?15:55
roaksoaxxygnal: for centos maas picks the first disk the os finds and that's where it installs15:55
xygnalhm but no that should still be in the ubuntu install image at that point15:55
xygnalroaksoax: we have code in our curtin preseed file that uses the boot device15:56
xygnalroaksoax: you helped us to code that actually to work around it15:56
roaksoax[Kid]: I think juju /may/ have a way to use a constraints based on machine name. It used to have, I haven't used juju in a while15:56
xygnalbut it seems to only be working in centos715:56
[Kid]according to the guys in #juju tags are the only way15:57
roaksoaxxygnal: strange. Both centos6/7 images process it exactly the same15:57
[Kid]not a huge deal15:57
roaksoaxxygnal: the only thing I could imagine is a different version of software inside centos may be the cause ?15:57
roaksoaxxygnal: can you file a bug ?15:57
xygnalroaksoax: hold on.  I just disccovered he is using centos not custom, and our curtin code is only in custom16:02
xygnalso need to look at this first and make sure its being used correctly16:02
roaksoaxxygnal: ack, ah that's it then16:06
roaksoaxxygnal: it needs to be custom16:07
xygnalroaksoax: just tried my custom stuff in the centos file, still fails.  I have debug output for you.16:21
xygnalroaksoax: pasted in private chat16:22
xygnalroaksoax: does ubuntu curtin not support the same options as custom?16:22
xygnalwhy do i keep using ubuntu?16:22
xygnalbrain not working16:22
xygnalCan curtin_userdata_centos  support the same options as curtin_userdata_custom16:23
xygnali never used the ubuntu image - just brain tired. i meant the centos image vs the custom image. we have been using centos and centos preseed file to try to replicat the same results16:24
xygnalroaksoax: export the image, imported it as custom image16:39
xygnaltried again16:39
xygnalsame failure, same error16:39
roaksoaxxygnal: images under "centos" are not sent the storage config, so curtin doesn't do the partition16:52
roaksoaxxygnal: custom images do get it16:52
roaksoaxxygnal: that's probably why things fail16:52
xygnalroaksoax: well i just did custom and it failed exactly the same way16:53
xygnalso thats not it16:53
xygnalroaksoax: do you want to see the full trace output on that like i did for the previous one?16:57
xygnalat this point im considering writing a manual endpoint to turn jbod on/off before/after deployment manually16:58
xygnalbecause its the only way MAAS can cope with centos6 on our hardware16:58
roaksoaxxygnal: does centos6 work with jbods ?17:40
roaksoaxwith your jbods ?17:40
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correctif I don't get the paid version of MAAS, this means I can't provision Windows systems?17:48
kikocorrect, you can but you need to roll your own images, essentially18:05
kikothe image build service is commercial18:05
kikoso perhaps s/correct/partially correct/18:05
rick_hhowdy folks, I've got a long running maas on a single laptop that I've upgraded today to rc-2 and I'm getting the "One rack controller is not yet connected to the region. Visit the rack controllers page for more information."18:20
rick_hI've restarted the machine. As it's a single laptop it's both region/rack controller and I'm not up on what the new UX is trying to tell me here. Any hints on what's been changing?18:20
rick_hchecking logs: https://pastebin.canonical.com/203665/18:26
roaksoaxrick_h: the rack controller cannot connect to the region for some reason18:28
roaksoaxrick_h: pb both regiond.log and rackd.log18:29
rick_hk, checking18:29
correctkiko: lol.18:30
rick_hroaksoax: oh hmm, it's trying to connect ipv618:31
correctkiko: I'm rollin'em already with cobbler.  Excited to test out MAAS.18:31
correctkiko: so.. when say roll my own, typycally, I have cobbler use ghost to deploy the image... with MAAS does it work in a similar fashion?18:32
rick_hroaksoax: so I've got the in both rackd and regiond.conf files. Logs show: Region not available: User timeout caused connection failure. (While requesting RPC info at b'http://[::ffff:]/MAAS/rpc/').18:33
correctas I am using a ghost image, does MAAS offer some other ways of deploying my custom image?18:33
rick_hroaksoax: is it pulling from something other than the maas_url in each?18:33
