arunpyasirbasak, interesting.. thanks ! :)04:00
lordievaderGood morning07:09
cpaelzerhi lordievader, how are you this week?07:47
lordievaderDoing okay so far. How are you cpaelzer ?07:47
cpaelzernacc: no it was not about the iscsi in xenial I know that we killed it there07:53
cpaelzernacc: instead it was the one in trusty by a new HWE form Xenial that exceeds two digit version numbers07:53
cpaelzerlordievader: ok as well over here07:53
TakumoHI all, I'm having issues with `mtr`, its only showing 7 hops, but tracepath is going to 30 before giving up10:08
TakumoAny ideas why?10:08
rbasakTakumo: some nodes in some paths block mtr's probes.10:12
Takumorbasak: does mtr not default to using the same ICMP probes as tracepath?10:13
rbasakI'm not sure.10:13
rbasakLooks like it uses ICMP echoes by default, but there are options to change that.10:13
rbasakeg. --tcp10:13
Takumoyeah, that gives me a whole bunch of different addresses for hop 6 , but still only 7 hops, 6 being the only one that replies10:21
rbasakSounds like you have stuff blocking stuff.10:25
rbasakIf tracepath does work, I'd start by running tcpdump/wireshark to see the difference and then try tweaking mtr settings to match.10:26
Takumoah, found it10:28
daincredibleholgHi. Anyone here running Dovecot + Antispam + Spamassassin with pipe backend successfully?14:05
daincredibleholgI try running it on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and it looks like the plugin is doing exactly nothing. I can see its configuration being loaded with every IMAP interaction, but it is not doing anything. I added some logger and file touches in the wrapper script and also tried the spool2dir backend, which should write the mails-to-be-relearned to a folder. Nothing happens. No error messages and enabling debug just shows me that it is loading the14:07
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wadHey guys. I've got a 14.04 LTS 64-bit desktop-edition server running in the cloud, running postfix and spamassassin. Recently started getting this error: /etc/cron.daily/spamassassin:16:02
wadinvoke-rc.d: initscript spamassassin, action "reload" failed.16:02
wadAnyone running a similar configuration, seen this issue? Some googling showed me a few things, nothing really useful. I'm just checking here first, before I dive headfirst into the weeds on it.16:02
powersjcyphermox: Any further thoughts on: LP: #1732776? As far as testing, I'm tempted to change our automated tests to use priority to get things going.16:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1732776 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf/priority not respected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173277616:19
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cyphermoxpowersj: +1, priority will work for now and we'll fix the rest, clearly something was wrong seeing from my debugging session with infinity on friday evening17:32
cyphermoxnetcfg/get_hostname is also not followed17:33
powersjcyphermox: so this is a larger issue?17:42
cyphermoxsame issue for both, something is going wrong in the migration of the preseed keys from the kernel command-line to the installer's environment17:48
cyphermoxso, I'm a bit surprised that priority alone works, but that might just be because multiple things go parse stuff in the command-line, and when you deal with aliases it gets a bit more complicated17:49
vpndudeIs there a ultra stripped down version of ubuntu server18:00
vpndudeone that is hardened and small kinda like alpine18:00
JanCI think you would also need a stripped down kernel etc. for that?18:42
sarnoldwhat would you strip? your 'needless module' is someone else's device in their boot chain :)18:43
mgolischhm if landscape-client fails to register with a 404 error what did i do wrong?18:44
mgolischi used the command it displays on the landscape computers page18:44
drabhi, anybody doing something like ntop? I'm trying to figure out if and how I can setup a pcap ring buffer and generate some stats from it on the fly18:55
drabfor now analyzing 1Gbps18:55
drabI think ntop does thing, with their PF_RING thingie18:56
drabbasically do a pcap capture to ram in a ringbuffer fashion and analyze it before it gets overwritten or something18:56
drabthe alternative, maybe simpler, would be to setup tpcudmp doing ring pcap writes and then have another process parse the last written pcap, maybe use a ramdisk for that18:57
drabclosest thing I could find is this, which actually kind of fit the bill: https://github.com/kumina/promacct18:58
drabbut my c++ sucks18:58
drabthe problem with pmacct is that it just does accounting, ie you can't do flow reconstruction and extract say a url from the pcap18:59
drabwhich is also why netflow/sflow isn't a good chioce, altho I will prolly use that for a more lightweight accounting system with pmacct19:00
sdezieldrab: I'd look into netsniff-ng19:08
drabnice, thanks, packet sniffing beast sounds good :)19:08
drabspeaking of stuff with horns... I also found this from bsd that is packaged for ubuntu: https://github.com/Cisco-Talos/Daemonlogger19:09
drabbasically a soft tap, which is nice19:09
draboooh zero-copy, nice19:10
JanCsarnold: they want their whole base system to be the size of what the Ubuntu kernel is now, so that's obviously not possible with a default Ubuntu kernel  :)19:49
sarnoldJanC: ha :)19:49
JanCthose are also often used as container-only distros, so many devices wouldn't be relevant19:50
sarnoldso then they just want lxd 'images' or something19:50
JanCyou would have to ask that "vpndude" what they want19:50
JanCcontainer/vm (not sure what they want)19:51
* drab just built the smallest possible pxe bootable system for rescue19:51
drabwell, not true, but pretty small19:51
drabI guess I could strip all the binaries and remove a bunch fo modules that i'm unlikely to use, but it's the smallest I could make while supporting all the modern hw19:52
drabheck of a weekend, thanks to TJ- or I wouldn't have made it19:52
drabjust in case anybody is interested, because afaik there's no ubuntu based small system out there that works and can be pxebooted19:53
JanCdrab: I assume the minimal install ISO can be PXE-booted  :)19:54
drabJanC: only to install afaics, not for rescue19:55
drabie it doesn't give you a full working system over pxe19:55
JanCit should be possible to drop to a shell IIRC, but it might not be very useful19:56
drabsome ppl are ok/happy with just getting busybox going that way and hitting alt-2, but that's not my case19:56
drabright, that, not enough, I want an actual mini iso booted, basically a server system so that I can run a bunch of tools for diagnostic etc, kinda like UBCD19:56
drabexcept that after trying UBCD kinda sucks ime and is not apt based/can't add tools at runtime like that19:57
drabsame for systemrescueCD19:57
JanCsort of like the rescue system some hosting providers have...19:57
drabrootfs is 80MB, about 40MB of initrd19:57
drabI guess, yeah19:57
drabthis is a full system tho, you can't tell the diff with say booting ubuntu server of an installed machine19:57
drabit's no strippped down other than for what comes preinstalled with it19:57
draband the other requirements was to boot over http, withou the nfsroot stuff19:58
drabwhich otherwise makes it possible to boot an install CD and "try before install"19:58
drabthe only thing I couldn't fix was dns in busybox... had to use ips in the pxe menu entry19:59
JanCe.g. https://wiki.hetzner.de/index.php/Hetzner_Rescue-System/en19:59
drabbut apart from that I'm pretty happy with the result and I have a whole new appreciation for ramdisks... with a local apt mirror I can convert into a full desktop if needed in 10sec19:59

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