ret2libchi! does ubuntu still uses initramfs/initrd? i'm trying to look into them, but i cannot find anything interesting. initrd just contains a microcode and the initramfs included in the kernel source ./usr has just /dev/console and root.22:01
TJ-ret2libc: you're only seeing the prefix22:36
ret2libcTJ- what do you mean? do you have ref/links?22:37
TJ-ret2libc: the microcode is 'prefixed' onto the initrd.img file as a binary concatenation22:40
ret2libcTJ- ok but where's all the /bin, /dev, /init, etc. stuff?22:41
apwlsinitramfs shows the full content22:49
ret2libcapw: whoa... nice! thanks a lot! now the only thing i need to understand is what's the difference between that cmd and cpio :)22:50
apwre t22:50
apwret2libc: there are multiple cpio archives back to back in an initramfs22:51
ret2libcapw: thank you, now i know where to look!22:55
TJ-ret2libc: sorry; been working on something else. I wrote a script that extracts it if you want it: http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/initramfs-extract23:24

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