roaksoaxrick_h: is maas_url pointing to or ?18:36
rick_hroaksoax: in the rackd it's sans-port, in the regiond it's with port18:37
roaksoaxrick_h: use :5240, maas opens port on 5240, not on other ports18:37
kikocorrect, no, MAAS uses curtin -- see https://readthedocs.org/projects/curtin/18:42
kikocorrect, sorry, I'm OTP so very slow today18:42
kikocorrect, http://curtin.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ is what I really meant18:42
xygnalTJ's suspicion dint pan out18:46
xygnalafter extracting a failed/stalled boot18:46
xygnalthe checksums on the initrd and kernel match :(18:46
xygnalwhy is it stalling?!18:46
correctkiko,.. while installing MAAS, I got an error regarding psql18:50
correctI'm gussing server have not started18:51
xygnalyou are are correct19:04
correctIt appears there is a problem with the bootstrap install?19:04
xygnalyou are are correct19:05
correctxygnal: umm... is there a post installation script for the db?19:05
xygnali'm not answering your questions i'm just saying your name ;)19:05
xygnali dont know what your problem is, i am in here as i have my own problems19:06
correctbasically..I'm installing MAAS.  I am at a section that configures postgressdb for MAAS19:07
correctit erors out.19:07
correctas it can't connect to DB19:07
roaksoaxrick_h: /win 519:07
correctI get this https://snag.gy/osnOIl.jpg19:09
rick_hroaksoax: hmm, seems because it's long running I'm having fun with old e/n/i vs new interface names/etc and that's causing me to have fun. Thanks for helping me poke at the logs/etc19:11
correctlol.. this is not working.  i'm not sure what to do here.19:13
correctThis question may not have been addressed: https://askubuntu.com/questions/965303/unable-to-install-maas-directly-using-dvd19:15
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xygnalno fun -o19:16
heyyaIf I skip the DB setup.. is can't it be configured later?19:17
heyyaor do I need to do a layered install?19:18
heyya*can the postgre db be configured after ?  if so, how so?19:18
xygnalif i had to take a guess heyya i would say, it needs to populate the database during install19:19
heyyaxygnal, yeah.. but this install has been mostly unattended19:19
xygnalpossible to spin up a database in advance, even if you dont keep it?19:20
heyyaI saw a posting mention that I need to layer the install19:20
heyyalike install ubuntu server with ssh, then maas controller, etc19:20
heyyaubuntu server with postgresql19:21
heyyaI need to look at installer script19:21
heyyathe installer is searching for a DB that does not exist19:22
xygnalTJ-: wireshark can decode the TFTP files! still trying to get a client-end capture though19:22
heyyacrap.. just don't wanna do this again19:22
xygnali thoguht it spun up the db for you19:22
heyyaxygnal: that's what I thought, did you see the posting ? ---> https://askubuntu.com/questions/965303/unable-to-install-maas-directly-using-dvd19:23
TJ-xygnal: you still at that!?19:24
xygnalTJ-: well that was friday so i only just picked it up agian today.19:26
xygnalTJ-: I was able to confirm the whole TFTP image goes throguh, but without the client capture i can't verify the sum19:26
TJ-xygnal: seems like a month ago to me19:26
xygnalTJ-: it's new infra so we dont have spans setup yet. tough spot.19:27
TJ-xygnal: right; did you try with bootstrapping via iPXE19:27
xygnalTJ-: no, woudln't help us since MAAS doesn support it yet19:27
xygnalor are you implkying ipxe client can tell me if the checksum was good?19:28
xygnalwouldn't it still be force to use old PXE protocol because of server?19:28
xygnalyou wanted me to spin up a whole second pxe server to test in there and that seems a bit overkill19:28
TJ-xygnal: As I said last week - if you booted the hardware from an iPXE CD-ROM/USB, so it then tries to do a PXE boot, and it works all 50 times (or however many you test for), it'd indicate the problem could be in the system firmware's PXE implementation19:29
TJ-xygnal: but if 1 or more of those tests fail you know there's an intermittent network issue19:30
xygnalTJ-: only happens in networks with switches that have ACI19:33
xygnalTJ-: same hardware. so we suspect not firmware.19:33
heyyaisn't that ACL ?19:34
