shadow8472Hi, I'm new to Linux and I've been trying to get a MineCraft server running using the Software Boutique. There are no shortage of old tutorials out there, and I'm having trouble pointing my bash file to the server jar file. Where can I find it, or am I going about this wrong?04:27
mate|70022This is my mac https://everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/specs/imac_g5_1.8_20.html   How I can start installing Umate on this?05:09
scootergrisenCan anyone here delete/rename things on transifex?10:23
jose__ 14:29
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ubuntu-matejust installled15:24
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scootergrisenCan anyone here change things on transifex? Like delete/rename languages?15:59
shadow8472I might as well repost my question from yesterday: Hi, I'm new to Linux and I've been trying to get a MineCraft server running using the Software Boutique. There are no shortage of old tutorials out there, and I'm having trouble pointing my bash file to the server jar file. Where can I find it, or am I going about this wrong?18:57
sixwheeledbeastshadow8472: I can help what are you trying to do with your script?19:48
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shadow8472@sixwheeledbeast, I'm just trying to get a server started.20:11
sixwheeledbeastshadow8472: ok20:11
sixwheeledbeastwhat are you trying to do with the script tho?20:12
sixwheeledbeastjust start the server or manage it too?20:12
shadow8472I want the server files to be saved in their own file.20:13
sixwheeledbeastI have never used the boutique for any mc stuff I install it all manually20:14
sixwheeledbeastYou need a copy of the latest server jar and put it in the folder you what to run it from20:14
shadow8472So, am I supposed to download the jar file and then set it up with a package manager?20:15
sixwheeledbeastnot everything in linux needs to be done with the package manager, you are new to ubuntu-mate correct?20:16
sixwheeledbeastand linux too?20:17
sixwheeledbeastIt doesn't matter to much but are you on Ubuntu or Ubuntu-MATE distribution?20:18
shadow8472Ubuntu-MATE distro.20:18
sixwheeledbeastgreat. the latest linux jar is on mc.net here https://minecraft.net/en-us/download/server20:19
sixwheeledbeastthe instruction on how to use the jar are on the page but I can help too if you need. Are you just planning on running vanilla?20:20
shadow8472I want to get a vanilla world running, but after that, I intend to get a Spigot server going.20:21
shadow8472Just for my immediate family.20:21
sixwheeledbeastI can't help much with spigot but I have run plenty vanilla servers, IMO there is no need for spigot unless you plan modded if close family20:22
sixwheeledbeastDo you have the jar?20:22
shadow8472I haven't gone and downloaded it again yet.20:23
shadow8472I will say, I am familiar with running it in Windows.20:23
sixwheeledbeastNot used windows in years so no idea how different it is20:24
sixwheeledbeastI believe there is an installer whereas you can run the jar straight from the command line (CLI) here20:25
shadow8472Windows has you download the Jar.20:26
shadow8472No installer, no admin permission required.20:29
sixwheeledbeastIf you grab the jar you can put it in it's own directory. Navigate to that directory in a terminal (CLI) and run the command to start with --nogui20:30
sixwheeledbeastYou will hit the EULA the server will fail to start and you will need to edit the usual files20:30
shadow8472I guess I am trying to navigate from the target file to wherever the jar file ended up, where it can auto update.20:31
sixwheeledbeastthe jar don't auto update you would need to down the server grab the new jar and replace it20:32
sixwheeledbeastif I understand the question correctly?20:33
sixwheeledbeastdownloads would be in /home/username/Downloads if that's how the browser is set. I would open Places and put in it's own directory20:34
shadow8472From what I can tell, the Software Boutique is fairly new?20:36
sixwheeledbeastSeveral years old, it's just a way of introducing new users to ubuntu-mate a bit easier. Linux users would use other methods, I haven't really used it much.20:40
shadow8472OK, I thought I saw a mid-2017 article saying the new one wasn't out *yet*.20:41
shadow8472I am more interested in learning the correct way to do things and why than *a* way to do things.20:43
sixwheeledbeastMakes it easier for a new linux user to get and setup programs they are used to from say windows or whatever. 17.10.15 here so not old at all.20:44
sixwheeledbeasta month if that20:44
shadow8472I thought it bore a strong resemblance to how you get Android apps. I guess it makes sense with Android being based on Linux, Debian was it?20:46
sixwheeledbeastthere are many different ways to do lots of things here and even more opinion on whats better. it's Linux the world is your oyster.20:46
shadow8472That's discouraging and comforting at the same time...20:46
sixwheeledbeastAndroid is far from desktop inux, but uses the Kernel20:46
shadow8472It sure gave me a sneak preparation to it though.20:47
sixwheeledbeastAs I say the boutique is just a new user friendly package manager but you are not tied to anything in Linux. there a loads of package manager out there. Minecraft is Java, well Java Edition is so if you have java on your machine it will run from the CLI without it being "installed as a program" so to speak20:51
sixwheeledbeastI would have to check but I believe if there is a version in the boutique it will be someones PPA.20:53
sixwheeledbeastPersonal Package Archive20:55
shadow8472OK, so I guess I have some more research lain out for me.20:56
shadow8472I was partially concerned with the common "Welcome to Linux: You don't need a security program if you are careful with how your downloads" message.20:57
shadow8472Two or three of the first places I came across said to always use package managers and the like.20:59
sixwheeledbeastoh I see20:59
shadow8472One of which I think was official.21:00
shadow8472Of course, one of the other places also said that even if you are infected, it's likely targeting Windows.21:01
sixwheeledbeastWell I consider a direct download from mojang installed correctly more secure that someones PPA. Even tho I am sure the PPA is verified and it would be removed if there is an issue.21:01
sixwheeledbeastAgain that's opinion you will find a lot, when there are many ways to do the same thing.21:02
sixwheeledbeastThis is generally true tho so you are wise to be cautious, keep to the package managers and you will be fine. Issue can be that some drivers or other software is only available direct from the manufacturer, sometimes unpackaged.21:07
shadow8472I looked into support for a drawing pad in the house. No official support, but the parent company cooperates for people supporting it on their own time.21:08
shadow8472An Intuos.21:09
shadow8472Anyway, thanks again.21:09
thorsten__Wie kann man SD-Karten formatieren? Bei Laufwerke bekomme ich dauern Fehlermeldungen21:19
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