hbibzgood morning09:15
nzoueidihey hbibz welcome \o/09:21
hbibzi think i will be here from now on09:22
hbibzi want to thank you again for yesterday09:22
hbibzso i have a lot of ideas i want to share with you09:22
nzoueidiGlad to hear that :D Thank you.09:25
nzoueidiYeah sure09:25
hbibzi think that it is of great importance that we start geeting people to know about ubuntu tn09:25
hbibzwhy not post some articles in the name of ubuntu tn (guides/tutorials)09:26
hbibzin a blog ... maybe blog.ubuntu-tn.org09:26
hbibzand get people to know about OSS movement09:27
hbibzi am not asking you to dedicate a lot of time09:28
hbibzbut to start an initiation and everyone can contribute09:29
nzoueidiGood idea, why not we discuss it on the maillist. So many people can see your ideas and contribute09:29
hbibzand assign moderators to review and post09:29
hbibzjust like cybrary.it09:29
hbibzhow can i join the mailist ?09:29
hbibzthank you09:30
nzoueidiAnd basically, any other needed infos are here ;) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/En09:30
hbibzgreatt :D09:35
hbibzthere is the willing to help and the technical skills09:36
hbibzsome PR and everything will be just great09:36
nzoueidiIndeed :D09:37
hbibzgood morning09:58
elachecheMorning nizarus! The CC want to discuss the migration of LoCos from the wiki to the HUB (Pros, Cons) so we're traying to find some active people who are used to both or one of those plateforms to discuss that and see if we should migrate or not.. It's just a discussion, nothing more, are you in? This may interests theShirbiny & pavlushka too :)10:05
elachecheSorry for ping you again theShirbiny pavlushka x)10:05
pavlushkasure np, :)10:06
elachecheHey hbibz !10:09
nizarusbonjour elacheche, bonjour à tous10:11
nizarusc'est quoi ce HUB ?10:12
hbibzyes what is it ?10:12
elachechenizarus: This → https://community.ubuntu.com10:16
u-la-la[ Ubuntu Community Hub ] - https://community.ubuntu.com10:16
nizarusc'est une sorte de forum non ?10:20
nizarusalors que le wiki est plutôt pour la documentation10:20
elachecheKind of.. Yes.. But because of the decreasing nember of active wiki contributors for locos, some folks think that the locos can use the hub instead of the wiki for reporting and others.. So we're trying to strat a discussion around this subject, by asking wiki users & the hub users theire thoughts about the idea.. I'm not in charge of this, just trayingto find some wiki lovers x) to add them to the10:24
elachechediscussion when it starts :D10:24
nizarusIl ne faut pas oublier que le wiki permet aussi d'héberger les pages des LoCo pour ceux qui, comme u-tn, n'ont pas un site web10:31
nizarusubuntu-tn.org fait la redirection vers https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam10:32
u-la-la[ TunisianTeam - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://wiki.ubuntu.com10:32
elachecheyep.. I'm a WIKI guy, others are not :D10:35
DroHello world10:37
elachecheHello Dro :)10:37
DroHow are u elacheche10:40
elachecheGood Dro10:41
u-la-la[ LKML: Linus Torvalds: Re: [GIT PULL] usercopy whitelisting for v4.15-rc1 ] - https://lkml.org12:52
hbibzCan you check your emails ? Thanks14:47
elachechehbibz: OK, in meanwhile read this → https://freenode.net/kb/answer/cloaks ;-)14:49
u-la-la[ User and project cloaks - freenode ] - https://freenode.net14:49
hbibzOkay thanks14:50
Hbibzhello again17:44

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