TJ-xygnal: So you're sure the issue is the network?19:36
xygnalACI. cisco switch technology.19:36
xygnalTJ-: 99% certain, but i just found a cisco ACI bug release saying that it causes UDP/TFTP traffic to fail19:36
xygnalso crossing my fingers we aren't at taht ACI patch level19:36
TJ-xygnal: so, even if you prove a packet goes astray/is corrupted, you still won't know why or where it happens19:37
TJ-xygnal: oh really? I bet you are!19:37
TJ-xygnal: what's the bug reference?19:37
heyyaDo you put all the MAAS components on one node?19:37
TJ-xygnal: 'fail' or 'drop packets' - the former suggests the connection fails.19:38
xygnalnot az19:38
xygnal"bridge packets dropped on network"19:39
xygnalfind it?19:41
TJ-xygnal: that does look like it, but if it is down to a specific byte sequence, you'd expect the boot to fail the same way every time, surely? (Because its always the same data and presumably packet headers ) - Or does the server get a different IP each time/some times ?19:47
xygnalxygnal: yes it does get different IPs.  There are commissions and deployments.19:47
xygnalthey fail so re-trying grabs a new IP19:48
xygnalthe commissions at the least19:48
TJ-xygnal: if it is that bug you can test it easily. Get the server booted successfully one-time, then run a UDP stream to it and compare what's sent to what's received. That way you have full control on the server-side19:48
TJ-xygnal: in other words; no need to try debugging TFTP, just debug a continuous UDP stream19:49
TJ-xygnal: you can use netcat (nc) either side, e.g: "cat /some/large/text/file | nc -4u server $testport" ->>> "nc -4ul $testport | tee /tmp/received/file"19:51
xygnalTJ-: so a netcat test?20:00
xygnaldamn you internet20:01
TJ-xygnal: I think we both lost connection! did you see my netcat example?20:21
TJ-19:51:36    TJ- | xygnal: you can use netcat (nc) either side, e.g: "cat /some/large/text/file | nc -4u server $testport" ->>> "nc -4ul $testport | tee /tmp/received/file"20:21
roaksoaxheyya: not from the cd. The bug is fixed but dind't make it into the CD20:22
roaksoaxheyya: also, you can install directly after ytou install from cd20:22
xygnalTJ-: we are at 2.3 fw level so, oh well20:22
xygnalcan't be the cisco bug20:22
TJ-xygnal: no harm doing the UDP streaming test though.20:23
xygnaloh yes I have to in order to prove the network that its not my problem20:23
xygnalthats next20:23
mupBug #1733411 opened: MAAS should create static leases for ephemeral boots when possible <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733411>20:49
mupBug #1733420 opened: virsh power type check error <MAAS:Incomplete> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733420>21:19
heyyaroaksoax: I just did a fresh install of ubuntu server with dns,postgres and ssh.  Server is up21:38
heyyaroaksoax: apt-cache has the package, but I was reading I should add ppa:mass/stable21:38
heyyaanyway.. will install use the ppa21:41
roaksoaxheyya: the ppa wont gfive you anything different from the archives22:14
roaksoaxheyya: unless you want something newer22:14
roaksoaxheyya: maas 2.3 goes out officially tomorrow and 2.2 will be replaced in PPA22:14
roaksoaxso if you want the latest ppa is probably the best22:14
heyyasweet.. did it.. FYI MAAS is SOOOO nice22:15
roaksoaxglad to hear that :)22:15
heyyavery mature from what I can see22:15
heyyaI have dhcp funning already.. I guess I can configure my dhcp to use the pxe from MAAS22:16
roaksoaxyu can, yes22:18
heyyanot sure how I want to set it up yet.  With MAAS, I'll have 2 pxe servers running.22:33
heyyaI guess I'll have to disable the other pxe while I'm testing22:33
heyyaor restict it.22:34
heyyahmm.. ok.. I'll lock it down to a network22:34
heyyaWhat are DHCP snippets in Maas?  does that indicate the network for serving dhcp?23:11
heyyaWhen i dig @MAAS i get WARNING: recursion requested but not available23:27
mupBug #1733442 opened: Cannot delete Virsh Pod <MAAS:In Progress by newell-jensen> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733442>23:53
mupBug #1733442 changed: Cannot delete Virsh Pod <MAAS:In Progress by newell-jensen> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1733442>23:56

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